Beneath Innocence

Beneath Innocence Warning this is a dark erotica novella read with caution Beneath Innocence is a novella for side characters Jenson and Blue from the bestselling Deception series FaCade Cadence JENSON We all say we

  • Title: Beneath Innocence
  • Author: Ker Dukey D.H. Sidebottom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Warning, this is a dark erotica novella read with caution Beneath Innocence is a novella for side characters, Jenson and Blue from the bestselling Deception series FaCade,Cadence JENSON We all say we d kill for the one we love, but would we I did And I took great satisfaction in doing it as painfully and gruesomely as possible He paid for what he did to Blue MyWarning, this is a dark erotica novella read with caution Beneath Innocence is a novella for side characters, Jenson and Blue from the bestselling Deception series FaCade,Cadence JENSON We all say we d kill for the one we love, but would we I did And I took great satisfaction in doing it as painfully and gruesomely as possible He paid for what he did to Blue My girl, the only girl who could ever steal my heart Did it get me anywhere Oh yeah I fell onto a path of self destruction I reserved myself a spot in hell And Blue left BLUE When someone kills for you, you owe them everything, even your life I couldn t even give him my heart Why Because I didn t deserve for him to protect it for me Instead, I hid away, made some wrong choices and watched from afar as the man I loved fell in love with someone else

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      198 Ker Dukey D.H. Sidebottom
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    1 thought on “Beneath Innocence”

    1. “We all have demons, my dear. It’s how you choose to fight them that matters.”* * * “I was the new Blue, a woman who had overcome darkness and learned to live through the shadows, breathe through the lost feeling and hold on to the hope I would one day feel happiness once again, like I did in the arms of Jenson.”- Blue* * * “You’re everything I dreamed of, you’re that and more.You light up the darkness; you’re molded to my core.The kiss of your breath, the stride in your step,T [...]

    2. What a surprise! Blue & Jensen's story. If you haven't read Facade & Cadence I beg you to! This series will truly blow you away with it's plot twists and deception. In the previous books we meet Blue & Jensen and get a small glimpse at them and the lengths one goes to for love and revenge. "We all have demons my dear. It's how you choose to fight them that matters."Tormented by the acts he's committed and the loss that he feels, Jensen is spiralling out of control. Blue's absence lea [...]

    3. **** 4 REVENGE FOR THE ONE YOU LOVE STARS**** This book is short and sweet and right to the point!The 3rd book it the "Deception" Series by Ker Dukey and DH Sidebottom. I know I have already said this, but these two write a damn good book with no spare for the light hearted. They get down to the nitty gritty raw effects of another's obsession.Jenson has loved Blue from the beginning. What she believed was casual, fun sexJensen wrapped his heart around. Knowing how she felt didn't stop the feelin [...]

    4. Out of all 3 of these story's this is the shortest ride on the crazy train. I loved this book so much. I'm head over heals for Cade, and for Jenson.I don't know if it's because I know the characters so well now, or because the story isn't nearly as dark, or simply the emotional depth which they are written. The story continues from book 1, and 2, but it's more of a love story. There's battles to be won in more ways than one and coming out on top doesn't mean the winner has yet won. This is the p [...]

    5. 3,5 STARS!Remember the phrase: Everyone has their own demon. Including, Jenson and Blue.I just read this last night even i already read FaCade and Cadence last year. Still, those book is awesome and memorable. I couldn't forget Faye and Cade' battle against their demon, Dante. What happened after Deception series has left Jenson and Blue into depression. Both of them are fighter. Even as a fighter, they had became victim. The victim of the sadistic bastards that already paid for what they did.Je [...]

    6. WOW! Amazing Novella that tells us all about what happened to Jensen & Blue, the supporting characters we love from the Deception series. Beneath Innocence picks up where Cadence ended. We get to read about the struggles and emotion Jensen & Blue suffered after all the turmoil that they experienced in the book Cadence. You will need to read Façade & Cadence to fully understand the connection between these two. This novella was erotic, a page turner and had me feeling so emotional ov [...]

