For Life

For Life Cam Farrell president of the Moroad Motorcycle Club struggles to adjust to living on the outside after spending the last eighteen months in prison Pressured to confess to his part in the crime of br

  • Title: For Life
  • Author: Debra Kayn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cam Farrell, president of the Moroad Motorcycle Club, struggles to adjust to living on the outside after spending the last eighteen months in prison Pressured to confess to his part in the crime of bringing his son into the club, he must make drastic changes to stay ahead of the law and prove to Christina he will never leave her again The noose tightens as he faces the pCam Farrell, president of the Moroad Motorcycle Club, struggles to adjust to living on the outside after spending the last eighteen months in prison Pressured to confess to his part in the crime of bringing his son into the club, he must make drastic changes to stay ahead of the law and prove to Christina he will never leave her again The noose tightens as he faces the possibility of losing everything he s worked for within the Moroad MC Can he save his club, his woman, his son, and his life Some people in Federal call Christina insane for loving a criminal, but Cam s presence has always provided her with an inner strength she s found nowhere else Christina s worries increase when Cam arrives home hardened, violent, and determined to continue the life of crime that has dictated his life Caught between her fear of losing him and forcing Cam to fulfill his promises, Christina must face the truth Love has no boundaries and some things are better off staying buried.

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    1 thought on “For Life”

    1. Just like with the first book, "For Life" has it all. Debra Kayn had me feeling so many things all at once, anger, rage and heartache! Oooh my god, the woman doesn't disappointed. I'm super stoked knowing there's another book to be released! Now onto the reviewWhat can I say Cam is a man of many talents!Head games, lies, deceit, these are just a few of his greatest assets and boy does he put them to good use. Whatever he wants, he takes.I'm firmly convinced he's a psychopath. The bad ass biker d [...]

    2. When I learned that Cam and Christina’s story would cover three books, I really wasn’t a happy camper. I absolutely loved book 1, Wrapped Around Him, and was satisfied with the happy for now ending. I had my doubts about book 2 and will warn you now, it is a cliff hanger. With all of that said, I still rate book 2 a big 5 stars. This is coming from a reader who absolutely hates cliff hangers. What can I say? I am obsessed with both Cam and Christina’s obsession with each other. Cam is defi [...]

    3. "She loved him.""He possessed her.""She needed him""He relied on her."I thought I was conflicted from Wrapped Around Her. For Life absolutely screwed with my head. I was put through the emotional ringer with this book. While readers are going to love the emotions, they are going to feel conflicted not only with Cam, but even more with Christina. It will take a very open mind to understand where her mind is and why she loves Cam. You are going to want her to call Cam out on his shit or stand up t [...]

    4. I don't like how Cam manipulates Christina - or Jeremy either. He's an A-hole. I didn't like how he was with Merk- and what he does in regards to Merk. I also felt that this book was wasted words, and repetitive with info being said over and over in different ways- and info we know from book one. I don't know- it just annoyed me.

    5. I loved book one and gave it five stars but I really want to give this more as I loved it. As soon as this book hit my kindle I dived right in. This is the continuation of Cam and Christina's story. Cams a sexy hot alpha biker. His lack of trust doesn't help with the relationship with Christina. There is so much going on in this book. It's certainly a one sitting kinda story. Fantastic biker book with lots of twists and turns. 1-click this book for a brilliantly ant story they will take you on a [...]

    6. Well, I liked this MC readCam: Now this was a hardened Biker, criminal, I hate him & love him. Jeremy: Im a sucker for a foster care child-I want him to suceedMerik: I really really like him or love. hes got balls.Christina: needs to figure out if freedom is in Cams arms or elsewhereI really liked this one and cant wait for third instalment.

    7. *I was given a copy of this book as a gift from Stephanie's Book Reports in exchange for an honest review.5 stars for "For Life" by Debra Kayn!! This is the second book in the Moroad Motorcycle Club series. It picks up where the first book, Wrapped Around Him, ends, so you need to read it first in order to understand the story.Cam Farell is the president of the Moroad Motorcycle Club, and he is the ultimate bad boy. He is a hot and sexy alpha who takes what he wants with no questions asked. I fe [...]

    8. Arc received for honest review. Full review to comeCamch a difficult man to love and yet I do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~updated 3.30.15Camter 18 months in prison he is being released. We will watch him struggle to adjust back into his role as the club president. His relationship with Christina is strong yet weak. We will see their struggles. Christina loves this man. But doesn't always agree with him. Can their love survive? I found that Cam is playing a big game of chess. Each move he makes - h [...]

    9. First of all, I'm not a fan of series with the same H/h - and to be honest, I didn't realize this series was one of those when I read the first book. While I enjoyed this second book alot, I was very disappointed that the story did not end with this second book, and that there will be a continued third book out. So I have to take away a star for this, because now it just feels like the story is getting a little dragged out. Yeah, I'll probably read the third book, hoping that it will wrap everyt [...]

    10. Barely 2 stars.I gave this book 2 stars only because of the fact that I read more awful books. However, this book was terribly redundant. I can't describe how bored I was reading over and over how Christina felt bad or how Cam made her feel good. She is everything I hate in a protagonist: Clingy, weak, stupid, rash and an overall doormat. The hero is the ultimate asshole. If you want me to describe the sort of man that I would die before I date it would be Cam. So you can now understand my strug [...]

    11. Another great instalment of the Moroad Mc. This book picked up where book one left off. Cam returns from and 18 month stint in prison and he has a hard time adjusting to life on the outside and getting Christina and him back to the goodness they had before he went away. Cam struggles with the changes that have taken place with his son jermey and Christina. He has difficulty dealing with Christina's friendship with his VP Merk, and how she turns to him when things weigh heavy on her concerning cl [...]

