Shamsuddin's Grave

Shamsuddin s Grave Latika s wrecked personal front leaves her completely shattered So when her ailing father reveals his desire to go back home she doesn t think twice and moves to her hometown She joins an NGO and com

  • Title: Shamsuddin's Grave
  • Author: Paromita Goswami
  • ISBN: 9781482843941
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Latika s wrecked personal front leaves her completely shattered So when her ailing father reveals his desire to go back home, she doesn t think twice and moves to her hometown She joins an NGO and comes across a teenager rape victim Much against her TL, Debjyoti s wish she sets out to trace the girl with Shamsuddin s help Will she succeed or end up in big trouble ShamsLatika s wrecked personal front leaves her completely shattered So when her ailing father reveals his desire to go back home, she doesn t think twice and moves to her hometown She joins an NGO and comes across a teenager rape victim Much against her TL, Debjyoti s wish she sets out to trace the girl with Shamsuddin s help Will she succeed or end up in big trouble Shamsuddin, a daily labourer, somehow manages to thrive in the city Meanwhile, flood devastates his house in the village His family takes refuge in a relative s place where his wife has a tough time resisting to the advances of her brother in law Can Shamsuddin arrange for an accommodation before it is too late Set in Guwahati amid the backdrop of flood and ethnic turmoil, Shamsuddin s Grave , is the story of migration towards big cities for a better life.

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      221 Paromita Goswami
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    1. The rich gets richer ,the poor gets poorer This is what happens in Shamsuddin's Grave . It doesn't say anything about the rich society ,but it is the story of a daily laborer named Shamsuddin. He goes to the big city leaving his family to earn money . Shamsuddin's moves to Guwahati to provide a better life for his family . But in the end , he loses his family and earns nothing . (view spoiler)[ Even in his death , he didn't have a place of his own in his graveyard.Even though , it is sad to read [...]

    2. Apt for Social AwarenessA huge thanks to the author for contacting me and providing me with a copy of her book to read and review Frankly i am in a dilemma as to what to say about this book. One one end it has every ingredients in its appropriate portions and measures and is able to put together a well assimilated book but on the other hand it fails to create a spark if you are going to treat is as a work of fiction. I am finding it hard to see the book as a work of fiction because the theme, th [...]

    3. Shamsuddin’s Grave is an account which digs deep into the cause and effect relationship between our life and our actions. This work is a serious business with no fooling around and play with words. If you need a book that might work to bring you back to the senses… this is it! The story enlightens and educates the readers about the sweet and sour aspects of lives of the displaced through a man’s account. During his ordeal, he comes across many more characters, which join him into his wagon [...]

    4. This book, as the title suggests, is Shamsuddin's story. I loved getting to know Shamsuddin - the author does a great job developing this character and showing us his flaws and his strengths. Above all, his struggle is depicted eloquently, and it made me sad because, like it or not, one starts rooting for him. I wanted him to succeed and to finally acquire the home he craved. I wanted him to find his family. Because of the ominous suggestion in the title of the book, I kept turning the pages and [...]

    5. Shamsuddin’s Story A land in the grip of communal riots. Where tension was prevailing from a very long time and when the whole of India is a silent bystander. Shamsuddin represents the minorities of this community. A man who comes to the city to earn his livelihood and in the process loses his family and his roots. He has only two options – to give up or to live on. He decides to side with life and becomes the backbone of this novel.Snehlata’s storyOne of the first settlers of this region [...]

    6. They say the best inspiration comes from real life. Shamsuddin’s Grave, a debut novel by Paromita Goswami is inspired from a real life story. Shamsuddin, a farmer from a small village in Assam loses his land due to the yearly floods in Brahmaputra river. It was hard for him to make ends meet, so he moves to Guwahati with big dreams. But his big-city dreams are shattered by the realities of daily existence and in doing so he loses the trust of his family. As he struggles and wades through life, [...]

