Sandcastle and Other Stories: The Complete Edition

Sandcastle and Other Stories The Complete Edition The Complete Edition of Justin Bog s First Collection of Dark Psychological Suspense Tales In the old incarnation the book was a Finalist for the Ohioana Book Award and picked as one of Suspens

  • Title: Sandcastle and Other Stories: The Complete Edition
  • Author: Justin Bog
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 268
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  • The Complete Edition of Justin Bog s First Collection of Dark Psychological Suspense Tales.In the old incarnation, the book was a Finalist for the 2014 Ohioana Book Award, and picked as one of Suspense Magazine s Best of 2013 Books An award winning collection, Sandcastle and Other Stories reveals twisted secrets that are mined like plutonium These twelve literary tales arThe Complete Edition of Justin Bog s First Collection of Dark Psychological Suspense Tales.In the old incarnation, the book was a Finalist for the 2014 Ohioana Book Award, and picked as one of Suspense Magazine s Best of 2013 Books An award winning collection, Sandcastle and Other Stories reveals twisted secrets that are mined like plutonium These twelve literary tales are nothing short of an adventure through a roiling sea of emotion With authenticity and eloquence, author Justin Bog holds a provocative and compelling mirror on the human condition The stories are those of everyday people who might live next door or in the walk up across the street A man with a personal crisis takes a singles cruise a woman leaves her toddler girl at the beach while having a romantic tryst a B list actor s character is killed off a girl is sucked below the sand into an underwater chamber an old gardener who has dark secrets interacts with the bosses daughter in a most unforeseen way The only commonality in these tight, little stories is they are unexpected Having this book is like having a string of black pearls each one slightly different, but each a perfect, dark, little gem Bog paints pictures with words as Titian did with oil paints startlingly detailed with deep perspective and rich complexity Rosi Hollenbeck, San Francisco Book ReviewSandcastle and Other Stories details These twelve literary, psychological, and suspense tales are nothing short of an adventure through a roiling sea of emotion Meet an old man twisted by fate and a lost love a young girl playing on the ocean shore who becomes entangled in nets of a mercurial god a divorced man mired in troubles who s coerced into taking a singles cruise a Hollywood actor in a television drama who s always typecast as the bad boy a child kept awake by night terrors, and a woman who hides her secretive personality from everyone on the beach one sunny day Genuine voices of the characters, mixed with a clear eyed tonal directness, make this a series with mesmerizing psychological interaction Stories span a broad depth of human understanding and build a bridge between deepest chasms of pain and high portals of joy Read these dark tales and stand witness to unspeakable hate sitting with cozy wile, right beside unconditional love a provocative and compelling mirror on the human condition.

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    • Best Read [Justin Bog] ✓ Sandcastle and Other Stories: The Complete Edition || [Romance Book] PDF ✓
      268 Justin Bog
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    1. "As he's walking away I know he's still thinking about trains, wondering what a really big train crash would look like, the first car striking something twisted on the tracks and dragging the following cars off the rails, tumbling over on their sides with a world-stopping screech." location 2227Everybody loves a good train wreck, though personally I vote for the roller coaster because I can get my fill of other people's misfortunes, the Schadenfreude, bright bloody and visceral. But wait, is thi [...]

    2. This is the first collection of short stories I have read since the Canterbury Tales in high school. And I've concluded that the short story genre just isn't something I am drawn to ultimately.The writing style is fantastic. The author clearly is talented (and I'm not just saying that because he personally thanked me for rating his book on .which I was frankly very surprised about!) The writing was not the problem for me. I am just not a short story person. I like to really take the time to inve [...]

    3. Personally I love a good short story. I don't have a lot of time to read, so I like being able to sit down and read an entire story in one sitting. Writing a good short story is difficult given the size limitation. The author has to develop the characters, story line and ending all within the space of what would roughly count as one chapter in a novel. Each word has to be chosed with care.Justin Bog not only wrote one amazing short story, but he wrote ten of them. This collection is an incredibl [...]

    4. If you think you're in for a happy-go-lucky group of stories about unicorns and rainbows people, leave right now. These are dark stories, amazingly detailed and well-thought out, to the point that I found myself holding my breath to discover where Mr. Bog would take us next.Yes, he's that good.My favorite is the title story, Sandcastle, a seemingly quiet tale of mothers and daughters on the beach. And then it's not. And it haunts me in the kind of way that I've read it repeatedly, thinking "How [...]

