Rian Rian The O Malleys Book The next instalment of the best selling O Malley series Do you believe in soul mates Rian O Malley knew the minute he saw Liadh O Neil that she was the missing piece of his p

  • Title: Rian
  • Author: Michelle McLoughney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rian The O Malleys Book 3 The next instalment of the best selling O Malley series Do you believe in soul mates Rian O Malley knew the minute he saw Liadh O Neil that she was the missing piece of his puzzle They would be together forever The only problem, they were both five years old at the time When Rian lost Liadh, he shut away a part of his heart and no woman eveRian The O Malleys Book 3 The next instalment of the best selling O Malley series Do you believe in soul mates Rian O Malley knew the minute he saw Liadh O Neil that she was the missing piece of his puzzle They would be together forever The only problem, they were both five years old at the time When Rian lost Liadh, he shut away a part of his heart and no woman ever managed to capture the piece of his soul that belonged to Liadh Do you believe in true love Rian O Malley is all grown up Life is good as a sexy brooding multi millionaire businessman Being CEO of the O Malley Caribbean resorts affords Rian every luxury, but in love Rian is guarded, the guise of cheeky carefree playboy hides the depths of his fractured heart Liadh O Neil is back in town Scarred by the fire that damaged her physically and emotionally, Liadh O Neil is changed Although broken on the inside, outwardly Liadh is a confident and professional woman Can Rian break through the fa ade and find the real Liadh Old friendships are rekindled and old adversaries resurface, soon Rian must fight for Liadh s life as well as her heart The magic is still there, the chemistry too hot to deny Can Rian break down Liadh s barriers when her walls seem so impenetrable

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    1 thought on “Rian”

    1. Ah, what a beautiful love story.Rian meeds Liadh when they are children, and their friendship is so perfect. So innocent and pure. And amazing. He willingly puts himself out there for his best friend. But after a pretty traumatic event in their young lives, they are torn apartCue ugly cry #1When Liadh once again returns and takes up residence in her mother's old cottage (coincidentally down the lane from Rian's house *wink wink*) she's not the same person she used to be. She's had a hard upbring [...]

    2. This is a truly wonderful read. It's one of those sweet reads that leave you all warm and fluffy inside. Rian and Liadh were friends since they were kids. They grow close so when Liadh leaves town Rian is devastated. Now she's back in town. They both have feelings for each other. However Liadh has built walls around her. Can Rian break them walls down? This is a brilliant love story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great praise to the author of how she portrays the Irish. I thought it was a great idea [...]

    3. Childhood friends living in a small Irish town both from two different backgrounds. Liadh born to a loving single mother who is looked down on because of the child she gave birth to out of wedlock. Rian born to one of the most valued families in the village knowing nothing but love and acceptance from the towns’ people. Both forming a bond that will test the times and whole true that no matter how long the separation is some feelings do withstand the test of time.Now all grownup and dealing wi [...]

    4. True love can last a lifetime. Rian knew from a very young age that Liadh was his true love; the girl he would spend his forever with. Life though doesn't always go according to plan and when Liadh and her mother have to leave town suddenly, he is left devastated.Liadh's life hasn't been easy from being bullied at school to having to leave town suddenly to being badly scarred in a fire to nursing her dying mother. She is now back in Rian's life and her feelings for him haven't dulled. Unfortunat [...]

    5. * * ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review * * This story was emotional. This is the story of Rian and Liadh, they met when they were five and form a strong bond as friends, Rian watches out for Liadh in more ways than one until a tragedy separates them and Rian is never the same. Now all grown up Rian still thinks of Liadh often. Liadh has returned home but alot has happen in her life and she's not the same, she keeps to herself, but when Rian finds out she's back he's no [...]

    6. This is such a wonderful story!I love the Irish sayings at the beginning of each chapter.I felt like I was right there in the Irish countryside. I would like to go to Kilvarna. Each character was like a friend. (Except Sister Geraldine who I wanted to beat with a stick!!) Granny O'Malley was a pip! It was great to hear her story of how she met and fell in love with her husband. I need to read the first two O'Malley books. I am hooked!***I was given this book as a gift from the author in exchange [...]

    7. This is such a wonderful story!I love the Irish sayings at the beginning of each chapter.I felt like I was right there in the Irish countryside. I would like to go to Kilvarna. Each character was like a friend. (Except Sister Geraldine who I wanted to beat with a stick!!) Granny O'Malley was a pip! It was great to hear her story of how she met and fell in love with her husband.I need to read the first two O'Malley books. I am hooked!***I was given this book as a gift from the author in exchange [...]

