Desired: Loving An Alpha Male Series #2

Desired Loving An Alpha Male Series CAUTION This book contains LOTS of hot alpha male sex dirty talk Drake likes to curse and say naughty things and a curvy girl You ve been warned If you re looking for a cards and candy romance yo

  • Title: Desired: Loving An Alpha Male Series #2
  • Author: S.K. Lessly
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • CAUTION This book contains LOTS of hot, alpha male sex, dirty talk Drake likes to curse and say naughty things , and a curvy girl You ve been warned If you re looking for a cards and candy romance, you won t find it here Georgia Sayers has always been shy and quiet She has always lived her life by other people s rules, especially her best friend and fianc They CAUTION This book contains LOTS of hot, alpha male sex, dirty talk Drake likes to curse and say naughty things , and a curvy girl You ve been warned If you re looking for a cards and candy romance, you won t find it here Georgia Sayers has always been shy and quiet She has always lived her life by other people s rules, especially her best friend and fianc They were the most important people in her life She trusted and loved them But the night before her wedding, her life came crumbling around her She stumbled on a betrayal that shook her to her core and changed her completely No longer will she live her life by other people s standards It was her turn to make up her own rules Love wasn t something she wanted any She wanted to find someone to feed her deepest desires and the moment her eyes fell on him, she knew he was the one Drake Lincoln is as bad as they come He makes no apologies for who and what he is He says what he wants, he does what he wants, whenever and wherever he wants He doesn t play by any rules but his own Trust and Loyalty are the codes he lives by If you cross him, he will bury you without hesitation He is heartless, he is dangerous, and he is as cold as Ice He s not capable of giving any woman the desires of her heart until his eyes take in a woman that becomes his soul Drake has never met a woman like Georgia, and he can t seem to stay away from her He d do anything for her He d kill for her He d die for her She is who and what he wants and desires, and he can t be without her.However, Georgia and Drake both have pasts that can destroy them Can they overcome the many obstacles in their lives and learn to love and trust each other, or will their life struggles keep them apart Obsession Loving An Alpha Male by SK LESSLY will be released on March 12, 2015 Don t miss it Text keyword femistry to 25827

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    1. I couldn't put the book downLawd a Murcy this story is Fiyahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!Georgia Sayers has found herself in Cabo San Lucas after discovering her fiance and best friend in bed the night before they were supposed to get married, now you want to talk about f*cked up, me personally I would have beat the brakes off of both of them (but alas its not about me lol!!). So instead of confronting them, she flees to the place that was to be their honeymoon spot but she traveled under a different alias [...]

    2. **** Review w/spoilers***The story of Drake and Georgia is not your typical love story; they meet in Cabo, Georgia, a shy and sweet college professor has had a hard life to say the least, she believes she has final found love with her Fiancé Gavin and they are set to marry. On the night before her wedding, she finds her husband to be and her best friend in bed together. A devastated Georgia runs off to Cabo, their honeymoon destination alone. While abroad Georgia wants to prove she can be spont [...]

    3. This is my second book by this author has the gift of hooking you into her story and drawing you in and once she has you she does not let go.This is Drake and Georgia's story. I like them both. I did want to shake Georgia a couple of times when she was not just straight up with Drake about what was going on in her life when he saw he again in Philly. However, I can totally understand how betrayed she was feeling by everyone in her life. At least Drake never betrayed her.Warning about the languag [...]

    4. This is the first time that I've read this Author and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Drake andGeorgia's love story wasn't the typical one. They meet Cabo San Lucas. He's there to lay low after some business goes bad she's there because she is hurting from a break upwith her fiancé. Georgia pushes a self to meet someone anyone and spots drake a real bad boy. He sees Georgia and he's immediately drawn to her. Warning The two of them getting together is explosive! Definitely a five star read if I could [...]

