This Thing Called Love

This Thing Called Love New York City self help editor Olivia Marks faces her toughest assignment yet parenthood When her sister dies in a car accident the career oriented Olivia suddenly becomes the guardian to her four we

  • Title: This Thing Called Love
  • Author: Miranda Liasson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New York City self help editor Olivia Marks faces her toughest assignment yet parenthood When her sister dies in a car accident, the career oriented Olivia suddenly becomes the guardian to her four week old niece, Annabelle She also becomes a challenge for Annabelle s uncle, Brad Rushford, an old flame whose gorgeous green eyes bring Olivia s fevered memories rushing baNew York City self help editor Olivia Marks faces her toughest assignment yet parenthood When her sister dies in a car accident, the career oriented Olivia suddenly becomes the guardian to her four week old niece, Annabelle She also becomes a challenge for Annabelle s uncle, Brad Rushford, an old flame whose gorgeous green eyes bring Olivia s fevered memories rushing back.As the two circle each other in their small hometown of Mirror Lake, Olivia finds that Brad is as sexy and charming as ever and now he s the darling of the town as he expands his successful lakefront restaurant Is his flirting designed to get serious, or to lower Olivia s defenses to give up guardianship When she finds out about the turreted, brick Victorian house Brad tours with a realtor and an attractive, no strings attached reporter the same place where he and Olivia shared an unforgettable night years ago Olivia wonders if he s looking for a future with her, or planning to start a new life with someone else In the first heartwarming Mirror Lake story, steamy trysts and surprising twists lead two people to a future neither one expected.

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    1 thought on “This Thing Called Love”

    1. 2.75 I read this via Kindle Unlimited [audio].This was a cute little story. I recently watched "Life As We Know It" and I thought this storyline would be similar. It wasd wasn't. This isn't really about Olivia raising her niece with the baby's uncle.It was more about them reconnecting after a failed high school relationship.This wasn't what I had hoped it would be, but I can't say I am disappointed, because I did think it was a super cute, adorable read. I did listen to the audio of it, and I ac [...]

    2. This Thing Called a bookOkay so I got this as one of 's first reads stories. It wasokay, not my favorite, but not terrible. I remember picking this one out because it reminded me of It Had to be Him, a book I had thoroughly enjoyed. This onet so much. I mean it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either. This Thing Called Love just fell flat for me.The author can right, don't get me wrong. I don't think that was the problem I had with the story. It was the actual book itself that I didn't like, [...]

    3. I received this book free from Kindle First.When her sister dies tragically in a car accident and leaves her 4 week old daughter to her care, Olivia's life is turned upside down. She returns to her small hometown and her high school romance is rekindled.I actually enjoyed this book for the first 60%. It was around that point that I felt that the cheese had been turned up from about a 2 or 3 to, like, 7 or 8. It was really cheesy in the second half. I know all romance novels are completely predic [...]

    4. Loved It!!This Thing Called Love by Miranda Liasson is a romance readers dream! Hot hero, strong heroine, an adorable baby who needs a home, and a small town full of busybodies with good intentions. I love a good reunion tale and this heartwarming one hit all the right marks. Tough choices abound, and the characters grow and learn from their past making for a sweet, happily ever after. Enjoy!

    5. What does a re-kindled romance with the one that got away; conquering self-doubting demons from the past and one adorable little baby have in common? They all come together to make a wonderful debut novel This Thing Called Love by Golden Heart winner Miranda Liasson.Olivia Marks vowed to make her success far away from her hometown of Mirror Lake, a place that held nothing but painful reminders of past failures and thoughts of never being good enough. After the death of her sister and brother-in- [...]

    6. I received this book for free through the Kindle First program and found it to be a fast and easy read with an okay storyline about Olivia, a workaholic living in New York City. Olivia's life is upset when her sister and brother-in-law die and Olivia is named in her sister's will to raise their baby. Olivia goes back to her hometown for a few weeks to figure out what she's going to do about her infant niece and runs into Brad, her old high school boyfriend who also happened to be her sister's br [...]

    7. I cannot believe the arrogance of this man. He had me hopping mad throughout the book, I mean seriously, how can one man be that pigheaded? Sorry, I think I started this review a little strong, but I don't take it back.Shopping in a grocery store with a screaming four week old in her cart was not how Olivia Marks imaged spending her day. You would think that being an editor for self-help books would make her an expert at multitasking, but it seems that all that reading went right out her head.Ol [...]

    8. A wonderful story!Easy to read, enjoyable and lovely. It's a short story with a HEA. It is nice to see how Olivia and Brad's second chance develops.

    9. This Thing Called Love: A familiar beginning: High powered, big city, workaholic is given custody of a baby. (Baby Boom with Diane Keaton.) While the premise may seem the same, that’s where it ends.Olivia Marks life turns into total chaos when her sister and brother-in-law are both killed in an accident. She leaves her New York job as an editor of self-help books for two weeks to collect her four-week-old niece, and to figure out how to make her life work. Her long days and weekends are filled [...]

