A Deadly Secret: The Bizarre and Chilling Story of Robert Durst

A Deadly Secret The Bizarre and Chilling Story of Robert Durst The recent arrest in New Orleans and the HBO documentary The Jinx have put Robert Durst back in the headlines Here from the first reporter to access Durst s NYPD files is the authoritative account o

  • Title: A Deadly Secret: The Bizarre and Chilling Story of Robert Durst
  • Author: Matt Birkbeck
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The recent arrest in New Orleans and the HBO documentary The Jinx have put Robert Durst back in the headlines Here, from the first reporter to access Durst s NYPD files, is the authoritative account of a decades long criminal odyssey the very book found in Durst s own apartment when it was searched by police When medical student Kathie Durst vanished in 1982, she was maThe recent arrest in New Orleans and the HBO documentary The Jinx have put Robert Durst back in the headlines Here, from the first reporter to access Durst s NYPD files, is the authoritative account of a decades long criminal odyssey the very book found in Durst s own apartment when it was searched by police When medical student Kathie Durst vanished in 1982, she was married to Robert Durst, son of a New York real estate magnate Kathie s friends had reason to implicate her husband They told police that Kathie lived in terror of Robert, and that she had uncovered incriminating financial evidence about him But Durst s secrets went even deeper For decades, Kathie s disappearance remained a mystery Then in 2001, Durst, an heir to an empire valued at two billion dollars, was arrested for shoplifting in Pennsylvania When the police brought him in, they discovered that he was a suspect in the murder of Texas drifter Morris Black, whose dismembered remains were found floating in Galveston Bay, and that Durst was also wanted for questioning in the killing of his friend, Susan Burman, in Los Angeles Based on interviews with family, friends, and acquaintances of Durst, law enforcement, and others involved in the case, A Deadly Secret is a cross country odyssey of stolen IDs and multiple identities that raises baffling questions about one of the country s most prominent families and one of its most elusive suspected killers Includes additional material not in the original Berkley edition and eight pages of photographs

    A Deadly Secret The Strange Disappearance of Kathie Durst A Deadly Secret The Strange Disappearance of Kathie Durst is the true story of Robert Durst, the heir to a New York real estate dynasty who has been a person of interest in the missing person case of his wife Kathie since her disappearance.The book was written by journalist and author Matt Birkbeck, and was published by Berkley Penguin A Deadly Secret was released in hardcover in TATTOO S Deadly Little Secret Dial the Truth Ministries TATTOO S DEADLY LITTLE SECRET That harmless little innocent tattoo may have a little secret hiding inside A very deadly little secret Underneath that harmless tattoo is a very serious risk of acquiring a deadly blood borne disease such as AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, tetanus, syphilis, tuberculosis and other blood born diseases. Deadly fire exposes wealthy man s secret underground The wealthy stock trader took elaborate steps to conceal the network of tunnels beneath his house in this Washington, D.C suburb. Asia s deadly secret The scourge of the betel nut BBC News It is used by almost a tenth of the world s population It gives people a buzz equivalent to six cups of coffee and is used variously as a symbol of love, marriage and a cure for indigestion and Damning secret documents reveal deadly gas blast risk to WA workers on a Japanese LNG project off the Kimberley coast are in danger because shoddy electrical work could cause a deadly gas explosion, according to damning internal company documents. How Secret Policing With Deadly Non Lethal EMF Scalar By Ramola D Originally published at The Everyday Concerned Citizen How Secret Policing With Deadly, Mis Named Non Lethal EMF Scalar Sonic Neuroweaponry Has Been Installed Domestically HC UFO ALIENS beforeus Other books by Jonathan Gray Dead Men s Secrets Sting of the Scorpion The Ark Conspiracy Curse of the Hatana Gods Secrets Ahead of Us Bizarre Origin of Egypt s Ancient Gods Hospitals blame moms when childbirth goes wrong Secret Mar , Hospitals blame moms when childbirth goes wrong Secret data suggest it s not that simple. MKWarehouse Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance The original Mortal Kombat Warehouse displays unique content extracted directly from the Mortal Kombat games Sprites, Arenas, Animations, Backgrounds, Props, Bios, Endings, Screenshots and Pictures Secret Suppers see possibility everywhere experimental chef created menus in secret and wild locations a global underground dining movement

    • ☆ A Deadly Secret: The Bizarre and Chilling Story of Robert Durst || ð PDF Download by ☆ Matt Birkbeck
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    1. While Matt Birkbeck has had amazing access to the ongoing story of Robert Durst (as well as being able to keep enough distance to be more confident of when he needs to fact check Durst, unlike in "The Jinx" were more things appeared to be accepted unchallenged). For true crime it skirts the border between sensationalism and information, and the updated edition includes the most recent developments in the case. Overall a good primer on the history surrounding Robert Durst, but fails to avoid sens [...]

    2. The title sums it up. Robert Durst has quite a chilling and very bizarre story, from his tragic loss as a child in New York to his time wearing drag and hiding out in the slums of Galveston Texas. An heir to Durst Real Estate Organization, his behavior is perplexing.The book documents three crimes, all in which Durst is a suspect but is never convicted. The first and most prominent case is that of his missing wife Kathleen Durst. Twenty years and two detectives later, they still cannot find conc [...]

    3. I felt an extraordinary urgency to see how this book ended: I started this book last night. I woke up coughing at 2 am and read for another 2 hours and went back to sleep. I finished the book before my first appointment of the day. THAT is how much I wanted to finish this book.Writing style is OK. Proofreading in this Kindle version is terrible (typos, extra words, verb tense inconsistencies, etc.). BUT THE STORY. What a story. Great reporting. The subtitle does not lie: this story is both bizar [...]

