Mile High

Mile High First class is about to get dangerous Pure Air s new LuxeLiner is flying from London to LA its inaugural journey with a first class cabin packed with A List celebrities As the feuding crew compete to

  • Title: Mile High
  • Author: Rebecca Chance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 480
  • Format: ebook
  • First class is about to get dangerous Pure Air s new LuxeLiner is flying from London to LA its inaugural journey with a first class cabin packed with A List celebrities As the feuding crew compete to impress their famous passengers, the handsome pilot tries to win the attention of a pretty young stewardess But one VIP singer is battling something seriously siniFirst class is about to get dangerous Pure Air s new LuxeLiner is flying from London to LA its inaugural journey with a first class cabin packed with A List celebrities As the feuding crew compete to impress their famous passengers, the handsome pilot tries to win the attention of a pretty young stewardess But one VIP singer is battling something seriously sinister watching her every step is a very determined stalker, someone who will go to any lengths to get the star to satisfy their desires At thirty thousand feet there is nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide .

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    1. Rebecca Chance is one of my favourite authors and I was extremely excited to read Mile High, especially after reading the blurb because I think to set a book like this on-board a luxurious plane is genius. I am quite a nerd when it comes to planes (and even love airports) and so I loved the opening of this book where we get to witness the 5-star luxury of the airport's lounge before stepping onto Pure Air's new LuxeLiner which really sounds like the most amazing plane in the world and I'd sell a [...]

    2. Originally posted on This Chick Reads*Copy provided by the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Actual rating 2.5/5If I'm not mistaken, 'Mile High' is Rebecca Chance's 8th book, however the first one by her I've read. I have four of her previous books at home which I bought on friends' recommendation and for the gorgeous covers (yes, I'm a sucker for a gorgeous cover), but I never got around to reading them. So, when I got the opportunity to read this one for her blog tour, [...]

    3. This was a very interesting read. It's my first ever Rebecca Chance, and I know she's super popular with other readers and I can sort of see why. Mile High is a ridiculously long read (it took me 6 hours, or thereabouts) and for the most part it kept me gripped throughout. I did want a little bit more action- when you're promised a ten-hour flight and a stalker who's desperate to get what they want, you kind of expect a lot more action and tension. But we actually rarely heard from the stalker, [...]

    4. I love Rebecca Chance and have enjoyed all her previous books. However, this one really didn't float my boat at all. Can't really pinpoint but think there was a lot of dense paragraphs which made it seem more challenging than it was. Overall, ok but just didn't click with any of the characters.

    5. pagetostagereviews/201I've been in love with Rebecca Chance's bonkbuster thrillers ever since I read Bad Sisters back in 2011 and I have devoured all her books since, right down to last year's Bad Brides. With a combination of glitz and glamour, characters not-so-loosely based on real-life famous faces, twist-and-turn storylines and, of course, steamy sex scenes, they're the perfect guilty pleasure reads. So to say that I was excited to read her latest novel, Mile High, for the official blog tou [...]

    6. You know how I often say things like "perfect for your sun lounger" and "make sure this one's in your suitcase"? Mile High by Rebecca Chance was published by Pan on 13th August in paperback and for kindle, and those phrases should have been written for it. It's a long time since I read a really, really good bonkbuster - Greek holidays in the 70s and 80s were filled with them - and I'm really not sure why it's taken me so long to pick up a book by Rebecca Chance. For heavens sake, friends have be [...]

    7. I have read a few books in this genre recently and I would probably have to consider them now to be my guilty pleasure. They, to me anyway, are delicious escapism. Larger than life characters with bank balances to match doing the things that people with too much money are destined to do but at the same time, falling into all the pitfalls that accompany that kind of behaviour / lifestyle.In this book, we follow the lives of the people flying on Pure Air's new LuxeLiner. A brand new plane kitted o [...]

