Early to Rise

Early to Rise There are few things worse than being left at the altar by the man you thought loved you Just ask Simon Wilder He knows all about it He also knows a thing or two about getting fired It s been a rotten

  • Title: Early to Rise
  • Author: V.L. Locey
  • ISBN: 9781610408929
  • Page: 362
  • Format: ebook
  • There are few things worse than being left at the altar by the man you thought loved you Just ask Simon Wilder He knows all about it He also knows a thing or two about getting fired It s been a rotten week for Simon and making major life decisions during such turmoil may not be the wisest thing Simon has ever done Or is it Packing up his clothes, his collection of TonThere are few things worse than being left at the altar by the man you thought loved you Just ask Simon Wilder He knows all about it He also knows a thing or two about getting fired It s been a rotten week for Simon and making major life decisions during such turmoil may not be the wisest thing Simon has ever done Or is it Packing up his clothes, his collection of Tony Orlando CD s, and his cat, Sambuca, Simon leaves the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia behind and heads out to live on his uncle Tiberius farm in the mountains of Pennsylvania Starting over on the farm where he vacationed once as a child is a going to be just what the doctor ordered, as long as that doctor is the good looking large animal veterinarian, Gentry Martin Is a sexy country vet the cure for a love sick city boy

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      362 V.L. Locey
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    1 thought on “Early to Rise”

    1. *2.5 stars*I sort of want to give this book bonus points for trying SO hard! It really, really wanted to be funny, but the humor mostly missed the mark for me. And the romance? Just didn't connect for me either. However, despite my issues, there was something somewhat charming about this one.Early to Rise was a kooky attempt at a romantic comedy, with Simon hightailing it out of the city and into the country to try living with his uncle. It was part fish out of water, part comedy of errors, and [...]

    2. While the romance didn't do ANYTHING for me (seriously, I thought Simon had more chemistry with Queenie the pig!!) but this story was quite entertaining in a totally different level. Namely, the "ANIMALS were the stars" level. I thought the mayhem and mishaps that Simon was experiencing at the vet's office worth all the stars -- it brought HUGE smile on my face. I had FUN reading those moments. Simon also had a witty and sarcastic humor that worked for me (kinda reminded me of Emory from The Oth [...]

    3. I really enjoyed the cool sarcasm, self depreciation and wit from the voice of this book, MC Simon Wilder, but the romance aspect just wasn't there for me. At all. (view spoiler)[The spark that brought these two men together was literally the fact that they were the only two gay men in this tiny town. *weary sigh* (hide spoiler)] And that is a huge bummer, because I loved reading about the farm and the vet practice and all the interesting and hilarious farm animals and pets. And Simon's cat Samb [...]

    4. 2.5 stars rounded to 3.Humour is a very subjective thing, I've found. I'm a Brit so I have a slightly warped sense of humour - it's in the genes. However, the humour in this book left me cold. I know I was supposed to find the narrator funny and charming in a madcap way, but I actually found him rather irritating. I know I was supposed to find some of the situations funny but I was left scratching my head at them, thinking they were too over the top. I found some of the jokes a bit offensive, if [...]

    5. 4.5 Stars*This book was provided to me by the author/publisher via Pride Promotions in exchange for an honest review*After being left at the altar Simon decides to pack up his life and his cat and take off to the country to be a farmhand on his uncles farm. He meets the hunky local Vet, Gentry while in a rather compromising position. This was a quick and enjoyable read. It was sweet, sexy and funny. It made me laugh out loud. The main characters had a good chemistry and the secondary characters [...]

    6. All I have to say is – I SO wish Richard the Rotten had gotten what was coming to him. What a complete boorish jerk! His reason for leaving Simon at the altar was absolutely ridiculous and I wanted to slap him. As Simon himself says, “Richard still had his penis attached, so you know, all things considered”, he’s doing pretty well. Still mortifying, however. When the humiliation of being stood up at the altar leads to an alcoholic binge (we can’t do ice cream because who wants a guy wi [...]

    7. This was my first read by this author and I will definitely be reading more. I fell in love with Simon’s character right away. He’s one of those guys you want to be friends with as soon as you meet him on page. He’s snarky, “emotionally vibrant” and just plain funny. He’s not over the top though, he didn’t try too hard to charm me which made me love him all the more.After having his heart broken, and broken hard, Simon packs up and heads out of town. He leaves his beloved mother be [...]

    8. Are you looking for a sweet, fun, read that isn’t too long to lift your spirits. This one will do the trick. Simon has been jilted at the altar by his lover of two years. He loses is job and decides to make a clean start on his Uncle Tiberius’ farm. He hasn’t been there since he was a kid and doesn’t realize how different farm life and city life can be till he gets there. Met with a pig that thinks she is a dog, and a farm falling down around them he decides he needs a real job to help h [...]

    9. Original review on Molly LollyFour stars!This story is cute and fun and quick to read. I enjoyed the humor in how Simon told the story. I was dying laughing at the scene where Simon went off on his boss and lost his job. Queenie is also a hysterical addition to the story. I wasn’t sure Simon and Gentry were going to get together. But they did and were well matched. I liked the scene where they deal with the sheep. I would have liked to see more of them together to see how they complemented eac [...]

    10. FourStarsEarly to Rise was a very quick, humorous read. It was written well as the story flowed seamlessly. It was light hearted and a sweet love story. I found myself laughing a lot at the characters in the story. My favorite line that just stood out was "Maybe when it’s the right one you don’t need to spend years deciding." It was an instant love romance story but definitely very entertaining.Simon was adorable, I loved how he exaggerated most comments he made. Gentry was perfect for Simon [...]

    11. A toms & tabbies tale is what attracted me to this book (along with spooked confused cat on cover) and I can say I completely enjoyed this book. Having Queeny as pet took some getting used to but it was funny, and ending is appropriate with her as mom at dawn. I admit Ii was expecting Sambuca to be expecting as well, but at least she found companion now that I've covered pets ;), romance is nice and sweet, no bad guys no angst (or at least not overly so) just 2 guys trying to figure it out

    12. 3.5-4 I really enjoyed this one. I love Simon's sassines, and I love the sweet Gentryough I would have loved to have seen more of a development between the two. If you're looking for a light sweet read and a few laughs, then this one is for you!

    13. This cute novella is perfect lazy afternoon read. We have the two main MC’s jilted ex-fiancé Simon the handsome Vet Gentry, then the Mother, Uncle, a pet pig, cat and a host of other animals that make up a wonderful secondary cast. How, you say can animals make up a secondary cast? Read and find out but they are brilliant! I love Simon’s day of self pity and inner dialog that really get the book going. Turned this city boy into a farmhand of his childhood, with as much grace as well that pi [...]

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