Lungdon The delightfully macabre astonishingly original trilogy reaches its thrilling conclusionThe dirt town of Foulsham has been destroyed its ashes still smoldering Darkness lies heavily over the city t

  • Title: Lungdon
  • Author: Edward Carey
  • ISBN: 9781443424288
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The delightfully macabre, astonishingly original trilogy reaches its thrilling conclusionThe dirt town of Foulsham has been destroyed, its ashes still smoldering Darkness lies heavily over the city, the sun has not come up for days, and inside the houses of people throughout the capital, ordinary objects have begun to move Strange new people run through the darkened streThe delightfully macabre, astonishingly original trilogy reaches its thrilling conclusionThe dirt town of Foulsham has been destroyed, its ashes still smoldering Darkness lies heavily over the city, the sun has not come up for days, and inside the houses of people throughout the capital, ordinary objects have begun to move Strange new people run through the darkened streets There are rumours of a terrible contagion From the richest mansion to the poorest slum people have disappeared The police have been instructed to carry arms And rats there are rats everywhere.Someone has stolen a certain plug.Someone is lighting a certain box of matches.All will come tumbling down.The Iremongers are in LondonAISE FOR HEAP HOUSE, BOOK 1 IN THE IREMONGER TRILOGYA New York Times Notable BookA Kirkus Reviews Best Teen Book of 2014 A New York Times Book Review Editors ChoicePublishers Weekly Indie Pick Big Books from Small PressesAn NPR Best Book of 2014 Heap House is weird, yes Spectacularly so THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Whimsically gothic LOS ANGELES TIMES Heap House is the first volume in the Iremonger Trilogy, and its cliffhanger ending is perfectly maddening It s cruel, really, of the publisher to release just one NEWSDAY Full of strange magic, sly humor, and odd, melancholy characters, this trilogy opener, peppered with portraits illustrated by Carey in a style reminiscent of Peake s own, should appeal to ambitious readers seeking richly imagined and than a little sinister fantasy PUBLISHERS WEEKLY STARRED REVIEW Channels Dickens crossed with Lemony Snicket A Gothic tale in turns witty, sweet, thoughtful and thrilling but always off kilter and penned with gorgeous, loopy prose Suspense and horror gradually accumulate into an avalanche of a climax Magnificently creepy KIRKUS REVIEWS STARRED REVIEW

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    1. Foulsham è stata distrutta dall'incendio, i suoi cittadini hanno cercato rifugio nella grande dimora degli Iremonger ma invano, ed ora anche la famiglia è costretta a fuggire. Si recano tutti a Londra, la grande e potente città in cui gli Iremonger vogliono trovare una nuova casa. Dopo il loro arrivo, però, iniziano ad accadere cose strane ed inspiegabili: le persone scompaiono, vengono trovati oggetti fuori luogo, il sole si spegne e nessuno ha una risposta per questi bizzarri avvenimenti. [...]

    2. what a wonderful series. here at the end it wasn't just a simple black and white good vs. evil morality play. there were actors from all different perspectives and odd alliances, multiple villains and few heroes. the story was told from multiple perspectives as well, where the first book was mainly just clod and lucy there were more voices here. when everyone converged it wasn't at all clear what was going to happen. in the end I think one of the major themes was about the need for people to bel [...]

    3. I loved this series so much! This final book was fun and action packed - I just love the way each character has their own distinct voice, and the character development through the three books is fantastic. Off to check out Carey's other books!

    4. The brilliant conclusion to the Iremonger trilogy. Fantastic in every way--and I don't mean fantastic just as a superlative, but as a description of the world Carey creates that is not our world but feels like it could be. Truly one of the strangest and most immersive reading experiences I've had. Dark and funny, a complex story about people, objects, trash, family, power, and love. And buttons and plugs and cuspidors and matches. Multiple narrative voices and impeccable prose. It has my highest [...]