    5. Review on July 2: REVIEW: SANDCASTLE AND OTHER STORIES by Justin BogA richly imaged, literate dozen of psychological suspense, the stories collected here are like invisible nerve gas: you won't realize at first, but each story will change you, commemorate itself in your memory, and days, months, later, you will find yourself recalling a note, a passage, an image; and you will be impelled to dive into the collection again.

    6. Author Justin Bog, and I don't say this lightly, has written the defining collection of our age. I have not read a modern author interpret so many perspectives as eloquently or brilliantly. He is a master of every genre, every facet. If you like intelligent, deep stories with unmatched imagination behind them, Sandcastle and Other Stories is for you.

    7. Justin Bog writes stories that are chilling in an uncanny and uncomfortable way. His stories have very other-world qualities to them, while being very contemporary. Bog is a fantastic writer, with a literary bent. It's been a long time since EiR has read a book that is so engaging. You can read this book quickly, but I found myself slowing down, re-reading sentences that were too delicious to pass up. Entertaining and challenging. Some of these stories flow like poetry off the page, some of them [...]

    8. This enchanting short story collection deftly examines the psychology of life.With elegant prose, each story leads the reader through a character's journey, requiring reflection on influential events in their lives, and finishes up with an unexpected twist at the end.This anthology can be read as individual stories, or in its entirety, and I very much look forward to more work from this author.

    9. What an assortment of short stories! In a daring departure from the typical trajectory of the American writer Justin Bog’s Sandcastle and Other Stories takes no prisoners, spares no one and yet holds you captive in the wondrous web of his craft! His subject choices are bold, strange, almost stunning in their range of flavors. Each and every one a perfect morsel served on a spotless mirror reflecting each and every one of us deepest inner fears.

    10. Terrifyingly brilliant, unique, and memorable are just a few of the words that I can think of to describe the stories contained inside this book. Don't let the bright happy cover fool you. Things are very deep inside of Sandcastles.

    11. This collection of short storys takes you on a psychological journey through human nature in all it's diversity. I highly recommend it.

    12. I don’t typically read a lot of short stories; I’ve always carried this misconception that unless you had at least 300 pages in a book then there was no true way to connect to a story or its characters no matter how talented an author is. Last year I re-read some of my favorite Stephen King books and at some point stumbled across a little book of his called Full Dark, No Stars, I decided to give it a try and was totally blown away and realized how wrong I’d been all these years in my refus [...]

    13. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I was pleasantly surprised by this. I picked it up, was interested to see the short stories that featured, and there were some solid reviews about it. I had no real idea what to expect from the author, who is someone I had not heard of before, or his style of writing or the type of content. Something I am going to draw attention to from the off is the fact that Justin Bog can write. I mean it, really well. It flows quite well, each story brou [...]

    14. These stories are not for the casual reader. The stories are convoluted, confusing, and often upsetting. Initially I had thought that a collection of short stories would make for an easy before bed read, when you want to read something but not anything too long. However these stories are not relaxing or entertaining. They seem to be written in a laissez-faire style, but that is misleading. The stories are purposefully pushing the envelope of acceptable and seem designed to cause conflict mentall [...]

    15. This is a collection of stories about ordinary people living ordinary lives. The author has developed persona you might meet anywhere on the street in your home town and has given them a new, enriched meaning. Many of their experiences and thoughts are unique, almost other worldly. His descriptions are raw and clear to the reader from start to finish. The one thing that bothered me a lot was the way the stories touch on violence, cruelty and general lack of empathy for the characters themselves [...]

    16. Each story is more complex and written with more intensity that the last. Each a unexpected look at different concepts. The gardener who has dark secrets and shows us we all have something to hide and that everything around us influences us even if we don’t know how. The actor who is okay with who he is but has others wanting him to change because it helps them. Te girl on the beach who has Poseidon change her life, the single’s cruise that shows loneliness but also how some who are lonely g [...]

    17. I started reading this collection late at night, while I had jetlag. Halfway into the first story, I found myself sitting up straighter in bed, and leaning closer to the light as I flicked through the pages (on my Kindle app for the iPad). I fell in love with the strong narrative voice, the characters put in awkward situations, and a writer who is not afraid to make the tough decisions for bad things to happen to good people -- as is the case in real life.The grimness of these stories may turn s [...]

    18. Sandcastle and Other Stories is a book of beautifully crafted character studies. Justin Bog’s writing style flows as he delves deep in the minds of his creations and shares their innermost thoughts and deeds. Most of the characters in this ten-story collection involve the type of person you’d pass you on the street and not give a second glance to. Yet, like everyone, they have complex thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Bog makes these everyday nobodies into people you have feelings for (some go [...]

