Full Moon Heat

Full Moon Heat It s been a peaceful month since the Hawkthorn alpha Derek bonded with his omega Caleb and Derek has been enjoying his life with his new family But with Caleb s heat rapidly approaching the couple m

  • Title: Full Moon Heat
  • Author: Alex Ashmore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s been a peaceful month since the Hawkthorn alpha Derek bonded with his omega Caleb, and Derek has been enjoying his life with his new family But with Caleb s heat rapidly approaching, the couple must decide if it s time for a new pup to join the pack and their family Full Moon Heat is the sequel to The Exiled Omega , and features alpha omega bondsmates, and hot, sIt s been a peaceful month since the Hawkthorn alpha Derek bonded with his omega Caleb, and Derek has been enjoying his life with his new family But with Caleb s heat rapidly approaching, the couple must decide if it s time for a new pup to join the pack and their family Full Moon Heat is the sequel to The Exiled Omega, and features alpha omega bondsmates, and hot, steamy action with male pregnancy, heat sex, and This short is NOT a standalone story, and is recommended to be read only after The Exiled Omega.

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    1 thought on “Full Moon Heat”

    1. This is not really a standalone; it should be read as a sequel. Very sweet with a little bit of heat. The focus here was on emotions and the growth of their little family, both as a couple and as parents. Matthew has a significant role to play and is just as adorable as ever. My only regret with this one and the first is that the sex scenes seem to focus on anal sex--no real foreplay, no handjobs, no blowjobs--simple with not a lot of steam. This is just my naughty side talking but as a man with [...]

    2. I expected more. It is too short and only a month later in the story. I wanted more. I want to meet the new baby. I don't know why the author divided the story in two parts. They are very short and just a month time apart. A third part would be quite nice but even nicer would have been for those two parts to be one and the second part to be after this one with the new baby, some time later in the future too. Anyway. I hope the story was better handled, the editing a little better, with more back [...]

    3. I love the follow-up to Derek and Caleb’s story!They are learning/loving each other and discovering things about themselves that they previously didn’t know. In this story the POV of each person has been removed. And while I loved having each POV in the first book the story has progressed to a point that it’s no longer needed to make the story complete.Matthew continues to be a critical part of the story as he adjusts to his new life within the pack and being in a safe and loving environme [...]

    4. The only word I can use to describe this story is "sweet".The story starts one month after Caleb and Derek's bonding. It's time to decide if they want to expand their family, for Derek to have his own pup, a brother for Matthew.We follow the stories of the pack from Caleb's heat through to Matthew's reaction to the birth of his brother.A must read if you enjoyed The Exiled Omega.Matthew is so cute.

    5. ARC for an honest review. What a great story to read after The Exiled Omega! You get to see the inner workings of the trio family as they experience the joy and wonder of bringing a new pup into the family. You get to see the highs of the new excitement of a pregnancy and the lows of a sibling worrying about his place in the family. This is a great work by Alex that let's you see a more in depth view of a great family and werewolf pack! Worth the read!!

    6. This is a really touching follow up story of how Derek, Caleb, and little Mathew are coming together as a family. When the time comes that Caleb and Derek can add another baby to there loving family and it shows the insecurities that each one goes through, and how they deal with each other as they come up.Over all an excellent example of how a true loving family should be.

    7. Really a long epilogue, or a slice of life, after "The Exiled Omega." Omega goes into heat, pregnancy, anxiety and new family dynamics at play.

    8. It was a sweet short story. I'm glad they decided to add to their family. Matthew is such a sweetheart, he's so adorable and humble. 1 more book maybe a bit longer, maybe in the future where we can see about the brothers and their lives as grown wolfs!

    9. This really should have been another chapter in the first book. there wasn't enough material here to justify a stand alone novel. It got 2 stars because I love mpreg, other than that I would've given it 1.

    10. Good BookThis is a nice second story to tell how Caleb,Mathew, and Derek are getting along as a new family. It goes through real fears and trouble that average people have. It is very well written.

    11. I wish this had just been tagged onto the first story, you definitely need to read this after reading the first story.

    12. Very brief sweet MPreg short with a little heatA very brief follow-on story, providing a short, sweet read mostly centered on family with just a bit of heat in the mating scene.

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