Taking Flight

Taking Flight Seventeen year old Lauren Lennox is a city girl at heart Being born and raised in Los Angeles California by her movie star mom and ex child star father sounds like an ideal childhood but with a moth

  • Title: Taking Flight
  • Author: Siera Maley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seventeen year old Lauren Lennox is a city girl at heart Being born and raised in Los Angeles, California by her movie star mom and ex child star father sounds like an ideal childhood, but with a mother who s always busy and a father who suffers from alcoholism, Lauren s already parentless childhood and her resulting rebellious streak are made worse when her mother passesSeventeen year old Lauren Lennox is a city girl at heart Being born and raised in Los Angeles, California by her movie star mom and ex child star father sounds like an ideal childhood, but with a mother who s always busy and a father who suffers from alcoholism, Lauren s already parentless childhood and her resulting rebellious streak are made worse when her mother passes away and she s left alone with her father, who doesn t care how little school she attends, how much alcohol she drinks, or how many girls she sleeps with.When she puts too many toes out of line and a judge deems her father unfit to be her guardian, she s shipped across the country to the rural mountains of northern Georgia, where a personal friend of the judge lives with his wife and two kids on a farm David Marshall is a professional counselor known for reforming unruly youth , and as part of David s program, Lauren will be required to work with farm animals, go to church once a week, attend counseling sessions with David, and go to a new school, all for seven months until her graduation So naturally, her plan is simple to have her best friend come pick her up two months early on the day she turns eighteen, and to be as difficult as possible in the meantime.Her plan doesn t account for David Marshall s daughter.

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    1 thought on “Taking Flight”

    1. Laying here at 3 am, thinking I've never been more in love with a book, never felt more connected to a story. I wish there was a way to say that without feeling ridiculous and hopelessly romantic and over the top, but this was really special to me and so well done. The characters had so much depth and a consistency and the dialogue was so real and satisfying. None of the humor made me cringe or roll my eyes, it was actually funny, which I don't say often. This was intelligent, and wise and sweet [...]

    2. I struggled a bit through this one. This is definitely my least favorite by Siera Maley.I liked it though, hence the 3 stars. It kept me interested enough to want to finish it. It's better than a lot of stories of this genre. It has the qualities I usual find in Maley's books: mature characters, realistic dialogues, really sweet moments. Cam, the Marshall daughter, is really attractive and intriguing, and I quite enjoyed discovering her and seeing her come out of her shell. But I guess it comes [...]

    3. Taking Flight belongs to the genre we might loosely term the Bell Jars, in which the main character, usually a teenager or undergraduate, is sent to some kind of custodial facility, for anorexia, drugs, depression, sometimes a more serious criminal offense. In the case of 17-year old Lauren Lennox, technically her problem is habitual truancy assisted by alcohol. Her mother Nicole Erickson was a popular television star who has recently been killed in a car wreck. Her father is another former TV p [...]

    4. 4.25 stars. This is the third book of Siera Maley's I've read. I really wish there were writers like this when I was a teenager and I'm so glad that these are available now. From the first page of "Taking Flight" I was hooked and I wasn't disappointed.Unlike Maley's first two books that focused on accepting one's sexual orientation and were coming out stories, this book is more about universal issues everyone struggles with; figuring yourself out, living for yourself instead of others, being sub [...]

    5. Summary: After her celebrity mother dies, Lauren is sent from L.A. to a rural farm in Georgia to help her work on her emotional issues. When she's not avoiding her negligent alcoholic father, Lauren's used to skipping school, using lots of drugs and alcohol, and having random hook-ups with girls she never talks to again. Taken in by miracle-worker David Marshall and his family, Lauren starts to reflect on her own behavior — but also quickly sees through the veneer of the perfect family at the [...]

    6. this was just lovely put the summary a bit more into focus: lauren's always been a bit of a party girl and has gotten in trouble before. but when her mom dies, she (understandably) spirals into such a depression that she doesn't attend school for a solid few months, which is the final nail in the delinquency coffin that finally gets her booted off to this camp. despite being run by religious folks and taking her to church, lauren's sexuality is never part of the problem trying to be fixed. it's [...]

