Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking This is an updated cover edition of B EY UOW Nigel Gamble is a man with everything including a dark past He took his name from his early business successes but in reality none of it was based on ri

  • Title: Cherry Picking
  • Author: TimHeath
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
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  • This is an updated cover edition of B008EY8UOW.Nigel Gamble is a man with everything including a dark past He took his name from his early business successes, but in reality none of it was based on risk only certain success.Every decision Nigel has ever made in business, people, sport or life had been based on some prior knowledge.When a stranger appears it shakes hisThis is an updated cover edition of B008EY8UOW.Nigel Gamble is a man with everything including a dark past He took his name from his early business successes, but in reality none of it was based on risk only certain success.Every decision Nigel has ever made in business, people, sport or life had been based on some prior knowledge.When a stranger appears it shakes his rich world to the core.But Nigel has been waiting for him and preparing.Now it s a fight to the death there can be only one winner.

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    1 thought on “Cherry Picking”

    1. Comprised of multiple characters, and their stories fail to mesh utterly, making the whole book a confusing waste of my time

    2. Tim Heath you're a friggin genius! This was the most exciting well thought out and mind blowing psychological drama thriller I've read all year! I don't know where to start this review to be honest. It started off very intriguing, capturing your attention from the beginning. I was never left wondering what if, or how can this happen. In between the suspense was the dialogue of events and the key players. Then setup was the plot and the conclusion, all was needed was the timelines to work itself [...]

    3. What Can Go Wrong When You Change the Past?As I finished the last page of this engrossing story, I had one thought: Wow!The first half of the novel develops our understanding of the five main characters. It reminds me of a good detective book. By the halfway point, we understand the people, the past, and the future. At this point, the novel become a cat-and-mouse game between the two main characters (Nigel and Robert) who are simultaneously the hunter and the hunted. The plot is exciting with ma [...]

    4. Might be perma free, probably got it thru one of my free book site links. Reminded me of He Who Should Not Be Named, not Voldemort, it doesn't end with a T it starts with one. Anyway, bit convoluted, for a reason, and even some time travel but not a sci-fi book really, and not really a 'political' thriller, but in brit terms it was Brill.Definitely intellectually challenging to most people I would think after glancing through the reviews, but notice my ratings for this.

    5. When you start reading this book you have so many characters to remember and the plot is so slow that it was so tiresome That's why I rated it only with three stars. But when you give it a second chance then it is wonderful! Very clever, full of turns, a story with thriller, action , fantasy, romance. and with a nice ending! Don't let the begining discourage you.

    6. A very interesting genre-mix.It starts out as an economy thriller - that's where I also had some problems understanding what was going on with these insurance companies, the take-overs etc. But soon it changes to an adventure-cum-fantasy-cum-SF-cum-thriller. Fast paced, interesting, great characters. Sometimes a bit too brutal but fitting in the story line.

    7. Captivating and very interesting book. I came across this book by mistake and I have really enjoyed it. The characters are developed in great detail and there is a twist which is very original and adds drama. The concept is complex but very easy to understand. It's a good book with a good ending.

    8. Glad i read this!Once I started I wasn't to sure. But as I will finish what I start I kept reading. I am glad I did! Twists, turns, unexpected excitement. I loved the determined character Robert and the Innocent love of Jessica and Tommy. Really good read! Time travelwill we experience this in our time. I dread to think it.

    9. Totally different way to time travel. You don't think of it as you're reading.Totally enjoyed this book. Shows how many different paths our lives could go obstacles and decisions made I highly recommend it.

    10. Cherry Picking was a delightful read, quick and highly entertaining. Lots of interesting twists and creative concepts. Well worth reading. A memorable story with a great conclusion. I could definitely see this book end up as a movie. Highly recommended!

    11. Brilliant!!!!A very well written and captivating story, reels you in and gets you hooked, a little bit slow to start, but well worth persevering, as the storyline is total brilliance

    12. An excellent read!Characters grabbed my attention right from the start. Superb plot, raced along at a terrific rate. Exciting and believable even though, at first, the idea seemed far fetched. Highly recommended.

    13. A clever thriller with a fast-moving plot, interesting characters and a satisfying conclusion. Definitely recommended! (As other reviewers on have said, this book would make a cool movie. But you will enjoy the movie more if you read the book first!)

    14. This was a very good book very detailed way out there thinking that I really enjoyed it can't wait to read more from this author I received this book free and loved it so much I wanted to leave a positive review

    15. Twists a plenryInteresting story, lots of twists and turns. A really good and fast paced read. Going to look at more by Tim Heath

    16. StunnerStarted as,a thriller .en a sort of sifi then adventure a wonderful read characters wonderful imaginative storyline .ad it n enjoy a cracking read

    17. A free Kindle book with a time travel theme. Some clever ideas, including the mechanics of the time travel were quite good, but the story felt a bit slow at times. Also many of the characters lacked depth and felt a bit throw away.

    18. Twists and turns aboundJust when you think you have it figured out, bam, another plot twist rears it's head. If you like intrigue and suspense you will love this book!

    19. Dear Tim, thank you for sending me this book. Sadly, I did not read the whole book. Let me try and explain why. From the early pages on, I had a problem with your style of writing. There is too much 'telling' and not enough 'showing', there is not enough dialogue and on top of all, you constantly use adverbial participles. Funny enough I encountered this in my Duolingo Russian course only last week ;-). I did read the first 100 pages and the last 20 because I wanted to know how the story would e [...]

    20. Compelling read. A little slow at the beginning, but with just enough hint that the story was heading in a rather strange, but interesting direction so I persevered. Glad I did. Just kept getting deeper and deeper into the mystery of what is at the core of this book. Tiny hints, elusive clues, intriguing but strangely behaving characters. This was a beaut. Hooked me early and I never looked like escaping, too curious by far. I don't want to give away any spoilers because that would ruin this sto [...]

    21. A Time machine story. An evil man takes knowledge and technology back in time and becomes incredibly wealthy and even more evil. Even less surprising, he wants to RULE THE WORLD. A detective who was chasing him in his future world and has followed him back in time, decides that the only way to stop him is to go further back in time and catch him coming through and kill him then. He does.A fun read though.

    22. Cherry Picking I have just finished reading this book and found it interesting and well written. I had a difficult time getting into it but found it intriguing once I got over the hump.

    23. Fascinating premise and plot. I am not a fan of the narrative voice the story is told through and would prefer a more first person account.

    24. Well produced book and an interesting idea but just not for me. I didn't connect to the characters or the story but not sure why.

    25. Not really my cup of tea. Well-written thriller involving time-travel and one man's pursuit of power. Clever plot but it never quite gripped me. Found it quite a struggle to complete.

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