Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 31-33

Oliver and Jumpy Stories Story Crockery Party Crockery and Cutlery cooks for Oliver Story Shark Frenzy Oliver is almost getting eaten by a shark Story Small World How fascinating can be the tiny world

  • Title: Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 31-33
  • Author: Werner Stejskal
  • ISBN: 9781625175946
  • Page: 472
  • Format: ebook
  • Story 31 Crockery Party Crockery and Cutlery cooks for Oliver Story 32 Shark Frenzy Oliver is almost getting eaten by a shark Story 33 Small World How fascinating can be the tiny world.

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    1. Oliver the smart black cat and Jumpy the lady kangaroo, with her young lad Joey, have a series of brightly illustrated adventures. In this book, first the kitchen furniture comes alive on New Year's Day to cook a special meal for the friends. I notice that they drink a glass of red wine, but it is a special occasion. Next, the friends go whale watching but catch the attention of a hungry shark.And finally the cat Oliver goes to a special door that makes him small enough to be like the insects, t [...]

    2. Eye-catching, vibrant and quite simply a delight to behold, the artistic talent exhibited in Oliver and Jumpy Stories 31 - 33 is truly dynamic, entertaining and fun! Mario Tereso went above and beyond when it comes to illustrating this engaging little children’s book! Cheers to you, sir! I am thoroughly impressed with your creativity and talent! All the stories in this volume are colorfully illustrated and wonderfully told, providing unique teaching moments for anyone who reads them to childre [...]

    3. Werner Stejskal’s delightful Oliver and Jumpy series continues with his eleventh book, “Oliver and Jumpy; Stories 31-33”. I have reviewed quite a few of Werner’s books in this series, and I was glad when he asked me to review this book, as well. I can say that these stories are cute, funny and very appealing to children. There is often some magic, which certainly delights children’s imagination. All the stories end happily, and everyone is safe, which is reassuring for children.The ill [...]

    4. Full disclosure, I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review of it. I don’t often review children’s books but I do, in fact, love to read children’s books. Usually I will read it once myself and then if I enjoy it I will share it with my niece and nephew so they can enjoy it as well!Oliver and Jumpy is a picture book series about a cat in a tuxedo and his best friend, a kangaroo named Jumpy and their chronicle of adventures. This particular volume in the series includes [...]

    5. Oliver and Jumpy stories 31-33By Werner StajskalIllustrated by Mario Tereso and Maycee Ann ReyesFor those who have not yet read the Oliver and Jumpy series to children, the stories are about the adventures of a well-dressed, sophisticated cat named Oliver, and his best friend, Jumpy, a kangaroo.Story 31: Crockery PartyIn Stillandia, where Oliver and his friends live, a strange thing happens on New Year’s Day—the crockery and utensils come to life and cook a huge feast for everyone, creating [...]

    6. Oliver and Jumpy are best friends. They have some wonderful adventures together and we get to share it with them. In this book, story 31 is about a Crockery Party. Story 32 is about the Shark Frenzy and story 33 is about a Small World. Each adventure is full of fun . Let's see what happens. Story 31 the Crockery Party. This is New Year's Day, but it's also the day the dishes come alive! They sing, play and make a fine dinner. Everyone looks forward to the day and a chance to have fun with their [...]

    7. Another fine book in this imaginative (WILDLY imaginative!) series about the adventures of tomcat Oliver and his kangaroo friends Jumpy and Joey. The live in Silandia, where anything can happen and usually does."Crockery Party" is a story that I find very appealing - spending as much time in the kitchen as I do. It seems that in Silandia on New Year's Day, the kitchen utensils and appliances come to life and prepare a delicious feast with no human (or feline) assistance. Then they provide the en [...]

    8. Oliver and Jumpy Stories 31-33 by Werner StejskalIn “Crockery Party” we find a New Years Day tradition in Silandia.In Silandia, on New Years Day the cutlery and crockery create a feast for Oliver, Jumpy and Joey. After they have cooked and served their guests they turn themselves upside down and become instruments. They play until Midnight when they go back to their shelves and drawers.In “Shark Frenzy” Oliver, Jumpy and Joey take the boat out to watch the whales on their trip south. The [...]

    9. This book is part of a series called Oliver and Jumpy. This particular volume has stories 31 - Crockery Party, 32 - Shark Frenzy and 33 - Small World. It is an excellent gift for parents with children under 8 as suggested by the author. The book is beautifully illustrated by Mario Tereso (stories 31 & 33) and Maycee Ann Reyes (story 32) and that is a very important plus, as its main audience will rely on the images to follow the stories, as many will not have reached the age to start reading [...]

    10. REVIEWThere are three characters which are quite interesting, Joey, Oliver and Jumpy.As with all of the Oliver and Jumpy books, this book 11 is a book that will keep young and young at heart mesmerized. The pictures are very colorful which attracts your attention It is a fun and humorous learning book. This book has three short stories.1. Crockery Partywill make you and your young ones smile and laugh the entire time. Kitchen items come alive on New Year's Day and prepare a big meal for Joey, Ju [...]

