A Date with the Devil

A Date with the Devil The Monster In one moment my entire life was ripped away from me I ignored the warning signs until it was too late Until I became the victim He took my life away from me my freedom my courage I ve l

  • Title: A Date with the Devil
  • Author: Kira Adams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 389
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  • The Monster.In one moment, my entire life was ripped away from me I ignored the warning signs until it was too late Until I became the victim.He took my life away from me my freedom, my courage I ve lived my life in debilitating fear since that fateful day.The Savior.He was there the day it all went down, and he s been by my side ever since He s been the only thing thThe Monster.In one moment, my entire life was ripped away from me I ignored the warning signs until it was too late Until I became the victim.He took my life away from me my freedom, my courage I ve lived my life in debilitating fear since that fateful day.The Savior.He was there the day it all went down, and he s been by my side ever since He s been the only thing that s kept me going.He s my best friend, but he wants I m terrified to lose him I m terrified he ll leave.One tried to kill me.One brought me back to life.I ll never be the same person again that girl died when the match was dropped Too much has already been stolen from me.It s time to take back what s mine.

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      389 Kira Adams
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    1. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*A Date with the Devil is a standalone contemporary romance with a HEA. It is told from Bryce’s POV with flash backs to the acccident that changed her life. This book contains an abusive relationship. It may cause triggers in some people.The book starts out with Bryce sheltering herself in her house since the accident. She is has an inability to leave the house because of the fear she feels. Bryce has suffered greatly at the hand [...]

    2. I have received an ARC copy of this book from the amazing Kira in exchange for an honest review.I bow before you woman! This is your best book ever! I loved Into the Darkness, I adored Emerging from Darkness, but this? THIS IS JUST PERFECT! I love the fact that you are not scared to touch difficult subjects. This story is about Bryce. A girl with an unusual name in an unusual relationship. She loved Robbie. She felt connected to him. But she never expected the tragedy that would follow. The whol [...]

    3. So I received the ARC of this book and I have to say from the cover I thought it would be a little to much crazy for me but HOLY SHIT was I wrong.Kira Adams has some real skills.I received this book today at 9:00am it is now 1:30pm and I am done.Outstanding ,scary,heartfelt,deep read.This is a story that will make you feel a thousand different things at once,from page one she had me shutting the ringer on my phone.This book is truly a five stars must read.Thank you Kira Adams for letting me have [...]

    4. I received this ARC for an honest review.This book is about Bryce and her inner struggles, she's terrified to leave her home, because she's afraid that "he will finish the job". Bryce' s best friend saved her life and has stuck by her side through it all. He helps her face her struggles. And the ups and downs of every friendship/relationship. This book is an emotional read, but it also has some funny moments and happy moments. Kira Adams has a way with words through her writing, she makes you fe [...]

    5. After barely surviving her last relationship, Bryce lives every day in fear. Fear of admitting her feelings for her best friend, Tyson. Fear of facing her newly scarred reflection. Even fear of stepping outside her own home. With her abuser still on the loose, Bryce has spent the last year in hiding.Family and friends convince Bryce it's time to move forward. But just as she begins to make progress, someone seems to be haunting her. When she once again comes face to face with the devil himself, [...]

    6. Here is my review.A very intriguing and mystical book.Bruce's life is turned into a miserable time,it's turned topsy,turvy,which it isn't very good ,You really don't now who can trust or depend on.Some people will hurt you and others save you.This Book was a book that kept on the edge of your seat.Hope you will enjoy it.

    7. *I received an ARC of this book for an honest review*I loved this book so much! I felt like Kira wrote parts of this book on my life As being a survivor of abuse, I could relate to Bryce in so many ways. I laughed with her, cried, screamed and cheered her on. A Date with the Devil is so beautifully written that when I started it I couldn't put it down. I finished it in 2 hours. Kira definitely did not disappoint me! It's a heartbreaking, amazing tale with a HEA that will stay with me forever!

    8. This beautifully written book demonstrates the strength of the human spirit. What Bryce has been through is nothing short of horrific, and although it takes her a while to find her way back, she shows how strong she is,how brave she is, how she fought her way back to her life. Tyson is nothing short of spectacular. His love knows no bounds. His support is inspiring. This book shows that survival is possible, no matter the circumstances.

    9. an absolutely amazing book. Kira Adams is a drama queen. Her books only get better. A Date with the Devil is a heartfelt story that you wont be able to put down. Make sure you have tissues because you will need them.Bryce's story is heartbreaking the things that she goes through is horrible Read it and find out what happens you wont be disappointed.

    10. This story was very touching and well written. Bryce finally overcomes her past and sees what true love is about. I love this book.

    11. ***I received an ARC from Kira in exchange for an honest review***First, I want to say WOW!! This book had me hooked and I just wanted to find out more about Bryce, Tyson, and Robbie. love it when authors use a suspenseful event in a prologue to draw a reader in and that is exactly what she did!Once againI know I usually say this too but. this story had quite the realistic elements to it. When readers read this story they will get a feel for abusive relationships and will be able to not only sym [...]

    12. I was given a copy in exchange of an honest review. I'm amazed of all the people who can get out of a violent relationship and keep going and find the courage to live. Unfortunately for Bryce she couldn't get out in time and after a year she was getting better until she saw Robbie again (which she should've said something). In this cases I think the family and those who are closest should have counseling in how to help, be patient with victims in Bryce situation. Aside from almost been burn aliv [...]

