Tempo de Partir

Tempo de Partir Durante mais de uma d cada Jenna Metcalf n o deixa de pensar na sua m e Alice que desapareceu em misteriosas circunst ncias na sequ ncia de um tr gico acidente A crian a que era ent o n o conservou

  • Title: Tempo de Partir
  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • ISBN: 9789722355278
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Durante mais de uma d cada, Jenna Metcalf n o deixa de pensar na sua m e, Alice, que desapareceu em misteriosas circunst ncias na sequ ncia de um tr gico acidente A crian a que era ent o n o conservou lembran as dos acontecimentos, mas Jenna recusa se a acreditar que a m e a tivesse abandonado e rel constantemente os di rios que ela escrevia com as observa es da sua pesDurante mais de uma d cada, Jenna Metcalf n o deixa de pensar na sua m e, Alice, que desapareceu em misteriosas circunst ncias na sequ ncia de um tr gico acidente A crian a que era ent o n o conservou lembran as dos acontecimentos, mas Jenna recusa se a acreditar que a m e a tivesse abandonado e rel constantemente os di rios que ela escrevia com as observa es da sua pesquisa sobre elefantes, tentando encontrar uma pista oculta.Desesperada por obter respostas, Jenna contrata dois improv veis ajudantes, uma m dium famosa por encontrar pessoas desaparecidas e um detetive que j tinha estado envolvido na investiga o do desaparecimento de Alice, e parte determinada a descobrir a verdade.

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      293 Jodi Picoult
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    1. Okay friends. You know I'm not one to write slam-type reviews. But there is just one way to describe this book. I have never used this phrase before and I hope to never use it again. But honesty is my highest priority here on , and I have to say it. This book was a HOT MESS. Avoid this mess of a book, which was about elephants, psychics, and who knows what else, because I got to page 170 and threw the thing across the room. I know there is supposed to be some sort of amazing twist ending to this [...]

    2. The most brilliant, moving, emotionally resonant novel I've read in a long time. Loved the elephants. Loved the intrigue. Once again, Jodi Picoult brings the magic!

    3. This newest Jodi Picoult left me a little dazed and confused. Picoult used to be one of my sure bets for a great read and no one quite wrote like her. This being said, I'm not really sure what direction Picoult has been going recently. Leaving Time was such a mixture of characters, stories and subplots that for me just didn't flow. Maybe if I was an elephant fanatic I would of found it more interesting. To me it was like putting a nonfiction learning experience into the middle of a novel. Throw [...]

    4. I rarely read books about psychics, ghosts and the like. But this was Jodi Picoult so I was always going to make an exception, as she is a favourite author. As soon as this book arrived I put aside all others waiting here to read this. One of the reasons I find her books interesting is she usually makes me think about an issue, and look at it from more than one position. Even when I do not agree with her stance on some subjects (and I sometimes don’t) at least she makes me stop and think and c [...]

    5. --This review is based on a galley, an unpublished version of this book--We all have things that we may do over and over again but question why we do them. Sometimes we just can't help it! This is the case with me and Jodi Picoult. We began our relationship when I read Salem Falls and was happy with the characterization and the twisty plot. I read My Sister's Keeper. I read a bunch more. And started to realize that she loves using courtroom scenes with a surprise twist. Somewhere, later in Jodi' [...]

    6. The author became so caught up in her mission to spread the word about the plight of elephants that she forgot about the plight of readers who expect a good story. The end was full of cheap tricks to finish it off so she could tell you more about elephants. If that's what I wanted to read, I'd have chosen the National Geographic. Some of the writing is brilliant, lyrical, heart stopping. That only makes it worse when you get to the end and feel like she's stuffed a page of marvel comics in to fi [...]

    7. I've averaged my rating: all things elephant related are 5-stars, with the people stuff being 3-stars. Picoult uses her trademark multiple points of view to good effect in this novel, which has more heart than some of her recent novels. If you're not enthralled with elephants the way I am, you probably won't feel the emotional attachment to this novel that I did, beginning with the Alice's first section, written by the scientist doing field research on elephant memory and their grieving process. [...]

    8. Thirteen year old Jenna Metcalf is determined to find out what happened to her mother, Alice who disappeared from her life when she was just three years old. Alice was a scientist who studied elephants in Botswana, Africa from there she went to New England Elephant Sanctuary. Jenna was eleven when she started actively searching for her mother, but getting someone to help her search would come at a cost, so she started taking up babysitting jobs. Jenna had asked her grandmother for answers, but s [...]

