The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest This is the second novel in the Remembrance of Earth s Past near future trilogy Written by the China s multiple award winning science fiction author Cixin Liu In Dark Forest Earth is reeling from th

  • Title: The Dark Forest
  • Author: Liu Cixin Joel Martinsen P.J. Ochlan
  • ISBN: 9781427268297
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Audiobook
  • This is the second novel in the Remembrance of Earth s Past near future trilogy Written by the China s multiple award winning science fiction author, Cixin Liu In Dark Forest, Earth is reeling from the revelation of a coming alien invasion four centuries in the future The aliens human collaborators have been defeated, but the presence of the sophons, the subatomic paThis is the second novel in the Remembrance of Earth s Past near future trilogy Written by the China s multiple award winning science fiction author, Cixin Liu In Dark Forest, Earth is reeling from the revelation of a coming alien invasion four centuries in the future The aliens human collaborators have been defeated, but the presence of the sophons, the subatomic particles that allow Trisolaris instant access to all human information, means that Earth s defense plans are exposed to the enemy Only the human mind remains a secret This is the motivation for the Wallfacer Project, a daring plan that grants four men enormous resources to design secret strategies, hidden through deceit and misdirection from Earth and Trisolaris alike Three of the Wallfacers are influential statesmen and scientists, but the fourth is a total unknown Luo Ji, an unambitious Chinese astronomer and sociologist, is baffled by his new status All he knows is that he s the one Wallfacer that Trisolaris wants dead.

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      301 Liu Cixin Joel Martinsen P.J. Ochlan
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    1. About 80% through this book (after the Battle of Darkness), I needed a nap desperately. In the nap, I dreamed extremely troubling dreams, filled with the feeling of despair and the knowledge that humanity would die. Just felt like explaining the mood this book left me in for the most part: an overwhelming tension that every single human will perish, first in spirit, then in body. Thanks for that, Mr. Liu!At that point, I thought I would end up not liking this book. I mean, the darkness of this b [...]

    2. Ana’s Take:I can’t think of a book that has squandered more of my goodwill than The Dark Forest in recent memory. Actually no, scrap that. I can’t think of a book that has CRUSHED me more than The Dark Forest did. Beware, spoilers and CAPS LOCK OF FURY AHEAD.I loved The Three-Body Problem. I loved it so much, I handed it over to Thea, telling her: READ THIS NOW. We BOTH loved it so much, we gave it high ratings and the book eventually made our top 10 lists of 2014. I loved it so much, when [...]

    3. A superlative sequel that made its predecessor pale in comparison, The Dark Forest is an excellent middle book that made me finally recognize all the praises that Cixin Liu received.The first thing you have to know before starting this book is that this is a completely different book from its predecessor, The Three-Body Problem. Although the plot built upon what happened in TTBP and a few characters made an appearance here, other than Da Shi and Ding Yi, the other characters were only mentioned [...]

    4. Will the Dark Forest sprout the seeds of love?It's an excellent question, even if it induces a deep pessimism and the likelihood of eventual suicide. And yet, this is exactly what we're asked to consider at the end of this excellent novel.First things first. How does it compare to the first novel? Well, it's a very different read. I can even say it's sedate and deliberate, despite the axe being held over the Earth and all its inhabitants for hundreds of years. We've got a sociology experiment go [...]

    5. Every bit as engrossing as The Three Body Problem, if not more so, The Dark Forest is a masterpiece of scifi. The characters are deeper here than the first book and the technology and physics are a geek's wet dream. It is hard to say much about this book without giving put spoilers, but I really appreciated the space elevator, the Killer 5.2 virus, the underground cities, and the descriptions of the solar fleet. The droplet was a brilliant idea and still has my brain buzzing. Not to mention that [...]

    6. The Dark Forest: Only 400 years to prepare for an alien invasionOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureThe Dark Forest is Cixin Liu’s follow-up to The Three-Body Problem (first published in English in 2014 and selected as a Hugo and Nebula Award Finalist), and is the second book in his THREE BODY apocalyptic SF trilogy (which was already published in China back in 2010). It took a while for the series to gain enough popularity in China to catch the attention of US publishers, but since the fir [...]