    5. Solid 4.5 StarsOkay I wasn't sure how this one was going to go for me after my initial shock of meeting Drake went. But basically, him & this book has left me likeBut what's the deal with the cliffy in the Epilogue? I was likeSo I'm waiting with baited breath for "Desired 2" I have faith I will get it fairly soon considering this author seems to push books out very fast. I'm hoping that's the case this time as well. Cos I really kinda was hoping to get a book concerning Angel. Looks like I'm [...]

    6. I am going to give this a 3.6, after she takes that plane ride to Philly!! I just couldn't with this book after that, I felt like I was reading a summarised telenovela or something. After 40 percent it just wasn't for me from then on. But I have to finish what I start so I did.I dislike just how awful the life of Georgia was just one awful decision after the other. I mean all the men in her life seem to just bad people and the women too. I just found it hard to relate and I began to feel sorry a [...]

    7. WHY. AM. I. ALWAYS. THE. MINORITY.I really wanted to enjoy this book but. WHY. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why.I'm DNFing @ 32% because this book was more annoying and fast than anything to me. And I DON'T GET how I'm the only one who feels this way. It's frustrating. But I suppose just every book isn't for everyone.I wanted to like it, but it was just so unrealistic! Well unrealistic in the fact that you don't just make all these magic character transformations overnight.I decided to read this book bec [...]

    8. So this book is about an Alpha male called Drake and a woman called Georgia. I won't lie, the reason I picked up this book was the Alpha male part. Sadly, to me this book was kind of bland and a let down despite the rave reviews.I liked the storyline and it could have been an AWESOME tale but it fell flat. For one, the author TOLD us the story rather than making us SEE it. I know not many people will get it or care about it but a pet peeve of mine is an author just telling us stuff and expecting [...]

    9. Crazy, high-stakes drama! If you do not have a taste for the overly dramatic, ridiculously-sexed out, with a sprinkling of ratchet, then this story ain't for you! Georgia is in the exotic locale of Cabo nursing a broken heart when she meets the sexy, yet mysterious Drake. Georgia's a good girl: a college professor, reserved, and stays in her lane. Her only problem is she let's the people who supposedly care about her the most walk all over her. She decides that ish is going to change, so she thr [...]

    10. Took me some time to finish it because I was busy with school. Also I thought it would be like Ruined where I couldn't really read it because the characters pissed me off. But this book right here (let me repeat that lol) this nook right here was amazing. OMG Drake is so damn fine and a total badass. And even though he had major issues he didn't let it stop him from loving Georgia. Georgia was strong and for a person with a lot of F***** up people in her life she remained calm and never lost her [...]

    11. Love it!!!!- BRAB ONLINE BOOK CLUBThis is the second book I've read by this author and I just love the way she writes. It is intense, gritty and exciting. This is Drake and Georgia's story. They met while on vacation and the chemistry was instantaneous. The adventure was exciting from beginning to end and I couldn't get enough of the characters. My only disappointment was that it ended on a cliffhanger but I hope we won't have to wait long for the sequel.

    12. ​Have you ever read a book and you're trying to figure out what it is about that book that had you completely enthralled? Well that is the case with this book. Maybe it was Drake, the sexy Alpha Male, who can be sweet and dangerous to the core. Or Georgia, who was looking for love and family, or perhaps its the exceptional writing that made the characters and story feel so real to me.! Can't wait to read "Desired Too".

    13. I adore SK LesslyI have to say this is my third book by this author and she keeps getting better and better! Love The characters and can't wait for book two! If you are a fan of the genre you will appreciate all of her books! Amazing!

    14. Great book from beginning to end. Not your typical love story but you will fall in love with Drake and Georgia. Especially Drake. Full of suspense and did not disappoint. Looking forward to Part 2.

    15. Fantastic! Page turner from beginning to end,I was at times frustrated with the characters. They were flawed, but they felt like real people, and people aren't perfect. The writing was great and the plot was fast paced and interesting. Will definitely check out more from this author.