    7. 5 stars Fast Paced Novella to the deception series It covers Jenson and Blue story and what happened after the ending of Cadence It is a quick read but it covers the effects and impact of both their Life's and they did struggle with what had happened to blue we get the story told from both POV so we get to see how Jenson and Blue are both feeling . its a Hot emotional short read but if you loved Facade and Cadence you will love this one.

    8. Unfortunately, I didn't read this until several years after reading the first books in the series. Because of the time gap, I couldn't remember the nuances of the relationship between Jensen and Blue. Fortunately, Dukey and Sidebottom were able to create the palpable emotions and feelings these dynamic characters felt towards each other, allowing me to be part of their much-desired, well deserved reunion. I devoured the first 90% of this book as it is chock-full of gritty events (drug abuse, sel [...]

    9. What an amazing addition to an already awesome series! Reading what Blue went through while being kidnapped completely shattered me. This strong, fierce, confident woman was strapped down like an animal & brutally tortured. And in true Blue fashion, she still managed to cuss & spit venom at her tormentors in the process. I loved watching her slowly find herself again It took time for her & Jenson to find each other & I think the way K.D. & D.H.S. wrote their story couldn't ha [...]

    10. Wow. I loved Beneath Innocence. It was great to finally be able to read Jenson and Blue's story, aside from the main characters in the deception series, Which introduced me to both Blue and Jenson. I loved getting a further glimpse in to their own world, away from the main stories in the other books. F**ked up, sick and twisted in all the right places.Another success for both Dukey and Sidebottom.

    11. Great ending to a tragic love story. FaCade messed with my little heart and mind to the point of exhaustion. CADEnce was a victory read and Beneath Innocence was my happily ever after. I love what Jenson and Blue endured to get to the final scenes in the book. So much loss, heartbreak and despair but it ends on a high note. Loved it.

    12. If you haven't read FaCade or Cadence, then you must do so in order to understand this story. It was one thing knowing what happened to Blue but quite another reading it through her eyes and how it affected Jenson. I bawled like a baby for them, shocked out of my skull how damaged and broken they became and I really didn't do that with Faye. Still a very intense five star dark read, enjoy!

    13. I would highly recommend you read Façade and Cadence before you start this novella. I think you could read it alone but you would be missing out on so much history and emotions without the first two novels. For those of us who devoured Façade and Cadence, we were left wondering what happen to Jenson and Blue after the dramatic event happened. The authors gave us their story, where they went, how they handled the trauma and where they end up in life.Blue was unbelievably tortured and left for d [...]

    14. I absolutely loved this novella- part of the deception series.This novella is all about Jenson and Blue and boy what a story these two tell. I love the fact that this book is from both perspectives so you can read what is going on with both characters and get an insight into both of their thoughts and feelings as the story progresses. I am always in awe of where Ker takes a story and when she teams up with Dawn it just gets better and better, I love the dark beautiful places these two ladies tak [...]

    15. Ker and Dawn have done it again and do not disappoint. These two incredible and talented authors are a powerful team and work amazing together and keep coming out with 5+ Star Reads! This is a Novella from the Deception Series and should be read after FaCade and Cadence. A perfect follow up to amazing characters Blue and Jenson and we even get more of Cade and Faye. It continues on from Cadence and is a page turner and had me hooked and feeling the emotions they were going through and had you fi [...]

    16. Sigh.Jenson, Jenson, Jenson. This hottie is sadly battling demons he thought for the promiscuous Blue. I love how this book picked up the pieces right after Facade and Cadence however I do feel like it was rushed hence my rating. I don't wanna bash the authors because I love them and I know they can have so much work on their hands but I don't feel like I got a full conclusion on Jen&Blue's story. A few issues I would have wanted to see get settled didn't and that made me a little sad. It ha [...]

