The Serpent Sword

The Serpent Sword BRITAIN A D Certain that his brother s death is murder young farmhand Beobrand embarks on a quest for revenge in war torn Northumbria When he witnesses barbaric acts at the hands of warriors he c

  • Title: The Serpent Sword
  • Author: Matthew Harffy
  • ISBN: 9781508995708
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • BRITAIN 633 A.D Certain that his brother s death is murder, young farmhand Beobrand embarks on a quest for revenge in war torn Northumbria When he witnesses barbaric acts at the hands of warriors he considers his friends, Beobrand questions his chosen path and vows to bring the men to justice Relentless in pursuit of his enemies, Beobrand faces challenges that change hiBRITAIN 633 A.D Certain that his brother s death is murder, young farmhand Beobrand embarks on a quest for revenge in war torn Northumbria When he witnesses barbaric acts at the hands of warriors he considers his friends, Beobrand questions his chosen path and vows to bring the men to justice Relentless in pursuit of his enemies, Beobrand faces challenges that change him irrevocably Just as a great sword is forged by beating together rods of iron, so his adversities transform him from a farm boy to a man who stands strong in the clamour and gore of the shieldwall As he closes in on his kin s slayer and the bodies begin to pile up, can Beobrand mete out the vengeance he craves without sacrificing his own honour or even his soul The Serpent Sword is the first novel of the Bernicia Chronicles PRAISE FOR THE SERPENT SWORD The Serpent Sword is a stunning debut fast, confident, adrenaline pumped, this story of a young warrior s coming of age in the maelstrom of the Dark Ages has the flavour of early Giles Kristian or James Aitcheson it s raw, rugged and rich in colour and texture MANDA SCOTT a gripping and credible tale of Dark Ages BritainHistorical fiction doesn t get much better than this ANGUS DONALD Vivid and compelling, The Serpent Sword is historical fiction at its brutal best PAUL FRASER COLLARD A storming debut novel fans of Bernard Cornwell should not miss STEVEN A MCKAY a fast paced tale of historical adventure beautifully written The Serpent Sword is a story of revenge, passion, betrayal, honour, love and loss Above all, it contains both a quest and a love story Harffy s characters are portrayed with depth and humanity This novel is a thrilling read CAROL MCGRATH With powerful language and gripping action, Harffy tells a tale of courage, revenge and love JUSTIN HILL

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    1. Matthew Harffy likes to make things hard for himself. Put it this way: if you were writing a debut historical novel would you have your characters fighting around a fortress calledBebbanburg?! Haven't we heard of that place before? And in a similar series of books set in a similar time?Of course we have and it's to Harffy's credit he didn't change the fortress once Bernard Cornwell's massive selling Warlord Chronicles came out as he was working on this.But, as I sat down to read The Serpent Swor [...]

    2. If your knowledge of the history of British Isles stops sometime around at the departure of Rome’s legions and starts again at with the arrival of the Vikings, 'The Serpent Sword' is for you. If you’d like light shone into your own particular historical Dark Ages, with its history brought to full-blooded, exciting, pulse-pounding life, then ‘The Serpent Sword' is definitely for you. This is the historical period when legends, gods and language were brought across the North Sea by the reset [...]

    3. I'm typically somewhat tough to impress, but I loved everything about this book. The time period, the battles, the twists and turnseverything.Beobrand is a complex character who struggles to define himself in a turbulent world. Escaping an abusive father only to learn that his brother has been murdered, Beobrand is tempted by the glory of violence himself. This comes as no surprise as the kings of the land that would one day become England use cutthroat methods to grasp at supremacy. I loved wat [...]

    4. New author, new genre for me. But it was a great experience. Harffy's writing was descriptive yet to the point. Never did it get boring or repetitive. I love history, but have always been more interested in the two great wars and the settling of the wild west than Roman history. Now, thanks to Harffy's endeavors, I have a new area of interest to pursue. I am looking forward to the next in this series. Thank you to Head of Zeus, Aria via Netgalley for providing a digital copy of The Serpent Sword [...]

    5. I was given this book in return for an honest review.Set in the 7th century, this book looked to be right up my street.The narrative starts with a prologue which draws the reader into the story, getting off to a promising start. The premise of the story is of a young lad who travels north to seek his brother only to find that he is dead - most likely murdered. Beobrand is distraught, but manages to find his way into the warband of King Edwin of Bernicia. Unfortunately, Edwin and most of his army [...]

    6. I was very taken with the hero Beobrand, a gifted young warrior who has to find his way forward with no family and no lord to lead him. This is the sort of book that makes you look forward to bedtime!

    7. 94 pages is enough. Not for me. Probably not fair that I've just read Bernard Cornwell's latest book.