    16. I am going to be in the minority with all my fellow GR readers on this one. This book was not as good as Ruined - Mason & Maxine's story. I disliked the heroine Georgia immensely, I found her weak & doormatish, I did not see her as smart or funny. For me she was an empty character - she could not even cook or sing or dress well, she came across as "big", she had nothing to her that told me this was a woman of some worth, and that for me is what let this book down. I kept comparing her to [...]

    17. OMFG, I read this book in like 5 hours!!!!! Drake was a mofo but likeable to me. I felt that the chemistry between these two was fantastic. I loved the layers of the story and I was surprised several times. This story kept my interest & I actually called a friend to recommend the book before I got to 50%. A good girl looking to let loose with an anonymous bad boy is the premise, but this book is so much more. I can't wait to read Desired 2. I'm hoping it's Angels story. I've never read this [...]

    18. Explosively heart stop ride!!!!This book had action, intrigue, comic relief, hot scorching sex and an ultimate love story. Georgia is a warm, smart, and sassy h. Drake is the ultimate bad boy, chivalrous gangster that knows how to fight and protect his woman.An A+++ read. Ms Kresley this is your 2nd book that I have read. You are a stellar author I wait with abated breath for Angel's story. What an excellent way to end the book! This is must read one of my favorites!!!!!!

    19. I'm officially an Eagles fan TWO WORDS DRAKE LINCOLN!!!! This man is everything. Bad boy or not I need him in my life. Every time he open his mouth I got goosebumps. I felt so bad for Georgia. She had no one in her corner. Not even her low life family. I'm glad she found someone that will love her and protect her. S.K. Lessly I am forever a fan. I will be stalker your page for the sequel.

    20. This author is new to me, and I am really glad that I decided to read her book. The romance and sex was hot, and the actual story was interesting. I really enjoyed the writing by this author and will definitely read more by her.

    21. DNFI read and read, but my mind wandered in every direction in the world. This book couldn't hold my attention, and I was really hoping it would. So now, I'm sad.

    22. This story of Drake and Georgia was very entertaining and a bit of a surprise. Georgia, a 30 year old woman, that finds herself in Cabo after a betrayal sends her there in need of some time to get her head right. Georgia described situations that she endured when she was younger that would make you think that she was tremendously street smart. Yet, she came across as very naive, especially at her age. For the most part, the character is likable, she had a tendency to be impulsive and immature at [...]

    23. Can I say this author is on the rise as being one of my favorites. Drake what can I say about him pure ALPHA. Georgia who was brought up in awful conditions didn't let that define her. She is searching for love and to be loved. These two meet under the condition of having a one night stand. But you know best laid plans never manifest itself. Georgia is the one and only that can take Drake out of his comfort zone and visa versa. What I love about this book is it kept my attention from the beginni [...]

    24. Amazing!Georgia and Devin Lincoln made you fall in love with being loved by an Alpha Male. Devin was there for Georgia when family and friends did her dirty. I really liked the setting of the book starting off in Cano it gave it the fairy tale feel. He was her ride or die!!! In most books it's the female character showing all the loyalty. The book had romance, sex, action, family, betrayal, and everything that makes a book unbelievably terrific! I have a new book boyfriend Team Drake!

    25. Stimulating read! This was my first read from S.K. Lessly storyline centered around Drake & Georgia's growth into a meaningful relationship. I have only read a couple of BWWM romance novels but after completing this story, I will start reading moreDrake is alright with meLooking forward to reading the remainder of this series. This was a well written story that I truly enjoyed & I recommend to all!

    26. I freaking loved this book. I was captivated from the very beginning. I didn't want it to end. It was so good. Drake, what can I sayat man had Alpha written all over him. I loved Drake. I mean how could you not love him. And Georgia, that poor womanwhat haven't she experienced? I loved her. I loved that she was strong and a survivor. Drake and GeorgiaHOT!!! Enough saidJust read the book.

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