    19. In this fast paced world of modern writing it can be hard for an up-and-coming author to find other, more experienced, authors whom we can look up to and learn from. Awhile back It was suggested I read Sandcastle and Other Stories penned by Justin Bog. This book is an amazing work of short stories that are more emotionally dark, deep and thoughtful than many I have come across. This isn't just some quick publication of shorts which are thrown together and have no real tie like you often see comi [...]

    20. This book is a breath of fresh air: literary tales. You don't see many books of literary short stories and this one is a gem. I found the stories packed with both suspense and psychological turmoil.These characters will surprise and shock, at times offend and leave you filled with horror. Through it all, the stories are told by a master weaver of words and I look forward to his next book with great anticipation.To those that normally read other genres I say, take a chance. Spend an afternoon in [...]

    21. Justin Bog’s Sandcastle and Other Stories is captivating and a recommended read for several reasons. Bog’s clear writing is the fluid, keeping each of the stories in this suspenseful collection together, as he creates a collage of human nature and something beyond. The settings are places you’ve probably been. The characters could be people you know, but when you think you’ve got an understanding of what will happen next, the author injects a twist. At the bend in the road, you’re sudd [...]

    22. Sandcastle and Other Stories is a collection of dark short stories by Justin Bog. Once again, I am bowled over by Justin’s stunning writing ability. In this collection, Justin explores the darker side of human emotion and behavior with powerful imagery, well-rounded and complex scenery and situations, and from a vast array of different points of view. His articulate and highly cerebral story-telling left me still pondering, hours later, the deeper meanings behind what I had read. This was a hi [...]

    23. Sandcastle and Other Stories contains memorable short stories that are wonderful studies into human nature. The author's ability to write any character, from a man, to a woman, to a child, is impressive. I was swept along in the stories, not only because of the well drawn characters, but also the original themes. I loved the fantasy elements in some of these stories and my favourite, Sandcastle, had a twist at the end that made me gasp and almost cry. These bittersweet stories and their haunted [...]

    24. MY THOUGHTS: Anytime you read a book that has several short stories, there will be some you like and some you don't. The author gets to the point in his stories. He doesn't put the stories together as he goes. He has in his mind what he wants to put on paper and he does.People are complex and Mr. Bog writes about humans and the complex minds we all have. They're about how the mind reacts to different situations and how different people re-act to the same situation. The characters are really the [...]

    25. While it’s far less horror-oriented than most of the fare I review, this updated version of Justin Bog’s 2013 collection “Sandcastle and Other Stories” nevertheless has the potential to haunt you regardless. Think somewhere along the lines of Shirley Jackson or Joyce Carol Oates and you’ll be on the right track. I’ll leave a few surprises and not go over every story in detail, but this should give you an idea of what’s in store.In “Sandcastle”, a casual day on the beach takes a [...]

    26. This is a wonderful collection of short stories. The stories don't have a common theme running through them, but one thing that is common throughout is the way the author is able to introduce many diverse characters and yet make the reader feel as though he or she is looking at the world through the eyes of the character; really getting inside that character's mind and getting a feeling for the emotions. The quality of the description and the obvious talent the author has to be able to observe a [...]

    27. Sandcastle and Other Stories (The Complete Edition) by Justin BogThis reissue of the debut story collection by Justin Bog is impressive. Originally published in 2013 by Green Darner Press the collection garnered high critical praise, was named one of the Best Books of 2013 Suspense Anthology by Suspense Magazine and a 2014 Ohioan Award Finalist.It’s not hard to see why. This collection of 12 short stories runs the gamut of colorful characters, and the author manages to inhabit each of them wit [...]

    28. My review for the San Francisco Book Review:There are dark times in every life, moments most hope will stay hidden and never come to light. There are moments most have thought things they would never say in the company of others or act on in the light of day. It is just such moments as these Justin Bog seems to have mined like ore as precious and as dangerous as plutonium for this tidy little book of stories that are as untidy as a life can be. Oh, I don’t mean the writing is untidy. The writi [...]

    29. There is something that is fundamentally distressing about the human psyche. Perhaps it is the way in which it tends to, like turbulent waters, lurk beneath a calm and sometimes placid surface. Bog has done a remarkable job in doing two things in particular in his debut novel, Sandcastle and Other Stories: First he has been able to drop us in to the middle of a person's life, his character's day-to-day affairs, and not immediately alienate us with a wall of "being unable to adjust". The second t [...]

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