The Single Feather

The Single Feather Rachel had to escape from where she was living and that was hard enough but now the year old paraplegic has to regain her independence and feel accepted in her new town The problem is to do that

  • Title: The Single Feather
  • Author: Ruth F. Hunt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rachel had to escape from where she was living, and that was hard enough, but now the 31 year old, paraplegic has to regain her independence and feel accepted in her new town The problem is to do that, she feels she has to hide how and why she got injured and her recent experiences with the guards She joins an art group, unaware her fellow members also have secrets AsRachel had to escape from where she was living, and that was hard enough, but now the 31 year old, paraplegic has to regain her independence and feel accepted in her new town The problem is to do that, she feels she has to hide how and why she got injured and her recent experiences with the guards She joins an art group, unaware her fellow members also have secrets As tension rises and the group splits into factions, with the ever present possibility of being returned to her former life, Rachel realises to move on means confronting her past.Rachel flees her past to build a new life for herself But living a lie isn t easy She struggles with a guilty conscience and the fear of being exposed Eventually, she has to decide tell the truth and risk all, or say nothing and betray everything she has ever believed in A stunning debut novel written with intelligence and clarity Rachel s efforts to belong exposes our prejudices against those vulnerable in society while shining a light on the power of friendship and the importance of being part of a community Marianne Wheelaghan, bestselling author of The Blue Suitcase and Food of Ghosts Third party author reviewAn intense, bittersweet story for anyone who s ever doubted themselves Louisa Dang, author of The Rain Catcher, winner of Duke University Writers Workshop Fiction Prize Third party author review

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    1. A fascinating, open sprawl of a book that breathes life into its wealth of characters, each treated with compassion and respect. Through a slow build, almost without the reader noticing, social issue after social issue is built into the story's resonance through simple and realistic conversations between the main characters, never without a balanced view, always with an understanding of all sides. Lives fraught with disabilities and mental health issues are played out with all their complication [...]

    2. In The Single Feather we follow the story of Rachel, who has been left with severely restricted mobility after an accident. At the beginning of the book a strange incident occurs where we see her flee a situation, aided by her mother. There seem to be dark forces at work and Rachel appears to be not only running from her overseers but also from her own attitudes towards the cause of her disability.There is a quiet, almost gentle tone to the reflective writing style of author Ruth Hunt. She likes [...]

    3. I struggled with this book at first and nearly put it aside. I am glad I didn’t. At first I was underwhelmed, but halfway through the book I was suddenly gripped by it. This is an unusual and humane story.Told in the first person, Ruth F. Hunt’s novel The Single Feather is set in the north of England. It begins with a young disabled woman, Rachel, escaping from a bungalow, being picked up by her mother outside and driven away as quickly as possible. Why was she being kept in the bungalow? Wh [...]

    4. Although main character Rachel’s being in a wheelchair provides the mystery – why is she in a wheelchair; what was her crime; who were the guards - the story focuses mostly elsewhere, on Rachel’s attempts to settle into an art group that meets in a community centre. Through her, we meet a motley crew of characters whose only common ground is their love of painting and drawing. Ruth Hunt is very good at depicting shades of grey in people. No one is black and white. A character, such as Anne [...]

    5. Ruth F Hunt tackles the topics of disability and mental health head-on in this stunning debut, bringing together an unlikely group of people who share a love of art and are all struggling in some way with themselves or burdens they carry.Rachel is a great protagonist and POV character, whose emotional fragility, self-doubt and self-stigma make her a compelling woman we want to root for. The wider cast of characters are flawed but likeable - though, at points, less likeable! - and challenge her t [...]

    6. The Single Feather is a novel that takes an unflinching look at what it is like to be disabled in modern Britain and it doesn’t shy away from confronting the big issues.Rachel is paralysed from the waist down; she has recently escaped a terrible situation and has moved into an adapted home in a small town. She is trying to come to terms with the new reality of her life and eventually joins a local art class in an attempt to meet some new people and to make friends.This book was a difficult rea [...]

    7. An incredible book, both accessible and challenging. Ruth is a gifted storyteller. I found myself thinking about the characters throughout the day, and kept nipping into a corner to read a bit more.The lives of disabled people in our society is captured so frankly and thoughtfully. From the difficulties of dealing with complex impairments, to the pressures of daily living in community, the unfairness of government organisation and institutional abuse - it's all exposed with great humanity and in [...]