    7. Paromita Goswami’s maiden novel Shamsuddin’s Grave is built upon the sensitive issues of illegal migration and their struggle to live in a land often shattered by natural and social calamities. While these illegal immigrants face a harsh treatment by authorities and society, sometimes they also come across a considerate soul who is willing to help without being judgmental about them. Shamsuddin’s Grave is a story of struggle, humanity, patience and redemption. Set in the Guwahati, the stor [...]

    8. ‘Shamsuddin’s Grave’ deals with the plight and fate of homeless people in the north-eastern state Assam and forces one to think about the social makeup of our society. The story revolves around Shamsuddin’s need to own a home and social activist Latika, and how their lives are intertwined as they help bust a human trafficking ring. Having lost everything in the floods, Shamsuddin, a farmer, comes to Guwahati to try his luck in the city. Struggling to make ends meet he loses the trust of [...]

    9. No country as multi-cultural, diversified, and as vast as India can be without its share of issues and problems. One of these issues is, the issue of immigrants, legal or otherwise. While it’s a challenge for the government to take all of them into account and provide them with the basic necessities of life, it’s all the more difficult for the immigrants who had to leave their homeland and start a new life in an unknown land, where people might or might not be willing to accept them as their [...]

    10. With Shamsuddin's Grave, author Paromita Goswami has weaved an emotional story of struggle, in the backdrop of social ostracism in India, and the plight of supposed illegal refugees who have come from Bangladesh to India.Latika and Snehlata are two gentle souls who are example of those who rise above the discriminations and unjustice of the society.Snehlata has provided living quarters for Shamsuddin for years. Latika is back to her hometown, Guwahati after having known the fast life of a metro [...]

    11. Shamsuddin is a farmer who has become landless.He is in rural Assam. He goes to Guwahati to earn a living. He only manages to survive .When he returns home after a long gap , he realises that his family is lost. He grieves & yet returns to Guwahati. He keeps moving from place to place .He is unable to have a place to call home. He is taken in, to look after cattle by Snehlata.He does odd jobs for Snehlata & stays in the barn with the cattle. Snehlata's niece Latika gifts a cycle rickshaw [...]

    12. Shamsuddin's Grave is a narration, the story of a man who wishes to live with his family and lives a life to fulfill just that dream. His background, his homeland, the place where he lives, his place in social ladder are the hurdles in his quest. The story moves from Shamsuddin to Latika who brings in diverse issues in the picture, her career, her love, her past, her ambition, her drive to help, these, takes the story in a journey of many twists and sub-lanes. The opening chapter had me intrigue [...]

    13. Read full review here:imlostsoul/2015/04 Hats off to Paromita Goswami, author of Shamsudin’s Grave, for writing such a good novel.This novel is different, it’s not a story of an MBA Guy, not a story of an engineer, not a story of high class of society, it’s about a daily wage labourer, his plight, his struggle, and a young lady Latika, who explores her different aspect of life along the story of Shamsuddin, and the story represents a real life story, not so perfect, just like real life, wh [...]

    14. I don't give 5 Stars easily but this book has earned it. Paromita has written an incredible novel that tosses you from happiness to sadness in one paragraph. Rich, emotional, human, and absolutely never ever boring!I've no quarter for poor use of English in books I read. Yet, I felt that the way this book was written added a certain richness. Very little would I change, because it immerses me deeper into a culturally rich text that exposes you to the traditions, religious differences, difficulti [...]

    15. As the story claims to be at the very beginning, rightfully, the plot does not deviate and it is indeed a story of a homeless person or rather it will be plural as against a setting of turmoil, refugees invade India from Bangladesh. Shamsuddin and Latika, the protagonists are amazingly sketched and I enjoyed my meeting with them in this 282 paged book!From the very first chapter the author has interested me and I re-read the lines, yes it was THAT BEAUTIFUL!There are a lot of subplots in the sto [...]

