Stripped with the Vampire

Stripped with the Vampire In a world of dark spells and blood ties where no one is safe love is the most powerful magic of all Shy vampire Charlie never intended to see Vince again after the bad boy human broke his heart But

  • Title: Stripped with the Vampire
  • Author: Jax Garren
  • ISBN: 9780991164127
  • Page: 203
  • Format: ebook
  • In a world of dark spells and blood ties where no one is safe, love is the most powerful magic of all Shy vampire Charlie never intended to see Vince again after the bad boy human broke his heart But when Vince turns up beaten and marked for sacrifice to an Aztec God, Charlie will do anything keep him safe Vince has never forgiven himself for the lie that ended thingsIn a world of dark spells and blood ties where no one is safe, love is the most powerful magic of all.Shy vampire Charlie never intended to see Vince again after the bad boy human broke his heart But when Vince turns up beaten and marked for sacrifice to an Aztec God, Charlie will do anything keep him safe Vince has never forgiven himself for the lie that ended things with Charlie The spark between them is as hot as ever, and Vince would risk body and soul to make it a fire again But as they hide deeper in Austin s supernatural society a world of lies, dark magic, and warring immortals he finds the path to reconciliation twisted than he s ever imagined.

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    1. 3 'Go gay vampire rights' starsThe reason I picked this up was because I read Jax Garren's Tales of the Underlight before and was surprised to see her PNR M/M in Netgalley. A paranormal M/M, how can I pass it up.Vince, 24, a human, work as a stripper. Woot woot! During one of his gig, he stumble upon a Aztec cult and he was the intended human sacrifice. *gasp* After being attacked by vampires and crazy cult members, Vince decided to seek help from his ex-boyfriend, Charlie.Charlie, the three cen [...]

    2. DNF at 25%I have read Jax Garren's stories before with Tales of the Underlight series, which I quite enjoyed. That was basically the reason why when I saw this book being offered as Read Now at NetGalley, I wanted to give it a try, even if the novella of this universe that being self-published a year ago didn't blown my mind. Unfortunately, I think maybe her magic was lost on me once again.The world-build about the vampires, witches, the CoVin, the tzitzi was sketchy and fuzzy. I felt like I was [...]

    3. 2.85 starsWhat would tempt an over three hundred years in the closet vampire to come out and start living? That's the gist of the story mixed in with power hungry personage in supernatural world.I can't really say I like this book. It is the first of a new series "Austin Immortals" but I personally felt like starting smack in the middle of something, then took off at a run. The pace was rather erratic throughout though fortunately the main characters were likeable enough; the supporting ones as [...]

    4. Ms. Garren is one of my favorite authors - I adore Tales of the Underlight with Hauk & Jolie! - and when I learned she has written a M/M story, I just had to get my hands on it. She graciously provided me with an ARC which I immediately cracked open.The book is a mix of romance (the M/M kind), battling a powerful supernatural evil, and quirky characters. It’s not the most fast paced book I’ve ever read but there’s no way I’d have stopped reading it. The romance is sweet, and I loved [...]

    5. Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)I received this copy through NetGalley in exchange of an honest review. Let's go :DThe StoryVince Pagano loves his job. Despite all bad things people usually say when you reveal that you are a stripper, Vince regrets nothing, as he wins a good deal at his club, has time for his hobby (blacksmithing, in the case) and hot dates. The only shadow in his mind is his ex, Charlie.Five years ago, Charlie broke up with Vince after di [...]

    6. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE3.75 StarsStripped with the Vampire very much felt like the book it was in that it was the first in a new series. There was a lot of world building and explanation about the characters and how they had evolved over the centuries. Even with all the explanations I felt a little lost in the first couple of chapters, as though I was thrown in without all the detail I needed.Charlie is a 300 year old vampire and doesn’t easily fit into the society he belongs to. He i [...]

    7. This was an amazing story and if you like vampire stories at all, I highly recommend you read it. The only thing (and it's a tiny thing) I don't love is that the next book, #1.5 is heterosexual romance, which completely bums me out. HOWEVER, this book is standalone and just one of the most beautiful and perfect love stories I have read in a long time. Plus, it's also a fabulous and exciting story all by itself, with great world building and wonderful characters. My notes:Very cool that all the v [...]

    8. Charlie Travert used to be together with Vince Pagano not until He finds out Vince's odd job as a club stripper. Him being a 300-year-old-something closeted vampire didn't take it very well. He's been hiding his sexuality for centuries lest the CoVIn, the good vampires' clan, would reject and cast him out. While the 24-year-old out and proud Vince has something differrent in his mind. He wants Charlie to publicly acknowledge their relationship and be comfortable with his sexuality. But Charlie t [...]

