Come Rain or Come Shine

Come Rain or Come Shine New York Times bestselling author Jan Karon returns with the story readers have been waiting for Over the course of ten Mitford novels fans have kept a special place in their hearts for Dooley Kava

  • Title: Come Rain or Come Shine
  • Author: Jan Karon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1 New York Times bestselling author Jan Karon returns with the story readers have been waiting for Over the course of ten Mitford novels, fans have kept a special place in their hearts for Dooley Kavanagh, first seen in At Home in Mitford as a barefoot, freckle faced boy in filthy overalls , Now, Father Tim Kavanagh s adopted son has graduated from vet school and opened 1 New York Times bestselling author Jan Karon returns with the story readers have been waiting for Over the course of ten Mitford novels, fans have kept a special place in their hearts for Dooley Kavanagh, first seen in At Home in Mitford as a barefoot, freckle faced boy in filthy overalls , Now, Father Tim Kavanagh s adopted son has graduated from vet school and opened his own animal clinic Since money will be tight for a while, maybe he and Lace Harper, his once and future soul mate, should keep their wedding simple So the plan is to eliminate the cost of catering and do potluck Ought to be fun An old friend offers to bring his well known country band Gratis And once mucked out, the barn works as a perfect venue for seating family and friends.Piece of cake, right In Come Rain or Come Shine, Jan Karon delivers the wedding that millions of Mitford fans have waited for It s a June day in the mountains, with than a few creatures great and small, and you re invited because you re family By the way, it s a pretty casual affair, so come as you are and remember to bring a tissue or two After all, what s a good wedding without a good cry

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    1 thought on “Come Rain or Come Shine”

    1. I have always enjoyed the Mitford series and have a little crush on Father Tim. Sorry Cynthia. I was really looking forward to the story of Dooley and Lace's wedding. I thought it would just shine. Unfortunately for me, it did not. There are several reasons for this:1. I found jumping around different people's stories without any kind of preparation quite unsettling. You would be reading about Dooley's thoughts and suddenly it would be Harley. It was unsettling for a long time reader but I despa [...]

    2. If you are already a fan of these books and are familiar with all the people of Mitford then you will probably need a box of tissues to hand when reading this one! I certainly did. They were happy tears of course not sad ones because this is all about the wedding of Dooley and Lacey and it is just delightful. If you are not already familiar with the earlier books then this one is not a place to start. Just about every character Jan Karon has ever introduced pops up here somewhere and she also ju [...]

    3. I once prayed, Lord, please let Jan Karon live long enough to get Dooley and Lace married. The answer to that prayer was a whelming flood; I started crying on page 32 and sniffed and sobbed my way—punctuated by laughs—to the final page. Redemption, benediction, healing, holy amazement, connection. Reading this brings the satisfaction of resolution, the “two bits” after the “shave and a haircut”.Weddings are my thing. Joyful solemnity, giving, sharing, joining, celebrating, laughing, [...]

    4. I've read all of the books in the Miford and Father Tim series, and I've been looking forward to Lace and Dooley's wedding. Not surprisingly, I read Come Rain or Come Shine pretty much in two big gulps. Although I enjoyed it, I also found it somewhat vexing, hence my three-star rating. Part of my frustration was with the exceedingly sparse writing style much of the book was written as a few moments of time inside one character or another's head. When you're in your own head, of course, you don't [...]

    5. melissa413readsalotI have always loved the Mitford series. I loved reading them years and years ago, but I liked listening to the first ones on tape, yes tape, because Jan Karon herself actually narrated them. And she read them good, but of course she is the author and knows how each person should sound :) In this book Dooley is graduating vet school, taking on Hal's vet and farm, and getting married! I remember when he was just a hooligan of a kid trying to make it through the days as his home [...]

    6. This was an okay book for me. It was a little too spiritual for me, but the story, I think, was good.My main complaint about the whole thing was the fact that the author would start a paragraph or a chapter and say he or she. There were about a dozen or so characters in this story. I had no idea which he or she it was. Or it would be Reverend. There were two Reverends. It was pretty frustrating. At one point in the book the groom had two sets of parents there. Then it would be mom or dad, which [...]