    16. Shamsuddin’s Grave – the story of homeless; the title itself speaks of volumes. As the title suggests the story is of Shamsuddin’s struggle for existence, from birth till death and even after death. But the story is not only of Shamsuddin but also of Latika and partly of Snehlata, both of whom play a major role in Shamsuddin’s life. Shamsuddin is a poor farmer born in a village near Guwahati. Frequent floods, lack of facilities, illiteracy and proper documents all makes it difficult for [...]

    17. The book was a great image to bring in front some important aspects which are neglected by almost all the classes, even the suffering ones. Everything came out to be a treat. Only and only if things were made to move one by one in every character's life then maybe the other characters wouldn’t have been left behind in the background. Paromita Goswami stole the show with the closing paragraph. Well done mam…You can read the complete review here -thesubtlebraiding

    18. A Masterpiece INdeed!Shamsuddin's Grave :The Story of A Homeless by Paromita Goswami​, Author Paromita​ is a Literary Fiction. This book talks about the hardships a normal man goes through in order to survive in this money making world. The story of emotions, betrayal, struggles, love, friendship that moves the reader and all these emotions can be felt by him while reading this piece. I got this book as a part of blogtour The Book Club. captivatingmode.wordpress

    19. Narrative is short and polished, both sad and cheerful wherever required. This is a beautiful novel in regards to characters, feelings and deals with harsh realities.All in all, it is a well structured book which touches the reader and teaches many things. A breezy read as the story flows and keeps you hooked.This book is a classic. Believe you me! A must buy. Totally recommended! Go for it!Read full review here: aayeshashewholives

    20. What in life is more important than being loved by someone? Nothing really. Life as we know is full of turns and twists that we never expect. Sometimes, in life we have to let things go while sometimes it is the other way around and things are painful both the ways. To read the complete review visit guptakaushal/2015/04/book-review-shamsuddins-grave-paromitaml

    21. WOWs!!Plot: A wonderful plot involving the state of the homeless Miya Muslims of Bengali origin who are ‘foreigners’ in their own land and are deprived of even the barest necessities of life. Their agony at being denied even a decent roof over their head is portrayed well through the plight of Shamsuddin the protagonist. One can easily relate to their sufferings and humiliation.The twist towards the end, is the masterstroke.Characterization : The characters of Shamsuddin and Lathika are well [...]

    22. Read the full review on shinningappy/2015/Some books have the potential to make you connected with them. You can learn some valuable things from that book, you'll be emotionally attached to the main protagonists and the book will leave a deep impression on you. 'Shamsuddin's Grave' is one of such kind. The cover of the book is simple yet complementing the title. The language of the story is easy to understand and the emotion is easy to interpret. I like the twist in the story.The characters are [...]

    23. Poverty, illiteracy, illegal immigrants are the basic ingredients on which the story is set with the background of Miya Muslim and their struggle to survive in their own nation. Latika, Shamsuddin are the central characters of the story. Latika who aspires to change the society and after a set back in her personal life joins an NGO and her career path is definitely not a bed of roses. Meanwhile , the dark shades of Shamsuddin creates a tragedy for his own life at the personal front. A personal l [...]

    24. A review from my reader.An absorbing story with an unexpected ending !!By Rashmi Aswin on 27 May 2015Format: PaperbackThe book is about a homeless man and a social worker whose stories intertwine. The many social issues troubling India are depicted in simple language. I read the book within 2-3 days, as I found it hard to put down once I started. I was unaware of the condition of the Miya Muslims before reading this book.The issues covered in the book were serious but they were related by the au [...]

    25. Review at A Bookworm’s Musing: wp/p2J8yh-2ObWhat I liked: + Feels quite realistic+ Interesting characters; esp. that of Latika+ Simple narration, and parts toward the endWhat I didn’t like:- Lack of editing; both language and typos are prominentOne time read for me. Worth reading, but the lack of editing hinders the interest in the story.

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