    5. La fin de cette trilogie est en quelque sorte une apothéose puisque l'auteur nous emmène en plein cœur, alors qu'une véritable guerre civile est en train de se mettre en place. La menace est plus forte que jamais et nos deux héros, Clod et Lucy, vont vivre encore une fois des aventures palpitantes.Cet ultime tome est marqué par deux choses importantes : l'évolution du personnage de Clod qui menace de glisser du côté de sa famille car il est déchiré par le chagrin d'avoir perdu Lucy. C [...]

    6. LUNGDON: BOOK 3 (IREMONGER TRILOGY)Fiction Edward CareyLungdon: Book Three (The Iremonger Trilogy)The OverlookPressHardcover, 978-1-468-30955-3 (also available as an ebook), 512 pgs $17.99November 2015SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read Heap House: Book One (The Iremonger Trilogy) and Foulsham: BookTwo (The Iremonger Trilogy) then proceed at your own risk.“There has been no light. Not for days now. We all live in darkness and pretend it is the most natural thing. It has been like this ever si [...]

    7. 4.5 stars, as there are certainly a few more questions I would've liked answers too - why do some of the Iremongers have special powers and others do not? I also would've liked to see the showdown between Rippit and The Tailor, rather than having it be a comment in what is essentially the epilogue. But still a very fitting conclusion to an odd but enthralling trilogy. The multiple perspectives during the climactic scene were initially chaotic, but I loved the way that it tied so many of the thre [...]

    8. Con un po' di ritardo viene finalmente pubblicato anche in Italia il terzo tomo con cui si conclude degnamente saga degli Iremonger. I colpi di scena non mancano, e anche la conclusione è in buona parte inaspettata. Per il resto non posso che confermare quanto già ampiamente detto nelle recensioni dei due precedenti volumi, anche se questo (forse) non mi ha appassionato come i 2 precedenti (spesso le "conclusioni" di lunghe saghe non sono pienamente all'altezza delle aspettative create dagli i [...]

    9. Ahhhh! The trilogy was such a rollercoaster! Mediocre first, fantastic second, and then this slogging third.I won't say I regret reading it but damn what a let down for the final. If you've read the Neverending story book Clod also devolved into a similar state which is just disappointing.

    10. Trilogia assolutamente eccezionale!!!!!!Ho apprezzato veramente tantissimo anche quest’ultimo capitolo della saga degli Iremomger !La trama è molto interessante, mi piace molto lo stile di Carey.Spero di vedere presto un film dedicato a questa splendida trilogia.

    11. The entire Iremonger trilogy is a joy to read, and Lungdon itself is no exception. With each passing book, we've been zeroing in on the city, the action getting closer and closer. Now that we're here, the trilogy comes to its fruition.If I had one problem with Lungdon, it is that while it is a great read on its own, it left me wanting in terms of the ending of the trilogy. There were simply too many questions that were left unanswered. I wanted to better understand where the bizarre central prem [...]

    12. The trilogy has ended, and I find it harder than ever to classify. I'm a librarian, so I have to classify it somewhere! The first volume had a feeling of steampunk, as you might recall from my review, but it had no misplaced or anachronistic technology, so it didn't really qualify thus. On further reflection, I suppose it is more of an Alternative history, or a Past dystopia (if there is such a thing), since it takes place in the 19th century. However, as the story moves to London (or Lungdon, a [...]

    13. La saga era partita benissimo . Il primo volume mi ha preso tantissimo sia per la storia sia per i personaggi insomma ho trovato qualcosa che è uscito dai soliti schemi mescolando gotico e fantasy. Il secondo volume mi ha preso anche anche se le parti di Lucy le ho trovate molto lente e a tratti noiose . Il terzo libro credevo fosse al pari dei primi due e invece no mi ha deluso tant'è che non sono andato oltre le due stelle. La vicenda è sviluppata male , molte cose sono lasciate in sospeso [...]

    14. middlegrade tween/teen fiction; dark alternate-fantasy reality/people with strange abilities (series - best to read 1 and 2 first, in order to develop an affinity for the characters and their predicaments). The first half I read in smaller, digestible chunks (it was sort of interesting but I felt I needed to take breaks from the mildly unsettling weirdness); when Lucy Pennant's narrative finally reappeared in the second half, the pace picked up considerably (helped by a few cliff-hanger chapter [...]

