Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor

Our Bodies Our Shelves A Collection of Library Humor There are eight million stories at your local public library and not all of them are in the books Join humorist Roz Warren the world s funniest librarian for a fascinating behind the scenes look at li

  • Title: Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor
  • Author: Roz Warren
  • ISBN: 9780692406465
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • There are eight million stories at your local public library and not all of them are in the books Join humorist Roz Warren the world s funniest librarian for a fascinating behind the scenes look at library life What really goes on behind the circulation desk And in the stacks Roz, who writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times, tells all WhaThere are eight million stories at your local public library and not all of them are in the books Join humorist Roz Warren the world s funniest librarian for a fascinating behind the scenes look at library life What really goes on behind the circulation desk And in the stacks Roz, who writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times, tells all What s the single most stolen item in any public library What s the strangest bookmark ever left in a library book What s the lamest excuse ever given for not returning a DVD on time And what does your favorite librarian REALLY think of you In twenty entertaining essays, you ll meet librarians fighting crime, partying with porn stars, coping with impossible patrons, locating hard to find books and saving the world The most closely guarded library secrets will be revealed You ll never look at your local public library the same way again Hilarious Gina Barreca, author of They Used To Call Me Snow White, But I Drifted.

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    1 thought on “Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor”

    1. Sadly, the funniest thing about this was the title. Sorry, Roz Warren, while this collection is okay, I wouldn't call you "the funniest librarian in America." I'm know some really funny librarians.

    2. A big part of me wanted to love this collection of stories about library world SO HARD, but I just couldn't (three stars is rounding up about a star and a half). Warren tries desperately to come off as the "cool" librarian, but she spends most of these pages complaining about her patrons. I'm a librarian; I'm also a bookseller, and I worked for years in a call center (customer service and tech support for one of the big cell phone service providers), so I know more than most what a difficult cus [...]

    3. The chapters about funny things that happen in the author's library are good, though not as funny as I expected them to be, but I'm not particularly interested in the chapters about her life. I'm bothered that a book by and about librarians doesn't use the Oxford comma! It also lists titles of books in quotations, when grammar rules say they should be underlined or (preferably) italicized, and I've found several typos. Also, the unprofessional layout is distracting.

    4. This was okay. Some pieces were relatable and made me smile, but others felt a little snarky towards patrons (it's a fine line) and although it may be true for the authors library, I got extremely tired of the "middle aged women" thing. I work in a library and a lot of us are young, and quite a few are male. I did however, really appreciate the piece on supporting GLBTQIA patrons. Worth a quick read.

    5. Roz is a librarian in the Philly area and she is hilarious. I learned about her because she will be coming to Baltimore in the near future so I put two of her books on hold. After a few weeks, I got this one. The other one is still waiting. The book is a compilation of stories about her experiences as a librarian. Any librarian will nod their head and sometimes sigh, sometimes laugh. I, personally, was astonished and have new respect for librarians. I had at one point considered going for an MLS [...]

    6. I checked this book out of the library because of the title. I don't like to include physical characteristics in a review but, if the font and spacing on the pages were normal sized, this book would probably be less than 50 pages. And "Acknowledgements" was longer than most of the chapters. I didn't really find some of it very funny. On page 18 the author states that she does not stereotype based on sex. She goes on and on. But when asked to choose books to send to American troops overseas, she [...]

    7. The word librarian conjures up images of dowdy women who lack any type of funny bone. But when you read Our Bodies, Our Shelves, you will understand how false this stereotype is. With this collection of stories, you see that librarians are experts in embracing humor. Roz Warren is the world's funniest librarian and she wears that moniker well. This is such a fast read but it will make you laugh out loud. Smart, funny and you will want to buy a librarian a cup of coffee when you are done reading! [...]

    8. I really loved most of this book, it's very true to our librarian lives. I especially loved the game you can play for winning points when dealing with difficult patrons. I just wish she hadn't been so crass sometimes when it really wasn't needed. I would love to recommend this book to other librarian friends but it's really just for the liberal ones who don't mind people speaking their minds; not something I can tell my mom to read. Specifically, I don't think the nuns who saw the porn was such [...]