    4. The HBO TV series, "The Jinx" captured my interest and drew me to seek more information about Robert Durst, so I read this book. The story itself is very compelling, especially now when RD is again in jail on multiple charges, this time with an unprecedented bail amount of one billion dollars.The writing style is not my favorite, and the typographical errors are telling, in that the book was obviously not well proofread. I'm guessing this was to rapidly distribute the book while there's a great [...]

    5. Scary but good readHaving seen the HBO special "The Jinx" I wanted a little more information about the case. This book really fills in the blanks

    6. I guess that for someone who hasn't read much into Mr. Durst's 'escapades' (that being my absentminded a$$) the development of this imbroglio might come as a shock.Sifting through the pages of this never ending bulk of scandals became a daunting task. Grasping the timeline was incredibly confusing at times, as Mr. Durst went back and forth many a times with his multiple identities, so the author with the all-over-the-place-accounts. What also irked me to no end, same goes for many other true-cri [...]

    7. Watch "The Jinx" on HBO and then read this book. It goes into much more detail than the series. Both kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. You can't write true crime like this! If this had been fiction, I wouldn't have believed it. Robert Durst is a fascinating and scary psychological study.

    8. If you were drawn into this case by The Jinx, this is a must read/listen. Make sure to get an updated version. Matt Birkbeck discusses other aspects of the case and why he didn't participate in The Jinx. The writing isn't stellar but it's still fascinating material.

    9. I loved this book. I have a fascination with Robert Durst and this is one of the better books about him. The author focuses on history without making it dry. I will definitely read more by this author.*I received a paperback copy of this book as a gift from the publisher.

    10. Buy this bookIf you are unable to look away from the train wreck that is Robert Durst's life, this is the book to get. I do not advised you to get Janine Pirro's book unless you love her as much as she loves herself.

    11. I watched the HBO series then read this book and I still can't believe this man! wow such a bizarre, terrifying story

    12. Earlier this year I watched the HBO documentary series The Jinx, which told the amazing true life story of Robert Durst, the son of a New York real estate magnate, whose wife, Kathie, vanished in mysterious circumstances in 1982. It’s long been thought that Durst was responsible for her disappearance (her body has never been found), a theory that gained momentum when 20 years later he stood accused of the murder of Morris Black, whose dismembered body was found floating in Galveston Bay, Texas [...]

    13. After watching The Jinx I was intrigued to learn more about Robert Durst. While this book was very informative, I found it extremely sexist. All characters' looks were provided, but we were told if women characters were attractive or not. A main character, who turns out to be untrustworthy, is described as the most unattractive woman the detective has ever seen, and it is speculated that she is a lesbian. Why is this necessary? What does it add to the narrative, which is supposed to be about Rob [...]

    14. Now THIS is a book on par with HBO's The Jinx. I read "He Killed Them All: Robert Durst and My Quest For Justice" by Jeanine Pirro, hoping for more of the story, and came away with empty calories and a mild distain for Ms. Pirro. But, THISTHIS is a great, comprehensive story of the wild and oh-so-weird story of Robert Durst. Not only is it informative and educational, it reads like a true crime story, so it's wildly entertainingspite the fact that it's a bout a real live quite-likely serial kill [...]

    15. "A Deadly Secret" is a page turner; it was written by Matt Birkbeck who spent two years researching and writing the unsolved mystery of the missing Kathie Durst. As a young boy, Robert Durst witnesses his Mother's tragic fallfrom the roof of their home (Was it a suicide?) This incident no doubt caused severe psychological impact.When Kathie married Robert, the marriage appeared ideal on the surface. Shortly, she had challenges to deal with. Although Kathie had a circle of friends who encouraged [...]

    16. Immediately put this book on hold at my library after watching The Jinx. Loved getting even deeper into the weird side characters associated with Kathie Durst's case. I had no idea just how much Gilberte and Pirro used the case of a young woman's disappearance to increase their fame. I really did enjoy the book overall but I do wish the author had not made it such a novelization of the story in the beginning. I doubt the detective was keeping a log of when he was crying in he bathroom over his d [...]

    17. A fascinating story. A real page turner. Literary agents probably hated it. No gratuitous vocabulary that I had to look up in the dictionary every other page. A subtle fear underlying the story, keeping me on edge. I could see some readers even rooting for Durst. A unique and fascinating individual, who was shaped certainly by witnessing the suicide of his mother when he was 7.

    18. I wanted to know about the story and now I do doesn't cover it. The book had recent updates on the case. A few idiot characters but that's real life. If you want to read about it I recommend it. I have a hard time giving high stars to a book of this subject but it did a good job conveying the story.

    19. Interesting.Intriguing I never really paid attention to the story when was happening maybe to close to home. What else is this guy capable of. I want to know more. I do believe he killed Kathie.

    20. Recommend: YesRead again: MaybeGirl book: NoAge level: High schoolReluctant reader: NoI really enjoyed this book. It was full of facts and was extremely interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone who is researching Robert Durst or is interested in the topic.

    21. HBO's THE JINX.ht my interest and was pleased when I won this novel on a giveaway! Very interesting story, reads like fiction and would highly recommend it!

    22. Recommended for fans of The Jinx! A lot of stuff you know, but some behind-the-scenes stuff and things from other perspectives that are interesting.

    23. I don't read a lot of true crime but this book answered some questions I had after watching the jinx on HBO, I'm looking forward to the next chapter in the Durst story

    24. A well written book that kept me quite interested and that carefully depicted the multiple key characters involved in the life and crimes of the mysterious Fred Durst.

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