The Price of Justice

The Price of Justice Seven years ago Winston Melton was on top of the world a privileged kid fresh off his first semester at Princeton Life was perfect until he was accused of the rape and murder of an ex girlfriend Year

  • Title: The Price of Justice
  • Author: Marti Green
  • ISBN: 9781503945036
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seven years ago, Winston Melton was on top of the world a privileged kid fresh off his first semester at Princeton Life was perfect until he was accused of the rape and murder of an ex girlfriend Years after his conviction, another death row inmate has come forward with an eleventh hour confession, casting Win s conviction in a new light But with the ink drying on hisSeven years ago, Winston Melton was on top of the world a privileged kid fresh off his first semester at Princeton Life was perfect until he was accused of the rape and murder of an ex girlfriend Years after his conviction, another death row inmate has come forward with an eleventh hour confession, casting Win s conviction in a new light But with the ink drying on his death sentence, time is running short.Win s grandmother, the family matriarch, has her eyes set on one of the Help Innocent Prisoners Project s defense lawyers Dani Trumball, and her reputation for results, no matter the cost Dani, concerned she is being bought, initially refuses but eventually takes the case.Soon, Dani can sense that something s off, both with Win s conviction and the new confession But seven years after the incident, is there still a chance of uncovering the truth

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    1. A young man is sent to jail for a crime he says he did not commit. His family is wealthy and have many politicians, judges etc, in their back pocket, however, not the right people at the time of his conviction. When an attorney who represents people on death row receives a confession from another inmate for the young mans crime, she reopens the case. The writing and story were good but a bit predictable. This is a middle of the road crime thriller, not too heavy but not a cozy either.

    2. A special thank you to Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 StarsMarti Green returns with popular Help Innocent Prisoners Project, (HIPP) with her third and most riveting installment in the series--THE PRICE OF JUSTICE,when justice comes with a hefty price; sacrifices made, and a race against time with an execution countdown, in this complex multi-layered suspense legal crime thriller.Having read the two other booksin the series, was so excited to di [...]

    3. This is the third book in a series, but it could just as easily be the first, since all the characters are fairly cardboard and the premise is spelled out in the beginning.Dani Trumball is a former DA who works for an organization called the Help Innocent Prisoners Project. They take clients who are on death row but may be innocent, generally clients who were badly represented the first time. This much is realistic, though Dani spends a lot of time insisting that she can only defend someone whom [...]

    4. Only one star for this, the third in the Innocent prisoners series.Winston Melton was a privileged young man, a freshman at Princeton. Life was perfect—until he was accused then convicted of the rape and murder of an ex-girlfriend. Seven years later, all appeals exhausted, and on death row awaiting his execution, his guilt is thrown into doubt when another death-row inmate comes forward with a confession. But for reasons know only to them the state is reluctant to re-examine Win's case. Win’ [...]

    5. Maybe three and a half stars.Dani Trumball, a lawyer for an agency that seeks to help prisoners who have been incarcerated for crimes they claim they did not commit. The main criterion for their aid is that the men or women they help are too poor to have had adequate legal representation at their trials. Amelia Melton requests that Dani take on the case of her grandson Winston Melton, a young man convicted of rape and murder. Win has been in prison and on death row for seven years; his death war [...]

    6. Seven years ago Winston Melton was convicted and sentenced to death row for the murder and rape of Carly Sobel. Seven years later, a fellow prisoner on death row has confessed to the crime. Amelia Melton, who is Winston's grandmother and a very rich and influential stateswoman, approaches Dani Trumball a New York lawyer for the Help Innocent Prisoners Project (HIPP) to have Win's conviction and death sentence overturned. Dani is initially reluctant and not convinced that Winston is truly innocen [...]

    7. This book is the 3rd in the series that Marti Green has written about Dani Trumball and her work at HIPP (Help innocent prisoners project) where Dani works to help clear people in prison who she thinks are innocent of the crime of which they have been convicted. This novel can be read as a standalone though so don't worry if you have not read the other two.Winston is on death row convicted of the rape and murder of his ex girlfriend Carly. His grandmother Amelia, a rich matriarch, approaches HIP [...]

