Lips Like Ice

Lips Like Ice He calls himself the Prince He is humanoid but not human fascinating sensual at the cusp of maturity and accustomed to getting what he wants And Lydia has awoken in his world to find that she has b

  • Title: Lips Like Ice
  • Author: PeggyBarnett
  • ISBN: 9781613901304
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • He calls himself the Prince He is humanoid but not human fascinating, sensual, at the cusp of maturity, and accustomed to getting what he wants And Lydia has awoken in his world to find that she has been given to him as a pet, a plaything, and, if he so desires, a lover.As Lydia comes to realize that the Prince is as much a prisoner to his culture s ways as she is, herHe calls himself the Prince He is humanoid but not human fascinating, sensual, at the cusp of maturity, and accustomed to getting what he wants And Lydia has awoken in his world to find that she has been given to him as a pet, a plaything, and, if he so desires, a lover.As Lydia comes to realize that the Prince is as much a prisoner to his culture s ways as she is, her resentment slowly unfurls into pity, understanding, curiosity, and a deep, unpredictable, consuming lust She wants him too, on her own terms But in a world fraught with hidden dangers, her terms are not open for discussion, not when their thirst for one another could doom them both In a court where monarchs are obeyed and sexual hierarchies are strict, one wrong move could end the Prince for ever and what would happen to Lydia then

    • ☆ Lips Like Ice || ✓ PDF Read by à PeggyBarnett
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    1 thought on “Lips Like Ice”

    1. 4.5 starsI loved this book !!! Right from the blurb till the last line I loved the way the characters were framed. I hate the usual big horny aliens with bad dialogue . This hero is definitely unique. He's an alien - elf, and the King's second child. In this alien - elf world, the second child must choose to become female. A sex/gender can be chosen at will with this race, and with there being already a firstborn male, it's expected this second child will choose to develop as female.However, Lyd [...]

    2. Well now, this certainly wasn't the book that I was expecting. When Peggy Barnett pitched it to me, I thought it would just be a fun bit of erotic gender-bending fluff. Of course, knowing Peggy, and knowing what else she writes, I really should have expected more. Yes, there is a lot of eroticism here, and it definitely breaks the gender binary, but none of it is fluff. In fact, Lips Like Ice is a very deep, very thoughtful story that goes to some very dark places, both physically and psychologi [...]

    3. This wasn't the book I was expecting. I expected some sort of weird sci-fi erotica, I think, but this ended up being a fully fleshed sci-fi romance with a captivity angle.In theory, I like captivity romances. However, every time I read one I'm left less than impressed. There's never a good balance between desire and psychological issues, and the captive always capitulates way too easily because the captor is hot and/or disgustingly rich.In LIPS LIKE ICE, the psychological aspect is quite well do [...]

    4. What to say about this most unusual novel? I found this book very provocative in light of current national events regarding gender identity. At turns this book will intrigue, horrify, soothe and excite. In all ways it is an emotional and physical roller coaster. I've never linked to another review before, but the one listed by Bending the Bookshelf has such clarity without revealing key spoilers that I will simply direct you there: /review/show.

    5. Right.wellat was certainly interesting! :)This is a story that deals with the issue of gender identity in a unique and different way. Very thoughtful and refreshing read.

    6. 3.5 stars. Would've been an easy 4 with better editing and then a 5 with less heavy-handedness. I read it for the human-alien pairing.

    7. Let's get this out of the way: I do not read romances. Not only do I not read romances, but until last year I was one of those horrendous snobs who looked down upon Romances, capital R, as being somehow lesser than my precious spec-fic. Obviously this is an incredibly stupid thing to think, and I'm very glad I learned out of it. But although I no longer deliberately avoid romance novels, I still manage towell, never read any. I'm the girl who likes dragons and epic quests and in those kinds of s [...]

    8. Lips Like Ice more like TIME TO EAT YOUR HEART OUT.It's gonna take me a minute for the tears to stop flowing, because this book was so beautiful, and has earned a spot as one my new favorite stand alone novels, and just kanslssdlsoxjdmnd (ΩДΩ)!!!I went into this book with high expectations and this book DID NOT DISSAPOINT! It is very psychological, and dark, and many a times heart wrenching to the point I would have to take breaks because I couldn't stop sobbing. I loved Lydia's character [...]

    9. Easily my favorite sci-fantasy book of 2016, this book is so rich with themes that it is difficult to do justice to it with a review.Lydia wakes up after a mysterious debilitating fever that nearly kills her to find her memories gone and her emotions somehow blunted. Why can she not feel strong emotions anymore? Then she is told by a mysterious elf-like queen that she has been given as a pet to her adolescent son and Prince, in order to teach him how to love and care for another creature. Uh, ye [...]

    10. I received a copy of this novel from the : First Reads giveaway. Actual Rating is a 4.5I am going to be completely honest this was actually really good. Please, pardon the shock as it is just the fact that I entered more as a joke without the thought that I could actually win. The book SOUNDED good and I felt bad that not many people were entered, so I entered it. I simply did not think that the book would come with a real story line to fill the pages between the naughty bits. Truth be told, eve [...]

