A Million Ways Home

A Million Ways Home Poppy Parker s life has been turned upside down after her grandma and guardian ends up in the hospital But Poppy dog lover artist extraordinaire and fixer of problems is working on a plan to sprin

  • Title: A Million Ways Home
  • Author: Dianna Dorisi Winget
  • ISBN: 9780545791762
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poppy Parker s life has been turned upside down after her grandma and guardian ends up in the hospital But Poppy, dog lover, artist extraordinaire, and fixer of problems, is working on a plan to spring Grandma Beth so Poppy can get out of the orphanage and things can go back to normal But her plan falls to pieces when she witnesses a horrible crime, and suddenly normalPoppy Parker s life has been turned upside down after her grandma and guardian ends up in the hospital But Poppy, dog lover, artist extraordinaire, and fixer of problems, is working on a plan to spring Grandma Beth so Poppy can get out of the orphanage and things can go back to normal But her plan falls to pieces when she witnesses a horrible crime, and suddenly normal slips even further out of her reach.To keep Poppy safe, the budget strapped police devise an unusual witness protection program, where Poppy will stay with Detective Brannigan s mom It s weird at first, but soon Poppy settles in, even making sort of friends with a misfit girl named Lizzie and definitely making friends with Gunner, a beautiful German shepherd with an uncertain future But it s still not home So while she and Lizzie navigate a rocky friendship and plot to save Gunner, Poppy also tries to figure out a new plan to rescue Grandma Beth and get home, all while avoiding a dangerous criminal who might be looking for her But what if things can never go back to the way they were Appeals to 4th 6th graders, reading level grade 5.

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    1 thought on “A Million Ways Home”

    1. This is the maybe best book that I have ever read, and you better believe that because I have a lot of good books that I have read over the years but this one could run for being the best. This is a very fast moving book and never gets at a slow point it was exciting and even good at the first page. I highley recommend this book to anybody looking for a good realistic fiction book or just a good book to read.

    2. This book was about a girl named Poppy who life was turned upside down when her grandma/ guardian had a stroke and at the same time she is also a witness of a crime and the person might be out to find her. One of the police officers lets Poppy stay at his moms house for a while, every once and a while they go to the pet shelter. Every time Poppy goes she goes in the back and plays with Gunner a German Shepard. With the criminal looking for her, Gunner loving her and staying at a strangers house [...]

    3. It's a good book. It was nice to see a girl that wants to visit her grandma to help them. Her life turned pretty bad until her Grandma ended up in the hospital. Poppy is like a dog lover and she fixes problems. My feelings about this book were pretty intense and scary. I recommend to share this book to my friends and I want to read this over again.

    4. Poppy Parker's holding on. She's holding on to the hope that her Grandma Beth will come out of the Huckleberry Home soon. She's was in the hospital for a while, and they just moved her to the Huckleberry Home. Poppy knows Grandma's really fine, she just NEEDS to visit her. They have to stick together! After both Poppy's parents were killed by terrorists, Grandma Beth and her have been inseparable. So now Poppy's living at the Home for kids. Ms. Austin, her social worker, won't take her to the Hu [...]

    5. This book is by far on of my favorite books!! It is about a girl named Poppy, an artistic and fun girl who had recently moved to a child care center because her guardian aka her grandma. She is determined to get her grandma out of the hospital and go home. But after witnessing a shooting and encountering the gunman at a gas station on her secret run away trip to grandma, the police take her in. She was too important since she saw the man. She meets Trey, the police officer responsible for the ca [...]

    6. This middle-grade book was at our book fair last year and I finally got around to reading it. It really has everything tween readers will want (foster care, shelter animals, sick grandparent, witnessing a crime, grief, doing the right thing, friendship) without the risque teen drama parents sometimes worry about. Poppy is a brave character with some of the of same flaws 12-year-old readers will recognize and empathize with. I love the way cops are portrayed throughout the story, as well--they've [...]

    7. Poppy has been through so much already, yet she still has more to go. First of all her parents died when she was little. Now there is a dangerous criminal after her, her favorite dog might be put down, and her grandmother has a stroke. Could it get any worse for Poppy Parker?I gave this book five stars because I couldn't put it down. I think this book was phenomenal and wouldn't mind reading it again. Poppy was a very brave and courageous girl, and that will teach other people to be that way to. [...]

    8. Not often do I discover an author who can cause me to love and empathize with the main character in a few pages. But this is one of those books. The characters come to life almost immediately.By far this is one of the best middle grade books I've read, and I would highly recommend it whether you are a child or adult. You won't be disappointed.

    9. I have been getting book recommendations from a 10-year-old friend and she has exquisite taste. This is an extraordinary book and it takes kids seriously.

    10. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: middle grade novels often surprise me with their innate understanding of the fine line between childhood innocence and the first step toward growing up, an idea that Dianna Winget beautifully approaches in A Million Ways Home. Twelve-year-old Priscilla "Poppy" Parker has had a tough time recently. Her grandmother recently suffered a stroke and is now in care, and Poppy has to live in a children's home while her grandmother recovers. But when a mistaken [...]