    8. This is the 3rd "Help Innocent Prisoners Project" book by Marti Green, and I've now enjoyed all three. In each book, Dani Trumball attempts to legally free prisoners who she believes have been wrongly imprisoned. In most cases, the key to getting free is DNA tests which weren't available when they were convicted. And, in most cases, the prisoner is on death row.Winston Melton grew up as a wealthy, privileged child and then went to Princeton. While home on break after his first semester, he is ar [...]

    9. I would love to see more books with the Dani Trumball character. She fights the good fight for prisoners who have been wrongly convicted and cannot afford high priced lawyers to help fight the system. That is why when a member of the wealthy Melton family tries to buy her assistance to get her grandson off death row it goes against all she believes in. As more and more details come to light it seems all to easy and obstacles that were once in her way seem to be easily overcome as she fights to g [...]

    10. I didn't care one way or the other about these characters. 2 things that really stuck out to me were that the main character, Dani, seemed suuuuper self conscious about the "extra 10 pounds on her frame" which was mentioned multiple times. It just seemed really shallow and not at all relevant? The second thing that bothered me was on multiple occasions, characters wondered why this handsome young man would "need" to rape a girl that was interested in him and had had sex with him in the past. It [...]

    11. Good legal thriller.Very rich Win, just home from Princeton arrested for raping and murdering his ex-girlfriend. Family matriarch grandmother determined to prove he is innocent. Win has been in the death row for seven years, HIPP; Help Innocent Prisoners Project promised donation of one million dollars to prove his innocence. Lawyers are desperate for the money takes the case. Lawyers and investigator goes to work. Author gives great description of all the characters. Like always money talks, gr [...]

    12. This is the first book that i have read by Marti Green but it won't be the last. The first chapter started a little tamely and the writing felt a bit disjointed but once into the main story that vanished. The author obviously knows a lot about the law and really draws the reader into the different aspects of it and the horrors of those on death row or imprisoned without the ability to pay for proper counsel so that their cases are heard fairly and without prejudice. I was granted a copy of this [...]

    13. While I enjoy the stories about Dani Trumball and the HIPP, this book was just ok. It seemed bloated with some details that were unnecessary and with a level of predictability. I think what I found the most interesting was the author's descriptions of different characters by their weight. As in, "she appeared 10lbs overweight," etc. It didn't paint a picture for me, but instead made me wonder why the person writing was so interested in the character's weight. I also understand that the main char [...]

    14. Another fantastic story in this exciting series about truth and justice. Winston, aka Win, has lead an extremely privileged life, one that most could never dream of. However, like most who are extremely wealthy, he thinks that money can buy anything. He quickly learns that it's true, money can buy most anything, except for his freedom, or can it?Dani is put in an unbelievable position when the matriarch of the well known Melton family requests for her to take her grandson's case. The death warra [...]

    15. Seven years ago, Winston Melton was on top of the world: a privileged kid fresh off his first semester at Princeton. Life was perfect - until he was accused of the rape and murder of an ex-girlfriend. Years after his conviction, another death-row inmate has come forward with an 11th-hour confession, casting Win's conviction in a new light. But with the ink drying on his death sentence, time is running short.Win's grandmother, the family matriarch, has her eyes set on one of the Help Innocent Pri [...]

    16. Notes as I'm listening to the audio:At about 15%The inauthentic dialogue is killing me! I'm probably less tolerant because I read books one and two recently and haven't had time to forget how much it bothered me in between. The characters speak a lot more formally than I think they would naturally. Even the most uneducated characters talk as if they just stepped out from behind the cover of Strunk and White. (I'll probably get struck down by the style gods for mentioning that in a review I'm typ [...]