    7. I can honestly say that this is the best of Maley's books, and that's saying something. The relationship between Cammie and Lauren was swoon-worthy and I spent every page after they met awwing at their interactions and DYING for them to get together! Seriously, they were so cute. That's not to discount the more serious stuff Maley gets into- life in the South for gay people, how different and nuanced families are, what it takes to open up- all done very well and integrated into the story without [...]

    8. This is the 3rd book by Siera Maley I've read and by far my favourite. I was absolutely hooked since the first page and I read this in one sitting. It's so different than what I'm used to and that's what made it so awesome and unique. I'd recommend this book to anyone.

    9. literally spent all night reading itCuuuute. Really fun. Low on the drama, high on the fluff. Some homophobic stuff hit really close. But that's the minority.

    10. This is the second book by this author I have read and I could not put it down. I would recommend this to anyone who like YA books.

    11. This books isn’t just a love story, coming of age story, or just a book about the acceptance and self- acceptance of one’s sexuality, but deals with themes of systemic racism in the south and hegemonic society, alcoholism and the way a person struggling with this who is close to you impacts and unravels your life, as well as themes of neglect and isolated parenting and childhood. This is the main reason why the book is such a massive success in my eyes: when a romance can engage with crucial [...]

    12. The writing is quite good, but I was expecting more. I liked it in general. But would love it if we had more about the couple and after the graduation stuffs.

    13. I really love everything about this book. This girl with emotional issues goes to the end of the world in order to get up, but finds out problems in the family she's living with and eventually, helping them. Everything about the characters are genuine, even the bad things and even those aren't fixed like magic. They take time, effort, confusion, self knowledge, growing and courage to face, just like you and me do it in real lifeAlso Lauren is so easy to like. She is a party girl who seems to car [...]

    14. 4 Platypires by Taking Flight by Siera MaleyTaking Flight was a quick read for me because I could not put the book down. I thought the book was engaging and well written. I really liked Lauren and thought she was a really good flawed character. I thought her growth and reactions to others was realistic.I loved the back and forth between Lauren and Cammie and how their stereotypes of each other kept getting broken. Their loves scenes were romantic with mushy goodness. I truly felt their love was [...]

    15. There are so many things to like about this story. First, it's a complete novel. What I mean is that there are a full cast of characters, and the author doesn't resort to stereotypes. It's also a complex novel that deals with a lot of issues. Issues that the author works with include neglectful parents, loss of a parent, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, religious intolerance, bigotry, being a stranger in someone's home, therapist/patient relationships, a budding romance, and the standard hig [...]

    16. I've read Dating Sarah Cooper and Colorblind and loved both so much, so I was expecting a lotmore from this one. I think the writer touched on a lot of intense topics that weren't as well explored as they could've been, specially when it came to Lauren, who had the potential to be a really interesting character but ended up being kinda cliche and boring most of the time.I wish we could've seen a bit more of Lauren and Cammie just spending time together and having fun, they have a lot of importan [...]

    17. this is genuinely the lesbian rom com we all deserve!!!! i loved loved this i loved the way (view spoiler)[ cammie & lauren got together in the middle of the book rather than at the end, and i loved the way their relationship changed and grew over the course of the book.(hide spoiler)] I LOVED DAVID A LOT and i also loved the realistic discussions of racism and homophobia in the south. (view spoiler)[ THE ENDING WAS SO CUTE OHHHH MY GOD "I'D GO ANYWHERE WITH YOU, YOU KNOW" I GENUINELY CRIED [...]

    18. I read this book in 3 sittings (over 2 days). I was gripped by the relationship between Cameron and Lauren. They were well constructed and realistic character The story was quick and easy to read. It covered lots of issues; including sexuality and race discrimination.

    19. Thank you Siera Maley, for getting me out of my reading slump. This book was really adorable and relatable for me as well as being the kind of read that I needed right now.