    8. If you love a good romance with hot Irish guys and feisty Irish gals then Rian is worth the read.I am so in love with the O'Malley family in a few short books they have me hooked. The characters are all amazing in their own way, I especially love Granny and I would love more of her story we got a few snippets in Rian but I would love more.I really love the way Michelle describes Ireland it makes the area come alive.I really enjoyed every page of this wonderful romance

    9. I was given this book By Michelle McLoughney for my honest review,Big thank you too Michelle once again you have outdone yourself you are a truly amazing writer, not only did i laugh i cried and blushed and all in one book. You truly are one those wonderful writers that knows how to pull emotions out from your readers.Rian is book 3 in the amazing O’Malley series and wowza what a must read series.Are you a believer in soul mates? Well this O Malley is. From the moment Rian O’Malley saw Liadh [...]

    10. Originally posted on mikkysworldofbooksThis is the story of two friends. Two soul mates separated at an age when they were way too young to understand why their connection was so strong and why they couldn’t bear to be away from each other.Life hasn’t been kind with Liadh. She’s the flower child of a sixteen year old girl who lost everything when she refused to give her up. Their existence is made unbearable by a society who has always shunned and abused people like them. The only ray of s [...]

    11. *****4.5 STARS***** Nothing seemed to separate childhood friends Liadh O'Neil, and Rian O'Malley. Growing up together the pair quickly realize that they have reason to be involved in each other's lives. When a traumatic even rips them away from each other, it seems as if fate has a way of telling them that they aren't meant to be lifelong friends.Liadh returns to the town she once grew up in, and the town that Rian is still living. There were certainly moments of anxiety where she knew that comi [...]

    12. Touching and sweet with a wonderful dose of sexy!“Rian” is a tale about a soul deep connection forged in childhood that withstands separation and tragedy to blossom into deep and abiding love in adulthood. Along the way you fall in love with an entire family as well as the lead characters.Imagine meeting your soul mate on your very first day of school… at five years old. Sweet, right? It should have been, but hatred tore these two best friends and likely soulmates apart through no fault of [...]

    13. 5 Stars!And this author has done it again! I loved this book (& maybe a wee bit more than Juice. This book was amazing. It was sweet, sexy, suspenseful, emotional, and had a few twists and turns along the way. This book was a beautiful romance that flowed easily from chapter to chapter. I love a sweet romance with just the right amount of angst. And I am a sucker for a second chance romance.This is Rian and Liadh's story. Rian and Liadh have known each other since they were children. Close w [...]

    14. I am just in a state of absolute bliss right now after just finishing Rian, another amazing book by the super talented author Michelle McLaughney. I adore the style of this authors writing. In this book she manages to blend the traditional Ireland with the more modern romance we love. The accent and dialect features bring this book to life, it makes the characters more realistic. It also allows me personally to drift into my imagination and remember holidays spent in Ireland.The main characters [...]

    15. Rian is a wonderful book about love and second chances.It has an extraordinary story behind it, revolving around special characters who touch your heart.What I loved the most about it is our couple. Rian and Liadh are such good people. They are giving and caring and they work for what they have, no matter their background. I loved that! I loved that despite how differently they grew up, they ended up to be equally good.I also liked the different location. Dublin and the Caribbean, and those love [...]

    16. 5 starI was pulled right into this story. The story flowed and kept you interested. This story has laughs, pain, grief, suspense, and heartbreak. If you have not already read the below I recommend reading them first:Juice (The O'Malleys #1)Winter Wonderland (The O'Malleys #2) This is Liadh and Rian’s story. Liadh and Rian were best friends until she left town with her mother after an incident at the school. She is back in town to sell off the house she inherited. She runs into Rian and the che [...]

    17. I'll start by saying Michelle McLoughney has done it again.A love like no other, since they were little kids Rían and Liahd felt something so strong for each other since they were little kids.As they find themselves again, her plans are staying for the Summer, while she deals with some things she needs to deal with. Danger lurks as she arrives to her little town, Kilvarna. This kicks Rían's protective instincts, and as always, the rest of the O'Malleys too.Love the fact that we get a pick at S [...]

    18. After the first two books I was really looking forward to this one. Rian is part of the family business as are all the O'Malley boys. In the first two books he seems so quiet and protective But still a lot of fun. Whether on the beach or in the pub this man definitely turns heads.Liadh has had a tough life from birth. Being the daughter of an unwed 16 year old in a small Irish town couldn't be easy. She meets Rian at 8 years old and they become instant friends. Frolicking in the wood behind thei [...]

