Trafficking Trafficking is big business and those involved show no remorse have no mercy only a deadly intent to protect their income Afina is a young Romanian girl with high expectations when she arrives in Br

  • Title: Trafficking
  • Author: Bill Ward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trafficking is big business and those involved show no remorse, have no mercy, only a deadly intent to protect their income.Afina is a young Romanian girl with high expectations when she arrives in Brighton but she has been tricked and there is no job, only a life as a sex slave Facing a desperate future, Afina tries to escape and a young female police officer, who comesTrafficking is big business and those involved show no remorse, have no mercy, only a deadly intent to protect their income.Afina is a young Romanian girl with high expectations when she arrives in Brighton but she has been tricked and there is no job, only a life as a sex slave Facing a desperate future, Afina tries to escape and a young female police officer, who comes to her aid, is stabbed Powell s life has been torn apart for the second time and he is determined to find the man responsible for his daughter s death Action, violence and sex abound in this taut thriller about one of today s worst crimes.

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    1. Trafficking by Bill Ward is a novel delving deep into the seedy underbelly of the most shameful of human practices: the international human sex trade. This is a dark subject that is recommended for mature readers only.Afina, a young naïve Romanian girl with dreams of making a better life for her and her family, accepts a job abroad in England. However, upon arriving in the British Isles, the girl’s life as she’s known it is snatched away from her. The promised job proves to be a sham. Her p [...]

    2. When you realize the difficult nature of the subject matter at the beginning of Trafficking, you’ll also recognize the extreme expertise required to handle it. A gullible woman desperate for work accepts an offer for hire abroad, only to find herself a sex slave within hours of arriving in a foreign country. She knows no one, has her passport and money taken from her, all avenues of escape cut off, and is summarily turned inside out in the most horrific manner possible. As if the crime of bein [...]

    3. Trafficking (Powell Book 1) revolves around a scary, disgusting, and often forgotten real life issue. This is definitely not a story for anyone considering themselves a prude. The plot is intricate and the characters well developed, so much so I was quite upset with Mara for her attitude toward human trafficking. At certain turns in the plot it did seem like things went just a little too easily for Powell, but I loved all the descriptive fight scenes. All in all, this is a fast paced thriller wh [...]

    4. Exciting, easy to read and definitely kept my reader interest. I just don't like when the book doesn't have an ending and you have to purchase the next book to find out. Maybe I'm the only one that feels this way but this is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

    5. This one was gripping enough that I read it in one session.In the backstreets of Brighton, right under the nose of ‘normal’ society, young Afina, lured to England with the promise of a regular job, finds herself under the heel of the sex-slave trade. The prospect of escape looks bleak, until hope arrives from an unexpected quarterBe warned, the descriptions of day-to-day experiences of women who have been prostituted are not for the faint of heart, but the strength of the story justifies thi [...]

    6. Normally I would not pick up a book that has so much coarse language and sex in it, but this book has a worthy cause behind the addition of such content. Based solidly on one of the world’s worst crimes, this thriller sucks you in from the beginning. There is always an attraction to read about such horrific crimes like sex trafficking. Young girls are lured in by false pretense of honest jobs awaiting them in a safer country like England. However, once they reach their ‘promised land’ thei [...]

    7. I loved this book, especially the characters of Afina and Powell. The author has done a great job with these and the other characters, which makes for an emotional and exciting read. The basic subject matter is the terrible crime of human trafficking and there is a fair amount of sex in the book but there is a great plot, which moves along quickly making this a real page turner. This is the first book in a new series featuring Powell, who I really enjoyed so I look forward to the next book!

    8. This was a very powerful book! The subject matter was definitely not easy to deal with at times as it shows sex slavery and people trafficking in all its brutality, however, it’s one of those stories that needs to be told to bring attention to what is unfortunately still taking place in the world today. Afina is a young girl from Romania who jumps on the opportunity of traveling to England when a friend of a friend offers her a position in a bar. Of course, once she arrives in Brighton and get [...]