    9. It's been a long time since I've picked up a Picoult novel. I enjoyed the first few I read, but then got worn down by how formulaic they were. Pick a topical moral dilemma, weave a story around it, throw in some court room action and hey presto a bestseller.Given it's been awhile, I was surprised to find Picoult has strayed from that tried and tested formula. This book does not have a story worked around a moral dilemma, and there's no court room drama either. Instead, well, there's a bit of a m [...]

    10. Thirteen year old Jenna Metcalf had spent the last ten years of her life researching her mother, Alice’s life – learning everything she could about the mother who disappeared when she was only three years old. Alice was a scientist who studied elephants, first in Botswana, Africa then at the New England Elephant Sanctuary in the US, where both African and Asian captive elephants were able to live out the remainder of their lives in a natural habitat, free from the chains of bondage.The Sanct [...]

    11. Since the "spoilers" button doesn't seem to work(view spoiler)[I don't know if I loved this book because I didn't see the end coming or I hated it because the end is something that has been done, over and over. I thought she did it cleverly though so I am going to go with love. It was so interesting and even as Jenna is remembering being killed I am like, "Oh she was kidnapped." I didn't even at that point think she was dead! I really want to do a reread and see if things are different now that [...]

    12. Let me start off by saying if you don't REALLLLLLLY love elephants, don't even pick this up. The first 3/4 reads like a work of non fiction on elephant behaviors, strung lightly with a bit of, girl searches for her mom story. The last quarter gets more into the story and less into the comparisons of elephant to human, and does pick up, how ever Picoult always throws in an unseen twist, and this one did not leave me going, no way! Instead it left me going, oh no you didn't, unacceptable. That's a [...]

    13. And this is why I have a love/hate relationship with Jodi Picoult. I LOVED THIS BOOK.I feel like maybe I was casually waiting for an amazing to come along and then it did! But then again I have been wanting to read every book that she has ever written and I'm slowly but surely knocking those books off of my TBR.Other than that, this book had freaking ELEPHANTS guys! How could you go wrong with a book that included adorable freaking elephants?!? Long story short : you can't. Besides loving the el [...]

    14. If I were an elephant I'd trumpet Leaving Time. Classic Picoult, Leaving Time is the story of a teen searching for her missing mother. Using her now familiar and equally comfortable format of multi-charachter point of view each character provides a piece to the puzzle of what lead to Alice's disappearance from the New England Elephant Sanctuary soon after a co-worker is trampled to death. The cast, Jenna, the daughter, Alice, the mother, Virgil, a cop, and Serenity, a psychic, all play their par [...]

    15. Sencillamente maravilloso! Es uno de esos libros que se te meten en tu piel y logran cautivarte a través de sus protagonistas; de sus historias.

    16. Jodi Picoult's Leaving Time features intertwining stories of past and present-day events related to an unsolved crime that separated a daughter from her mother. I adored the “past” events which focused primarily on the mother's post-doctoral study of elephant cognition. Learning about elephant behavior was my favorite part of the book, and I found it both heartbreaking and fascinating. The “present-day” events incorporated a mystery element investigated by an unlikely team of a discredit [...]

    17. SPOILER ALERT!!!!I agree with the reviewers who felt confused by this book. Pic out seems to be moving in a new direction with her last two books; wolves and now elephants. This latest novel of hers was all over the place in characters, setting, and plot. By the end, I felt like she was imitating film directer M. Night Shyamalan---"I see dead people".

    18. “It does not matter who you are or what kind of personal relationship you’ve forged with an elephant: Come between her and her calf, and she will kill you."Having read Larger Than Life, one of the prequels to this novel (the other being Where There's Smoke), I thought that I was prepared for what Jodi Picoult was going to present me with in this, her twenty-second novel, but boy was I wrong! In fact, she totally blew me out of the water with this one. Told in two parts from the POVs of Jenna [...]

    19. Me listening to the final hour of the audio book:Huh? Wait. What? No way! Hmmmm OK now it is all making sense wow.We are first introduced to the three female narrators, each in her own voice: 13 year old Jenna; her mother Alice, who ten years ago checked herself out of a hospital never to be seen again; and the down-on-her-luck psychic, Serenity, who Jenna hires to help find Alice. They have alternating turns at advancing the story. I liked Alice's chapters least of all, and there were a lot of [...]

    20. I recognise Jodi Piccoult is a fantastic and prolific author, and have enjoyed a couple of her books before now. This novel did not attach to me in any engaging way at all, this is a very true 2 star rating. The subject matter, elephants and the issues of psychic powers an afterlife, have never been of interest for me but I thought I'd like it nonetheless, having been leant it by my best friend. I was neutral throughout, not loving, not hating. Virgil was my favourite character, and Jenna also. [...]

