Inside Job

Inside Job Professional debunker Rob proprietor of the Jaundiced Eye magazine considers himself incredibly lucky to have Kildy as his sole employee Smart dedicated gorgeous and thanks to her last movie bef

  • Title: Inside Job
  • Author: Connie Willis
  • ISBN: 9781596060241
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Professional debunker Rob, proprietor of the Jaundiced Eye magazine, considers himself incredibly lucky to have Kildy as his sole employee Smart, dedicated, gorgeous, and, thanks to her last movie before she hung up on Hollywood, rich, she s a pleasure to oblige when she says Rob has to witness this channeler Ariaura s act on her, not the Eye s, nickel despite channelerProfessional debunker Rob, proprietor of the Jaundiced Eye magazine, considers himself incredibly lucky to have Kildy as his sole employee Smart, dedicated, gorgeous, and, thanks to her last movie before she hung up on Hollywood, rich, she s a pleasure to oblige when she says Rob has to witness this channeler Ariaura s act on her, not the Eye s, nickel despite channelers being so last year It s quite a show, all right, for in the midst of Ariaura s particular ancient wise guy s basso spiel, a gravelly baritone interrupts both voices emanate from the channeler s female mouth to berate the audience as yaps and the act as claptrap Why is Ariaura undermining herself Or is she After all, she angrily accuses Rob and Kildy of scheming to destroy her Could the baritone belong to a genuine channeled spirit Willis, one of sf s most spirited writers, rounds on the New Age pays tribute to a great, skeptical journalist and affectionately parodies pulp fiction at its best in this irresistible entertainment.

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    1. You might like this book if: You’re a skeptic, you get depressed by this, you know a lot (or a little) about the Scopes Trial, you think séances, channeling, and psychics are a bit of a joke, you love Connie Willis, you are making your way through all the Hugo Award Winners (best novella), you can laugh at yourself for at least thinking once or twice of ordering stuff off of infomercials, or you like H.L. Mencken quotes.You probably won’t like this book if: You are a creationist, you believ [...]

    2. Hilarious little novella based around a paradox:Can the existence of a disembodied spirit prove that a 'channeler' claiming to communicate with spirits is a fraud?Our protagonist, Rob, is a freelance journalist and professional skeptic. His assistant, Kildy, is a gorgeous and wealthy Hollywood type moonlighting in the field. Rob has a crush on Kildy, but fears she's far out of his league.It's Kildy who's picked out the latest target for an exposé: The New Age charlatan Ariaura, who channels the [...]

    3. 3.5Inside Job is a humorous story of a sceptic journalist Rob, who is in the business of debunking, his wonderful assistant Kilby and their strange and new experience with the spirit world. His lovely employee Kildy left the glamorous life of a film star to work with him. He hasn't got any idea why. She is 'too good to be true' and he keeps waiting for that inevitable day when she'll get bored and leave. Kildy is lovely. Kildy has found a new target for them to debunk - a woman who claims she ch [...]

    4. 4.0 stars. Having been underwhelmed by some of Connie Willis' short fiction, I was surprised at how much I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of a paranormal debunker who comes across a very unusual case. Smart, funny and very well plotted. Recommended!!!Winner: Hugo Award for Best NovellaNominee: Locus Award for Best Novella.

    5. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.I have a goal of eventually reading all of the major SFF award winners, including novels, novellas, novelettes, and short stories, so that’s why I picked up Connie Willis’s Inside Job when I saw that it was available on audio. Inside Job won the Hugo Award for Best Novella in 2006. Just a couple of months ago, by the way, Connie Willis received the SFWA Grand Master Award (January 2012).Inside Job is a story about Rob, a professional debunker of pseudo [...]

    6. Too cold, too distant. The writing was OK, but at no point did I care about any of the characters. The story is about charlatans and gurus, mediums of all sorts who perform cheap theatrical tricks, make gullible people believe, and extract good money from their victims for the privilege to be conned. The protagonist makes his living debunking such conmen, and most of the story is a preaching by the author about the harm the unethical quacks inflict on everyone and the need to take them down. The [...]