    8. I had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book. I started it with some trepidation as it is not my usual choice of genre and I didn't know quite what to expect from this first time author. There was no need to worry though, as it quickly became apparent that the author clearly knows his craft. He has beautifully captured the transformation of the hero Beobrand from farmer to warrior, with love, loss, and plenty of action along the way. It kept me reading to the early hours of the mo [...]

    9. I had an advance copy of this book to read. It's not my usual reading, but is well written, the plot is believable as are the characters. a bit too much violence and gore for me, but if you like realistic fight scenes and all that entails (should that be entrails! ?) and action centering on a young man discovering his own strengths in a flawed world you'll enjoy this book.

    10. In the course of my perusing for books to read I am occasionally offered the chance to read a book prior to it being released. Such was the case with this book, The Serpent Sword by Matthew Harffy. Set in 7th century Britain, a time of unsettled violence where the prowess of warriors and the shield wall determines the fate of kings among the disparate factions that inhabit the island. Angles, Seaxons, Waelisc vie for control and into the mix brought about by the chaos of war is a lawlessness per [...]

    11. Any comparison to Bernard Cornwell's popular Saxon series intrigues me, and this book was no exception. I must admit that I picked it up a bit skeptically, wondering how in the world Matthew Harffy would pull it off -- there can only be on Uhtred of Bebbanburg after all, so how would he manage to keep me interested? I needn't have worried.Just because I like a book doesn't automatically qualify it for 5 stars. But this book -- this book -- kept me coming back, hungry to read more, to find out wh [...]

    12. A good general knows when to fight and where to fight. That same rule applies to British Historical (fiction) Novellists. The pond is already quite overcrowded, and quite a few of the same histories are told and retold over and over again. Buying those can be a recipe for disappointment. Matthew Harffy however picked his spot perfectly. Dark ages Bernicia and the Old North- the Henn Ogledd-. I always wanted to read about the Old North, and Matthew Harffy has delivered with verve in his debut alb [...]

    13. Set in the 7th century Anglo-Saxon Britain, in the year of our Lord 633. Written in third person point-of-view, we follow the story of the protagonist Beobrand, a farm boy from Cantware who - dreaming of becoming a warrior - left his hometown for Bernicia, in search for his fate. To be honest I expected less than this, Harffy’s writing is excellent, easy to understand and it matches the setting of the story, it will keep you interested and turning pages. For a debut author, Harffy did a great [...]

    14. ReviewOnce again its been one of those occasions where i feel privileged to be asked to read and review a book by a debut author, anytime someone trusts you with something which has been their passion and that has consumed hours, days weeks and months of their life is something you should and i do cherish. At the same time it does not earn you a free pass to a good review.What does earn you praise is something new, something set in a period where many others have not gone before, when you can co [...]

    15. The book's blurb says "perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell," but that isn't going to do this book any favors, because it does not live up to such hype. In fairness to Matthew Harffy, few could live up to Bernard Cornwell anyway. But even without the hype, this book was a bit of a disappointment.As I am finding with many novels, it's the characterization that is lacking. I did not feel any kind of connection to the protagonists, and I felt the antagonists were very one-dimensional, they didn't s [...]

    16. Seventh Century Britain has been a deep fascination for me of late and there are few authors who write about this period-in my opinion-that really draws me in. Three comes to mind and Matthew Harffy is one of them. The setting in this story is Northumbria and it is made up of two Kingdoms, Berninia and Deira. I really like those names for some reason. To give you a picture of how small these Kingdoms were, Deira was probably smaller than the county I live in the USA. Civilization at this time wa [...]

    17. This is the debut novel from Matthew Harffy and it’s a truly epic one at that. A word to describe this tale would be BRUTAL!You’re immediately hooked from the prologue where we learn about the death of Octa. We soon learn the main character of the book Beobrand is Octa’s brother.Having no family left in the world Beobrand swears allegiance to King Edwin to fight in his sheildwall against his enemies. He also learns there might have been more to his brother’s death that he first thought a [...]

    18. It is the year 633, our hero, Beobrand has lost his entire family. His dream has always been to become a warrior, so in a drunken stupor, he offers his services to King Edwin. Edwin, feeling sorry for the boy’s losses, accepts.The Serpent Sword is Beobrand’s coming of age story. He starts off as a young naïve man who wants to be a chivalrous, noble warrior. Like many young men, he falls into the wrong crowd and quickly learns that not all warriors protect the weak. In fact, many are only ou [...]

