Flop to the Top!

Flop to the Top In this modern day fable Wanda calls her brother and sister fans keeps up with celebrity news and never misses a chance to share a selfie She s ready to show the world how Wanda ful she really is

  • Title: Flop to the Top!
  • Author: Eleanor Davis Drew Weing
  • ISBN: 9781935179894
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this modern day fable, Wanda calls her brother and sister fans, keeps up with celebrity news, and never misses a chance to share a selfie She s ready to show the world how Wanda ful she really is, but all people are interested in is her dog Superstar cartoonists Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing will have young readers in stitches with this hilarious tale of fame aIn this modern day fable, Wanda calls her brother and sister fans, keeps up with celebrity news, and never misses a chance to share a selfie She s ready to show the world how Wanda ful she really is, but all people are interested in is her dog Superstar cartoonists Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing will have young readers in stitches with this hilarious tale of fame and fandom where friendship and family triumph.

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      385 Eleanor Davis Drew Weing
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    1. A children's graphic novel for younger readers about a girl named W-w-w-w-wanda (no, just Wanda, that's from A Fish Named Wanda) who wants fame, who sees her brother and sister as "fans". She takes selfies and posts them everywhere. One with her dog gets her DOG famous, which creates this manic adventure leading back home and "normality". Just a fun kind of romp by Davis and her husband, Drew Weing. I read it because Davis (How to Be Happy) is an amazing illustrator as well as cartoonist and wan [...]

    2. "I'm a superstar!" so says Wanda. Her brother and sister are her loyal "fans", but her most loyal of all, is her dog Wilbur. She and Wilbur do everything together, including watching their favorite show "The Star Show" and Sassy Cat! Wanda is ready to show the world how Wanda-ful she is and has just posted her latest selfie. When she wakes up in the morning she finds it has 20 million likes! And Wanda is ready for her fame! Exceptey've come forWILBUR???!? Now Wilbur is the famous one! And Wanda [...]

    3. "Flop to the Top!" by husband-&-wife Eleanor Davis & Drew Weing (story & art) is a witty parable for Level 3 readers about media popularity versus true friendship. "My name is WANDA. I'm a SUPERSTAR!" boasts Wanda, a young girl, on the first page. "EVERYBODY says so," but readers can see that's not true. "Here I am with some of my FANS," Wanda says, taking a cel-phone photo of herself with her disapproving younger sister and brother. "But my BIGGEST fan is my dog, Wilbur." Wilbur is [...]

    4. Wanda is a superstar. Her biggest fans are her brother and sister (not) and her dog Wilbur. Then one day, Wanda posts a picture of herself with her floppy dog, Wilbur and it goes viral! She wakes up in the morning to news reporters and limos… but they’re not for her, they’re for Wilbur. Now Wilbur is the superstar (for real) and Wanda misses him. Finally, Wilbur decides to leave all that behind and go home with Wilma, who really loves him. julianaleewriter/the-cybil

    5. Is this about emotions & feelings or our society's obsession with celebrity culture? I expected a bit more of a clear message from these two creators. Not sure if this was entirely successful.

    6. This book has not won any awards."Flop to the Top!" is appropriate for first to third grade students. This book is a graphic novel about Wanda, a young girl, who wants to be famous. But for some reason, her dog is the one who becomes famous. Wanda loves celebrities and taking selfies, and she calls her brother and sister her fans. When she posts a picture online with her dog, it goes viral, but to Wanda's dismay, everyone likes her dog better.This book is really cute, and modern. It talks about [...]

    7. This book is a fantasy book because it never happened and it highly doubtful a dog makes the choice to become a star and leave his owner (temporarily) Dogs just don't make those choices for themselves. This books audience would be primary. Text to self- I have been guilty enough to watch and idolize many stars over the years. When I was little I pretended I was a star too. Specifically Brittany Spears.Text to text - I thought of the show keeping up with the Kardashians. Pretty much it started wi [...]

    8. Cute and funny graphic novel that is engaging for young readers and shows good value in contentment.

    9. This graphic novel will appeal to younger beginning readers. It has great vocabulary and rich sentences that don't feel like it's dumbing down a story just because it's written for a younger audience. It tells the story of Wanda and her dog Wilbur. Wanda wants to be a star. She refers to her younger siblings as fans and acts like a total diva in her family and neighborhood. When Wanda posts a selfie of her and her dog she finds fame, only to realize it's not Wanda who the public wants to see, it [...]