    8. Mile High is Rebecca Chance's eighth novel. I've been a fan of Rebecca's for a long time, her books are fun, indulgent, glamorous, flamboyant and saucy. Mile High seems to be the beginning of a new journey for Rebecca, she has a new publisher, the cover is completely different to her previous books and Mile High is most certainly falls more into the thriller genre, albeit a very glamorous thriller.Most of the action takes place on board the inaugural flight of the LuxeLiner; the flagship aircraf [...]

    9. Mile High (adventures at cruising altitude)Join the passengers and crew aboard in the maiden flight of Pure Air’s LuxeLiner, Flight 111 from London to Los Angeles. It’s Mile High adventures at cruising altitude with no holds barred when it comes to passenger satisfaction and passenger shenanigans.This is life at the nose end, First Class Luxury for the elite passengers who have been hand picked by Pure Air’s PR lady, Vanessa. Catalina (first name only) is a Latina pop princess who will be [...]

    10. *Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*Mile High was my first book by Rebecca Chance. I’ve always heard so many great things about her books, but I never had the chance.The blurb sounded really got me interested in the story. It’s a Pure Air’s new LuxeLiner flying from London to LA. The airline sounded great, I have to say. The plane is packed with A List celebrities and it was interesting to see how they interacted with each other and how the staff treats them. I [...]

    11. I’d never read a Rebecca Chance novel, so when I was asked if I’d like to read and review Mile High for part of her blog tour I jumped at the chance having heard so many fabulous things about her writing and after meeting her at a book event in London.Wow! I felt completely exhausted after reading Mile High. There was always something going on, and left you guessing till right towards the end as to who the stalker was. I had no idea it was going to be (oh no, you didn’t really think I was [...]

    12. I always enjoy a Rebecca Chance book, I'm huge fan and jumped right into this latest offering. To say I loved this would be an understatement, it's one of those books that once you start you can't be away from it. Highly addictive and full on from beginning to end.This has the usual engrossing drama, scandal and glamour and some devilishly dark characters. I love a good bonk-buster as a change from all the crime books I read, they never pretend to be what they're not and never fail to disappoint [...]

    13. I absolutely love this author, as I always know that when a read one of Rebecca's books, I know that I'm in for a treat. Pure indulgence on so many levels, it's got everything. I loved getting to know all of the different characters and there own individual stories which you get to discover as you progress through the book. If you haven't read a her books before, then I highly recommend that you do.

    14. Rebecca Chance has been on my radar for a long time already, but "Mile High" is the first book by her that I've read. Ms Chance has already a reputation of a great writer, and after reading this novel I can understand why - even though I'm hearing that this book is not her best one and that the previous novels are much, much better. Nevertheless, I am of course so going to check the other books as soon as time allows."Mile High" starts slowly, very slowly, it really takes its time to warm up to [...]

    15. This is the second Rebecca Chance book I have read, certainly not as sexy/bordering on porn as the first one.This book was funny/sad/clever/scary all at the same time. I loved the aeroplane/airport setting; it made the story extremely different to others of the genre.

    16. FabulousThis book was fabulous which is what I have come to expect from a Rebecca Chance book !!!! Great storyline that had you guessing until the end.

    17. Slow going & doesn't grab you & pull you in. The last 2 chapters it finally picked up pace but too little too late. Wouldn't recommend.

    18. Felt very padded and scratching around for something to say with a lot of dissatisfying subplots. Having not come across the author before I found the blurb to be a little misleading, as what I thought was going to be some kind of thriller novel turned out to be some sort of soft eroitc fiction. It wasn't terrible, but there are certainly a lot better books you could read instead.

    19. Review: drama, drama, drama! This is THE book to read if you're looking for a little bit of naughty and a lot of drama this summer-this book really does have it in spades! Seriously, this book leaps from illicit sexual fantasies to conspiratorial against fellow flight attendants, celebrity scandal to FBI investigations and all over the course of one flight between London and LA (and a few flashbacks scattered throughout the story!) if you're in the mood for something serious or even something sw [...]

    20. Originally posted on: albainbookland/2015/08 Mile High is my first book by Rebecca Chance, but I had heard great things about her previous books so I was really excited to start it. The first that caught my attention in this book was its third person narrative. It was told from multiple points of views but it had a bit of an impersonal touch, so it was difficult for me to really connect with the characters. I felt, at the beginning, as if I was reading a very long magazine article rather than a [...]