    20. LOVED this book! Loved the characters and the romance between Lauren and Cammie. I wish it had been longer and I certainly wouldn't say no to a sequel =)

    21. I started reading this book because I was looking for a romance between queer girls with an happy ending. And I think I got that out of this book, so I feel like I can be at least satisfied even though I only gave it 3 stars.This book did give me a YA romance, and I was curious enough about it to read it all in one day, but everything between the two main characters feel a bit rushed We don't get to see anything from Cammie's point of view, we only get to see her through Lauren's eyes, so in my [...]

    22. i tried to be critical when rating this book, i really did. but i couldn't. because this booki may have cried several times. three months ago lauren's mother, a child actress turned hollywood actress, died in a car accident. three months ago, her dad reverted to full-time alcoholism, the papparazzi set up camp outside her house, and lauren stopped going to school. when the court orders her to go live with a therapist and school councelor and his family in georgia, lauren wants nothing to do with [...]

    23. Read this review and more on my blog at [Roxie Writes].'Taking Flight' by Siera Maley⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5Finished on January 31, 2017Read with Kindle Unlimited SubscriptionFREE on Kindle Unlimited | $2.99 on Kindle | $13.99 in PaperbackBOOK DESCRIPTION:Lauren Lennox is seventeen and lives a life, on the surface, that many would consider the ultimate dream. She's from Los Angeles and the daughter of famous parents. She's grown up having everything she could have ever wanted except f [...]

    24. Not just another book on homosexualityI love to read about all issues I think teens may be subjected to. My goal is always to find books to help my students accept one another and be understanding to what others may be going through. I read books on various topics, but homosexuality is still very touchy. As a kid once said "That book was too gay." This book was different. You tend to forget that Lauren is gay because that isn't the center of her issues. I liked that because bottom line is, we ar [...]

    25. Not a tough read, Likable characters, cute dialogue between two main characters, and as always the great romance and chemistry between the two Main Characters. Their isn't much to hate about the book except that the ending was a bit iffy (if you read it you might see what i'm trying to get at when I say that it feels like it was a bit rushed and the epilogue could've certainly been a bit longer than they left it, they pretty much left it up to the imagination of what would happen), not a bit abo [...]

    26. This was the first book by Siera Maley that I've read, after being recommended her books on numerous occasions, and I was not disappointed. The book held my attention from beginning to end. Siera did a great job of getting me to care about all of the characters (typically a difficult task), so much so that I even wish there was a sequal so I could see what they were up to. And although I wish the ending was a little more fleshed out, I will definitely be adding this to my list of favorites, alon [...]

    27. This is a coming of age book and like most of this genre you begin by not really liking the main charcter, in this case Lauren. She seems spoiled and just very unlikable. As the story progresses you get to see Lauren evolve and become more of her true self without the defensive walls.This is a very character driven book and does deal with some (sadly) typical issues of LGBTQ young people. Maley does a great job of making you feel what the characters feel and taking you along for the ride.

    28. I could not put this book down. I felt like there needed to be more descriptions and details about the characters, but this books is very mature. It doesn’t just go straight into the “girl likes you automatically” from the beginning. Instead, it goes into great detail how a friendship is formed throughout the book. It does a good job at giving personalities to characters and was sad when I finished it because I don’t want to leave the world created by this book. This is the 2nd book I re [...]

    29. i have wanted to read this book for years. it wasn't necessarily what i expected but i did enjoy it quite a bit. i felt like there was something missing/some parts were rushed, i think, so that kind of took away from the experience of losing myself in it completely. not mad about it overall though. i liked how the relationship between Cammie and Lauren played out. i liked Lauren's character in general.

    30. After being slightly dubious about the initial plot set-up, I soon found this book charming and the characters compelling. It's a well-written novel that goes some interesting places. I particular liked the acknowledgement that a big enough screw-up really can end a budding friendship, and the nice touch of a therapist learning from a patient.

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