Chains of Water and Stone

Chains of Water and Stone Who is Logan s father The question has been whispered behind his back all his life He s ignored it forced himself not to care but when Belos starts demanding an answer to this very question it take

  • Title: Chains of Water and Stone
  • Author: Katherine Hurley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who is Logan s father The question has been whispered behind his back all his life He s ignored it, forced himself not to care, but when Belos starts demanding an answer to this very question, it takes on a new and disturbing significance As the race to answer this question begins, others rise in its wake, unearthing a mystery that could shake the very foundation of EarWho is Logan s father The question has been whispered behind his back all his life He s ignored it, forced himself not to care, but when Belos starts demanding an answer to this very question, it takes on a new and disturbing significance As the race to answer this question begins, others rise in its wake, unearthing a mystery that could shake the very foundation of Earthmaker life, a mystery that could shake the whole world apart But Astarti has immediate concerns Logan is in grave danger, and she s desperate to get to him before he is destroyed body, mind, and soul.

    • Unlimited [Psychology Book] ☆ Chains of Water and Stone - by Katherine Hurley ✓
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    1. ** Thanks to the author for providing me with an ebook copy in exchange for a honest review.**I First fell in love with this series when I read The Griever's Mark (the first in this series). I thought it couldn't get any better. When I had finally completed the first I needed the second. However this one had yet to come out. So I waited and then finally got my hands on this. It was definitely worth the wait!!There were certain things about this book that made me like the series so much more. The [...]

    2. AHHH!!!! A wonderful sequel! Every bit as good as the first book (and possibly better)!Yeah you did Katherine!!!Seriously - awesome. We learn so much about our characters in this book: Who is Logan's father?What is Astarti's history?Can they save each other in time?What does Belos really want?How could the entire fiber of the world be ripped in two?But no really. Be dramatic. this book takes it to another level.I honestly CANNOT wait for book 3!!!!! bring it on!!!Book type: YA FantasyBook rating [...]

    3. 3/27: I NEED this book NOW!!! I have 5% left in The Griever's Mark and I've just gone back about 7 chapters to re-read because I just can't let it be over!! Seriously, this series is SO. GOOD!

    4. OMG!! THIS BOOK IS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!The CoverThe cover is so damn awesome! I mead just look at it! The gold colour? The girl and guy on it? (Astarti and Logan) It is perfection!The PlotSo the story of this book picks up where the last one ended. I was kind of seriously jumpy because I had no idea what to expect from Katherine. Kats writing is both Ya consistent and not. Some parts of her story follow the usual type of plots, others? Not so much. I usually guess a plot of a story long before it is [...]

    5. After the ending of the griever's mark, I kinda feared reading this second part. I wanted to wait until part 3 is released (because maybe Mrs Hurley loves writing cliffies?!).But for my pretty-cover-challenge this month, I picked it up (I'm in love with the cover)- and couldn't put it down.This is a beautiful and well written second installment, I was back into the world within a couple of pages. All my favorite characters are back and there is another new one, which I fell in love with instantl [...]

    6. Not too surprisingly, this is the weakest entry for the trilogy. It falls into the usual trap of being a 'bridge' book, where you can tell that most of what is happening is set up for the final conclusion. And, like the first book in the trilogy, you can't read it standalone.All up I really liked this trilogy, so I feel bad giving this a low star rating, but since I'm struggling to even really remember what happened in this installment (and I only read it yesterday) that probably gives you a goo [...]

    7. Chains of Water and Stone est un tome intermédiaire qui commence lentement mais qui sait récompenser les plus patients avec des rebondissements inattendus et des révélations juteuses. Les personnages, principaux comme secondaires, sont bien mieux mis en avant et la romance est bien partie pour figurer parmi mes préférées dans le genre Young Adult.Note : 4 /5Chronique complète ici.

    8. Astarti and logan´s story continues.Who is logans real father? What sort of being is he?Astarti is hell bend on finding logan and safe him from the worst being that there is. Belos succeed in leashing Logan and will do everything to keep it that way. The love between Logan and Astarti is still growing and probably the only light in the dark plot.

    9. Overall, this is a really great book.**There may be spoilers, but they do not go into detail**So Astarti is back and she is kicking butt like always! This book definitely took a darker turn than the first one (which was a little dark in its own right) and it worked for me. Logan, as you know if you have read the first book, was taken and Leashed by Belos. We get to see the agonizing struggle that Logan is going through to keep his mind and body his own and we get to see Astarti in a state of des [...]

    10. This installment was raw and gritty, at times difficult to read, but I liked that you really got some insight on a couple of the characters and even some backstory on Belos. I wouldn't describe it as a could-not-put-down, but it was definitely a quick-paced read, and I love the addition of Horik's character!

    11. This transitional book actually caused me pain. Don't read this review if you haven't read the first book since there are some spoilers that cannot be helped.Belos, as I have already celebrated in my review of The Griever's Mark, is the awfullest breathing being I've read about in some time. He out-does himself when he gets his hands on Logan, who I also mentioned is/was emotionally unstable already. At this point, I'm questioning Belos' intelligence. It's possible he's just a maniac with a deat [...]

    12. This is a sequel, but any spoilers for the first book are hidden. See my review of Griever’s Mark.It took me a moment to remember the events of the past book, but it came back. (Definitely not a stand alone sequel.) Astarti annoyed me at first. I understand she’s angry, but she’s so bitter and mean! Either she improved or I got used to her though, because she only bothered me at the beginning.In many ways this felt like a second book. It was necessary and things happen, but it felt like al [...]