    13. *ARC received in exchange for honest review * Bryce is a girl suffering with agoraphobia, fear of going out. After an horrific abusive past with an ex boyfriend, Robbie, she goes into a deep depression and lives in extensive fear of a guy who set her on fire, his ultimate goal was to kill her, but after failing in his selfish mission, he runs and can't be found. Will Bryce forever live her like in stark fear of a man on the run? Will she ultimately find the life she only dreams about while locki [...]

    14. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*A very well written book that contains many deep feelings and thoughts. The author did an eloquent job in seamlessly blending an abusive relationship and getting life on track. Definitely worth the read.

    15. Wow what an amazing story of one women that lived through hell and came back stronger then ever . I fell in love with this story and they way the characters were written. Kira did a great job at making me feel with Bryce and what she was going through .

    16. Panic attacks, debilitating fear, nightmares she awoke from in a pool of sweat were all a part of Bryce's life this past year since the "accident." There was also the physical aspects of her injury. How could anyone deal with that when she couldn't herself?At her side, and her savior, Tyson. "If it wasn't for Tyson, I wouldn't be her today. He saved my life . . . although some days I wish he hadn't." Tyson was her rock, her best friend, the one she never wanted to lose. He was never caught thoug [...]

    17. Thank you to Kira Adams for the copy of this book, and this my my review. I'm not going to give a whole lot away because you need to read it, I just want to say tho that although this isn't a very long book, it pacts an emotional punch! This is Bryce's struggle with her fear of her ex Robbie returning to finish the job. We start with Bryce who's living with her parents after a life changing experience, she's scared and struggling to return to everyday "normal" life. Her best friend and saviour T [...]

    18. First of all I just want to say this book is phenomenal. This book is well written. This book is full of suspense. I didn't want to put this book down. Bryce is my favorite character. She is strong, courageous, loving and just a great woman. Tyson shows Bryce what real love is all about even if it takes a while for her to realize she can get true love from someone. Bryce first thought no one could love her for who she became from someone else's actions. I hope Kira writes another book with Bryce [...]

    19. My favorite Kira Adams book, so far. I read in 1 sitting.abt 2 hrs. I loved the suspense! Poor Bryce got dealt a majorly shitty hand, but she handled it like a trooper. Much better than I would have, that's for sure. But as we all know Karma is a bitch!! Sweet, sweet Tyson was her saving grace!! Definitely a great read!! I highly recommend it!!

    20. Great book. lots of action and suspense. not a lot of sex which made it even better. you see Bryce with a lot of fear but strength. Tyson was wonderful and patient with her. it's all around a great book.

    21. Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, Kira Adams, for an honest review. Opinion: I saw that this book was generating a lot of buzz via Facebook and reviews, so I figured that this must be a fantastic read. Not only is this the first book I have actually requested from an author, but I figured this would be a memorable and emotional read so I told myself I should definitely get my hands on it. After Bryce is the victim of being beaten and set on fire by her ex Robbie, she is forced [...]

    22. Kira Adams has a way of handling tough subjects with delicacy and sensitivity, while at the same time being honest and not shying away from gritty details. This is the beautiful balance of A Date With The Devil. Full of raw emotion, and the desperate attempts of one woman to not only survive, but to thrive. ADWTD is a roller coaster ride that will leave you wanting to read more, unable to tear yourself away despite the heartache, turning pages into the night and smiling the next day. You might e [...]

    23. This is an absolutely outstanding story of the inner struggle of a young girl who suffered physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend which in the end left her a damaged and broken girl . Overcoming the simplest things in life are sometimes the hardest , especially if you live in fear . This is the story of Bryce and her best friend Tyson . .This is an emotional read on every level wether your a reader who loves a good story or you unfortunately have also suffered . Not many authors have the a [...]

    24. What an amazing story of pain, heart break, brokeness, love, and healing. I was terrified and could relate to Bryce and what was going on. I cried, I wanted to run and fight back at the same time. I wanted Bryce and Tysons to be happy!! Thank you for an amazing story!!

    25. 1.5 STARSThe book opens with Bryce unable to leave her house for a year after her boyfriend Robbie poured gas on her and lit her on fire. She's got burns on about half of her body and outside of her family, she only has contact with Tyson, her former neighbor and BFF who saved her. Robbie hasn't been arrested, so Bryce is still understandably afraid that he'll come back. I wish it had been explained what Robbie was doing in that year. How did he live with no job and no money?Tyson started fallin [...]

    26. Don't let the cover of this book fool you. The book deals with some sensitive subject matter and may cause triggers in certain individuals. We have Bryce and Robbie, a young couple who move into their first home. While living together their relationship begins to change. Robbie becomes the abuser and Bryce is the abused. The story begins with Robbie's final horrific act to Bryce while they are together. The remainder of the story deals with Bryce's fight to heal from the mental and physical abus [...]

    27. Yet another amazing read from Kira Adams. Once again, she has caught and held my attention throughout the entirety of this book. I love Tyson and Bryce, they are both heart-warming characters.Bryce, trapped in the home of her parents by her fear of her ex, Robbie, refuses to leave the house. This has been the case for a year now. Her only outside interactions are with her therapist Linda and her best friend and old neighbour, Tyson. He has been there through it all, he was the one to save her fr [...]

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