    9. This is a hard book to rate, because objectively I don't think it was very good. It was campy, sappy, full of 'love will conquer all' tropes and repressed gay men stereotypes. But I still found myself enjoying it. This is especially true when I consider my enjoyment level next to my initial expectations given the book's title. I'm sorry Jax Garren, but I think that title is a horridly unfortunate choice. It leads reader to believe this is going to be a cheap, plotless, possibly PWP book and even [...]

    10. If you love vampires, if you love m/m romance, if you love a well crafted story, if you love all of these things & more then you MUST buy, & read, this book! I am head over heels for these men & not just because they're sexy vampires (it doesn't hurt though). The women are pretty awesome too! From Charlie & Vince right through to Rhiannon & Javier each of the people in this book will capture your heart & imagination. Like Ms Garren's Tales of the Underlight series this bo [...]

    11. Wow - great world to dive into. It's simple in it's complexity, the Aztec mythology, the vampire lore, the Viking lore, Jax blends the cultures smoothly without leaving the reader confused in anyway. I am looking forward to book 2.

    12. "We had sacred sex in a cauldron. There was a ritual."This book didn't give me a five star feeling but I loved it from start to finish. Normally this would mean I'd give it 4 stars but because of how much of a reading slump I've been in and that I read this in 3 days I knew it deserved that extra star. I don't usually read paranormal romances because I get easily annoyed with all the relationship angst. This one was so well written and so easy to slip into that I found myself not only enjoying i [...]

    13. My affinity for this story is reflected by Garren's quote, "Love can only be as perfect as the person who feels it. Imperfect people send out love imperfectly. Doesn't stop it from being real."This wonderfully flawed novel takes many ambitious, creative risks that pay off and just a few that fall a little short. Garren balances humor ("Sex and biting was the chocolate and peanut butter of vampiredom.") with trenchant observations about mortality ("Death motivates me, I think about it sometimes, [...]

    14. Stripped with the Vampire, Jax Garren Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance, LBQTIAI thought this sounded a fun read, and is was. It’s first in a new series, something that's tough for a book. It needs to introduce characters and places, while delivering an interesting storyline and SwtV does all that. Why isn’t it five star from me then? Well, though its got great potential I felt some of the actions bordered on overkill, and there were lots of characters and types to get [...]

    15. This is old-fashioned, violent vampire lore, where fangs are sexiest when they're part of sex, where an Underworld-esque world exists in artsy paradise Austin (Sunnydale, anyone?). This book is action-packed. Its plot and ferocity never stop. It's a breathless, dangerous journey. I was riveted. The mythology of Old and New World clash together nicely.Mortal stripper Vince and vampire Charlie are decent heroes. They deal with romance and loyalty with maturity, but they don't delve deep into the e [...]

    16. I've read Jax Garren before and absolutely loved it, and I still really like her writing, it's just this book wasn't what I expected.The cover gives the impression it's a gay paranormal romance, and don't get me wrong there is a love element running all the way through but it has more of an urban fantasy feel to it.Charlie is a 300'year old vampire with a strong set morals, he broke up with Vince when he discovered he was stripper, neither of them have ever forget each other, or got over the bre [...]

    17. I was gifted a copy of this book for review.I am such a huge fan of Jax Garden. I have yet to read one of her books that I have not fallen in love with. This book is a little different. Usually with vampire romance novels the vampire is confident, sexy, and not afraid of anything they fight for what they want. Charlie is definitely sexy but he is so shy and because he has been around he is embarrassed to admit to his sexuality. Vince is the humAn that broke his heart. Charlie has old fashioned i [...]

    18. OMG!!! This book is amazing, awesome, fantastic, and every other word that I can't think of at the moment! I loved it.Now I'll be honest. The first chapter or two, I was a little disappointed. We're reading about a strip club and suddenly Rhi starts talking about Aztec gods out of the clear blue sky. Wait! What? My heart sunk. I love Jax Garren's books and I was afraid I had found one I wouldn't like.Wow! Was I wrong!!Get through the first few chapters and you will find yourself traveling down a [...]

    19. This was a very interesting and different take on a story. I really enjoyed the different aspect to this story. Parts were slower then normal for my liking but overall I enjoyed the characters and their tale. The writing made me feel like I was part of the story in most parts. The heat wasn't as much as I was expecting between the characters but it was a very good start and I will enjoy seeing where this series goes. I'm glad I was given this for an honest review.

