Broken-Nail Diva

Broken Nail Diva Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance M M werewolves HEA Harper Brooks refuses to be anybody except who he is and who he is shocks most people When he meets a gor

  • Title: Broken-Nail Diva
  • Author: Stormy Glenn
  • ISBN: 9781632591395
  • Page: 438
  • Format: ebook
  • Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, werewolves, HEA Harper Brooks refuses to be anybody except who he is, and who he is shocks most people When he meets a gorgeous man at a sidewalk caf , he has no problem telling him exactly what he wants in vivid detail When Memphis rejects him, Harper hides his hurt behind flippant words and Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, werewolves, HEA Harper Brooks refuses to be anybody except who he is, and who he is shocks most people When he meets a gorgeous man at a sidewalk caf , he has no problem telling him exactly what he wants in vivid detail When Memphis rejects him, Harper hides his hurt behind flippant words and a flash of indignation, but forgetting the man might prove impossible.Memphis doesn t know what to think when he s propositioned by an imp with dreamy blue eyes and an ass to die for He doesn t do relationships ever and one night spent in the gorgeous man s bed isn t enough Memphis wants He just knows he can t have it Nights of passion could lead to the sexy little diva dying at the hands of Memphis s beast.When Harper gets kidnapped by a madman, Memphis runs to the rescue, and in doing so reveals his darkest secret But there is a lot going on than either of them know, especially when the bond between them creates than either of them expected.

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    1 thought on “Broken-Nail Diva”

    1. This is beginning of a great series? It must be, there is plenty room for more sequels.I love flamboyant, cute characters and a sequel with Trum another cutie would be terrific.So many great characters enjoyable plot, I really I hope I don't have to wait too long to read about Trum and Jackson: Jess Buffett your cover is terrific, 5 starts for sure.

    2. Predictable Stormy Glenn story which is exactly what I expected! Short, sweet, low-angst and of course grammatical errors out the wazoo but, I couldn't care less about the errors! I love the way she throws her guys into danger and 20 pages later all is right with the world! *grin* And, boy, does she give us adorable characters snarky is my favorite and Harper was right up there with the best of them! Ms. Glenn's stories are always a great way to spend a hour or so sitting back and relaxing while [...]

    3. EEK!!! Harper and Memphis. I really hope this turns into a series. I want more.However, I felt that Harper felt a lot like Nicky from From the way he could "suck a golf ball through 100 ft of garden hose" to other things he did/said. Didn't stop me from enjoying this book though.

    4. I have to admit. this isn't what I expected! I was thinking it would be a so-so read, something to just fill a couple of hours. but I have to say I totally enjoyed this and I hope this is a new series in the making. Jackson and Truman have some explaining to do!

    5. Whoaais is a fun read. I really enjoyed that Diva attitude in Harper. And seemed that Memphis has the same opinion as me. :)I loved Harper and his sassy mouth! "“Seems to me that he likes biting just as much as I do.”Brooklyn crossed his arms. “And what would you know about it?” he asked as his voice hardened ruthlessly. “You’re just a human.”“Honey,” Harper snorted, “I’m not just anything." And his 'logic' thoughts about werewolf was cracking me up!"“I am a werewolf.” [...]

    6. For starters what a huttt coverat just grabbed my attention right away ;)d the storie was sweet an easy read that if you like Mpreg would enjoyI really look forward to a sequel :)

    7. Having recently read Stormy Glenn’s brilliant new book, ‘The Stormy Glenn Collection Convention”, I was flabbergasted to discover there were some books of hers that I had missed. WHAT? How in the hell did that happen? Regardless, once my shock was over, I had to go and buy each of those missing stories so I could get caught up. Since, you know, I fell in love with these couples at the convention. I knew I was going to start with Harper and Memphis in ‘Broken-Nail Diva’ because Harper s [...]

    8. This was both fluffy and kind of depressing. It's about a group of shifters who were turned when bitten but know nothing about it and lock themselves up during the full moon. So sad that they had no reference or pack or anything else. And then we have Harper, the twinkish, boot wearing, nail filing diva. So cute and sassy with him and sad with the shifter group. It's hard to explain. I hope this is the beginning of a series so we can see them find themselves and maybe find a pack or something.

    9. I loved the premise and Harper was a delight. How Harper delt with his job was never addressed. There were some editing errors, specially the wrong word used. Better beta readers needed. Enjoyable and I will read more.

    10. I love Harper. I love that he is a stereotypical gay man because they exist and are mostly ignored in M/M fiction. He's fun. I like that when he giggled he was horrified. Memphis is creepy. Memphis looking at the other guy while the guy's asleep and admiring both his face and his backside. The guy curls up and hugs a pillow and Memphis brushes his hand down the guy's chest. How? He reaches under the pillow? That kind of needs to be said because the way it's worded sounds like the author forgot t [...]