    10. Flop to the Top!Wanda believes she is a real star and always posts pictures with her “fans”, her brother James and her sister Jane, and her biggest fan Wilbur, her dog! One day she posts a picture with Wilbur and captions it: Super Star Wanda and her Floppy Dog. This picture got very poplar overnight and in the morning there were paparazzi surrounding her house. She thought of course they were for her but they were for Wilbur the dog. Wanda got angry because she wanted to be the star. Sassy [...]

    11. This book is about a girl named Wanda, who thinks she is a super star. She has a brother and sister who she ignores because shes too awesome. She purely cares about, selfies, a super star television show and herself. In her effort to become a real superstar her dog, Wilbur is the one who really claims the fame, leading Wanda in distraught and leaves her reacting in a way some would not expect. I was not the biggest fan of this book. I think the moral of the story may be too hidden with in and no [...]

    12. A relevant story about seeking online fame for young kids who are learning to read independently. Great drawings, pretty clear direction of panels for the reader to follow, and it even includes instructions in the back for adults who are reading along with kids. I'm glad this series of introductory comics exists!Because of the subject matter of this one, I'd say it has a wide appeal, even for tweens for whom English is a second language. Appropriate for any age of kid, for those who are able to [...]

    13. A funny story about a girl named Wanda who wants to be famous, but is outshined by her dopey, clueless dog, Wilbur. He becomes an overnight pet celebrity, and Wanda follows him around like a bunch of sour grapes as he lives it up with other stars like Sassy Cat. But when Wilbur's in danger of being swallowed up by fame, Wanda saves the day by showing him that she's his true number one fan. The lesson here? Pay attention to what's close to home - celebrity drama is overrated and, ultimately, mean [...]

    14. Meh?Wanda just seemed like a stuck-up brat to me, and even after she stopped trying to get all the attention for herself and bring Wilbur home, I still couldn't see why Floppy Dog would *want* to. She's cruel to her siblings, she ignores her dogd even at the end, you can tell her obsession with the TV is going to come back and win.

    15. Ugh. Did. Not. Like. Everything about this turned me off: Wanda is appalling, the illustration and text are literally all over the place, and Wilbur reminded me of a character off of South Park. The only redeeming quality of this one was the illustration in which Wilbur resembles Dog Elton John. You'll know it when you see it.

    16. This story was not one of my favorites. It was in a comic style text which might get tricky for young students. It was about a little girl who thought of herself as a super star just like the television show she loved. She pretended that her family and pet were her biggest fans, when really they wanted no part to it. Until she posted a picture that got a lot of likes.

    17. Wanda is a big sister, owner of Wilbur the Floppy Dog, and of course a superstar. Or at least her plan is to be a superstar until her rise to stardom backfires and Wilbur gets all of the attention. Laughable “comic” illustrations and word bubbles will keep readers entertained, and the story of fame and friendship is memorable.

    18. Wanda wants to be a social media superstar just like the people she reads about. She is always posting on social media and ignoring her family. She finally gets her wish, but it turned out a bit differently than she expected. This is a cute story about social media. I think students will get the message about family and friends being more important than virtual friends.

    19. Loved most of it, except did Wilbur REALLY want to give up fame and fortune? Was living with Wanda again really worth it? And why is it that I only seem to analyze character motivations in 32-page picture books and not my book club novels?

    20. Um, did not really get why this has a starred review from KirkusIt was fine. It wasn't as cohesive as I would have liked and it seemed like Wanda had not completely learned her lesson by the end of the book

    21. 3.75 starsA very fun basic graphic novel. A lot of humor kids will get and things that will make an adult smile. The pictures were bright and colorful! Got a good chuckle from this book!!

    22. Wanda is a little full of herself and declares herself a superstar only to be upstaged by her floppy dog. Such a silly story; this is so over the top it's impossible not to love it!Recommended for grades 2-4.

    23. Really odd little story about a dog that gains internet fame after a pic with his owner goes viral. The little girl that owns him is jealous of his new found fame and chases him all over the place eventually realizing it's not jealousy, but love that makes her sad.

    24. Pretty spectacular. Very funny with quirky and cool illustrations. I think it has a great chance at a Geisel for 2016.

    25. Meh. I expected more out of this book. There were too many exclamations. I felt like the book was yelling at me.

    26. Love the color scheme and bold illustrations. Wanda is pretty unlikeable, even if she is redeemed at the endA ALSC Notable 2016

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