    11. Ms. Barnett has given us an amazing story where I felt every ounce of Lydia's terror, frustration and anger at being regarded as nothing more than a pet by her keeper, a blue-skinned, pointy-eared, alien elf prince. However, I also empathized with her when she accepts her very real survival is completely dependent on him. Alien or not, he becomes her world. But when the Prince goes against tradition, Lydia is horrified at the violent physical abuse he is subjected to at the hands of his own fami [...]

    12. WOW. Okay I'm not sure what to make of this book. I admit. I bought it because it was described by someone as "alien abduction erotica", so I thought it would be the corny romance novel cliche I was sooooo wrong. First, I read this in a marathon session, staying up until 3:00 am trying to get it done. Second, I told as many people as could about it, because it's just so unique. Will some people be shocked or offended? Definitely. But if you can get past all the potential triggers, then underneat [...]

    13. Not at all what I was expecting, even after reading the opinions of several friends. This was a deep, dark read, and I don't think anything could have really prepared me for it. Having finished it, I still feel unsettled. This isn't a bad thing, at all. If you're looking for a light alien romance, this definitely isn't it. For the most part, I couldn't even call it a romance, because it wasn't. What it was, really, was a story of two beings who developed together and individually. It was a story [...]

    14. Good and emotional readThis book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. So painful throughout but it was a great read nonetheless, I mean that's why we read right? To travel to new worlds and experience a great deal of pain and love and pure satisfaction. One less star because at times it seemed to be a bit preachy. Read it!

    15. A very innovative and unique voice. An equally innovative and unique story. I wasn't sure I always enjoyed it, but it certainly kept my attention. I wasn't even sure that there would be a happy-ever-after, but there was. I'm adding that so prospective readers that require happy endings won't skip this fresh voice.

    16. This is definitely one of those "hard to put down" books. Really enjoyed it. Was up all night reading as I was entranced from the very first page. Even found myself sneaking in a few chapters at work. 4 stars

    17. 3.5 Stars An intense science fiction psychological drama. I don't want to turn anyone off by this review but this book deals with the anthropology of gender identity, and supposed choices that are made in stepping into the gender you choose for yourself. The Prince the protagonist of the story comes from an alien race where gender is chosen. But that gender choosing is supposed to be in line with the societies social mores. The interesting part is what if you choose a gender that isn't of your f [...]

    18. So I found this book while looking for Alien Erotica, brought on by my recent interest and love for Star Trek. I spent numerous hours perusing through and amazon in order to find something that fits in with my unusual tastes.I like books that are unique and have a weirdness to them. Oh and I also do not read romance.otica yes but romance no.Anyway after reading title after title, blurb after blurb I finally settled upon this one. It didn't seem to fit in with the usual " Hunky he-man" type of [...]

    19. WinLydia is awakes into an alien world where her memories are hazy. She finds she has been given as a pet, to someone named Prince. His plaything to be used as he desires even sexually as he chooses.At first, he treats her cruel but when he sees her injured he treats her gently. She realizes he is as much as a prisoner in his world as she. Being the second son is not easy as he was supposed to be female and be a queen but made the wrong choice as he is cruelly beaten by his oldest brother and hi [...]

    20. I could not put this put down. From start to finish it is a page turner. You are right with Lydia through her experiences, her fear, her confusion, and her love for her Prince despite her situation. The Prince earns her love and companionship and he grows from a spoiled princling to a man - though he has many hurdles to overcome himself.There are many shocking things in this book, but it only makes it all the more realistic. While I am glad it doesn't happen to her, I mourn that it happens to hi [...]

    21. Normally I don't read books with aliens - it's just not me - but one of my favorite authors suggested it, and I though why not. The book was nothing like I imagined it, but so much better. The ONLY reason I couldn't give it more than 3,5 stars, is that it's not graphic - it's TOO graphic. For me, at least. The rape scenes, the 'love' scenes. No. But if you don't mind those things, described very detailed, you should diffently try it out. Very complex characters with very believable feelings, I h [...]

    22. I wasn't going to review this, but it only has 9 reviews and that's a travesty. I came into this expecting something a lot fluffier than I got. This is pretty dark, I wish some of the world building had been a bit more clear but overall I enjoyed it. This tackles many deeper issues I wasn't expecting as well, including gender and gender roles. Lydia is also a little more simpering than I would have liked in the beginning, but she really comes into herself at the end for a badass finale. Seriousl [...]

    23. To start off I really liked this book. I enjoy different and original stories. To say you've never read a book like this, nor will you ever is putting it mildly. Okay, now is it safe? No. There's male rape involved. In no way did the hero enjoy the rape or want the other woman. So after saying that, it didn't bother me or make me doubt his feelings for the heroine.

    24. This was a remarkably thoughtfully written novel and a really great commentary about gender and identity. Well written and intense. I thought it was fantastic!

    25. I really enjoyed the dynamics between the two main characters. I loved the vivid descriptions. A great read if you are looking to escape the real world.

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