    15. Edward Carey has a great imagination to bring this story to life. His use of his own striking illustrations really added to the story and made the book quite unique. The style of this book was also different as it included diary entries, statements and articles and then had continuous pages of narratives of Clod Iremonger and Lucy pennant. I did like the style of the book but it was the content that I wasn’t as comfortable with. The main problem I had was more of a personal taste issue as I wi [...]

    16. In the last 100 pages I didn't know who was worse, the constabulary of London or the Iremongers. There was so much cruelty and viciousness on both sides, I kept wondering how this would have a "good" ending. I did find that Clod and Lucy were two of the most amazing and determined heroes. Especially Lucy who had not only the Iremongers against her, but all the supposedly "good" guys ( the police) determined to catch and hopefully kill her. I found those 100 pages absolutely riveting. A grand, st [...]

    17. Such a great series! The premise is so unique and the characters so odd and strange that I was hooked and thoroughly enjoyed Books 1 & 2. I will recommend this to readers who enjoy unique stories with interesting and compelling characters, who enjoy a gothic-feel, and to those who enjoy action and adventure. The creepy illustrations add to the gothic atmospherics of this book and are as equally unique as the characters. You'll find yourself rooting for Clod and Lucy, both unlikely heroes tha [...]

    18. MORE PEOPLE SHOULD APPRECIATE THIS BOOK. this series is bizarre and crazy and maybe Carey is a half-mad half-genius, but it’s just so good in that bizarre and quirky way. Love, betrayal, questionable ethics, trying to save a family, setting a world right that has been just a bit off for so long, and the setting is incredible. It’s like an alternate personality of Lemony Snicket took hold and warped London into Lungdon. It’s really great for the dark idealists and idealists out there.

    19. Third book in The Iremonger Trilogy, Lungdon picks up with the Iremonger Family all hiding out in London. People are still "suddenly missing" and now some Iremongers are being killed. Lucy Pennant is alive and in a mission to find Clod. Clod is alive and on a mission to stop his family in what he suspects is pure evil. Third book is exciting and makes you want to read straight through the night. So happy I picked up book #1 which instantly had me hooked.

    20. Good conclusion to the trilogy. The reader has to be willing to spend a lot of time in these books not knowing what's going on. The writing is fun for me, and even when I was completely lost I was willing to go along in order to see what would happen. I thought Carey did a good job of putting Clod in the same confused state as the reader. The ending brought disparate parts together in a satisfying manner. I'm glad I read the books.

    21. An enjoyable read, and a solid and satisfying conclusion to a fantastic trilogy, though I don't feel I can give it 4 stars. 3.5 maybe.I appreciated Clod's voice in this one more than the previous books; it's really quite poetic.Also, Edward Carey was masterful at building up the tension before the final scene.Noice.

    22. This was a great way to end this series and truly put the icing on the cake. I was wondering how it would all wrap up but it came together beautifully. Edward Carey's writing is truly gripping and unusual at times, which makes him all the more amazing!I would definitely recommend this series, but if you are to read it go in with an open mind!

    23. I admit up front that I haven't read the first two instalments in the series, so I went in completely green but, although I'd recommend reading the others first, it only served to add to the dark, creepy, bewildering atmosphere of the book. I loved the gothic Victorian style, and the unique fantasy elements kept me page turning. The eerie illustrations are really just the icing on the cake!

    24. Creative and captivatingThis trilogy is a gothic sort of child's tale. The series is well-written and sparks the imagination. The characters are well developed and the story line is interesting. I wonder what my birth object would have been?

    25. I would have wished for more interpersonal dialogue, and the first entry was by far my favorite of the trilogy, but this was a great wrap up to an exceptional young adult trilogy. The Iremonger family deserves more attention and I hope it gets more readers.

    26. I cannot remember when I have last read anything quite so boldly and blatantly bizarre…and creepy, and weird, and FANTASTIC. Revel in the Dickensian, Gothic grotesquerie of it. In short, read this series. Now.

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