    11. I couldn't give this less than five stars. It had me laughing and made me feel good. Harper is a true definition of diva. Also I mean it's mpreg and that's my weakness. It gave me every thing I want From the cravings, morning sickness, pregnancy test and labor which was super funny and super weird. I wish it was a little bit longer but I can live with how it ended. Best and favorite book I've read by Stormy Glenn so far

    12. Really liked it!Great storyfunny and charming, romantic and sweet. Harper is a dream! Snarky Diva who meets Memphis and flirts with him, and he promptly gets rejected. However, there were sparks and one night Memphis is compelled to see Harper. Amidst their hot sexMemphis bites Harper and soon life is never the same again! Their chemistry is off the chartslots of humor and a great storyline. A solid enjoyable read!

    13. Of course I loved it. It's Stormy Glenn and if you look I've read a lot of her books, lol This is the start to a great series. Loved it!

    14. Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3 ½ - 4 HeartsHarper is flamboyant, vibrate, outrageous, and says what he thinks and wants. When he happens to notice a chipped nail he stops at a sidewalk cafe to dig for his nail file. He doesn't even care that the table has already been taken. Once he fixes his little emergency he finally notices that hot and sexy man sitting at the table. So he starts to flirt with the man and states what he would like to do with him, and gets turned down.Memphis has no clue to wh [...]

    15. Title: Broken-Nail DivaAuthor: Stormy GlennPublisher: Siren-Bookstrand PublishingISBN: 978-1-63259-139-5Buy Link: bookstrand/broken-nailReviewer: Teresa - Fallen AngelBlurb:Harper Brooks refuses to be anybody except who he is, and who he is shocks most people. When he meets a gorgeous man at a sidewalk café, he has no problem telling him exactly what he wants—in vivid detail. When Memphis rejects him, Harper hides his hurt behind flippant words and a flash of indignation, but forgetting the m [...]

    16. Harper Brooks is outrageous, there’s no other word for it. His usual outfit consists of short shorts worn with boots and a leather jacket. He’s styled to within an inch of his life and a broken nail totally ruins his day. He’s also not shy. When he sees a tall, intriguing man with the most beautiful voice he tells him exactly what he would like to do to him, in vivid detail. He’s a little sad but not surprised when he’s turned down. But he is who he is and he doesn’t change for anyon [...]

    17. Oh my, this book was so thrilling, and I just love, love, loved it! Harper was the sexiest, funniest, snarkiest little imp in the life of Memphis, who by the way ends up being his werewolf mate. I thought it was creative, or unique how every pack member was named after a specific city. There's a bit of violence when Harper gets kidnapped and I was on the edge of my seat just hoping that Memphis would come to the rescue. This was naturally a well executed read and I couldn't put it down. Memphis [...]

    18. El principal problema que tuve con esta historia es que los personajes me parecieron bastante poco creíbles, al menos los principales, Harper y Memphis. Además, en esta situación creo que al mundo le falto un poco más de desarrollo que le diera un toque más interesante. Lo que sí me gustó fue el desarrollo del conflicto con un par de escenas de acción y la personalidad de Brooklyn y Jackson, amigos de Memphis. Si quieren leerla

    19. Rating: 3.75it was rather good, different vs stormy glenn shifter like books. but still gives you the insta-love mate thing. I am hoping this is a series and not just a one standing book. there are lots of questions with little answers. while the "villian" was not really a villian and was easly dismissed and I mean that very literally. you still get an enjoyable read from it. all in all I got my feel good read with a HEA!

    20. Yeah!!!! I got a lot of what I enjoy in a m/m book in this story. It was so good, and I loved Harper, he was devilish, sneaky, snarky, and all around wonderful. He was perfect for Memphis! And who doesn't love a big bad alpha that falls for the opposite of what he normally goes for. And he fell hard. It was great. And I loved the addition to Bristol. I really wanted more.

    21. So is this turning into a series or what? Ending up being pretty cute story. I especially liked the OH MY moments of clarity from modeling actions/consequences after paranormal romance books. Like the conclusion that Harper gets that they are mates. Mate behavior during full moon. Calling the group a Pack. Too bad Truman and Jackson didn't really get any air time.

    22. first read 3*I started this story few times and couldn't go trough, then I skiped beggining and it was enjoyable read. I guess there was just something there in beginning that I didn't like On the second read I read trough beginning :) like the book still maybe even leaning towar 4*

    23. 3.5 Stars.This book was so much fun and very sweet.I loved Harper he was so wonderful, I liked the author style and writing, the other characters were likeable too and I loved the Mpreg plot.Overall this was a good read and I enjoyed it very much and definitely wish for a sequel.

    24. This kind of book is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's not a master piece and very simple most of the time, but there is a nice flow in the story and I never have to worry while reading. Everything will be fine. I know that when I pick the book up and I want it that way. :)

    25. Very cute but not really 100 pages. This would have been great in a short story collection not for 4.99. Read it if you have cash to spare if not look for something with a little more meat on its bones.

    26. First let me say how much I love , love, love LOVE Harper! Everything about him as I do Memphis! These two together, the way they spoke to each other and acted around and with each other? *Sigh* Awesome story!

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