    7. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Connie Willis is incapable of writing bad stuff. She has a great concept (professional skeptics debunking charlatans), twists (three very good ones, including a very satisfying end twist), and characters right out of a good film noir. Easy to fall into, easy to enjoy, and easy to give 5 stars.

    8. -Tocando temas poco trillados.-Género. Novela corta.Lo que nos cuenta. En el libro Infiltrado (publicación original: Inside Job, 2005) conoceremos a Rob, que está al frente de la revista El ojo cínico, revista especializada en desenmascarar a psíquicos fraudulentos y denunciar sus comportamientos, delictivos incluso en algunos casos. La joven y bella Kildy trabaja para él desde hace ocho meses, una actriz retirada en el apogeo de su corta carrera y cuya familia está en los puestos más im [...]

    9. INSIDE JOB won the Hugo for best novella in 2006--didn't even know that was an award. I knew they awarded for short-stories, but not for novella. I wonder how many high quality science-fiction novellas are published every year? Anyway, I enjoyed this breezy, over in a heartbeat book from Connie Willis. I have liked Willis in the past [DOOMSDAY BOOK, TO SAY NOTHING OF THE DOG] and recently hated her BLACKOUT. I was really let down by BLACKOUT as time-travel and WW2 and Willis seemed a perfect fit [...]

    10. Another Connie Willis gem. Don't let the length fool you - this pithy little book is chock full of Willis's trademark rich, entanglingly layered, often humorous, occasionally surprising prose. It's a comedy of manners, the manners being a skewering of Hollywood's obession with psychic healing and mediums, the comedy a debunking journalist and his insider actress assistant who discover that a medium may be channeling the ghost of all time greatest debunker of all, H.L. Mencken. And there is a rea [...]

    11. Purchased as part of a Humble Bundle a while back.So in this fantastical tale, a professional "skeptic" who exposes charlatans claiming to talk to spirits and channel supernatural beings, is confronted with one who appears to be channeling the deceased atheist H. L. Mencken, who himself railed against charlatans, creationism, God, the Bible, and was champion of the "truth".While well-written and suspenseful, the worldview bias is crystal clear.

    12. 3.5 stars.Quick premise summary: A fraudulent medium may or may not have channeled H. L. Mencken, the great skeptic with more famous quotes than Mark Twain (possibly). This causes serious issues for skeptical newspaper owners who both want to believe Mencken has returnedd who couldn't possibly believe in the charlatan who's acting as his channeler.

    13. Quick and cute, with an interesting central conundrum and Willis's typical sharp eye for descriptive detail. (Atypically for Willis, people have cell phones and use them; I appreciate a screwball comedy not centered on preventable communication mix-ups.)

    14. Una breve y deliciosa obra sobre escepticismo, amor y cómo a veces se puede dudar demasiado. No explicaré si el fantasma es de verdad o no. Son sólo 93 páginas para que lo descubráis.

    15. It's good to find another Willis that I liked, since her recent time travel books went beyond being not-good and all the way into annoying. OK< this is from 2005, but it was new to me. Like the time travel books, this one shows off Willis's research. I wonder if she gets an idea, researches the heck out of it, and then finds a story in it somewhere -- or does it in another sequence. The story's JUST the right length for the tale it has to tell. I took it along when I went out for a solo dinne [...]

    16. Rob is a professional skeptic. He makes a living debunking psychics, channelers, mediums and other frauds. One day, his employee, Kildy Ross, urges him to go see Auriaura Keller, who channels a spirit named "Isus", but she won't tell him what's so different about this woman. They go, and, what a surprise! In the midst of the usual New Age b.s. from this so-called spirit, a second voice interrupts, calling the proceedings "hokum" and Keller a "snakecharming preacher". What the heck is going on?As [...]