    10. This was free through Kindle First.I DNF'd this. I got tired of the fact that while there were serious issues around these two, whenever they were in each others company all they seemed to do was think lusty thoughts about the other. The other thing they did was constantly reminisce, mostly as a sexual highlight reel of all their good times 10 years before. Oh yeah, they also followed that up with thinking how bitter they were over the way things ended. Seriously? Both of your siblings just died [...]

    11. Once high school sweethearts, Brad and Olivia eventually went their separate ways. She went off to college and he stayed behind in Mirror Lake to raise his younger siblings. But with the recent loss of his brother and her sister, their tiny niece needs them. Much to Brad’s chagrin, workaholic Olivia heads back to Mirror Lake to fulfill her sister’s request that she raise baby Annabelle. I love the tension that builds between this couple as they try do what’s best for their niece and at the [...]

    12. RepetitiveThe characters in this book were both so stubborn it became quite annoying. One minute they are resisting tearing each other's clothes off and 2 lines later they were yelling at one another. Just admit you have feelings for one another already. It was just a repetitive back and forth, neither could make a decision. It became old by the middle of the book. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would

    13. Great bookI really enjoyed this book, from the moment I began to read it it captures my attention. The action and love connection begin from the beginning when Olivia picks up the baby and is standing in the checkout line with an inconsolable crying baby and her ex love of her life behind her.

    14. I wasn't expecting much when I downloaded this book. I was hoping for a quick,cozy read along the lines of Debbie Macomber or Robynn Carr. This definitely was a quick read, but I found nothing interesting or compelling about either of the main characters. I don't mind predictable reads, but give me some interesting characters.

    15. Great quick readGot this as an amazon first read book. It was quick to read. I really enjoyed the characters. I would like to read more books that developed the other characters like Ben and Meg.

    16. This Thing Called Love ( A Mirror Lake Novel)Excellent book. Highly recommend this book to everyone. Excellent story line kept your interest and attention making it hard to put down.

    17. Cute, predictable, fast read. Characters were likeable. Story has been done before. Big city career oriented woman left to raise her niece realizes what's most important in life. Will check out the next ones in series to see what comes next for the characters since I did like them.

    18. I read this book on vacation and it was a perfect book for the beach. A fast, entertaining read with humor, a sizzling hot hero, and an easily relatable heroine. Highly recommend!

    19. LovelyFor when you need that reminder that good things can happen with old loved ones even when they haven't been in your life for a very long time.

    20. Loved it.Loved the book and story line. Couldn't put it down and finished it in a day. A wonderful love story.

    21. This book was cute.but completely bogged down with too much "should I, shouldn't I?" introspection. And the main characters didn't just wonder if they should, they went back and forth throughout the book making them seem completely indecisive. They were supposedly very successful business people. How on earth did they get there if they didn't have a shred of willpower and the ability to know what they wanted?Maybe it was just a bad time to read this book for me, but I skimmed about 60% of it and [...]

    22. Olivia finds herself looking after her late sister's baby, Annabelle, because her sister and brother-in-law have died in an accident and they've willed her to Olivia.In a very amusing shopping spree, screaming baby in tow, she meets up with her old flame, Brad. She's not prepared for this encounter and is taken aback because he is just 'wow' in her eyes.Brad's late brother was Annabelle's father. So now Olivia and Brad are aunt and uncle to a screaming baby niece - and both of them want her and [...]

    23. The book needs editing, and the "lovers" in the book had a terrible relationship. The romance interest was insidiously misogynistic and kept trying to undermine the main character because he didn't feel like she was good enough. I actually found myself rooting for the main character to get out of town and do her own thing. Overall, the book was had some good moments, but those moments were overshadowed by cringe-y dialogue and character actions.Towards the end, the baby is completely an after th [...]

    24. This was a bit different than the usual. Olivia is forced to come back to her hometown after her sister's death, where she also learns she is to take guardianship of her niece.She runs into old flame Brad, who just happens to be her sister's brother-in-law. He wants the baby to stay there where her family can take care of her rather than O taking her back to NYC.I like this; it was different than the usual.

    25. Enjoyed the battle between the two main characters. She does not want to leave her job in New York city that requires long days and short nights. He has already raised his younger siblings since he was 18. The youngest one is in college so he is has time for himself. But what are they going to do about Annabelle their suddenly orphaned niece? She has no experience taking care of babies and he doesn't really want the experience. Added to the mix--they were high school sweethearts.

    26. Great storyI would have given this book a 5 but I don't like sex scenes and never give a book more than a 4 if I have to skip any pages. The writing was great and the editing was really good. The characters were endearing and the storyline was fun. I'm going to start the next book but if I have to skip any pages, I probably won't finish it. And that makes me sad because the author writes really well.

    27. Intricate Start to a SeriesI love books that link characters from one to the next. This author created a setting with lots of potential for future stories. This story focused on Olivia, a self-help book editor and her High school sweetheart, Brad. They are attracted to reach other and also argue. It was an enjoyable read.

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