The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl: Adventures in Life and Love in the Heart of Dixie

The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl Adventures in Life and Love in the Heart of Dixie Jaime Primak Sullivan outspoken star of Bravo TV s Jersey Belle offers no nonsense Southern spun advice for navigating life and love with her signature charismatic Jersey charm in this winning fish

  • Title: The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl: Adventures in Life and Love in the Heart of Dixie
  • Author: Jaime Primak Sullivan Eve Adamson
  • ISBN: 9781501115370
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jaime Primak Sullivan, outspoken star of Bravo TV s Jersey Belle, offers no nonsense Southern spun advice for navigating life and love with her signature charismatic Jersey charm in this winning fish out of water tale.Jamie Primak Sullivan, a Jersey bred, tough as nails PR maven and unlikely transplant in an upscale suburb of Birmingham, Alabama has spent her entire life cJaime Primak Sullivan, outspoken star of Bravo TV s Jersey Belle, offers no nonsense Southern spun advice for navigating life and love with her signature charismatic Jersey charm in this winning fish out of water tale.Jamie Primak Sullivan, a Jersey bred, tough as nails PR maven and unlikely transplant in an upscale suburb of Birmingham, Alabama has spent her entire life crossing the line whether she s pushing the boundaries of what proper Southern ladies consider to be polite behavior or literally traversing the Mason Dixon line in the name of love She isn t afraid to say what everyone is thinking when it comes to love, sex, friendship, and many other topics that are all too often sugar coated in polite Southern company But when a meet cute scenario right out of a Nora Ephron movie upends her life, Jaime finds herself a reluctant knish out of water, smack dab in the Deep South starting a life with her new husband, the perfect Southern gentleman.In The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl, Jaime shares hard learned lessons on Southern etiquette, deep fried foods, college football, and matters of the heart while living in the heart of Dixie, with her quintessential ball busting, bullsh t free, and side splitting Jersey twist.

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    • Best Read [Jaime Primak Sullivan Eve Adamson] ✓ The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl: Adventures in Life and Love in the Heart of Dixie || [Music Book] PDF ↠
      476 Jaime Primak Sullivan Eve Adamson
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    1 thought on “The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl: Adventures in Life and Love in the Heart of Dixie”

    1. The title and blurb for this book are a bit misleading. This isn’t so much a ‘knish out of water’ tale as it is a reality television personality’s memoir. Nor is it very much like the show Jersey Belle where Primak Sullivan’s social faux pas in Southern society were entertaining and funny. It may not be what you’re expecting but it’s still a sweet story told through Primak Sullivan’s ballsy perspective. Bottom line, it is about love, faith, family and friendship.That’s fine and [...]

    2. So, I never saw Jersey Belle, but I follow Jamie on Instagram and Facebook and I'm a daily, eager listener of #cawfeetalk. Therefore, I loved this book and loved that she narrated it herself even more.I don't know that virgin "Jamie Primak Sullivan" people will enjoy this book. It's an autobiography. It's funny, and cute, and serious at times, but I have enjoyed it because I'm invested her as a person and I already know a little about her life, so it was great learning about stuff in more detail [...]

    3. I'm sadly disappointed. I'm a Jersey Girl (well, my dad was transferred to Texas when I was in high school but I consider myself always a Jersey Girl) who has lived in Texas, Maryland and also Pennsylvania. I've been in Louisiana now for 21 years, God help me. First, this book is really not what the title states. A majority of the book is about her relationship with her boyfriend/ fiancée/husband. Yes, she throws in curve balls she's experienced due to her Jerseyness, but this is not a "souther [...]

    4. I loved this book!!!!!!!!!! I just picked it up from the library because it looked interesting and I fell in love with the author, Jaime. She is so funny, and fun and I totally would want to be her friend if I knew her. It's about her transplanting her life from Jersey girl and living in NYC and LA and winding up in Alabama when she finds the love of her life. It's just a great story of her life and now I have to find her Show Jersey Belle!!! I read this book in 2 days

    5. As a Southern Belle, I didn't agree with some of this book, but I think there was enough that rang true to make it interesting. A Jersey woman meets an Alabama Southern Gent and fall in love over a inordinate long period of time, and it seems that it took her even longer to fall in love with the South. There are a lot of stereotypical "Southernisms" in the book and a few that she pokes fun of a bit. We have a saying in the South - "I can talk about my momma all I want but you better not". I kind [...]

    6. In this candid and refreshing look at life, love and the South, Jaime Primak Sullivan gives us a full-on Jersey view of her choices, missteps, and greatest joys all with a little Southern etiquette on the side.The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl is a book that I had been waiting to read since I heard about it. I loved watching Jaime on her Bravo TV show, Jersey Belle. Her balls-out Jersey attitude was so much fun. As a fellow Jersey Girl, it was easy to have a kinship with her. However, once [...]

    7. I'm sad to say this book is not what I expected it to bewhich makes me really sad because I love Jaime. To begin, the title is very misleading as I have seen that many people have noticed. I didn't read it because I thought it would be about Southern culture though, so that aspect isn't even my greatest concern, as it was for others. I chose to read the book simply because I developed a love for Jaime and wanted to support something that she was so proud of - as she should be, of course. I will [...]