    19. Boy meets girl and vice versa and promptly falls in love 4It was heartbreaking reading about Liadh's story, I hated reading the prologue, it was both cruel and poignant. It pissed me off when the stupid woman called her SIN. How on earth can you call someone that is beyond me, but I am pretty sure people who think like that will get their comeuppance in life. Rian and Liadh story began when they were little, they loved each other, the the prologue clearly defines why they didn't get to spend the [...]

    20. I have loved every novel written by Michelle McLoughney, which has led to a couple problems like trying to sneak in time to read during a busy schedule. Thank you for the kindle, because only with a digital book can you shamelessly read a book with a hot, bare chested man on the cover without the world around you noticing. Aside from the fantastic cover choice though, the book itself was amazing. I have a soft spot for reunited friends and childhood love stories, so I anxiously waited, practical [...]

    21. RianMost precious Irish Soul!!!Just when you think that you couldn't love the O'Malley's anymore than you already doyou meet Rian!The sweetest Irish soul around the globe.He swore to protect Liadh with everything he hada promise made from when he was a wee lad.He gave her strenghth to believe in herself and gifted her his heartr it beat ONLY for her-His Liadh.Riana man who doesn't comprehend the violence of men and the need to destroy innocence and beauty- A trait he inherrited from his grandpar [...]

    22. I'm really enjoying this series. It's cute with the whole family dynamic and the farm. I just love it! It's a sweet read that makes you want to take your time reading to make sure you are totally lost in this world.I like how the people from the other books still make an appearance. I hope that continues on in each of the other books. Rian and Liadh come together again and it feels awkward but then it doesn't. I love that she lives up the road on his family's property. That part made me so giddy [...]

    23. Rian was a great read for me as I absolutely love contemporary romance novels. Rian knew that Liadh was the one for him when he first met her, the unfortunate part was that they were only 5 years old. Rian believes that Liadh is his soulmate and the one that he is supposed to spend his life with. When she left, it completely shattered his heart into pieces. He couldn't ever find someone else to take her place. Years later, Rian is a hot and millionaire businessman. He's accomplished a lot, but s [...]

    24. I am addicted to the O'Malley's. Like the other books, Rian, is completely believable. When he was eight he asked Liadh to marry him. Two days later she was gone thanks to the closed minds of the villagers. 20 years have come and gone and now Liadh returns to sell her mom's cottage. A few weeks later Rian returns for his holidays. Laidh isn't the same little girl. Rian is no longer the little boy that she played with. The book, Rian, is the story of their journey dealing with the past, present, [...]

    25. You know you've found a great romance when you finish it and just start it over again. Michelle Mcloughney has created a wonderful Irish tale of love with the relationship of Rian and Liadh. Those two characters practically jump off the page and pull you into their charming childhood antics and very adult and lovely romance. I thought I was going to die waiting for them to meet again after all those years but it was so worth the wait and such a funny and heartfelt meet it was.Just buy this one. [...]

    26. *An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review* Such a great love story! I found it so relatable & it totally pulled on my heart strings!! Telling a story of their growth or love and having heartbreak as well. I absolutely loved it! Quite the emotional roller coaster for me & there were a few times that made me teary eyed. It's a great thing when a book can suck you into it emotionally!

    27. I just love the O'Malley'sey sound like a typical Irish family. From book 1 I have been hooked. I loved Rory and Cassidy, but Rian and Liadh may have just topped that. I am so glad that Rian found his one true love, because he deserved it. I can't say anymore on this book, because it was bloody fantastic. I've read this book in one day, because every opportunity I got, I had to pick it back up. I can't wait for more.

    28. Rian is probably one of the most ideal boyfriend out there. He is perfect. He is every adjective you would want your boyfriend to have (or might already have). I love their interactions as it is both endearing, knowing how close they are in the past and still came to caring for each other despite the years. There are moments however that I found it quite unrealistic and yet, the book is good enough to inspire a little thought that happily ever afters may happen.

    29. Michelle does it again!Love the O'Malleys!!! How could you not?! This is book 3 in the series and is filled with another unforgettable romance. Do you remember your first kiss? Your first love? Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you ran into that person again? Is it possible after enough time passes? Experience this and more in this MUST READ.

    30. So beautiful, so passionate, I love this story. Rian(reen) &Liadh (leah) are two lovers that come back together after so many years apart. They reunite their love for one another but they have a problem with another person that doesn't want them together.

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