    9. Setting: Brighton, UK, present day. Great introduction to Powell, a former MI5 operative attempting to live a peaceful life, running a bar in Brighton. But when his only daughter, a serving police officer, is stabbed to death trying to save a girl on the run from Romanian sex traffickers, Powell's desire for revenge causes all his training and abilities to rise to the fore once again as he goes in search of his daughter's killers Great read and glad I already have the next two books in the serie [...]

    10. Human trafficking is happening all around us. Women from all around the world are being stolen or tricked into the prospect of a job or a better life in other countries only to find out when they get there, the the only job waiting for them is in the form of becoming a sex slave. To be used in brothels or even sold into the hands of another. Bill Ward show us the dark side of human trafficking and the steps that a young girl, Afina, will go to just to stay alive and hopefully one day be freed.

    11. GoodreadI really enjoyed this book. I was a little saddened at the ending of the story but I see that this book is titled Powell Book 1 so I am looking forward to Book 2. Judith Ward

    12. Trafficking was a brilliant, gripping read. Afina, a young Romanian girl, is lured away from Bucharest with the promise of a better life in the UK. As soon as she arrives in Brighton, her dream turns into a nightmare as she is forced into prostitution. An attempt to escape ends with tragic consequences and brings Powell (an ex-MI5 agent) into her life. Together they must find a way outI really enjoyed this book. It is well written, fast paced and full of unexpected twists. Fast-moving thrillers [...]

    13. Trafficking is the first Bill Ward book I've read, but it certainly will not be the last. When I pick up thrillers by these indie authors like Ward or Ken Fry, my immediate thought is, do they measure up to the blockbuster thrillers by the likes of Ludlum, Davin or Clancy? So far, I can only answer a resounding YES, to that question. There are so many incredibly talented indie authors out there and I'll put Bill Ward up there with the best of them, now. Trafficking is not a pretty story. It is h [...]

    14. In recent months I have read a lot of suspenseful novels, most of them I did enjoyed tremendously so when I came across Bill Ward’s novel I was immediately drawn to his latest thriller, Trafficking. Unlike the other mystery novels I have read, this one deals with the hidden faces of human trafficking. It’s a sensitive topic for me since I have children of my own. It’s hard to fathom that in the world we live in today, sex slavery is alive and thriving. And so the story unfolds… Lured by [...]

    15. Don't judge the book by the first chapter! It's kicks into gear and becomes a compelling read after thatAt first, I was a bit dismayed as I read the first chapter. It was very much a case of "tell" vs. "show" with barely a dialogue tag to be found. But once I pushed past it into the second and third chapters, the book took off and never let go. A pulse pounding thriller with great characters. Ward's Powell will be one to watch.This is a hard topic - and not for the faint of heart - but the story [...]

    16. Bill Ward has crafted yet another strong, suspenseful thriller. Despite the horrific subject matter - the sex trafficking of young Eastern European girls - Ward effectively allows the reader a glimpse into the humanity of the victims. We see Afina's determination and smarts as she attempts to escape the clutches of her captors and keep her friends and family safe. It's also a good introduction for a new series featuring Ward's protagonist, Powell, as it lays the groundwork for Powell's motivatio [...]

    17. Human trafficking is an uncomfortable subject. It’s rife and it’s very real in today’s world. The author did a great job in portraying the gullibility of a woman, looking for a new life and, instead, finds herself stripped of everything she owns, including her dignity and free will.There’s no doubt about it this is a real page turner; a fast paced, nail biting, and at times, uncomfortable read.If the author set out to provoke thoughts, fear, and at times, sheer disgust with human nature, [...]

    18. It’s been a long long time since I read a thriller – probably not since John Grisham years ago. Looking across the shelves it’s been westerns (fact or fiction) for me for some time.Saying all that, I really enjoyed this novel.In Powell the author has created a character that the reader empathises with as he faces up to the terrible situation presented to him.While attempting to get to the persons responsible he stumbles across the awful business of trafficking.Following the central charact [...]