    7. 2nd readIt has one of the most stunning chapters I ever read in my life - the one with the droplet: it simply stops your breath; you choke with the words as you read them; and at the end, you'll feel like hit by a train. But I won't praise it again; I did that already. Instead, I will leave one more quote from this incredible work (oops, I did it again :D):"[] two axioms for cosmic civilization. First, survival is the primary need of civilization. Second, civilization continuously grows and expa [...]

    8. Couldn't put it down. Literally. I neglected other duties for 36 hours. Excellent continuation of the story. Again, fascinating view of drivers of species survival seen through a different cultural lens, somewhat alien to my Western background. I did not expect it to follow the usual paths of English and USA scifi and it did not disappoint. Loved it. Unfortunately the translation jarred at times. Luckily infrequently. But not enough for me to deduct a star.

    9. Enough has been said here about the plot summary and I don't want to repeat again. This is more than a Sci-Fi story and its freshness shocks me.The author definitely has a genius imagination but it is the scientific ideas that backs up and moves the story. Many sci-fi stories nowadays are more fantasy than science fiction. Taken out a few galactic battles, those stories around things like empire, rebellion and senate fall back directly to ancient Roman times or Middle Earth. Instead of forward l [...]

    10. Spoiler-FreeSequels are very difficult vessels to land safely. Sequels are placed in the awkward position of providing the content that made its predecessor a success while simultaneously delivering an enjoyable story. Sequels, specifically second books in trilogies, face an even more monumental task: move the story forward and reveal just enough to leave the reader satisfied while simultaneously getting them to want to pick up the final installment. Lesser trilogies do this by making the second [...]

    11. The grand design of Cixin Liu's Three Body Trilogy towers above just about everything else going on in SF lit today. The Dark Forest is an even more rewarding accomplishment than The Three Body Problem - a novel that is both hard SF and social SF, meditative and philosophically dense even while engaging in spectacle, that views humanity in scales epic and intimate. Mind. Blown. Again.I expect this book has an excellent chance of ending up on the Hugo shortlist, but if it also gets nominated for [...]

    12. Mr Liu Cixin, my name is Stevie Kincade and I am your wallbreaker! (Audiobook) Well not really but that seemed like the obvious way to start this review since I have some femur sized BONES TO PICK with this book.The Dark Forrest is a 23 hour audiobook. Is there an interesting idea for us to digest at the end of it? MOS DEF. Do I wish I could have 22 hours of my life back (OK more like 16 due the miracles of modern audio technology) and just listen to the “dark forrest speech” then google “ [...]

    13. An incredibly epic science fiction novel! Highly recommended. The scope is amazing. A different style from the more 'grounded' Three Body Problem, The Dark Forest goes way more out there. First it deals with the immediate aftermath of how society would react to preparing for a space invasion, and then it goes hundreds of years later with even more intense ideas.I am, however disheartened (no spoilers!), looking forward to reading the third in the trilogyIncidentally, an interesting coincidence t [...]

    14. Structure balance is still a big problem in this book. Characters are better then the previous book, but still not good enough. Liu is not good at characters.Beside these problems, this book is just absolutely fascinate.Although I don't fully agree with primary theory in this book, I have to admit it is very well thought and made of pure imagination, philosophy and wisdom. And Liu has obtained amazing achievement on using the theory to create a story that full of suspense, surprise and conflict. [...]

    15. Liu is very good at tree new bee. He trees really good new bee. Here is the summary of the triology:"3body problem" = "The legend of an avenger""Dark forest" = "The legend of a playboy""Dead end" = "The legend of a bitch"Period.

    16. Very goodThe writing varies from excellent to clunky, but the ideas and story are great. Some old characters return, as the story moves to the future. Lots of intriguing science stuff and ethical conundrums. I will now read the next book.

    17. One of the things I found most compelling about The Three Body Problem was the mystery of just what was going on with the science and scientists of Earth. The eventual reveal at the end of the book was quite satisfying but left 'The Dark Forest' in a bit of a bind. Now the reader knew what was going on ((view spoiler)[aliens were planning an invasion on Earth and had sent some very troublesome particles to causes problems on Earth (hide spoiler)]) what would drive the story forward?I think this [...]

    18. Liu Cixin knows how to write a concept novel. The first book in his remembrance of things past trilogy, The Three Body Problem, was based on a fascinating physics model that Liu used to great effect in his story of interstellar first contact and the terrifying ramifications of discovering intelligent life in the universe.At the heart of The Dark forest is another fascinating concept based on Liu's exploration of the Fermi paradox - the confounding absence of intelligent life in a galaxy that sur [...]