    17. Just loved Jenson and Blue's story After all the hell Blue endured in the last book and the revenge that Jenson served on those that destroyed Blue put him in a tail spin down a dark hole because Blue walked away from him and she took his heart with her. Blue loves Jenson but didn't feel she deserved him. She always loved him but after all that she went through there was no way Jenson could love her any more could he? I wasn't sure that Jenson was going to pull out of it either. The nightmares t [...]

    18. I am so happy this novella was written. When I read the Deception Series (book 2), I was immediately intrigued by Jenson & Blue. This book tells what happened to Blue & Jenson after everything went down in Cadence. Its dark…and it kinda had to be. I really don’t think there could have been any other way these authors could have ended this series. As I was reading this, even though I just got done reading the other 2, I was educated yet again on how awful Dante & his “friends” [...]

    19. I haven't read any other books in this series but I am now intrigued to do so.I am not totally sure what Blue & Jenson's relationship consisted up before the horrific event that took place but from what I could gather they both were deeply in love but neither full knew the extent of love the other had for them. For 2 years they have been apart and neither are functioning very well. Jenson is heavily using drugs to try to forget what he's done and the love he lost. Blue is trying to live a no [...]

    20. 'Love finds you when your ready' that sentence pretty much sums this book up too a T. Jenson and Blue are one of the strongest characters I've read to date. What they both go through broke my heart. The scars, anger, loss, torment and the issues they have to go through by themselves to get better individually before they can come together we're both shattering but healing and beautiful too. They both love each other so much and I'm glad when they are healed and ready they find each other and get [...]

    21. Blue and Jenson's storyBlue was so broken and Jenson was so in love he killed for her. Finally, we know what happens to these two. This is a short read and is a hard, bumpy road ending in a saccharine sweet HEA. I enjoyed this must must confess I missed the mind f@$# I have come to expect with Ker Dukey's books. This lacked the darkness and the psychological thrill the others had but as a sweet, quick read, it was entertaining and I was happy to know how it ended for this couple.

    22. He did it all because he loved her and needed to make them pay and then she walked away. She is hurting and not coping well, years have gone by and she is not living she is just shuffling through life. He has lost himself to sorrow and has descended into addictions. Great quick read that settles their story and makes you feel good.

    23. I absolutely love it when you get a novella that compliments a series so well.Beneath innocence stayed in keeping with the deception series, it never strays & loses you, it gives you what you have craved-that insight into Jenson & Blues relationship.This is a must read if you have read the deception series so far.

    24. the best!!!!First book in this series - nice, second book in the series - nicer and this one, the third book - WOW! I want Jenson all to myself!!! Something about him made me want him from the moment I read his name in the other books and what a knockout when I found out the third book in the series were about him and Blue! Good work as always Ker and D.H!

    25. A quick read after the the first two books, but all I wanted it to be.After traumatic, vividly horrendous images from their past bombard them both, it seems life will never offer them their happy endings. What an epic ride this series has been, in the end we got a taste of sweet, sexy and swoon worthy. After all the devastation poor Blue and Jensen get their chance. Cute ending.

    26. I loved this novella but you need to read Facade and Deception first to really understand the relationship and past that Jenson and Blue share. Jenson is struggling to cope with the events that played out in Cadence and is determined to get revenge. A good conclusion to Blue and Jensons story

    27. This is brutal, the pain Jensen and Blue suffered whilst apart was heartbreaking.Their love never waivered once though, they just had to fight their own demons first to accept that they were destined to be together.Fantastic writing as always, loved it

    28. Ker has done it again with this fantastic novella. If you love Facade and Cadence, you will love this continued novella. Need more story? More twisted and torture? My girl specializes in messing with you and healing you all simultaneously. You want more info? Read it because I am not spoiling

    29. WowYou can spend a life time loving someone without actually being in their lives. .This book shows you how you can take the wrong path but deep down you know it just takes a little two way love. get you back on track. Ker and Dawn this was such an heartbreaking novella but I loved it!

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