    19. Gritty ThrillerThe story reflects the grim reality of human trafficking. Young Afina leaves Romania for England, thinking she has the opportunity to start a new life. Prepared to work hard and spend her off time learning about her new country, she’s shocked to discover she’s been cruelly tricked.When Powell’s daughter Bella is brutally killed, he can’t stand by and do nothing. He’s not as cold-blooded as his adversaries, so he has to get creative. He also takes some unexpected steps in [...]

    20. Taught, gritty thriller has it allIf you like your thrillers gritty, real and down and dirty, Trafficking is highly recommended. It’s a gut-wrenching tale that builds and builds, leaving you drained yet wanting more with each passing chapter.For this reviewer it brought back distant echoes of Taken (the Liam Neeson blockbuster movie), but that’s not a criticism. The storyline is fresh, the twists and turns unique. It stands out in a crowded genre.All in all: it’s a must-read!

    21. This deeply sad, disturbing and shocking book is brilliantly written and draws attention to an issue often overlooked in today's world of booming population and crimes slipping through the cracks. Trafficking is the story of one girl's struggle to be more than just an object with a price, and one man's determination to find out why his beloved daughter was brutally killed.

    22. I really enjoyed this book not my usual choice. Good build up of suspense and lots of clever plot turns that kept me guessing right up to the end. Some of the content is brutal but all too believable. The author did a good job of balancing the story and I look forward to reading more of Powell's adventures.

    23. bill wards "trafficking" focuses on the all too real issue of sex trafficking despite being a relatively short book it was action packed and extremely intense! I'd recommend this book to anyone and can't wait to read the next installment of powell! HAPPY READING!!!

    24. TraffickingRead this in 1 sitting couldn't put it down, uncomfortable matter but sadly believable story n likeable characters. Will read more

    25. I reached for Bill Ward's Trafficking aware that the book won't be an easy read. Still, the first few pages made me gasp of disbelief a human being can do such awful things to another human being. I know what trafficking is about but never got so deep into the matter. Bill Ward forced me to face the ugliest and dirtiest secrets of the contemporary women slavery happening right beside us. The main character, Afina, a Romanian girl seeking a better future, decides to leave her country and heads fo [...]

    26. As the title suggests, this book is about trafficking. Afina goes to London for a "job" and it turns out the job is to be raped and beaten into a job of prostitution. She is not one to take it without fighting back so she manages to escape, but naturally they go looking for her and she runs to the safety of police; however, (view spoiler)[the douche bag who was chasing her killed the cop, who happened to be female. But Afina found safety, at least temporarily. (hide spoiler)] Of course, the bad [...]

    27. This book starts with an excited young woman, Afina, about to travel to the UK and start a new life – she has been promised work and a home, but when she arrives she quickly discovers things are not what she was told. Afina is caught in a world of sex slaves and the evil men who thrive on its trafficking.When Afina makes a break for it a young police woman is caught in the cross fire and killed.Powell is devastated by the death of his daughter and he vows to find her killer, little does he kno [...]

    28. Trafficking is a simply constructed novel, reading more like a documentary or an episode of Forensic Files than an action thriller. The point of view is that of a distant observer, who occasionally knows a character's thoughts and motivations, which is off-putting at first, but settles in as the story progresses. A solid story told basically and without gimmick feels like it's missing something, but is it really? Perhaps as a compulsive reader of crime and thriller fiction, I've been spoiled by [...]

    29. As I do judge a book by its cover (it's a good first indication of the author's aesthetics) I was looking forward to read this novel. I'm glad I did. it's a very good work.The writing is very mature, intelligent and technically accomplished. The author seems to touch the pulse of his readers and knows well what they want. Powel, who dislikes being called Mr Powel, is a retired MI5 operative who runs a bar these days. But the murder of his daughter commands if not revenge, at least justice. And h [...]

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