    21. A thirteen year old girl, a dried up detective with a drinking problem, and a psychic walk into a dinerJodi Picoult has done it again! A couple different storylines merging together told from multiple character perspectives (in true Picoult style!). An elephant sanctuary sets the stage for this book, and I immediately fell in love with the stories surrounding the elephants and their histories- some happy, some tragic. Jenna Metcalf is searching for her mother- as she disappeared one night when t [...]

    22. 4.5 starsLeaving Time delivers a "what the heck just happened to me I stayed up until 2 AM finishing this book and my brain has been blown to bits" ending, typical of Jodi Picoult. In her latest novel, Picoult writes from the perspective of Jenna Metcalf, a thirteen-year-old who has spent all her life searching for her mother, Alice, an elephant researcher who disappeared years ago. Jenna enlists the help of Serenity Jones, a psychic who specializes in finding missing people, and Virgil Stanhope [...]

    23. Jenna wants nothing more than to find her mother. We know shedisappeared from the New England Elephant Sanctuary. Jenna was only 3 years old at the time. The narrator for "Leaving Time", for the character 'Jenna', (13 years old bright and feisty), is by a terrific voice *Rebecca Lowman*. Rebecca was the same narrator I fell in love with in the audible "Annie on My Mind". ( another audiobook I highly recommend). A few other books Rebecca Lowman has done the narration are: "The 19th Wife", "Dark [...]

    24. في إحدى مقابلاتها التلفزيونية، سُئلت جودي بيكولت كيف تختار ثيمات رواياتها، فأجابت بأنها ربة بيت، كأي ربة بيت أخرى في العالم، لديها الكثير من الهواجس التي تؤرقها، وفي حين تختار معظم ربات البيوت الحديث عن هواجسهن في جلسات النميمة وهن يتناولن شاي الضحى، اختارت هي أن تحول هواج [...]

    25. FOUR STARS! According to the official rating system this means “really liked it!” I’m good with that, although I had my doubts and uncertainties going into this one. I allowed outside influences to shape some preconceived notions and expectations in my head about this book before I even flipped open the front cover. 1) I love most of Picoult’s works, especially Handle With Care. Whenever I think of Willow on the ice on the backyard pond my eyes glisten with tears. This is my gold standa [...]

    26. O Betta SplendensO conhecimento em toda a sua vastidão é comparável às águas oceânicas.E os livros?Os livros são os peixes que nadam por lá enquanto ninguém se lembra de os pescarHá uns mais garridos, outros mais cinzentos.Uns mais exóticos, outros mais vulgares.Há uns que nadam dando voltas e reviravoltas e outros que nadam mais a direito.Etc, etcSempre que lemos um livro que até nem nos parece mau mas nos recorda outros anteriores , pescámos um peixe vulgarote, tipo sardinha ou c [...]

    27. Oh. My. God. This book was incredible! I read this at the recommendation of Ginger and am I glad she did! It is incredible. This is a story about grief and family and healing and ---- elephants! I have always liked elephants - they are so incredible. The bonds they make, their ability to empathize. Did you know they are one of the few animals that can recognize that the reflection they see as themselves?This book just grabbed on to my heartstrings and wouldn't let go. And the twist at the end? I [...]

    28. Alice is a scientist who studied grief among elephants in Botswana, then in an elephant sanctuary in NH. When Alice's daughter Jenna is 3 years old, an accident occurs at the sanctuary and she is never heard from again. Jenna has never stopped searching for her mother and when she is 13 years old, she enlists the help of Virgil, an ex-cop who originally worked the accident at the sanctuary, and Serenity, a psychic who no longer believes in her gifts.I loved this book. I loved how the characters [...]

    29. Ordinary life and the spirit world overlap and collide, as does who and what is real versus mystical or imagined. Even for someone who is not usually a fan of ghost stories and mysticism, the writing and storytelling compelled the suspension of disbelief and acceptance of the unimaginable. And in the end an amazed and admiring gasp—“I did not see that coming.”There are so many strengths in the writing and story telling in Leaving Time. Check out my full review at New York Journal of Booksn [...]

    30. Qué maravilla, qué bonito!! Pese a que ha habido momentos en que el tema de los elefantes me hacía la lectura pesada, no puedo darle más que la máxima puntuación, porque llegas a sentir tantas cosas y a pensar en todo lo que está escrito, y ese final que me ha hecho llorar mucho aunque también me ha dejado una sonrisa en la cara. Recomendable 100%

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