    21. 4.5 StarsI'm a huge Rebecca Chance fan, and look forward to her releases each year, and have read all of her books so far. I was aware in advance that she has moved publishers, which is why I'm guessing not only the cover looks completely unlike her previous books, but also why at times the book felt quite different from her others. Regardless though, I still loved this book and thought it was fantastic. As someone who has worked for a big player in the tourism industry, I was laughing my head o [...]

    22. I received a copy of Mile High via Netgalley and Pan in exchange for an honest review.I honestly do not understand how I managed to finish Mile High. I was so, so close to DNF'ing countless times and it's a lot longer than it really needs to be. The main reason I carried on was curiosity if nothing else.I feel Mile High's setting is plausible. Of course, an airline would love to have high-profile guests in its maiden journey. It would allow for the maximum media coverage. And a lot of celebritie [...]

    23. 4.5*Firstly thank you to Pan Mac for approving me for a review copy of this book via NetGalley. I’m a fan of Rebecca’s previous books including Killer Queens and Bad Brides. Mile High definitely intrigued me, starting with the cover which in itself is quite different to Rebecca’s other books and it portrays everything about the story from the sense of danger to the absolute glamour.For the most part, the story is told during the first flight of Pure Air’s LuxeLiner. Everything about the [...]

    24. This was fabulous.Imagine taking "Murder on the Orient Express" (except on a massive luxury airliner filled with A-list stars), adding some Sidney Sheldon "If Tomorrow Comes" (except the revenge-fuelled comeuppance plot is centred around back-biting airline stewards and stewardesses), and a healthy dash of Jackie Collins's money, sweat, and sex and you'll have some idea of what you're about to buckle yourself in for with Rebecca Chance's "Mile High."An ensemble cast story, you follow quite a few [...]

    25. Deze auteur is absoluut een van mijn topfavorieten. Haar verhalen nemen je mee naar de high society, naar de wereld van glitter en glamour en ze slaagt er telkens in om er een gezonde dosis spanning in te verweven. Hoewel ik van chick lit hou, kan dit genre mij nog meer bekoren.De titel spreek voor zich vermits het zich vooral afspeelt aan boord van een vliegtuig en donkere kaft geeft meteen ook een deel van de sfeer mee.In de spotlights staan en succes hebben moet een geweldige ervaring zijn, m [...]

    26. Okay first of all I am a HUIGE RC fan, and normally I end up waxing lyrical about her new stuff but this one for me was nowhere near as good as her other stuff. The first thing that struck me was the fact that the cover is completely different from her other covers. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the new style and absolutely loved the ‘Shoe’ style covers in the older books. This latest release is mainly set around Pure Air’s new Luxe Liner which is flying a bunch of celebrities over [...]

    27. I picked up this book from my local library because a friend had recommended the author; I am now curious whether I should have started with a different book by her as this storyline failed to hold my interest. I persevered with this book because I have never not finished a book but to be honest I can say that I didn’t really read it just skimmed. I am not going to give up on the author though I may just look for other books by her. The story seems to centre on a Luxeliner complete with celebr [...]

    28. This was my first novel by Rebecca Chance but it certainly won't be my last. I love her tongue-in-cheek way of writing. The characters were all larger than life and the celebrities based "loosely" on real life celebs! The plot was complicated and I didn't see the unmasking of the stalker coming. I was totally thrown off scent by several red herrings. The love story between Catalina and Gerhardt was sweet and sensitively written - in direct contrast to some of the bitchiness evident on the flight [...]

    29. I'm scared of flying, but the turbulent, bumpy ride of the passengers and crew of Pure Air meant I flew thorough this book. Really loved the mystery stalker side to this book and thought I had worked out the culprit who was stalking famous popstar, Catalina but the reveal was a surprise. Having spent ten years working in travel the flight attendants did make me smile and where definitely spot on. I thought this was a really interesting setting to place a glamorous mystery. I'm intrigued as to ho [...]

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