Knight's Cross: A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

Knight s Cross A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel An in depth biography of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel written with the cooperation of Rommel s son by a renowned military analyst and historian who is himself a general

  • Title: Knight's Cross: A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
  • Author: David Fraser
  • ISBN: 9780060925970
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • An in depth biography of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel written with the cooperation of Rommel s son, by a renowned military analyst and historian who is himself a general.

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    1. With “Knight's Cross” the late General Sir David Fraser, GCB, OBE produced a solid military biography of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. Fraser was certainly no master with the pen, but his research was thorough and his style straightforward and precise. He relied on Rommel's own writings, those of other German officers and officials, as well as extensive cooperation with Rommel's son, Manfred. Fraser depicts Rommel fairly – neither exaggerating his military prowess nor whitewashing his admira [...]

    2. Field Marshal Rommel is one of the more interesting figures of World War II, and certainly one of the most admirable, at least on the Axis side. This biography gives only cursory attention to his youth, but covers the rest of his life in detail: service in the German Army during WWI, the inter-war period, and finally his great triumphs and eventual losses (against overwhelmingly superior forces) in WWII. Despite its length, though, the book does not delve far beneath the surface, and does not le [...]

    3. There is not much one can add to the other reviews of this very interesting book. The author, David Fraser, offers the reader a well researched and honest account on the life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in 562 pages (hardback version). This has been one of the better biographies on Rommel I have read in some time and one of the best military biographies I have read in the last couple of years. I don't think that too many people would not enjoy this account, the author certianly portrays Rommel [...]

    4. Boring book about everyone's favorite Nazi. It's hard to make ice war in the Alps in WWI, Blitzkrieg in France in WWII and the brilliance which was his two stints in North Africa seem pedestrian, but Fraser pulls it off. You will learn lots about Rommel, but unless this is the only book you can get yours hands on, read anything else, although in fairness to Fraser, most every other author has a disturbing amount of man-love for Rommel. I will also credit him for pointing out many of Rommel's fla [...]

    5. This was an amazing biography. I have not read one this impressive since Robertson's Stonewall Jackson biography. Fraser does an amazing job detailing not only the tactical genius of Rommel but also the atmosphere of Nazi Germany and why it was so easy for so many to fall for Hitler's charm. My only problem with this book is that Fraser went out of his way to convince everyone that Rommel had no idea about the atrocities of the Nazi regime and he was just a naive general who had been fooled by H [...]

    6. I read this book when I was in college. I was taking a Nazi Germany history class from the amazing Dr. Wooster. He gave out an extensive reading list to choose from. This was one of the books that I had chosen to read for the course. A very interesting and detailed account of Erwin Rommel's military exploits, and about his character as a person and a soldier. Rommel seems to have been a soldier's soldier, doing what he felt was right for the German population and its army up until the end of his [...]

    7. Erwin Rommel is a popular subject of biography, not least because he is such a likeable figure. Many milhist buffs who spend most of their time reading about "heroic" American generals also probably have an interest in Rommel, even if their understanding of his past is more troubling. Rommel is the sort of "honorable enemy" which most arm-chair generals like to believe is worth fighting. He is "clean" of the worst crimes of the regime he served, chose an honorable suicide over the dishonor of tr [...]

    8. A decent book written by a British General, more or less on the life and times of Erwin Rommel. It is well researched using interviews, letters from Rommel, war dairies and other personal papers. While the focus of the book is on Rommel, very little is mentioned about his childhood. The author pretty much glosses over the early years giving just a few basic tidbits. He really doesn't start delving into Rommel's history until the future Field Marshall joins a Wurttemberg infantry regiment as a ca [...]

    9. I found myself just immersed in this book. I am not quite sure why I found it so fascinating, but I did.

    10. A well-written and accessible biography of one of the most prominent military men of the last century. The author is himself a veteran of the military and his admiration of Rommel's professional prowess is apparent. Very little of the book is spent on his pre-military life, not that it matters. Personally, I was suprised by how much Rommel had accomplished in World War I, a time of his life I had never read about. Rommel is an interesting character, and studies of him are equally interesting. He [...]

    11. Knight's Cross is a lofty biography about the, arguably, most famous WWII general: Erwin Rommel. Born in 1891 in Southern Germany, Rommel started to gain notoriety during WWI when he quickly rose through the ranks. It was during WWII that Rommel "strived." From his days leading the Ghost Division in France to the Afrika Korps in North Africa, Rommel was both feared and respected by all enemy commanders. His mighty career was abruptly "terminated" when in 1944 he was charged for taking part in th [...]

    12. Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, is brilliantly brought to life in this biography by David Fraser. Starting in World War 1, this biography shows why Churchill said, "What else matters but beating him?" Even in World War 1, Rommel was a brilliant leader and strategist. And in World War 2 he proved he was one of the best generals in history. Yes, he lost, but as Fraser points out, so did Napoleon, so did Lee; and nobody can say they were not great generals. He ignored Hitler's orders to execute comm [...]