    17. It seems I either give a four star or two star rating with Connie Wills' books. This fell into the latter category.A potential buyer should be aware that this is a novella only 99 pages long and the publisher’s price tag is hefty for such a slim volume.A writer for a magazine that exposes fraudulent psychics thinks he’s being duped by the person who led him to the story. The psychic then starts channeling H.L. Mencken. That’s essentially all there is to it outside of the filler. You don’ [...]

    18. This is a very enjoyable novella. It's about a publisher at a skeptics' publication called Jaundiced Eye who comes across something he can't immediately debunk. The odd thing is, he can't disprove that someone is channeling the famous skeptic, H. L. Mencken.As Mencken is a hero of his, our narrator, whose only name given is Rob, attacks the problem head-on, doing everything in his power to disprove it as a phenomenon.It was a short novella, though, so I'm only writing a short review: I enjoyed i [...]

    19. Connie Willis is one of my favorite sci-fi authors: her To Say Nothing of the Dog is one of my favorite books. So I was thrilled to see a book I hadn't read of hers. And while I would agree with other reviewers that this isn't her best, it was still a fun, enjoyable read.Rob owns and writes for the Jaundiced Eye, a professional debunking magazine. When his lovely assistant (and sole employee) Kildy brings him reports of a new psychic, he's not exactly interested--the psychics are all the same. B [...]

    20. The sons of bitches are gaining on us!connie willis! i love you, connie willis. i love everything you write. i love that you are so intelligent and funny and sharp all the damn time, and i love how you can make all these strange and amazing historical events/figures come to life, and i love that you mention my favorite authors all the time - LIKE JAMES M. CAIN AHHHH "baby in the icebox" reference!! - and i love that your main characters are always people i wish i could know in real life. but i a [...]

    21. I'm sure the cleverness of this novella will appeal to some. It wasn't enough for me, and even halfway through I just found it a waste of my time. I just put it away. This floored me, because I love Connie Willis. But also, cleverness isn't generally enough for me, anyway.In the growing attack on Christianity around me, I do have trouble telling when someone is actually attacking my beliefs, and when they are simply setting up a story. Most of the time I can tell the difference. This time, I jus [...]

    22. Rob's a professional debunker, publisher of a skeptic/debunker magazine. At the insistence of his too-good-to-be-true, beautiful, former actress assistant, Kildy, he attends a performance of a hot new channeler. It's all very normal and boring, with the alleged spirit, Isus, spouting typical "insights" and advice--until a different booms out from the psychic "channeling" him. This voice is different, skeptical, belittling--and oddly familiar.Is Ariaunna channeling H.L. Mencken?Or is this a new t [...]

    23. At the start of the year I was going through a science fiction binge. On my radar at the time was Connie Willis. I chose two novellas: D. A. and Inside Job.Rob is a confirmed skeptic. He's sitting in at a psychic reading hoping to debunk an up and coming celebrity psychic. What he sees isn't what he expected. Apparently the psychic is channeling the spirit of a well known skeptic!The book is short, silly and delightful. I read it in about an hour. I love her humorous books.

    24. Short (around 100 pages) but a bit better than her usual. I really liked "Firewatch" and thought "Domesday Book" was pretty good, but I got the feeling that a lot of her other books came about because she learned about something and felt obliged to use that knowledge in a novel. This doesn't have that feel. I'm not going to spoil it, but skeptics should really enjoy this.

    25. I picked this one up from browsing out the library the moment I spotted the clear sign of a Subterranean Press novella, only double checking that I hadn't already read it.It was silly and clever and confused. And definitely a different take on debunking psychics. Not brilliant, but worth reading.

    26. A novella in which a professional debunker finds himself with a quandary when the latest fraud appears to be channelling his sceptical idol. Witty, and the central conundrum is ingenious, but it felt like it could easily have been done in 50 pages rather than 100.

    27. Charming but minor novella about skepticism, psychics, and paradox. Willis gets the noir tone right, and the story is delightfully twisty.

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