    20. This is my first book By Jax Garren and first M/M romance. Loved this story.I enjoyed the pull of Vince and Charlie's relastionship. The emotions of dealing with past feelings and trying to figure out the future all while trying to save Vince from an evil witch that wanted his heart to give to an Aztec God.The secondary characters were funny and lovable. I can't wait for more in this series.

    21. I don't read a lot of M/M romance but I loved Jax Garren's Tales from the Underlight series and thought I would give this a try. I am really glad I did. There is a lot of action in this book the fights are intense and her take on the paranormal is really interesting. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Vince and Charlie. I can't wait for more in this series.

    22. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This review originally appeared on Hot for Cool.I really hesitated to read this book. I saw that it was available for review, and it intrigued me, but I stayed away from it for a long time. The plot sounded a little too convoluted, and I’m not much of a vampire fan. I really try to read books for review that I think I’ll have a good chance of liking, and those things told me maybe this wasn’t the book for me. And the title is kind of a [...]

    23. Stripped with the VampireBy Jax GarrenFour starsHaving been very disappointed with my last attempt at reading a contemporary vampire m/m novel (for reasons that were my own issues, not really reflections on the quality of the book), Jax Garren’s “Stripped with the Vampire” was a welcome diversion.Garren has created a well-conceived vampire subculture that operates mostly without notice by the mortal world; and it is just part of a much larger immortal realm that exists under the radar of h [...]

    24. Charlie is an adorable 300 odd year old vampire, who you can't help but love, and Vince is a macho lovable 24 year old human. Even though it should never work, they can't get rid of their love for each other - no matter how much they try and stay out of the way of each other, they are always drawn to each other when times are tough.I love anything vampire/paranormal related. I was expecting this book to be quite erotic, going by the cover of the book, however it is far from it, it is mostly abou [...]

    25. Reviewed by Jennifer Marcum for QUEERcentric Books4.7 StarsAs a lover of the paranormal from Twilight to the Mortal Instruments or the Sookie Stackhouse series, I thoroughly enjoyed Jax Garren's first novel, Stripped with the Vampire, in the Austin Immortals series. Add in that it’s an M/M romance as well and I'm hooked!Vince is a proud and vivacious 24-year-old gay man who aspires to be a blacksmith but pays the bills by stripping. Charlie is an almost 300-year-old Vampire who lives a quiet [...]

    26. This ended up being much more of an urban fantasy with trace elements of M/M romance and I liked that a lot. It didn't need to focus on the romance for me. The story is realy like a 3.7.The plotline was a bit heavy at times.You get dropped right into the action. I spent a large part of the beginning of this book extremely confused. So does Vince, though. He does not have enough info on the supernatural world to handle what is going on at all.I felt like it may have been done that way on purpose [...]

    27. “Love will find a way against time itself.” - Sylvia Day, Catching Carolinethe night Vincent Ceasar Pagano is hired to dance by Tzitzi at Tooth and Nail, a goth club, all hell breaks loose. led by a mysterious masked man, members of the Liberi Pestorum Cruenta (Children of the Blood Plague) almost drain him of precious blood. Tzitzi's plan to sacrifice him to the Aztec god Xipe Totec is also thwarted when Vince manages to escape. bleeding and broken in body and spirit, Vince runs to the only [...]

    28. This book was AWESOME!!! Jax Garren is now on my ‘Authors I must read’ list. Stripped by a Vampire was nothing like I expected and I loved it. There was an actual story with characters in it and I was expecting more of a story with just sexy times. I love me some M/M sexy times so I wasn’t opposed, but seriously this was better than I could have imagined.Vince used to date and be in love with a vampire, then his vampire boyfriend Charlie found out he was a stripper and their relationship e [...]

    29. Myths and fairy tales are some of my absolute most favorite things and there are few things that get me more excited than when authors bring in mythology/old religions into a modern story especially when everything can be - and probably is - real. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Nordic are popular stomping grounds right now so it was a surprise to see a reinvention of Aztec mythology. What's also interesting and appreciated is that the author doesn't make an religion seem inherently good or evil - o [...]

    30. I’m a big fan of vampire stories because I’m always fascinated with how each author creates their version of these creatures. This one though isn’t straying too far from the mainstream vampire that we’ve come to know – their fear of sunlight, the vampire royalties, their creation, beauty, wealth, fangs and all. So there’s really nothing new in that regard.While I appreciate the interchanging POV between Charlie and Vince here, I honestly didn’t feel that much connection from Charli [...]

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