    17. This book was pretty bad. Apparently it’s part of a series, but in its favor, it stands alone just fine. It didn’t hinder my understanding of the novel, but I will not read more of them. There were a lot of elements that didn’t really contribute anything to the book - I suppose if I were to see these characters again in the context of the series, they could. Nevertheless, the book was short. Though the premise was reasonably interesting, the characters were flat. The situations were over-e [...]

    18. Does the rich guy from the arrogant family have the same right to be fought for as a poor victim of the prejudices? Win Melton from THE Melton family is waiting on the death row when another death row inmate confesses he had done the crime. Conveniently? After all, the Meltons are used to pay their way by the money. And the tiger grandmother Amelia Melton wants Dani Trumball, an Help Innocent Prisoners Project’s defense lawyer, to ger her grandson out of the prison. Dani doesn't want to do it, [...]

    19. Thought ProvokingThis is #3 in the Series. Each book is better than the previous volume. I am not going to tell you who the actual person who committed the crime was but, the book kept me flipping pages all night long because I wanted to know who it was. I had no clue and the actual criminal took me by surprise.

    20. I have enjoyed all the Innocent Prisoners Project books. This one is a twist. The client is rich but the grandmother believes he is innocent. There a plenty of twists and turns in the story line and the characters are appealing.

    21. I thought the plot of this book was interesting, and it kept me motivated to finish the book. Overall though, the writing itself was just okay. I also thought that there were too many irrelevant side plots regarding the main characters that didn't help propel the main plot forward.

    22. As AlwaysAnother good read. The story flowed. The characters as usual we're interesting. This was a good page turner, especially near the end.

    23. Twisted!This had me on the edge of my seat until the unpredictable ending! A great read! Love this series! Amazing!

    24. A blend of Grisham-type legal drama blended with the work of the Innocence Project. Protagonist is a n Innocence Project attorney who is required to take on the case of a seemingly innocent member of an uber-wealthy project who sits on death row for a murder/rape of his ex-girlfriend. The wealthy matriarch pays for the non-profit to take their case with the lure of shoring up the Project's funding gap, rather than because this is a case the Project should take. A good read. Believable characters [...]

    25. I had no idea this was a series. I'm understanding now there are two before this book. I didn't feel any missing links here so I can only assume these can be read as stand-alone books. Once again, I found myself yelling at characters that they are on the wrong path. But I don't base my ratings on that. I read mystery; I know the formula. I liked the characters (even the smarmy one). It was all tied up nicely with a bow. Quick read/listen.

    26. not what i thought. great read. just great. and not stupidly expensive either. i'm now awaiting the 5th and have already pre ordered. no two plot lines are the same!!! i could not believe it, but none of them resembled each other. different case with different circumstances all in the framework of the innocent prisoners project parameter. each case touches on a social problem but not preachy or biased outside of the main character's left-leaning proclivity, but that is quite necessary for the pl [...]

    27. The BEST yet!!!I have read the previous books in the HIPP series and fallen in love with each of the primary characters who serve through this program. I have developed mixed feelings about each protagonist in each story as they are characters created just as magnificently as the returning primary characters in this series. Each one is so well developed and rounded that they feel like real people with their individual strengths and weaknesses, flawed yet with either redeeming qualities or a hist [...]

    28. THE PRICE OF JUSTICE by Marti Green is far more that I expected. This is an “Innocence Project” type of book wherein the poor prisoner got railroaded onto death row seven years ago and now it is up to the crusading lawyer to free the innocent man. It is all that, but it isn’t that at all. The “Poor” man is actually the scion of a wealthy family, convicted of rape and murder in Florida, a state that enacts the death penalty in such cases. With time running out on his sentence and his a [...]

    29. I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up this book, but it exceeded all my expectations by a mile! Slight spoilers aheadIt was well written, and Green had me in total sympathy with Dani. I loved the way that the lead character wasn't some sexy superwoman-like character, but a middle-aged lawyer, wife and mother whose just trying to make a difference. It made for a refreshing chang. Like her I wasn't sure at first whether Win was innocent or guilty, and like her once I was convinced of his i [...]

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