    19. The first half of Cixin Liu's novel The Dark Forest (a follow-up to his Hugo Award-winning book The Three Body Problem) is a very good science fiction story. It's well-written, it begins with an intriguing, ant-centric (you'll see) prologue, and it gives the over-worked "alien invasion" plot an original twist.Then, just about halfway through, Cixin Liu pulls off what really good science fiction can do: he suddenly makes you wonder W T F is going on. I won't reveal exactly what happens, but from [...]

    20. Mind blowingly cool. Best science fiction I've read in some time. I just loved all the descriptions of the society of the future - how they lived in trees, the notion of owning property or even getting married was gone. How every surface was a screen. (view spoiler)[The undulations of how society responds to the Trisolaran threat seem surprising to me. Maybe its more the Chinese perspective, but I wouldn't have thought the ETO would exist in book 1, and I wouldn't have thought people would get s [...]

    21. Brilliant. Not perfect, but brilliant. The Dark Forest idea is an interesting answer to Fermi's paradox. Of course it depends heavily on the initial assumptions: that matter in the universe is finite and that life increases exponentially. The analogy of the bacteria in the sea provide an interesting counterargument here. A straight exponential increase fills the oceans with bacteria quite rapidly. But of course, that's not what really happens. Really original ideas in any case. Strange to me, th [...]

    22. Oh, man. Okay. What a weird book.(Spoilers for book one ahoy.)So the Trisolarans are coming, man! They're coming! And humanity has four centuries to prepare. Particles called sophons are monitoring everything on Earth (all communication, written, spoken), and locking down technological and scientific advancement in order to cripple humanity in advance of their invasion. The only place safe from Trisolaran view is the individual human mind. Thus the Wallfacer Project is born. Four men (seriously, [...]

    23. Executive Summary: I'm not sure what happened. I really enjoyed The Three-Body Problem, but I found myself largely bored by this one.Audio book: I don't like when series change narrators between books. I'm also a huge fan of Luke Daniels, but he wasn't really the best fit for this series. So I was willing to give P. J. Ochlan a chance. I thought he was fine, but he wasn't really any better. It would probably just have been better to stick with Mr. Daniels.Full ReviewAfter enjoying The Three-Body [...]

    24. So many things happened in this novel that I find it very difficult to focus on even one thing in particular. If the Three Body Problem had lots of moments when it was fun to read it, this one was one of the most depressing experiences I have ever had while reading a book. There were so many moments when I just wanted to crawl in a corner and cry with the rest of humanity, it all felt so pointless. Even when there were times when things started to seem hopeful again, there was always that feel t [...]

    25. The greatest imagination I've ever encountered in my past 20+ years! The theory of "Black Forest" is simply stunning and the author elaborated it so well that I am now a true believer of it. The description of the 4D world could be somehow confusing to thoes not so into physics but that would hardly hinder you from enjoy the story. RECOMMENDED!

    26. This was even better than the first volume. I've just read one of the best science-fiction novels of all time. It has almost no female characters but the rest was so good that this big defect was dwarfed by so much awesomeness.

    27. Really brilliant. As others have said, the writing is a bit wooden, the characters lack depth and this would usually get a low rating from me. But in this case the science, politics and the what if takes center stage and boy does this deliver. I need the final book!

    28. I am highly inclined to tag this one as ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘ of series, notwithstanding the fact that the third book is yet to be covered. And Liu’s ultra-pragmatic Dark Forest deterrence theory, among many other things, blew me away to such an extent that I might not look the Fermi Paradox, the same way ever again.Though Dark Forest picks up exactly from where Three Body Problem had left us, by roughly building its premise from and post events of its predecessor; the novel can stand [...]

    29. This is the second book in the trilogy Remembrance of Earth’s Past, following The Three-Body Problem. I enjoyed it quite a bit, I guess about equally as well as the first book or possibly a little bit more. It had a few stretches where I had trouble maintaining my interest, but it also had some really great and interesting concepts that inevitably pulled my attention back to the book. I also loved the ending, which caught me by surprise and left me very eager to read the next book. I can’t e [...]

    30. "The universe is a dark forest. Every civilization is an armed hunter stalking through the trees like a ghost, gently pushing aside branches that block the path and trying to tread without sound. Even breathing is done with care."Full RTC!

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