    11. "Exciting Stories For Young Children"The exciting stories about handsome Oliver, lady-like Jumpy, and young Joey, are fantastic for kids to learn from, enjoy, and laugh. This volume of three stories contain "The Crockery Party," about all the crockery, cutlery, and plates in Oliver's kitchen preparing all the foods for New Year's Day celebration. "Shark Frenzy" is about the joy of whale watching and the appearance of an aggressive shark intruder. "Small World" is a great tale of Oliver passing t [...]

    12. I have enjoyed Werner Stejskal’s Oliver and Jumpy books. They’re favorites of my grandchildren, and always contain little lessons of value for young people, in addition to being entertaining. I get free copies of these books in exchange for my unbiased reviews.Stejskal hits another one out of the park with Oliver and Jumpy: 31-33, a series of stories featuring the elegant cat, Oliver, and his kangaroo friend, Jumpy, as they engage in adventures. In the first story; on New Year’s Eve, the c [...]

    13. Readers know what to expect with Werner Stejskal’s Oliver and Jumpy stories, and the author and illustrators don’t disappoint. In this latest collection it looks rather like a dish may run away with a spoon as New Year’s Day brings some interesting surprises in the kitchen. Children will love watching the story unfold, almost like watching a movie, with entertaining features for each piece of crockery, and music, of course.The next tale has a more whimsical feel, as the friends go sailing, [...]

    14. "Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 31-33" by Werner Stejskal is a series of books that deals with a cat, and his best friend who is a kangaroo. In this series we have 'Story 31: Crockery Party' where the dishes come to life on New Year's Day and cook for their friends. 'Story 32: Shark Frenzy' is about our friends being out on the sea and being attacked by a shark. 'Story 33: Small World' reminds me of a series of books that I read as a child and takes our friend Oliver into a world where he is small, b [...]

    15. Another set of entertaining stories!Oliver and jumpy have new and creative adventures in this new book. They dream of crockery coming to life, a close call with a shark while playing with a friendly whale, and becoming small and visiting the insect world. Each story will keep children engaged and using their imaginations as they become part of the stories. Werner Stejskal, the author, continues to bring entertaining stories to children.I would recommend this book for children five and up.

    16. This is another group of entertaining fun stories in the tradition of Oliver and Jumpy. It’s the second installment in the series I’ve read. Each contains three adventures along with some wonderful illustrations.This one included a story about a big door and when Oliver goes through he finds himself in a big world and among the ants and bugs. Another tells the story of a wonderful New Year’s dinner and finally a sea tale with a menacing shark.You will enjoy these tales along with the kids [...]

    17. These stories are fun and engaging for all ages. Young kids will enjoy having these read to them and the older kids will enjoy reading them on their own. The illustrations are colorful and bring the whimsical stories to life. The stories are fun, clever and silly in a whimsical way. Children will love them. From crockery come to life to whales, these stories are engaging and cute. I always look forward to the newest adventures of this duo. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. [...]

    18. FUNTIMEIt was fun reading all of the adventures in this book! Imagine your child or grandchildren giggling about plates and spoons and pots and pans cooking up a feast all on their own and then throwback story - ok I scary sharks but fun whales to play with! And then an adventure in Finland! What a feast of stories and imagination - and it's imagination that will help draw out the best. In our children's minds. Thank you Werner for sharing more of your children's stories with us they make us rem [...]

    19. Oliver and Jumpy: 31-33 by Werner Stejskal is another fascinating romp with Oliver the elegant tomcat and his friend, Jumpy the kangaroo. An excellent book to read to youngsters, this one has three new adventures. In the first, the crockery comes alive and has a fancy party for Oliver and his friends. It’s followed by a hair-raising adventure when Oliver and friends go boating and encounter a hungry shark, and finally, Oliver becomes tiny and explores the world of the garden.Colorful illustrat [...]

    20. The latest and greatest set of three marvelous ebook for 1-15 yrs.What a beautiful seton three great stories. of Oliver and Jumpy! And so well illustrated in brilliant colors,too! Which I would greatly recommend for kids ages 1-15 years. It's for these reasons that I felt it needed five stars. I received this ebook for free and in return here is my honest review. Great work Werner! By Angela

    21. WonderfulThese Are Great,Little Stories. The Author Has A Great Imagination,Branching Off Into All Kinds Of Different Avenues Of Thinking. There Is Virtually No Limit To The Different Kinds Of Adventures,These Animals Can Have. This would Be A Great Read,I Think For Children and Adults Alike. Everything About These Stories Is Great. No Negatives.

    22. REVIEW: OLIVER AND JUMPY , STORIES 31-33By Werner StejskalI've enjoyed the OLIVER AND JUMPY Series since its inception (they're wonderful to share with grandkids). This story set is particularly delightful, especially the crockery tale. Fascinating text, imaginative ideas, and lovely illustrations combine for an exceptional children's series.

    23. I was asked to read this book and found the three stories to be delightful, imaginative and fun.The graphics are superb and an excellent background for the adventurous stories, which remind me of fantasy tales and fables.Perfect bedtime stories for the very young.

    24. RemarkableAs always Stejskal's are captivating and adorable. The lives and friendship of Oliver and Jumpy are always an adventure. Together they make new friends and help others. A lovely group of stories with vibrant graphics that follow the story.

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