Calen's Captive

Calen s Captive Calen is a good man from a bad family He s worked hard for success but something s missing or rather someone Calen is the son of an Irish mobster but he s rejected his legacy and has made a name fo

  • Title: Calen's Captive
  • Author: Lucy Leroux
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Calen is a good man from a bad family He s worked hard for success, but something s missing or rather, someone Calen is the son of an Irish mobster, but he s rejected his legacy and has made a name for himself as a club owner After years of hard work, he has the life he s always wanted Almost Then his father asks him to take a meeting with a rival crew It s too impCalen is a good man from a bad family He s worked hard for success, but something s missing or rather, someone Calen is the son of an Irish mobster, but he s rejected his legacy and has made a name for himself as a club owner After years of hard work, he has the life he s always wanted Almost Then his father asks him to take a meeting with a rival crew It s too important to say no Reluctantly, he drives out to the middle of nowhere to meet them There to negotiate for reparations, he sees an innocent girl being held against her will someone who looks very familiar Unwilling to leave the girl to a fate worse than death, he demands she be included as part of the deal Maia is forced to stay with Calen for her safety, but she soon finds out he has ulterior motives for protecting her Calen s Captive is the second book in the Singular Obsession Series No cliffhangers and no serials Each novel stands alone Though it flirts with some bondage, Calen s Captive is not a BDSM title Not suitable for readers under 18.

    A Singular Obsession Book Series A READERS FAVORITE ROMANCE SIZZLE FINALIST Trick s Trap by Lucy Leroux is a mesmerizing contemporary romance with a twist it is sizzling and engrossing Romuald Dzemo for Readers Favorite That s what I love about this Making Her His A Singular Obsession Book Kindle Edition Making Her His A Singular Obsession Book Kindle edition by Lucy Leroux Romance Kindle eBooks .

    • Free Read [Humor and Comedy Book] á Calen's Captive - by Lucy Leroux ✓
      210 Lucy Leroux
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    1. OK, can I be Calen's Captive? If I could jump into the pages of this story, I would gladly take Maia's place. Lucy Leroux's Alpha's are delicious! She writes the perfect balance of dominant, possessive, charming men who know how to take care of their woman. Calen, being the son of an Irish mob boss is just bad enough, but keeps himself out of the family business to stay legal. The one time he has to step in and help his father, he is in time to rescue Maia from the Russian mob. It just so happen [...]

    2. I liked this contemporary romance, if you like innocent, sweet heroines paired with a possessive hero then you might like this. My only real issue was that the heroine was said to look like a fairy way too much. I was starting to picture her with wings :)

    3. That was not what I was expecting. Firstly, the hero is not a bad guy and the heroine is a really sweet girl. With a name like Colens captive I was expecting a little bit more overtones of BDSM, but it had very little. It was a sweet "fairy" type story instead. I loved every crazy minute of it. Somehow, the fact that they didn't sleep together right away and he had actual conversations with the heroine, made the story much more believable for me at least. She also doesn't get pregnant right away [...]

    4. Book 2 in a series but can be read as a stand-alone. I am reading these out of order and I have no problem jumping back and forth between the volumes. Each book follows the same format of having an extremely dominant Alpha male falling for a diamond in the rough nerd girl, with uneven results. While volume 1 was DNF, and volume 3 was an awesome read, this book, Calen's captive was preposterous and flat. Yeah, I know what I am getting into. This is kind of like pulp fiction except not as OTT but [...]

    5. This is book two in the "A Singular Obsession series by Lucy Leroux. I must say as soon as I got through book one 'Making Her His' I was hunting down the series. This was a new author for me (but now one of my favorites) and I find that her writing is what some fantasy are about. They are the strong male types that only want to protect,take care of you while spoiling you and not to mention jealous of anyone that looks at you. Also they are some really hot love scene. Calen is our hero, he owns n [...]

    6. I remember (vaguely) reading book two about Alex and having some issues with his past when it came to his OW stuff. I’m happy to say that Calen doesn’t have that problem. When he catches just a glimpse of his h, that instant pull he feels for her becomes his obsession, and he is all about her. He doesn’t look, think or even acknowledge anyone else. I love an H who has tunnel vision when it comes to his woman and Calen was definitely suffering from it.If you want an easy read with no angst, [...]

    7. 4 STARS. Awesome book, love the series. Side note- I just finished book 4 of the series and I'm coming back here because I remember Peyton and Liam being mentioned here, I talked to the author and she said their book will probably be out by next year, so I can't wait, hopefully that book's H does not have a repeat of Alex and is celibate after he has feelings for the h, I have a feeling it's unlikely but please, I need the celibate hero!

    8. Hoo boy. Reading out of order in the series this was not as worthy as our Ruskie or Italian hero.Calen, reluctant son of the Irish mob, takes a meeting with some Russian bad guys and rescues his dream girl, an elfish little creature.Calen protects his little fairy from himself and the bad guys. There is some creepiness in that he's sold on the relationship, but even after they consummate it she's still uncertain about her feelings. Unworthy or uncertain, I don't know but it sabotaged the romance [...]

    9. 3.5 starsHEA (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW/OM (view spoiler)[No cheating. No OW/OM. Hero has slept with a lot of woman. Heroine has no experience (hide spoiler)]>Any Couple Separation (view spoiler)[ No. Once together they stay together. Their relationship moves very fast. Definitely instant love especially on heroes part (hide spoiler)]Angst Level: LowHeat Level: High

    10. I liked this second in the series. The guy just knew what he wanted and went after it. It's fun occasionally to read about OTT alpha heroes. The heroine was sweet and sort of naïve. The plot was interesting and held together a couple of different mob organizations clashing and the main couple, who were not mobsters, just trying to get through it. Well written and without editing problems.