    13. I’m feeling like a teenage fangirl at the moment. I didn’t want to put this book down and I enjoyed it even more than the first one.I’m going to use a phrase I’ve only used once before in a review. Ship! As in; I totally ship Astarti and Logan. Actually the plain and frumpy 14-year-old that still resides inside my head wants TO BE Astarti.In this second instalment we follow Astarti as she fights to free Logan from Belos, the man who was previously her captor. Logan and Astarti’s love g [...]

    14. Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.*I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for a fair and honest review.*This is the second book in the series. You must read book one to fully understand book two!I absolutely loved book one in this series. Not surprisingly, I loved this second book just as much. I think it grabbed me a little more than the first. This story is told mainly from Astarti’s point of view. It’s an intriguing story into how far Astarti i [...]

    15. Give me more!I read the first book in about 5 hours and then jumped immediately into this one, finishing it the very next day, so that should tell you something. As several have already mentioned, this book is significantly darker than the first, and it stays that way pretty much the entire time. The lighter, cute moments are fewer and farther in between to make room for the necessary darkness that this book is really about. The writing is great and you find yourself with the characters. You wil [...]

    16. This installment is wonderful, through out the whole book, I can actually imagine how much pain and pressure the characters are enduring, sometimes I FEEL their feelings as if they were my ownWe got to see more of Logan in this one, as he discovers more of himself What he has gone through this book is unbearable But that only made me respect him more We got to see how fragile and at the edge of breaking he is yet still so strong and so caring And Astarti, I swear this girl is the awesomeness its [...]

    17. More of the stuff I hated in the first book plus a little bonus idiocy thrown in. Offset by more time with Logan and Astarti together (I really did like her more seen through his eyes). All in all, not as good as book 1, but I will read the third book because I want to know what happens.

    18. Really Loved ItThis is the sequel to The Griever's Mark and is definitely NOT a stand alone book. And the first one is utterly fantastic so should be read anyway!! I love fantasy when it's done right, which this series truly is. I like that there wasn't a lot of recap like most books, instead simply skimming the basics, because as I said, it's not a stand alone book. One of my favorite things about it,aside from the plot of course, is the author's verbiage. Its really quite beautifully written l [...]

    19. My mind is busted right nowThis book took me on one wild ride. Logan is leashed to Belose. Atstarti is broken but not flown with the loss of him. She is one of the most steadfast characters. Her will does find a way. She is smart and clever. All the characters are well written. You meet new characters and travel to distant lands in this second book. You learn the origins of this world. It is all one wild ride to the finish. I want book three as soon as possible. Logan and Atstarti are one of tho [...]

    20. I only had one thing to say after finishing this bookGIVE ME THE NEXT ONE! OMG this was amazing! Almost better than the first one. SO much happened in this book and there is still more to be explained. And the ending was a huge cliff hanger!I absolutely love this series and the writing. The characters are amazingly written and unique. The world building is fabulous, and the plot is fantastic as well. I can't find anything I don't like about this series. I don't want to reveal too much about this [...]

    21. Enslaved souls and bound godsThis story blends the power of elements with the force of the soul in a unique and intriguing way. Where God's tread and souls are bound, love is the enduring tide between two individuals that fear the power of their origin. There is one whom covets their power and is ever entwined in their paths seeking more for revenge and destruction. If you want a story that keeps you guessing, filled with strife, magic, and close bonds, you will not be disappointed.

    22. Maybe one day I'll be able to finish this story. But Astarti is the type of YA lead that makes me have a love-mostly hate relationship with the YA genre entirely. There is a difference from being a strong, independent, and smart female/character and just being rudely stubborn with no benefit to the story at all. I made it halfway through, up to the part where Logan spoked with his mother, and decided that there was no longer any reason to continue this.

    23. I wasn't a huge fan of the first book in this series, but I was eager to see how things played so I decided to give book a try. I wasn't impressed. It was ok, but the plot was once again pretty slow moving and dull. I didn't care for the lack of closure either. I do think this has potential as a series, but I'm hesitant on continuing it. I've already downloaded book 3 since it was offered as a kindleunlimited but I really don't have much desire to jump into it at this point.

    24. Turbulent. This book rises and falls to the rhythm of the tides and whims and wills of the characters. Logan is strong but teetering on broken in this novel. Astarti is his rock, his light. Together they strive to save themselves from their tortured pasts, yet the past will continue to haunt them as their tormentor lives on more powerful than ever. I don't know what's going to happen in the next book but I know it can't be good.

    25. These books have a really good plot and idea, the writing is good, but sometimes it just moves so slow, and doesn't quite go into enough detail on somethings. Much, Much better than some other young adult fantasy I have read, but it just didn't hold my attention like a really great novel will do. I would say its worth the read though, I think most people would really love it.

    26. ExcellentI loved the first book in the series and now I love the second book. I cannot wait until the next. The story itself is compelling with hatred and love. The complexity of the characters makes you appreciate and love them. You feel as if you are with them. I have never read this author before, but now she will be on my "go-to" list.

    27. Hurry up with the third installment pleaseThoroughly enjoying this series. Very good plot, excellent characters and character development. Story sucks you in, is well paced and keeps you engrossed by Ms. Hurley 's writing style and Story development. Definitely recommend reading.

    28. I love this series!Astarti, a fierce yet tender-hearted Drifter, meets wild and powerful Logan, a Warden, and though they're supposed to be enemies, they instantly feel a connection. Though a love story at its heart, there's plenty of gripping adventure & magic. I can't wait for the next book in the series!

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