    8. I loved the show jersey belle but this book wasn't at all like the show. In fact, she hardly mentions the show and never mentions certain belles that were staples on the show. For someone who claimed over and over how real the show jersey belle was and how they were all truly friends, one would think she would have given updates or talked about all of the ladies.There are also rather crude remarks thrown in every now and then either for shock value or to keep the readers attention. Im far from a [...]

    9. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I really did laugh out loud several times! What can I say? It's a fish out of water story. It's a story about the cultural differences between the north and south. It's a life and love story. It's a story about finding God and one's place in the world. If you have ever been to the south, you will enjoy this one! If you have any preconceived notions about the south, you probably NEED to read this book! If you have ever felt out of place and out of step, you can [...]

    10. I read this in one sitting today. Jaime really has a way with words; sometimes I forgot I wasn't reading fiction because some of her stories seemed so dramatic and outrageous. But that's just Jersey Jaime, right? I am part of her "cawfeetawk planet" as she calls it, so I'm familiar with a lot of her stories, her children (Charlie!) and Michael but it was nice to get to know her background story and what made her who she is today. Because of my own personality, I may not have understood or even l [...]

    11. This is a memoir for anyone who has moved from "here" to "there" and feels a bit like a fish out of water. I now live in NJ but am from elsewhwere and can totally relate to some of Jamie's angst except from an opposite point of view. Some laugh-out-loud moments, some personal and poignant moments and a very personal love story.

    12. I am in high school and would not recommend this book to anyone younger than me. Although I really liked the book, it was fun to read, I did however think the author towards the end did not really go into the difference as much as she could have. The story turns into her romance with her future husband which is ok, but that's not what the selling point of the book is about. Its supposed to be about the north and the south. And not to mention the civil war once really shows a lack of judgment on [...]

    13. YES! I loved this book! It captured my attention while I was traveling to and from home this weekend. I found you on Facebook as a freshman in college in Birmingham, AL, and I'm now a junior. I remember it was the video of Charlie suddenly mentioning your grandmother saying goodnight. It was like she was in the room! Having watched Cawfeetawk for a few years now, it was amazing to listen (on Audible) to your story. It all came together so nicely, and Michael is definitely a saint (as another rev [...]

    14. Like a lot of the other reviews suggest, the description of what this book is about, is not what this book is about. Since it still got some good ratings, I decided to read it anyway. I'm not familiar with Jamie Primak Sullivan or the show, Jersey Belles, but I really enjoyed this book. It was mainly about her budding relationship with her southern husband. It made me laugh out loud and also made me actually cry in a few places. Really great, fast read!

    15. This book is amazing!! Jersey meets Alabama!! Tough girl meets southern belle!! Two world collide, but there is such a raw and honest feel that unfolds in the chapters. Anyone who watches Jamie Primack Sullivan, will appreciate her voice revealing itself throughout the pages. Every word I read, I heard that thick Jersey accent. I love her story, I love her voice, and I lover her life lessons!!

    16. Absolutely hilarious and real!! I loved reading about her journey and perspective on the beloved South. She is generous and truthful which is extremely refreshing. Makes me appreciate the South and its "Belles" even more.

    17. Even though this was about her life and I know the outcome of her marriage, kids, etc. , I still found myself wanting to read and know more. She's a great writer/story-teller

    18. First of all, it was hard to put down the book, and go to bed at night. My husband couldn't figure out why I was laughing all the time while I was reading this book. The author writes, as tongue-in-cheek, an hilarious, "replanting" story of a New Jersey girl in the deep South. Having been born and raised in the south, with all my family in the north, this book was so appropriate! It is so nice to hear other peoples' views of the different areas of the US. Well written, easy to enjoy, and quite p [...]

    19. I love Jaime and watching her videos on Facebook so I really enjoyed hearing her story. With that being said I would not recommend this book to anyone that doesn't love her and watch her because it is pretty much all about her life and can drag on a little bit. Still a good read if you do love her.

    20. SUPER LOVEI absolutely loved Jaime's unbridled honesty. The book was well written and easy to read. Jaime shows that a celebrity can be really real. Take a bow, Jaime, you deserve it.

    21. I am a certified Bravoholic and fondly remember Jersey Belle, a show on which Jaime Primak Sullivan starred. I appreciated Sullivan’s friendly swagger — on the show — however, The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl loses some of that joie de vivre I saw on the show. It has all the requisite fish out of water references, again like the show, but the book felt very haranguing and harpy and lost some of the humor.This tome is less observational study and more memoir about meeting and marryin [...]

    22. Lately, I've been attracted with everything that came from Southern America (The Dixie, not the Latin), yet when I started reading, my reaction is: "hold on, just what I'm reading about?" Yet, I keep on reading, and in the end, I don't regret it.In short, it is all about an independent, tough, loud, thick-skinned woman from New Jersey who got tamed by the South, Alabama to be precise, the Cradle of Confederacy (or the other way around?). Like herself, I was expecting that she would be facing som [...]

    23. The first half of this book is a love story of two very opposite types of people falling in love and making it work despite the obvious pitfalls. The second half of the book is how Jamie adapts to living in Alabama. It could have been anyone's story of moving to Alaska, China or Timbuktu for all the descriptions would have worked illustrating how hard it is to to remake your life in a culture where you feel like an alien. I think I had an advantage because I never saw Jaime's t.v. show, so I was [...]

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