    13. A sympathetic yet absorbing portrayal of General Rommel and his times. It is evident that over the course of war the British and German generals came to regard each other and as such Fraser's treatment of Rommel may seem tolerant it is in no way some worshiping tome. The book is masterly written, impartial and in-depth account of what made Rommel, his outlook, the beliefs and faith behind his unflinching loyalty to fight for Germany. The book adequately reflects the making of Rommel along with h [...]

    14. Outstanding book about combat leadership. Many other reviewers have stated that Fraser provided too favorable a picture of Rommel. I did not see it that way. He respected Rommel's abilities, but also acknowledged his shortcomings. It is interesting how Rommel became an icon for all sides during the war, largely making his name fighting in a "backwater" theater winning only a couple of major victories. But, Rommel's genius of maneuver warfare, especially with limited means at his disposal, should [...]

    15. Ermin Rommel, Field Marshal Jerman era PD II memiliki kepribadian yang bersahaja. Meski berpangkat Jendral, tak sungkan memimpin langsung anak buahnya terjun dalam pertempuran. Rommel lebih suka memberi komando langsung dari tank. Jendral yang tak sungkan beradu nyawa, nyali dan bersimbah peluh. Selain itu, Rommel adalah pemimpin yang mumpuni. Karirnya kian cemerlang sejak menghancurkan dominasi sekutu di Afrika. Rommel juga jendral yang paling manusiawi. Baginya medan perang tetap harus menjaga [...]

    16. This was an exciting and informative, if overly apologist, biography of Rommel. It focuses almost exclusively on his military actions rather than his personal life, and tends to gloss over his military defeats. Thats not an entirely indefensible stance however, since Rommel's victories were some of the most sensational and exciting in history, while his defeats tended to be sad, arrogant, and grinding. My other major criticism, as suggested earlier, is that the author seems to go out of his way [...]

    17. An excellent read. There are a couple areas that werecovered particularly well, one is the feelings andperspective of German Officer Corps of the 1920s andhow they became accepting of any political events toget Germany and its military on its feet again.Additionally, since the Ultra secrets have mostlybeen revealed, the bio can take advantage of explaining how those affected Rommel's efforts, particularly against Montgomery. To paraphrase, it was like a poker gamein which Monty could see all Rom [...]

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    19. Adequate analysis of the military abilities and characteristics of one of Germany's most celebrated commanders. The difficulty was getting a sense of the man behind the decision-making process. His personality slowly emerges, but perhaps the best part of the book comes in the latter chapters during the account of Rommel's reactions to the collapse of the Third Reich and the plot to end Hitler's life. Sympathetic treatment for a man dedicated to service to country and morally sustainable honor am [...]

    20. A solid read of one of the more notable figures of World War II, a respected military officer. I found Knight's Cross to provide more background that peeled away some of the heroic telling of Rommel in Africa to provide a more compelling description of the man and his military career. As a well-developed book, it provided insight into the challenges that Germany felt in World War II once the United States entered the war and its manufacturing plant and its population.

    21. Un'opera approfondita e dettagliata su uno dei più grandi comandanti dell'esercito tedesco. Ne vengono trattati pregi, difetti, inclinazioni, aspirazioni e vengono passsate al setaccio le sue decisioni prese durante la guerra, sia in positivo che in negativo.L'unica nota dolente è forse un eccessivo livello di dettaglio: nel commentare le battaglie arriva a descrivere la dislocazione delle varie compagnie.Ad ogni modo, una lettura molto interessante ed istruttiva

    22. I thought that Knight's Cross was a very good book. It tells the life of Erwin Rommel who became famous for his role commanding his afrika corps in northern Africa. This book however goes so much deeper than that especially how he was a decorated WWI soldier. Overall anyone who has an interest in military or German history/WWII should read this book.

    23. This wasnt bad at all! Im not a huge military history buff, but the personalities of WWII have always intrigued me especially Rommel. I relate him to Robert E Lee in that he was a great military man reluctantly caught on the wrong side of history. The book is okay I guess, but you can't really write a bad book about such an interesting life.

    24. This is a good book about the military genius of Rommel. It is a biography so it also discusses his actions in WWI all the way up to the details behind his suicide. It is a great book, a tad long, but still quite readable.

    25. For anyone interested in military history, particularly WW II, this book is a must read. The Desert Fox is part real/part Nazi propaganda. Regardless, Erwin Rommel is a fascinating historical figure. Many readers of military history overlook his exploits in WW I as an infantry officer.

    26. Biografia del mitico Rommel, la volpe del deserto. Appunto, mitico, avvolto nel mistero, qui però David Fraser ci descrive gesta, ascesa e caduta del soldato ed uomo Erwin Rommel.

    27. a good book on the great general's life. well worth the read if you are interested in the subject of WWII at all.

    28. Phenomenal biography of a great warrior who found himself on the wrong side of the greatest conflict--WWII-- in the history of man.

    29. Book was ok but way to much time spend on almost every battle he was involved in. With better editing book could be almost half the size

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