    7. I am an avid reader of Ms. Karon’s novels. As a matter of fact, in the past six months I have read and re-read the entire series at least 4 times while waiting not so patiently for the release of Come Rain or Come Shine. There is a reason for this. I have had a very stressful year and I find visits to Mitford very relaxing. Every character in this series is complete; there isn’t a one-dimensional body in the bunch. Even the nodding acquaintances have a unique and full place in Ms. Karon’s [...]

    8. I have a confession: I was never a big reader, until I read Jan Karon's first novel in her Mitford series. After that, you could say, " I was hooked." I found a love for reading while I emersed myself in her characters and their daily lives. In Karon's latest book, ComeRain or Come Shine, I eagerly wanted to devour it and yell from the rooftops that I loved it, but, for much of the novel, I spent my time feeling more disappointed than pleased. Several reviews have pointed out the lack of fluidit [...]

    9. I'm always happy to venture back to Jan Karon's bestselling Mitford series where Father Tim Kavananah and his wife Cynthia set about keeping the peace in this small well imagined Southern town of colorful and well loved characters. This is book 13 and everyone's here, reunited to celebrate the long awaited marriage of Dooley and Lace ( both of whom we've watched grow up) at Meadowgate Farm. This is not a great literary work but as always Karon's books are something like comfort food for those of [...]

    10. An unfair rating actually because of my own foolish choice when I haven't read any of the Mitford series and was totally lost; although I did finish it. I have read the first of the Father Tim series and thought this was the second one in that series-wrong!

    11. As a fan of the Mitford series, this book was an advanced purchase for me. That said, as much as I would like to give this book 5 stars, I can't. The story is good, the insight into beloved characters is great, but the total head hopping and frequent changes in point-of-view, left me constantly frustrated with exactly whose thoughts I was reading. It was almost as if this were a book of notes that had never been fully put together.The story is lovely. There are heart-warming moments, combined wi [...]

    12. Escapist literature for the thinking Christian? Nothing truly great going on here but then why did I the tears come to my eyes several times while reading? These books make me feel like I am having a deep conversation with an old friend and they help me learn a little about small talk too. I was greatly moved by Pauline's attempts to apologize to her children. Just "I'm sorry," with no expectation of forgiveness. Very moving without the easy out which would have done us all a disservice. Kudos t [...]

    13. I surely do wish I could give this book more than 5 stars! I was absolutely blessed to win an ARC of this wonderful book by submitting a recipe. It was such a delight to be able to read this 3 months early, let me tell you!Jan Karon takes us back to Mitford and Farmer in this tale. This book is Dooley and Lace's wedding. And what a wedding it is. Oh, my goodness! I don't have the ability to even begin to describe how much I adored this book. Seeing Father Tim is always a joy, hearing his thought [...]

    14. Although I enjoyed reading about Dooley and Lace's wedding, I think this is the least favorite of the Mitford and Father Tim series. As other reviewers have mentioned, there were paragraphs were I had no clue as to who was speaking; there was a big build up to Lace's wedding dress and then nothing about when she finally got it; and Father Tim and Cynthia seemed to have a very small part in this book. I think the author tried to cram too much into this book what with Dooley graduating and taking [...]

    15. What a lovely, lovely book.This is my FIRST Mitford Series book. Yes, I know. I read the last first. But I will be going to find the others. Jan Karon has a lovely writing style, the pace moves along, and the characters are REAL. Loved it. An awesome, clean read.

    16. Three and a half starsI was so looking forward to getting back with all my friends at Mitford and was thrilled to bits to receive this book for Christmas from family. I knew it was about the wedding of Dooley Kavanagh and Lace Harper. And who doesn’t love a wedding? In the aim of keeping it simple and costs down, Dooley and Lace plan to do things a little differently for their wedding. They plan a potluck wedding, with lots of people contributing. But simple can turn complicated when more peop [...]

    17. Everybody loves a wedding and the union of Dooley and Lace is no exception. However, the simple, at home affair -- complete with pot luck reception -- proves to be more complicated than first thought. The bride has put off selecting a dress until the last minute; some members of Dooley’s family aren’t talking to other members; a massive bull has taken up residence in the pasture; and a young foster child arrives the day before wedding. Nevertheless, many readers will care about the details o [...]

    18. LOVED! I so appreciate how Jan Karon does not shy away from heartache, abuse, betrayal, abandonment, regrets, aging, death---all the things that make life messy & painful---and yet she shows us how people can find genuine hope, peace that passes understanding, and contagious joy. And I also loved the introduction of a great new character: Jack Taylor. A beautiful story!