    19. For the adventure-loving reader of historical fiction, The Serpent Sword delivers great action scenes that keep the blood moving (literally) and gives our hero the renown he deserves while admitting he is only human and sometimes he just gets lucky. This is good stuff and it keeps our feet on the ground. To me, the plot followed pretty traditional lines and there were no surprises: young man learns to be a warrior, makes friends and enemies, falls in love, fights battles, kills the villain. As f [...]

    20. Matthew Harffy is a new author and his debut novel is a corker. The tale of young warrior, Beobrand, is a fast-paced, hard-hitting novel that grabs the reader by the scruff of the neck and pulls them into the violent world of a war torn Northumbria in 7th Century Britain. This is not a tale for the faint of heart. Instead it is brutal and harsh, just like the world the author is striving so hard to recreate. It is a world of blood and death, where violence is common and suffering ubiquitous. But [...]

    21. I confess to being new to the genre of historical fiction, but after reading The Serpent Sword, I don't know why I haven't tried it before. Matthew Harffy delivers everything I would want from such a book - a solid plot which slowly but steadily increases its grip on you rather like the eponymous serpent. At least as important though, and something fairly unique to the genre, is the historical plane which forms the canvas on which the author has expertly projected his story. I initially found my [...]

    22. The Serpent Sword is about a young farm boy turned warrior in 7th Century Britain. His family is all dead by the plague (except apparently his father, who is also dead, but not by plague). He goes in search of his older brother in Bebbanburg, who is a revered warrior fighting for the current King, Edwin. When he arrives he discovers it is suspected that his brother Octa, committed suicide. Except Beobrand does not believe this is something his brother would ever do. So he swears an oath to findi [...]

    23. Initially I thought the 'Last Kingdom', but was really surprised it was not. The main character Beobrand is intriguing and very likeable. There are twists and turns a plenty, the battles are well written along with the characters. This was the writers debut book, it was very good and bodes well for the whole series, of which I will be reading.

    24. Like two warriors, we circled each other: wary, watchful, waiting for the other to make the first move. Each of us thought ourselves kings of our realm, alone and unchallenged until, through whisper and word, news came of another claimant to the throne.The throne was the king of the 7th century and we, writers, working in what we had each thought was a personal playground until we found the other: the interloper, the intruder. The rival.At least, that's how it was for me. I'd been writing Edwin: [...]

    25. Reviews are the life blood of new authors and so I face this with the solemnity it deserves.First things first, I enjoyed the book. That's very important. Almost as bad as reading your own words, or someone messing with your favourite characters in Star Wars or Star Trek (nerd alert) reading this book was hard for me because I've been researching and writing about the same time period. However, I was really pleased with the direction the book took and easily settled into the flow of the narrativ [...]

    26. A young man comes of age in this thrilling novel by Matthew Harffy. Set in Dark Age Britain, Beobrand searches for his brother in Northumberland, bringing him news about their family in Kent. The story is about what Beobrand finds, and how he deals with his new life. I don't like spoilers so I will not describe the plot."The Serpent Sword" is very exciting, full of warriors, battles, victories and defeats. Some of the things in the book actually happened, although not necessarily in the way they [...]

    27. Harffy's 'The Serpent Sword' is an incredibly complex book. No character is perfect, or even fully evil - and it's all brilliant. 'The Serpent Sword' covers a time in British history with few guiding documents, and is in the midst of what may be the darkest part of the Dark Ages. The protagonist, named Beobrand, is caught in various conflicts between the native Britons and the growing Saxon and Angle kingdoms along with conflicts of religion, with Christianity vying for competition with the olde [...]

    28. ReviewOnce again its been one of those occasions where i feel privileged to be asked to read and review a book by a debut author, anytime someone trusts you with something which has been their passion and that has consumed hours, days weeks and months of their life is something you should and i do cherish. At the same time it does not earn you a free pass to a good review.What does earn you praise is something new, something set in a period where many others have not gone before, when you can co [...]

    29. For a debut novel this is amazingly good. It's an historical period not usually tapped for fiction, well before the Danish raids chronicled by Bernard Cornwell and others. The indigenous Britons are pitted against the Angles and Saxons. Beobrand is a young man recently orphaned, who has come to Northumbria to find a lord to serve and to become a warrior. He has some remarkably bad luck and makes a few terrible choices but eventually comes into his own. The battle scenes are not up to Cornwell's [...]

    30. From the first page to the last, there is non-stop action in this historical novel of 7th century England/Scotland. Murder, blood, battles and more blood. As a bonus, there is an excellent plot around which all this mayhem takes place. Beobrand is a great character and I hope to seem him again in the next chapter if the Chronicles. Matthew Harffy has a way with words and I enjoyed the character development. In addition, he writes so well of the period. As one who has stood on Hadrian's Wall, I f [...]

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