Anticipation Blue Sullivan knows a player when she sees one And Eddie Oliveira charm and sex personified was born to play She never wanted him to say goodbye so for the last ten years she s ignored the sizzling a

  • Title: Anticipation
  • Author: Sarah Mayberry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blue Sullivan knows a player when she sees one And Eddie Oliveira charm and sex personified was born to play She never wanted him to say goodbye, so for the last ten years she s ignored the sizzling attraction between them and focused on being the best sidekick a guy could have Smart girl, right Then Blue has a serious accident, and overnight Eddie changes Suddenly he Blue Sullivan knows a player when she sees one And Eddie Oliveira charm and sex personified was born to play She never wanted him to say goodbye, so for the last ten years she s ignored the sizzling attraction between them and focused on being the best sidekick a guy could have Smart girl, right Then Blue has a serious accident, and overnight Eddie changes Suddenly he s intense and singularly devoted to her With all this sexy attention, it s hard to stay within the boundaries she s scrupulously drawn The temptation, the anticipation builds and, finally, she has to have what he s offering Of course Eddie proves to be brilliant Now, she worries he s ruined her forever and she might regret leaping from friends to lovers.

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    1 thought on “Anticipation”

    1. 4.5 stars!!***This review may contain mild spoilers for book one***One of the things I like about Sarah Mayberry is that she writes great unrequited friends-to-lovers love stories . She knows how to capture the longing, the hope, the hurteverything that makes this trope work. Anticipation is the second book of Sara Mayberry's Brothers Ink series. This is Eddie and Blue's story. Eddie is Rafel's twin brother. The wild one, the one who can't settle down, the one who like the ladies too much to set [...]

    2. Once upon a time there was a manwhore named EddieI wish I liked this one more, but for me I spent half the time not liking Eddie for being a recovering manwhore and the other half being drowned in angst. Anticipation just didn't have the same feel as the first book in the series, Satisfaction. The characters were very different. Eddie has gotten around. He hasn't had a girlfriend that lasted past the 6 month mark and most of his "relationships" are of the one night variety. Blue is a very self-r [...]

    3. 3.5 to 4 Friendship Versus Love Stars * * * 1/2 This was the second book of the Brothers Ink series by Sarah Mayberry. I had read the first book, surprised by its depth and decided to read the second asap. I was not disappointed in the story's focus friends to lovers and the risks it can present. She gave us a couple who had been dear and devoted friends for 10 years, so there was no insta anything.What we did have were wants, longings and stored intense feelings by Blue, while watching in the f [...]

    4. Not for me I guess. Pretty disappointed, since I normally adore Mayberry. But fucking hell, I expect my protagonists to behave as adults, and this was just teenage highschool angsty drama."You are my best friend and I don't want to risk it, so I will ignore my own feelings, refuse to talk about this, and suffer in silence angst". My problem with situations like this, especially if BOTH parties think like this, is that it becomes impossible for me to see the actual friendship. If for your ENTIRE [...]

    5. Just loved it. Great friends to lovers.Blue and Eddie have been friends for over 10 years. Ten years of denial and want. When a close call shakes their world, they can no longer keep those feelings boxed up.Beautiful, genuine emotional journey.Full review below:Blue and Eddie have been friends for over 10 years. Ten years of working side by side. Ten years of games, laughter and tears. Ten years of denial and want. When a close call shakes their world, they can no longer keep those feelings boxe [...]

    6. This sexy romance is the story of Blue and Eddie. They've been friends and coworkers for several years, never crossing that line until Blue is recovering from an accident that highlights to both of them the loss that could have happened. Suddenly their playful friend connection has a much deeper meaning and they give in to the sexual attraction that has always simmered between the surface. But though Eddie seems ready to give up his playboy ways for her, will Blue accept these changes or will sh [...]

    7. Eddie is great! He is kind and patient and REALLY takes the time to love and understand Blue's fear. I cheered for them and I was not disappointed!

    8. Blue Sullivan and Eduardo Oliveira (Eddie) have been colleagues and best of friends for more than 10 years. Blue has also been in love with Eddie for all those years, a love that she has kept to herself, her yearning for him something she had tamped down by turning to other places for comfort when necessary. However, nothing prepares Blue for the event that changes her life, a serious accident moments before which Blue is hit with remorse over the fact that she had never come out to Eddie with h [...]

    9. I have one complaint.(view spoiler)[WHY DID IT END SO FAST???I was right there with it the entire way, and I was super into the way that it was being resolved and then once it was, that was just it. Basically, it felt like too much foreplay and not enough climax. (hide spoiler)]But I still really enjoyed it.

    10. ***This is a combined review of books 1 & 2 in Sarah Mayberry’s ‘Brothers Ink’ romance series***I have a new favourite romance author and her name is Sarah Mayberry. I first discovered her via one of her Harlequin titles ‘Her Best Friend’ which I inhaled in a day, and from there I’ve been reading anything I can get my hands on from this Australian romance author. I have become quite the fangirl, to the point that I flipped out when I met her at the recent Australian Romance Reade [...]

    11. 4 stars! Love, love, love!Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review. Yes, these are my honest and personal thoughts on this book.Why did I want to read it?I knew something was up between these two. When I first ‘met’ them in book 1, I knew there was chemistry there but at the same time, they really did seem to have a platonic friendship. And in this book, we get to delve in deeper to their relationship!What worked for me?This is a [...]