    12. OMG! This book had alternated between liking the story and the characters and then not at all.This is the second book of the Morad series still focused on Cam and Christina and it's my second book where I had issues with the morality and the moral compass of the male character as well as with the way the female character accepted the situation.Having said all that about the book, in twisted way I loved it! Debra Kayn didn't shy away from the reality of the criminal life, convicts and ruthless me [...]

    13. He gave the term tough love new meaningFor Life is a continuation of Cam & Christina's story with no gaps in the telling. While they still care for each other, the 18 months they spent apart while Cam was incarcerated has taken a toll on their relationship. There are a lot of underlying circumstances and past incidents that brought both of them to their current head space. Cam is the boss of the MC, and of his relationship with Christina. She's been without him for a long time and and she ha [...]

    14. Wrapped Around Him was the first book in the Moroad MC series. As For Life is book #2 in this series and follows on from book #1, this review may contain spoilers. I highly recommend reading book #1 first.Book #1 sees Cam and Christina being ripped apart. Will she still be waiting for him when his bikes eats the 8 hr journey to get back to her? Can he keep the promise he made her? Cam's deep seated mistrust has always been ingrained in him but it's worse than ever. He doesn't trust anyone! Is s [...]

    15. An emotional tale that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about love.Cam Ferrell is home after spending 18 months in prison. He will do anything to keep his club under control and his woman by his side. He will not accept any of his club members disobeying Moroad MC rules, not his VP or the boy he calls his son. No matter what happened or what direction the future took them, he would always own her, because more than his determination to keep her, she’ld never survive wi [...]

    16. Again with book 2 Debra Kayn no doubt loves to has you riding a rollercoaster of emotions with this book. Cam is be released after 18 months in jail. He took blame for his son and was charged with unlawful possession of firearm. After returning he really has a hard time adjusting to the outside. Cam is hot, alpha, jealous of anyone that lays eyes on his woman. His jealous has you on the edge of your seat with all the links he will go to to keep her his. Would totally recommend this series to any [...]

    17. This book is a good read; however the main character is so Weak, submissive and obsessed. I wish I had known this before I read the book so I could have known what I was in for because I do not like my heroines this way. She defeated at all times to the male and his way of thinking was always right. It kind of drove me crazy. For the last book I hope she's stronger and can hold her own because what's the point of being the heroine when your thoughts and actions are all based off of another.

    18. The continuing story of Moroad MC was just as good as book 1. It's easy to get involved in the story and the charcters, it's a story that has many twists and turns keeps you guessing and wanting more.

    19. Cam This man should be soooo difficult to love BUT I just do! Looking forward to final instalment of the story.

    20. For Life is a continuance story about Cam and Christina. It's what I had hoped and more. It's raw dirty and not what I expected. I love the characters and can't wait to see what's happens next!

    21. This book annoyed the hell out of me. I thought the first was well written, full of detail and and very thorough. But this one Cam was just too damn much! He was so manipulative. Yes, we saw that in book one. But his manipulation and justification for how he treated Christina and Jeremy was off the charts. I mean what an asshole! There was a line about her not needing friends, only him. And just a lot of shit like that that drove me crazy! I felt myself saying out loud “oh come ON!” and “r [...]

    22. I can't stand anyone in this book. The heroine is weak and a bit annoying. The hero is awful and has no redeemable qualities. I tried getting through the last 15% then realised I had no reason to keep going. The story is slow and repetitive with this one and I'm not rooting for the couple at all. I think this is where I'll stop with this series.

    23. I can’t even express how excited I was when I saw this book was ready for release. I ABSOLUTLY LOVED the first book, and Debra Kayn has not disappointed me with this one!Chapter one of this book is the last chapter from book one. I think that is great because often times, by the time the next book in a series is released, I’ve forgotten bits from the first story. (What can I say I read at least 5 books a week.) So this was a good chance to become reacquainted with the story. Cam is having a [...]

    24. For Life is the second book in the Moroad MC Seris by Debra Kayne. Our storystarts with Cam being released from prison after a 18 month sentence for a crimehe didn't commit. While in prison the MC President was as to control all aspectsof his life, from club members on the outside to club members who were alsoincarcerated. However his one steady person, Christina, made him leery. Was shegoing to be there when he got out? Was she too afraid of the dangers he put herin? With his release , Cam must [...]

    25. What a ride!Cam Farrell just walked out from behind bars again after eighteen months. This time it was for a crime he didn't commit but jumped at the chance to go back in.He had business to take care of. To everyone else he was covering for his son, Jeremy, but Cam knew the truth.Cam lives to keep the Moroad MC operating. This stint in prison has made him harder. He knows what he missed at home. He only has one piece of goodness in his life, Christina. He can't wait to get home to her. Cam won't [...]

    26. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.For Life by Debra Kayn was a definite page turner. She will not disappoint the true Motorcycle Club Book reader. They will be very happy! For Life was exactly what a sequel should be, it has intriguing, with good timing, and the plot taking the next logical step, it stays true to the first story, and it has a couple of surprises. I would think, sequels would be harder to write, because your readers have expectations already. You have to hav [...]

    27. It's so good to be back with Cam and Christina. The separation, both as a reader and inside the story, has been torture, but the comeback is oh so worth it.While Cam and Christina struggle to reconnect, as trust is painfully regained, the inner workings of the club both inside and out of prison seem like an obscure, criminal and heated game of chess.I was unbreakably enthralled by the raw passion between C & C. They have a difficult, obsessive relationship because they crave each other, but [...]

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