No Shades of Grey

No Shades of Grey A tale of love respect and domination No Shades of Grey depicts the plight of a worthy romantic lead when the object of his affections turns out to be not quite the girl he s looking for Warning thi

  • Title: No Shades of Grey
  • Author: Rosen Trevithick
  • ISBN: 9781507867228
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • A tale of love, respect and domination, No Shades of Grey depicts the plight of a worthy romantic lead when the object of his affections turns out to be not quite the girl he s looking for.Warning this story is only six words long The remainder is padded with different translations.

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    1 thought on “No Shades of Grey”

    1. I know this isn't a real book, but I really enjoyed reading it!It took me only 15 minutes to read it.This book features the following:"Fancy some S&M?""No thanks.""Okay."THE ENDwritten in different dialects and languages, and also in those weird ways some people write while on the internet (for example: alternating cap locks, '1's instead of '!', etc.)I found some of these hilarious! And, at the same time, it makes a clear statement: No is no, no matter how you say it.If you would like a qui [...]

    2. Kindle FreebieAnd quite frankly, one of those really short ebooks that could get away with charging 5 bucks.The theme of the book is simple - No means no. Using the infamous and famous 50 Shades of Grey as a launching point, Trevithick presents many different ways in which no means no. There are various languages, pirate talk, Vicky Pollard, and so on. Zombies and vampires are included of course.Beautiful social commentary.

    3. On the surface, it is a clever commentary on the "No means no" conversation.However, consider how often in our lives we have had to be convinced or persuaded to try something that we eventually came to love. This applies to sex as well. A literal acceptance of the finality of the first "no" would render the sexual conversation completely flat and dull. Bear in mind that it is not always the man doing the asking and the woman saying no, whether in vanilla sex or BDSM.Woman: "Give me head?"Man : " [...]

    4. I downloaded this for free on Kindle.A very, very clever little read. Hilariously funny while still making a very serious and important statement. No means no however you say it and whoever (or whatever) you are. Highly recommended.

    5. "There are hundreds of ways to say 'no' but they all mean the same thing."No Shades of Grey (Arrested Development)"Fancy some S&M?""No! And you can say goodbye to these!""I've made a huge mistake."THE ENDConsent and respect are sexy (and in this case hilarious. Have you ever heard a Dalek propose a little kink?) Very worthwhile setting aside a couple minutes for.

    6. No Shades of GreyHow many ways to say no. Good idea, I'm happy it was a free kindle book. It looks like everyone who read it gave it five stars.

    7. Very short! It's a six word story. The message, however, is powerful and empowering. Though the story itself is only six words long, there are a few pages of "translations" of the story, some into other languages (which I don't know, so I assume it's accurate) and many translations into other vernaculars. One of my favorites is the story as pirates would tell it. The whole thing doesn't take long to read, and is quite amusing while still relaying an important message about sexual consent.

    8. I understand the context of this book but I still would like someThis 'book" is exactly what it says it is. It contains six words for the main body of it, so it took me 5 seconds to read. I thought it was cute. I liked the creative ways the writers came up with different ways of saying no to someone's advances to participate in BDSM activities. I especially thought it was funny to hear it in the voices of Yoda, a pirate, Homer and Marge Simpson, and other characters. If you want a quick, enterta [...]

    9. This was really short and funny! I enjoyed reading through all the different translations of the original six-word story. Some were really creative, like the URL coding one and others were pop culture references like the Klingon one. Overall, the main point is that there are many ways to say “no”.

    10. I know this isn't a real book, but it was funny and had a deeper meaning behind the zombies discussing some S&M. Well done, Rosen Trevithick. Well done.

    11. Literally a six word story, written over and over again. And it's powerful and meaningful. I'm glad someone did this.

    12. I love this!!! This short book made me laugh a lot.My fav's are:★ Pirate★ Yoda★ Zombie★ Witch★ Vampire★ Auto Correct★ Shakespeare★ Hashtag★ Werewolf★ Mind Reader'There are hundreds of ways to say 'No' but they all mean the same thing.' - No Shades of Grey.

    13. What if saying 'no' actually means 'no'? What a fresh and radical thought, right? The author translated the following dialogue to different languages and situations:— Fancy some S&M?— No thanks.— OkayE ENDIt includes Croatian, Russian and Dutch translations. Also interpretations of how this would look on Twitter, Tinder and if someone met a zombie. Witty, and yet conveys an important message that no means no. Free on . Просто бесплатная книжечка на пять м [...]

    14. Downloaded a free copy from after entering into a Giveaway. I loved the concept of this "book", as it combats the disturbing trend in "romance" of alpha males with "unconventional" interests taking advantage of women.The premise is enjoyable while the topic is harsh. The proceeds from the work go towards causes fighting domestic abuse. I was particularly impressed by the fact that the book mentions that some proceeds go toward helping the perpetrators of violence, not just the victims. I think [...]

    15. I obtained a copy of No Shades of Grey by Rosen Trevithick during a promotional period when it was free on . The 13th to 17th February 2015 are the dates it is free so you may still be able to obtain a copy of your own if you are reading this within that time period.The book's aim is to encourage people to respect the consent of their partner. It accomplishes this very well and even provides some humorous aspects. The "story" is only six words long. However, the book is padded with translations [...]

    16. An interesting takeI believe that 50 Shades of Gray is 50 Shades of wrong. This book is a quirky, fun, but also meaningful play on the simple truth that NO MEANS NO. As the description points out, it is a six-word story. Those six simple words are then translated into many different "languages." No Shades of Grey puts those words into a context that anyone should be able to comprehend. Being a big fan of Shakespeare, my favorite "translation" was the second Shakespearean one. Don't worry, there [...]

    17. The should-not-even-need-to-be-said-but-sadly-must message that "No Means No", no matter how it's phrased or put, in six short words. Then there are translations of the same into different languages, dialects, and also for example into 'pirate' and 'zombie'. The different languages are, sadly, not very well researched and the German version for instance is incorrect. It's not that difficult to translate six words correctly (do not ever use google translate), which makes such mistakes very disapp [...]

    18. This was the shortest book Ive ever read but it was extremely impactful! This was hilariously written but the message meant so much. No always mean no regardless of language. Im so happy I randomly found this - I think everyone should give up the 10 minutes it takes to read this great book!

    19. There are hundreds of ways to say 'No' but they all mean the same thing.This was one of the wittiest ebooks I have ever read. Additionally, the message it delivers is an important one. I didn't expect anything when I downloaded this, but I'm actually very impressed.

    20. A quick, amusing read. The idea of this book is interesting. The author uses different writing styles to highlight the importance of respect in a relationship, which helps people understand that forcing someone else to do BDSM is not romantic at all when they feel uncomfortable about the deal.

    21. Best 6 words book I've read. Actually. The only 6 words book I've read But it's awesome anyway Makes ur belly hurt from laugh for the short period you actually need to read the whole book.

    22. I really did enjoy this book. Some the translations made laugh. The overall message was very clear in this book.

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