    12. I don't know what madness went through me to actually read this book. I love love love friends-to-lovers book, but god -- this book was horrible. I am so pissed right now because our heroine was just a bitch. I understand her past, okay? I know her reluctance to love and be loved. But seriously, if all that back and forth goes on for almost 75% of the book, it gets tiresome. It gets annoying!! It has reached the point when I thought the hero deserves better than her. If I were Maggie (the friend [...]

    13. This comes to you from the smoldering ruins of my Kindle. I said in a tweet earlier this morning, that when Blue and Eddie got to know each other bibically, my poor e- reader may just combust from the hotness. And it did.The title says everything - anticipating the best, anticipating the worst, Blue and Eddie's relationship is all about that. The chemistry, in a friend sense and in the sexytimes, was out of control. There was that great sense of fun and humour I love so much about Sarah's writin [...]

    14. I really wanted to like this book more. I saw sooo many people saying good things about this book - and how everyone loves Sarah Mayberry. And generally I like her books.I also liked parts of this book - but the main issue, I didn't.Blue was a bitch - and I get that and embrace it - she's supposed to be a bitch. She's a little tough chick that had a horrible past and has mostly overcome it. (Only not really not at all.)That was even ok. I get just making it through each day.What my problem w [...]

    15. 4.5 starsST FRIENDS TO LOVERS TROPE!!!!! If you know me, you know that that's my faaaavorite trope in the whole wide world, and this was soooooo good. I was super into Blue and Eddie from start to finish and I really did love their emotional journey. Although, here comes my one little complaint: I wish there was more of the ending, if that makes sense. I wanted to actually get to see them navigate life as a couple. I also could have done with a slightly longer resolution to their issues, I felt [...]

    16. This is one of those books that I really enjoyed, but I feel like was just a tick or two off from being AMAZING. Like, I am really into the overall story of how fear has played a part in Blue's life because I can relate to that a lot. And I liked that it held her back for TEN YEARS because that's so real and not a time span I've encountered much in fiction.But . . . gosh, I don't even know. I know I wanted more insight into Eddie's feelings earlier on. And then maybe just more of them being clos [...]

    17. Anticipation had some similar pacing issues as the first book in the series, but it was offset by a much stronger romantic arc. It feels like there are fewer sexy times, but the sexual tension leading up to those scenes are thrilling and certainly live up to the title! I cried reading this book, and that really speaks for itself.

    18. Fantastic chemistry between the protagonists. Some beautiful moments between the two along the way. Not enough true adult interaction for my taste, however. The lack of trust and real conversation between 'friends' went on too long and made this romance a frustrating read. I still love Mayberry's work and will read the next one.

    19. Pov: male and femaleMain characters: Blue and EddieMinor characters: Raf (Eddie's twin), Maggie (Raf's girlfriend), Lena (Raf's ex, Maggie's friend)My thoughts:It was good, like all Sarah Mayberry's books are. I liked the drama, I liked the interactions. I love that the drama doesn't come off like a soap opera. Everything felt natural. It was great. The only thing that didn't click with me was how quickly Blue changed her mind when she gets back from the cemetery. She was against being with him [...]

    20. I loved this. I laughed out loud, I cried, I yelled at Blue to stop being so stubborn even as I understood why she was doing it. Best friends to lovers is one of my favourite tropes, especially when one of them is oblivious that the other is head over heels for them. Blue stole me heart. She was so feisty and tough and sarcastic and funny. Maybe because I identified with her a lot—the wanting desperately to be loved and utterly terrified of it at the same time.

    21. This was so much better than the first book. A typical Mayberry, it was hot and tugged ALL the heartstrings. My one critique was the need for more proofreading. There were a bunch of punctuation issues that could have easily been found and distracted from the story.That said, I read this in one sitting and loved it.

    22. The first one is better, IMOI liked the first one better, for sure. Friends to lovers isn’t always my most favorite, I guess. Plus it has a bit of a sad undercurrent that the first one didn’t have. :(

    23. I was very undesicive about this book. the 3/4 of the book was very good but the last quarter Blue was so annoying :-/ so I give it 3 stars

    24. Blue Sullivan and Eddie Oliveira have been best friends since Eddie went in to get his first tattoo in the parlor where Blue worked at the time. Now, years later they work together in Brothers Ink, co - owned by Rafe and Eddie. Or the Brazilian Hotties as I like to think of them.Blue has probably been always in love with Eddie but she values their friendship too much to risk jeopardising it. Having grown up in a foster care system she knows the value and the importance of family and that's exact [...]

    25. Yet another unbelievably awesome book from the master (or mistress) of romance. Brilliant friends to lovers trope. Ms. Mayberry does that so well!! Just a word - I would not read this as a standalone. Much more meaningful if you read Satisfaction first. That book introduces you to the characters and gives you some background. I have to say that I had some doubts in the beginning of the book. I didn't like Blue that much in Satisfaction and I definitely didn't like her much as I started this book [...]

    26. Anticipation is a fast paced, emotional friends to lovers journey. Eddie and Blue have been friends for 10 years. Eddie is not a settling down, relationship type guy, and Blue is a good friend. Despite having been attracted to Eddie from the start, Blue has managed to bury those feelings deep. Everything comes boiling to the surface after an accident thoughBlue has been through a lot in her life and I really felt for her. I liked how she recognized the value of her friendship with Eddie and pull [...]

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