    9. Very funny quick little read! It will definitely make you laugh and if you are a librarian working in the public sector you will definitely relate!!! This should be required reading for all librarians and librarians to be!! :D (I especially liked the section she wrote on librarians wiping the floor with everyone on Trivia Night at the local pubs)

    10. This is being passed around between staff.My only real complaint is the formatting. It seems as though all they did was print the ebook edition, so margins and typeface are awkward and clunky. But the humor is still able to prevail. I keep shaking my head and thinking, yep i know those patrons. I would have liked it to be longer.I need to write a humor book on teen librarianship.

    11. Only wish it had been MUCH longer (seriously, I would have read a textbook size book of these essays) and that Ms. Warren's work would have been given a nicer publication treatment so the book would be more attractive on the shelf . . . matching its wonderful contents!

    12. The author seems to find herself funnier than she actually is. I Work At a Public Library by Gina Sheridan is more on the mark and much more humorous. Also, Roz Warren is a librarian that admits to dog-earring books and advises patrons to do it also! Ackkk!

    13. Funny and true! I have been working at a public library for 11+ yearsese stories are so familiar. So relatable to anyone with public library experience. For the general public this will provide a small glimpse of what we have to deal with on a daily basis.

    14. So good! I laughed. Or smiled knowingly. This should be required reading for anyone who patronizes a public library. Or library science students. And other librarians.

    15. This is a very funny book that anyone who works on the other side of any counter and deals with the public will enjoy!

    16. Terrible typography nearly had me judging this book by the cover but as a library assistant I gave it a go. Had a few laughs. A quick easy read for every librarian.

    17. Aside from numerous typos throughout, and the distraction of enormous spaces in between words due to the justification, the content is fabulous!

    18. Collection of essays. Could have used a spell check/editor in certain areas. Humorous enough to finish; skipped over certain passages.

    19. ugh. early bday gift turns out to be terrible. loved the idea behind an essay on library humor by a librarian yet a few funny stories turns into her pushing a liberal agenda. Bad form, Peter.

    20. Sometimes funny/relatable. Often disappointing and way too negative for me I have a very different perspective on library work than this author.

    21. Four –years ago, before I became an author I was under the impression/misconception that libraries where hanging on for their dear book laden lives. I was ridiculously mistaken.Libraries are alive and well and combined they are the largest book buyer in the world.Another misconception I had was in thinking that librarians were plain, boring people. Boy was I wrong.Our Bodies Our Shelves is a compilation of essays written by humor writer and librarian Roz Warren covering her observations and ex [...]

    22. As is my habit, I chose this book by its title, Our Bodies, Our Shelves, which is one of my all-time favorites. But also, I felt that the humor would be significant to persons, like myself, whose escape from everyday life, whose sanctuary for decades has been the public library. It might also, I figured, aid my subject appreciation to have had the privilege of working in libraries similar to the one described in this volume.While I both enjoyed and could identify with many of the library situati [...]

    23. “Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor” by Roz Warren – Book ReviewPosted on May 5, 2015 by pauldelancey EditrozfrontcoverfinalRoz Warren’s "Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Literary Humor," is really funny. Really, really funny. I got it today as a birthday present and read it in one sitting, laughing out loud the whole time. If I were the type to steal a book from a library, this would be the one. But that would be wrong. Indeed, Ms. Warren may use Paul’s Fly [...]

    24. This book is really only for librarians. It has a few really funny bits (things librarians find used as bookmarks or donated to the library and her rant on ridiculous patrons). Librarian friends who have 45 minutes to kill will probably enjoy parts of this book a lot.However, you can tell that this is a collection of essays written for different sources. Some things she says are very repetitive when read together. Also, some of the things she writes about only vaguely connect to library work and [...]

    25. My mother, a retired small-town librarian, took this off my stack and read it first. She reports "don't bother, stupid, repetitive." Huh. Now I'm even more intrigued!Welp, she was right. I tried to read this, but just couldn't. Early Unshelved comics are better. And another reviewer recommends The World's Strongest Librarian: A Memoir of Tourette's, Faith, Strength, and the Power of Family so I'll investigate that.

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