    11. "All changes, even the most longed for, have their melanholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life fefore we can enter another." Poppy, the main character in A Million Ways Home by Dianna Dorisi Winget, is plagued by changes. Since her parents died in Africa when Poppy was young, she has lived with her Grandma Beth. She loved her life. Then Grandma Beth has a stroke and must go to the hospital. Poppy had to move to a home run by child services. Then, she wi [...]

    12. "All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another. Anatole France"An unwelcome change has come into Poppy's life. After the death of her parents when she was a baby, Poppy has always lived with Grandma Beth. But now that Grandma Beth has had a stroke, Poppy is staying at the North Shore Children's Center while her grandma recovers. But Poppy is a fixer and impulsive and wants to h [...]

    13. Honestly some of the best middle grade I’ve ever read, and to think I nearly took this off my tbr multiple times.Such a wonderfully bittersweet story about love and friendship and coming to terms with hard things. I personally enjoy when middle grade books don’t try too hard to make everything too positive and happy. Even a book aimed at children should be realistic, so I liked this book had its happy moments but had a darker undertone as well.We follow a young girl named Poppy who lives wit [...]

    14. This was one of my favorite Book I have read in a long time My favorite part was when she was trying to baby sit and she had no idea what he was doing that was so funny I hope ever one who read this book love it as much as i did.

    15. I have a confession to make. This book would have rated higher, but it made me so angry that I had to bump a star or two. Overall, it was a good book. I loved the message it provided, however, I wouldn't dare put this in the hands of anyone younger than 12 or 13. As cute as the cover is, this was a hard book. Twelve year old Poppy is having to live in a children's shelter because her grandmother (who is her sole caretaker since Poppy's parents died when she was a baby) had a stroke. The novel be [...]

    16. Poppy lives with her Grandma Beth, since her botanist parents were killed abroad when she was a baby. When her grandmother has a stroke, Poppy ends up in a children's home, where she is not happy. When she tries to go and visit her grandmother on her own, she ends up in the wrong place and witnesses a convenience store robbery that ends in a fatal shooting. Unfortunately, she has given her name to the shooter, who escapes, and ends up in police custody for her own safety. A young detective, Trey [...]

    17. I am a fourth grade teacher and read a lot of children's literature. This was a great story that I had trouble putting down. I can't wait to recommend it to my students.

    18. A MILLION WAYS HOME by Dianna Dorisi Winget is a book about Poppy Parker, a little girl with a lot of very big problems. Her parents died when she was a baby. The grandmother with whom Poppy lives has had a stroke and is in the hospital, and Poppy’s living in a group home for kids--plus she’s the witness to a serious crime.The book follows Poppy as she navigates all of these challenges, and I love that A MILLION WAYS HOME exists for late elementary students. The relationships in it are genui [...]

    19. At the start of the book, we find out that Poppy's Grandma had a stroke and is in the hospital. She has to live in the children's home because her parents died when she was a baby. Poppy hates the children's center and wants to get out of it, so she runs away to find the Huckleberry home where her grandma is living and witnesses a crime. She develops a very good relationship with the police officer in charge and his mother. She is now a very important witness and doesn't have to stay at the chil [...]

    20. This book is absolutely amazing!!! It goes through ups and downs of Poppy Parker’s life. Her grandma had a stroke, and when she goes to see her, she witnesses a murder. The murderer is after her so Poppy has to go live with the police officer’s mom. She make new friends with Lizzie, and dog named Gunner. But then her grandma dies of another stroke, and the murderer finds her and Lizzie. They lock him up and Poppy ends up permanently with Trey (the police officer) and his mom. She gets to con [...]

    21. This is the best book ever. It's about a girl named poppy who lives in an orphanage because her grandmothers sick. Then one day when she decided to catch a bus to go see her grandmother she stops at the store and she sees a wanted criminal that kills one lady in the store. Then she gets put out of the orphanage and with a cops mom so she can help them find the criminal. Wile she's at the cops moms house she meets a girl named Lizzy who gets into trouble and finds out her grandmother passed. Lizz [...]

    22. I love this book!!!!!!! It is such a good book. The author made me feel the emotions and I kept wanting to read more. Poppy's parents died when she was little. So, Poppy has been living with her Grandma Beth. When Grandma Beth has a stroke Poppy has to face many problems. First, she has to live at a Children's Center. Second, she witnesses a murder. Third, her Grandma Beth isn't feeling better. What will Poppy do? When Detective Trey Brannigan helps Poppy will she be able to see her Grandma Beth [...]

    23. Morals:Do what's right.Give everyone a second chance.Respect your elders.A normal book that teachers want to you read. It has ideal morals, characters with different personalities, and dogs (and a few cats). I'm a cat person, but dogs are always awesome, too. Read if you want a story that you can devour in one afternoon. Yeeaaahhhh.

    24. Over all great book! There were some things that as a twelve year old in the situation of a robbery, I don't think I personally would have done, but I still liked the story line nonetheless. As we have this book in our library, I have seen it circulate quite a few times, so I will definitely be looking for more books by Dianna Winget.

    25. Two of my students read and loved this novel. They promised me the dog on the cover didn't die, so I borrowed it from them to give it a read. Very moving story about what family is, and how to deal with the tough stuff life throws at you.

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