    11. Can I please just find atleast one book where the guy isn't obsessed with making babies with a girl he barely knows?! Is this really what mobsters are like?oh you're marriage ain't real til you be poppin' out those kiddos!And. If. I. Read. One. More. Book. About. A. Virgin. I. Will. Stab. My. Eye. Out. With. A. Fork.

    12. 2.5. Too much meek young-looking submissive virgin with the masterful rich overprotective alpha. I usually enjoy those plots somewhat. But there just wasn't anything else here. And there was a creepy amount of the H enjoying the youthful appearance and attitude of the h.

    13. Sweet, low angst, some heat and just so cute. I really enjoyed the couple in this. I would definitely re-read in future.

    14. Young and single, Maia moved to Boston from the northwest after her mom died of cancer. She was in the woods to collect specimens for her professor's class when she saw a rare butterfly that wasn't known to be this far north. She chased him for a while and tried to catch him, but she unexpectedly surprised two men burying what looked like a body. She tuned to run as she didn't like the lust and sneer on the fat one and they both gave chase. The huge and tall man's log legs ate up more ground and [...]

    15. 5 Glorious Stars!This series was a pleasant surprise. When reading self publish works you never know what you'll gonna get, most likely you'll be disappointed but sometimes you'll stumble upon a gem of a book, like this one.It is an exquisite story with an engaging central couple and a steamy romance that is based around one of my favorite tropes - a strong, smart and kind heroine meets driven, assertive, and in control of the world alpha.This book is just perfect. It hits the right notes and pu [...]

    16. I really liked this one. Similar to the first book the heroine, Maia, is a student at Harvard studying insects (if you remember that the first book the heroine studied mushrooms) like butterflies and moths. The part that really made me smile was the fact that Calen had this thing for fairies and even though all the women he had sex with and was photographed with were all leggy, big-bosomed models Maia resembles a little fairy or elf because she is so small. I really like the explanation that Cal [...]

    17. Calen and some chick who looks like a fairy. Not as memorable as the first book in the series. In fact, I almost forgot to finish it! Calen was a good character. Sworn to live an honest life (if running night clubs and sleeping around is honest) and not fall into the quagmire of his father's Irish house of crime. But he gets talked into doing one favour for his dear old dad, and ends up rescuing said elfish waif in the process. The rest of the book is very predictable and my mind got kinda numb [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this one. The heroine, is very very innocent and sweet and naive, so if you don't like that type you may not like this read.

    19. 3.5 stars. A quick and hot reading. The only thing bothered me was that I was not sure Maia would fall in love with Calen if they met under normal circumstance since Maia was only a poor Harvard graduate student and Calen was a rich bar owner that he always had different arm candies whenever the medias took his photos. If Maia didn't need Calen's protection, would she accept his proposal? And the way Calen spoiled her with new car, new wardrobe, jewelry, and paid her student loans and her mother [...]

    20. I didn't like this as much as the last book. The H's fascination with fairies was way too OTT and weird. Plus, he wanted to marry the h almost right away even though he didn't know anything about her. There was no buildup of attraction. The h just went along with everything like an idiot. I did like that the h in this book and the last are very intelligent and brainiacs.

    21. Good plot not to angsty sweet shy and yet strong h and an great H. Really liked that book would have love a nice epilogue. :D :D

    22. Pleasant readI liked this story although I expected just a little bit more. It was hard to tell if Calen was in love or just possessive at various parts of the story. Maia was also lacking true emotion. It seemed like both characters were too scripted; just going through the motions without any real depth.But despite that I thought they made a good couple. They each needed each other in different ways. I loved Calen's decisiveness. He never wavered about his decisions. And I also loved his hones [...]

    23. Calen was on a mission to find her, his little fairy. He caught a glimpse but he wasn't sure she was real until he saw the footage. Then he had his chance. Now he would do anything to keep her. Nymph that's what he calls me, well everyone has always told me I look like a fairy. His obsession is there is clear and so he is. Circumstances play right into his hands and so does she. In the end is it circumstances or real, that's what these two will have to figure out and that's if they make it thru [...]

    24. Calen is a business owner and his family is in the mob but he did not want anything to do with it and built his legacy on his own but his Father talked into this going in his place for this meeting and he went grudgingly and found this most beautiful fairy lady being held against her will and made them give her to him as part of the bargain and he took her home to take care of her forever and had lust and passion for her but she had a sassy attitude and a good fight in her and he loved it this w [...]

    25. Maia gets caught being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thus starts a chain of events where she literally becomes the property of Calen MacLachlan. He is a rich, successful, gorgeous businessman with tiies to the Irish Mafia. Why he wants Maia is a mystery to her. In order to guarantee her safety and save her life Maia must choose either to marry him or be on the run for the rest of her days.

    26. Sometimes you just want sweet & sexy. This was it. A nice shy girl, paired with a capable Alpha whose ready to settle down. This is a great little love story. I was surprised thinking it might be a bit dark, but it wasn't. I liked both characters and I adore all the supporting characters so I sincerely hope she continues the series. I've got a few more books to go but I'm really curious about Liam. Good beach read. Recommend.

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