From Atlantis to the Sphinx

From Atlantis to the Sphinx Recent discoveries by Boston University geologist Robert Schoch of ancient water damage to the Sphinx have thrown the scientific world into tizzy for they suggest that Egypt s legendary monument migh

  • Title: From Atlantis to the Sphinx
  • Author: Colin Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780880641760
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Recent discoveries by Boston University geologist Robert Schoch of ancient water damage to the Sphinx have thrown the scientific world into tizzy, for they suggest that Egypt s legendary monument might be thousands of years older than previously believed In his astonishing new bestseller exploring the implications of these explosive new findings, Colin Wilson takes us onRecent discoveries by Boston University geologist Robert Schoch of ancient water damage to the Sphinx have thrown the scientific world into tizzy, for they suggest that Egypt s legendary monument might be thousands of years older than previously believed In his astonishing new bestseller exploring the implications of these explosive new findings, Colin Wilson takes us on a grand tour of the knowledge amassed by researchers over the centuries to ask questions about mysteries that have puzzled humanity since Plato Was there an ancient civilization destroyed by some great catastrophe whose survivors built the Sphinx some 10,500 years before Christ If so, who were these people who had developed a highly advanced culture and who traveled the world from China to the South Pole then free of ice Were they really so unique in their thinking, as Wilson suggests, that, compared with modern man, they were as alien as Martians Via paleontology and ritual cannibalism, Wilson s tour through time and space sets out to reconstruct that ancient knowledge In a fascinating exploration of the remote depths of history, From Atlantis to the Sphinx takes us from the structure of the pyramids and the purpose of their tortuous interior shafts, to the prehistoric cities of America by way of ancient sea maps apparently showing the outlines of Antarctica before it was covered by ice.

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    1 thought on “From Atlantis to the Sphinx”

    1. Very interesting and engaging book about theories of an antediluvian civilzation and their possible influence on history. Great source of information about societies, psychology, geology, astronomy, and other sciences.

    2. Reading Wilson's account of the ancient mysteries is like listening to a fascinating drunk - he's so well read and passionate on the subject you can't help be drawn along. But at the same time if you take him too seriously you will be pulling your hair out with frustration. The book is scattershot - starting with Egypt and the ancient world but digressing onto clairvoyance, the evolution of man and even astrology. It's a wonderful way to explore some of the greatest mysteries of history, like th [...]

    3. RILETTURA.La prima volta che lessi questo libro ne sapevo molto meno di adesso. Dopo esser stata ricoperta di nozioni al liceo e ora pure all'uni riesco a riconoscerne ancora di più il valore. Non fatevi fregare per favore, perché questo libro non intende fregarvi affatto. Non è roba da allucinati che vogliono convincervi che la piramide di Giza è atterrata con un atterraggio perfetto mollata lì da un marziano annoiato. Partendo da dubbi quanto mai ragionevoli e scoperte magari accantonate [...]

    4. I really liked this book even though I gleaned hardly any new information. I liked it partly because of the way Wilson pulled things together. Also, it seemed to click with some of the things I've been thinking about lately.

    5. Very interesting and I am reading more on the subjects. Already read another book by Colin Wilson on Atlantis.

    6. The author has a fresh view into understanding the builders of the monuments of the Giza plateau. His central point is that the ancient Egyptians utilized a much different cognitive process than we are currently accustomed to. We take for granted that everything needs to be critically analyzed, dissected, and categorized. Wilson discusses the fact that the human brain's two hemispheres are actually two brains in the same head. The left brain, as we know, is calculating and the right is more crea [...]

    7. I will criticize this book in this way:BOOs: - Sometimes I feel like the author is giving out unnecessary information.- When it comes to astronomical/geographical or planetary terms (equinoxes, precessions, strata layers) he barely explains them. As someone who likes and interested in these subjects, I found it occasionally hard to understand what is Mr. Wilson talking about, or where is he getting at. He makes you forget what was the argument in the first place.- Do I smell sexism? Did he reall [...]

    8. After reading 'The Atlantis Blueprint', 'Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings', 'When the Sky Fell' and 'The Giza Power Plant', I was really (and I mean really) disappointed by this book. It starts out by giving an adequate summary of the data presented by others so far, and then goes into overdrive by throwing a fit of uncontrolled imagination. Going from here to there in gigantic leaps (of faith) and misrepresenting basic knowledge of physics and biology (I mean the author really doesn't understand e [...]

    9. This is more high weirdness from Kilgore Tr, Colin Wilson, now mostly about the evidences for an antediluvian civilization. The material Wilson adduces is derivative. Nothing original here, but he is good at summarization, drawing connections between various sources and hypotheses. Basically, the key evidence is that the Sphinx shows weathering at its base that many geologists say can only have occurred from water. There hasn't been enough water in Egypt for tens of thousands of years. Consequen [...]

    10. A myriad of topics covered in this book from: the possible whereabouts of Atlantis, the Sphinx, how they built the pyramids, evolution, astrology, the I Ching and DNA, to ancient knowledge. Maybe its downfall is the fact it covers so much ground and leaves you piecing together the dots, but interesting reading none the less. Full of some fascinating facts and wonderful insight.

    11. Interesting discussion on Egypt and religion but the last few chapters leave reader with unanswered questions and no tie back to the premise of the book.

    12. The Third ForceOk, so we're on another book from Colin Wilson. First published in 1996, some years after the first Upuaut, designed by Gantenbrink and used to uncover the mysteries of the shafts in the Great Pyramid King's Chamber, this book mentions Bauval, Hancock, Hapgood, Velikovsky and many others. But where the others point out to an extinct civilization (i.e Atlantis), Colin Wilson with his usual style points out to the hypothesis that humans existed a good amount of time before the acade [...]

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