Fade Route

Fade Route A candidate for mayor has been murdered and there s one obvious suspect But Burnside the former football star turned private investigator pushes forward into a harrowing investigation that reveals a

  • Title: Fade Route
  • Author: David Chill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A candidate for mayor has been murdered and there s one obvious suspect But Burnside, the former football star turned private investigator, pushes forward into a harrowing investigation that reveals and possible culprits, all with their own motives As the action intensifies, Burnside himself becomes embroiled in a case which goes beyond just one murder And wheA candidate for mayor has been murdered and there s one obvious suspect But Burnside, the former football star turned private investigator, pushes forward into a harrowing investigation that reveals and possible culprits, all with their own motives As the action intensifies, Burnside himself becomes embroiled in a case which goes beyond just one murder And when the police suspect he s a person of interest, Burnside must race against time to find the killer With little to go on than his gut feeling, Burnside pokes at everything around him Desperately trying to untangle a web of deceit that threatens to destroy him personally, he is also faced with a scenario that could take down an entire community

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    1 thought on “Fade Route”

    1. An excellent novel! Full of twists and turns, this is an action-packed book that takes the reader on an exciting journey. Mixing in politics, football and murder, Fade Route is a page turner that will keep you engaged and surprised.

    2. What a wonderful read - a simply written, no-nonsense type of book. Lots of intrigue and just enough action to keep your interest - most interesting plot!

    3. Fade Route is a well-constructed murder[mystery. Burnside, a private investigator, is hired by his friend Wayne Fairborn to investigate a sideswipe incident involving the car of Wayne’s wife. When Wayne is murdered, Burnside takes on his own investigation of the murder, much to the dismay of the local police. His efforts expose a hidden life of his friend, which involved a string of beautiful mistresses. Burnside discovers multiple suspects ranging from family members, to political opponents a [...]

    4. Private Investigator Burnside volunteers at a second-chance program, helping homeless people with interviewing skills so they can get a job. The founder of the program, a local politician, is shot dead (well, he was alive when he was shot but dead soon after). The police quickly determine who culprit, case closed. Burnside has some other ideas.Well written, twisty, and interesting (even the sports stuff I hate), this was well worth reading. The characters are believable, and I can almost see the [...]

    5. This is book #2 in the series, so you might want to start with Post Pattern. Burnside is an ex-LAPD cop turned PI. He volunteers at a shelter that gives the homeless advice on how to get jobs. The director of the center is running for Mayor and polling really well against the incumbent. At least he was until he was murdered. The cops have it all figured out and do not appreciate Burnside's help. Then they don't have it figured out anymore. Burnside investigates, in spite of objections (Did I men [...]

    6. Shocking but very satisfying ending.Politics, money and more money, twenty years of hate and infidelity. Lots of twists and turns will keep you reading and guessing. Wish Burnside didn't get hurt so much and knowing that he was in the police force of LA, why he didn't turn the gun to police. Throwing it to garbage was wrong. Too much football plays gets in the way of the story. Is something good about Pepper and Burnside relationship in the next book?

    7. I think that David Chill is an Indie author like myself.I seem to remember him offering this book to me as a free download in exchange for a review. I like to support indie authors if I possibly can, and this novel is worth the read. A private eye story in the style of Sam Spade, but more up to date.I liked the complexity of the case and enjoyed attempting to work who the killer was. I failed dismally.

    8. Just finished reading "Fade Route" (a Burnside Mystery - assumes there are probably other Burnside mysteries before this one) by David Chill. While this book was well-written, it was short on heart-stopping action, rather run-of-the-mill. It was a quick and easy read, and I would recommend it for the doctor's office or some such other "place of waiting" when you need a little something to keep from being totally bored. I would not, however, recommend it for high entertainment value.

    9. I like Burnside's moral code, even if I don't like the way he seems to instigate fights, verbal or physical, for no apparent reason (well, all except the last one). I should have caught on to 'who done it' earlier, given one fairly obvious clue, but I didn't. I DO like the way the Burnside doesn't care who gets credit for figuring things out, as long as the mystery is solved and the culprits brought to justice. And his relationship with Gail is cool.

    10. "Fade Route" is a good mystery centering on politics and adultery. There were so many possibles suspects I had no clue "who done it". Although I didn't read the first in the series, it didn't seem to matter. This is a good stand alone as the protagonist reflects on the past in detail. If you like a smart mouth gum-shoe who is an old fashioned private detective this is your book.

    11. So many suspects. little timeActually with his main squeeze off in law school Burnside has the time to solve an old friends murder. It's worth the read just to find the nugget on Yogi Bereariously a well thought out story.

    12. The second in a series of delightful detective novels by a new author David Chill. They are funny, easy to follow, and a quick read. This book is even better than his first one. You need to read it!!!

    13. PoliticsWhen Burnside's friend who is running for mayor is killed, he starts looking for the killer. Along the way he finds that his friend had numerous affairs. Was it love or politics responsible?

    14. Wayne Fairborn, a local politician, is murdered and an obvious suspect is arrested. Burnside, a private investigator and friend of the victim had a hunch that this was not as clear cut as it seemed. I rated this a 3.8.

    15. A really good "who done it?!" mystery. The author did a great job pulling me in with great characters, plots, twists. Detective Burnside's snarky humor and the action kept me turning the pages to the end.

    16. This is a really good detective story. The ex -cop turned private eye who iinvestigating the murder of a friend and solves a couple other problems along the Way. The story is well written and edited.

    17. Surprising ending. Good mystery with plenty of clues.I really enjoyed trying to solve this mystery. Many suspects with lots of clues. Easy to follow who each person was and the role they played. I will go back and read Book 1.

    18. Lotsa suspectsPretty good whodunitI couldn't figure it out till near the ending. I might have rated a 5, but I'm a stickler against foul language and the deeper the book went the more it appeared. Otherwise it was a page turner.

    19. Sometimes the second book in a series isn’t as good as the first. That’s not the case here.Burnside’s second case – investigating the murder of a friend – has all the tension and pacing of the first.The next book is already on my ‘To Read’ list.

    20. Good, solidly plotted and written private detective/mystery. Fast read, interesting characters and good plot twists that keep the reader involved.

    21. Phillip Marlowe livesEnjoyable noir whodunit. Clever twists to keep you guessing up to the end. Burnside is one cool customer. Fun read.

    22. Good, solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️. This private detective novel was an easy, enjoyable read with very good characters. Hope to read more by David Chill.

    23. Burnside's second case occurs a year later when a local politician is killed and the clues point to one suspect. A lot less football talk would make this a better read.

    24. Another ex football player struggling to make it as a PI. This one is in the L.A. area instead of south Florida. Average tale.

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