    8. The Single Feather is an inspirational and thought provoking novel. Rachel the protagonist, has been badly injured and faces the prospect of spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair. As well as losing her independence she suffers a loss of confidence.Not willing to face the outside world because of her disability, the only people she meets on a regular basis are the carers and her mother. Things look up however, when Rachel, a talented artist, is persuaded to join an art group. This seems t [...]

    9. Rachel is a thirty year old woman who uses a wheelchair, and after escaping from a heavily-guarded home, she lives independently in a new town in England. To try and get her old life back, she joins a local art group and makes friends with some of the locals. The story is really compelling, and I was very drawn in to find out what happened in Rachel’s past as her disability was caused by an accident, and she doesn’t reveal much about the home she escaped from. The ebook I read had a lot of p [...]

    10. What a great debut. Tackling the subject of prejudices and stigma relating to disabilities, this story portrays the life of Rachel in every aspect of trying to live a normal life as possible. It is written in a lovely, explanative context, but also marinating a heart-warming story. It certainly makes you realise things that normally are brushed away in society, and with the current austerity measures, the financial difficulties that are put upon, a subject close to my heart. I enjoyed this book [...]

    11. This is a thoughtful and thought-provoking novel that deals with issues of trust, independence and identity. At its heart is Rachel, a young, disabled woman, who is trying to leave behind a traumatic past and forge a new future. The characters are well-realised and group dynamics used to good effect to highlight individual frailties as well as social issues. It all makes for an engrossing and entertaining read.

    12. 'I just think sometimes people have no right to judge.’‘All I’m saying is there are some who’re genuine and some who aren’t. An assessment will weed out the ones who are making stuff up. Come on; don’t get moody with me just because I spoke my mind.’ She stopped walking and had one hand on her hip. (page 111 of The Single Feather)The struggle for acceptance, understanding and friendship is at the heart of this tender, moving debut novel by R.F. Hunt. Rachel, a young, paraplegic wom [...]

    13. I am not surprised to learn that Ruth F. Hunt's 'The Single Feather' was named as one of the six stand-out novels of 2015 by Paul Simon in The Morning Star. It is one of the few novels that I have read in the last few years of which I have read every word, right to the end.The story romps along, and the author cleverly keeps us guessing until towards the end about certain facets of her life. The narrative revolves to a great extent around the characters of an art group which meets locally: we ar [...]

    14. The Single Feather is a beautiful, intriguing addition to the canon of contemporary literature. It deals with disability and relationships in a refreshing manner. The cast of characters is endearing, and it is a book you're guaranteed to want to read more than once.

    15. Brilliant!! Believable characters put into believable and relatable situations. Flows extremely well and keeps you page turning right to the end.

    16. Excellent, well written and inspiring! Rachel is an artist and wheelchair user. When she joins an art group, she meets an eclectic mix of people -- all abilities, all ages -- and becomes embroiled in their emotional ups and downs, prejudices, and their conflicting politics. It's obvious that Hunt crafted her novel with great care, and by the end of it, I felt a strong connection with all of the characters.

    17. The Single Feather, by Ruth F Hunt, Beautifully WrittenThe Single Feather follows Rachel as she moves to a new home and joins an art group Where she meets other members and get to know their struggles and talents I stayed up all night reading this book and found that some parts brought me to tears and yet the beauty in the way this is written and the diversity between views and changes in the world around Rachel and her new friends made this a gripping read. I think this book has a lot of heart [...]

    18. I'm so glad I read this book. It gives a real insight to the problems and prejudice experienced by people forced, through no fault of their own, to rely on the state for help. A moving, thought-provoking, and emotional read. The main character is a delight, and I was rooting for her from the very first page. The mystery of the 'guards' and the 'accident' kept me turning the pages. A very realistic and important book, especially when those on benefits are being demonised by the media. It's by no [...]

    19. This is a terrific first novel: The Single Feather grabbed me from the first page, and I was immediately hooked. Part charming tale of love and friendship, of starting over in a new place, part political polemic (but without being hectoring), this is what people mean when they say unputdownable, and I had to force myself into bed each night, keen for the morning when I could pick it up again. The characters are all thoroughly believable, brilliantly and succinctly drawn. Then there’s the DWP s [...]

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