    19. Let me just say: I LOVE Mitford. I've loved every book in this series, and was SO excited when Jan Karon announced "Come Rain or Come Shine" was coming. I even pre-ordered and that's saying something for a cheapskate like me! Like all the other books in the series, I practically read it all in one sitting, BUTI just can't give this one 5 stars, or even 4 stars and I'm so sad about that. I like it, BUT I felt like I had missed a book between "Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good" and this one. I did [...]

    20. After having read all the Mitford books and even plenty of Jan Karon's other books, I was so excited to pick up Come Rain or Come Shine. I felt like I had watched Dooley and Lace grow up so to watch as they finally started their new life together as husband and wife was fantastic.I love having a series of books to read. Each new installment is like a family reunion with characters you only see once in a while.Best, in Mitford, there always seem to be small changes, just like real small town life [...]

    21. When I heard from Netgalley and Putnam Group that I was approved to read an ARC copy of the latest Mitford book, I was over the moon. I mean, I signed up as an educator to review books for school. I never expected them to let me see pre-released copies of my favorite book series. So, maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe I was too adversely affected by all the errors they let through so people aren't tempted to keep the ARCs instead of buying the real thing. I had a tough time reading this. [...]

    22. It's been a while since I read one of Jan Karon's Mitford novels, but when I read the summary of her latest, Come Rain or Come Shine, I was eager to pick it up. Anyone who read the early books in the series will remember Dooley. He stole everyone's heart, from Father Tim Kavanagh's to Lacey Harper's and the readers'. Now, after all these years, Dooley is finishing vet school and getting married.Dooley and Lacey want a small, simple country wedding, but in a community where everyone knows them, t [...]

    23. [ Ireceived this book free from the publisher through NetGalley. I thank them for their generousity. In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising]"A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12I join in with the millions of readers in celebrat [...]

    24. I was so lucky to win an advanced copy from Penquin First to Read. I had just started the one prior in the series, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good. I loved that one and was so happy to be able to move on to this one. I am not a religious person and do not typically read religious based books. I go more for the gritty WWII historical fiction. However, Jan Karon has created the most endearing characters. I want to move to Mitford and meet these wonderfully flawed, but most lovable people. I list [...]

    25. Very disappointing. Having enjoyed all the previous Mitford series up to this one, I was looking forward to the wedding of Lace and Dooley. However, it seems that Ms Karon has run out of steam for this series, dashing off a disjointed series of thoughts and calling it a novel. The novel is a series of half-page to page-and-a-half views of a small scene leading up to a wedding, most of the time you don't even know who you are reading about. These vignettes start off with 'he' or 'she' did this or [...]

    26. Let me preface everything else I am about to say in this review with I have loved the Mitford series. Read each new book as soon as it came out and was sad when each novel ended. So, if you have loved Father Tim, his town, and his family and friends as well you may want to forgo this novel, or at least go into it with this caution--it is not like the rest of the books.I struggled to make myself finish this novel about Dooley and Lace's marriage. It is what I call an "and then" novel. Karon, in m [...]

    27. A heartwarming addition to the Mitford series. Dooley is grown up; he and Lace have been foes and then friends for year now they're getting married. It's crammed with familiar characters, old stories, old jokes as they come together to celebrate, along with some incredible surprises too. (My only criticism is that sometimes the view changes and I can't figure out whose it is until a few paragraphs later.)

    28. Another book that feels like I'm visiting old friends. Even though I just recently read the previous book in the series, I do feel like I missed some events. Maybe I just have a poor memory. Anyways, it doesn't really matter because it's easy to catch up, like coming home after a long time gone.I'm getting worried, though, because Father Tim is getting old.

    29. It was a terrific book, and I loved being in on Dooley and Lace's wedding. I had a little trouble with confusion as to whose head I was in from time to time (a bit of head-hopping I don't remember her doing that in her other books, but maybe I just didn't notice). Overall a sweet, wonderful read. I so hope she writes more Mitford books!

    30. I never thought I would be disappointed in a Jan Karon book. This one was hard to read, simply because I had to guess who the character was in almost every paragraph. Pronouns were used, instead of the name. Very confusing.

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