B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, Vol. 11: Flesh and Stone

B P R D Hell on Earth Vol Flesh and Stone Things seem to be going well for the BPRD With their alliance with the military they now have all the munitions they need and compared to what they faced in New York an easy mission to clear a smal

  • Title: B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, Vol. 11: Flesh and Stone
  • Author: Mike Mignola John Arcudi James Harren Dave Stewart
  • ISBN: 9781616557621
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • Things seem to be going well for the BPRD With their alliance with the military, they now have all the munitions they need and, compared to what they faced in New York, an easy mission to clear a small town But the town has strange connections to Howards s past as a prehistoric warrior, and than its share of monsters This volume collects B.P.R.D Hell on Earth 125Things seem to be going well for the BPRD With their alliance with the military, they now have all the munitions they need and, compared to what they faced in New York, an easy mission to clear a small town But the town has strange connections to Howards s past as a prehistoric warrior, and than its share of monsters This volume collects B.P.R.D Hell on Earth 125 129.

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      177 Mike Mignola John Arcudi James Harren Dave Stewart
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    1 thought on “B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, Vol. 11: Flesh and Stone”

    1. So Flesh and Stone is another treading-water BPRD volume in this increasingly unimpressive Hell on Earth arc. Whether you care or not, Howards’ origins are revealed (he’s the dude with the sword on the cover). He’s a character who suffers from Darth Maul syndrome in that he’s got a cool weapon in lieu of a personality so it’s hard to shiv a git. He, Johann and a group of faceless BPRD agents fight more forgettable Kaiju in Nowheresville, Middle America. Wow, so exciting - never seen th [...]

    2. This BPRD arc delves into the origins of Agent Howards or perhaps the reincarnated power that resides within him or perhaps both. If you don't care for the character, and he is pretty enigmatic so it could be hard to get a handle on him, then this volume won't do much for you. Personally, I find the mystery surrounding Howards fascinating, so I really enjoyed this one.About half of the story is comprised of flashbacks to the prehistoric time when Howards' predecessor (ancestor?) walked the Earth [...]

    3. Actual rating 2.75 stars.I may be getting a little burnt out on the Mignolaverse (I say as my most recent cart is filled with Lobster Johnson, Frankenstein Underground, and Sledgehammer).I thought this book was going to be all about Agent Howard/Gall Denner, and it was, but a majority of it was in present day, and I greatly prefer the flashback scenes.Aside from than, the Russian plotline was okay. The one following ZinCo/The Black Flame was the most interesting (flashbacks aside), especially t [...]

    4. The Black Flame is back! Seriously this dude will not die. He only appears in a few panels and doesn’t have any action scenes in this book though. This book mostly focuses on the one dimensional, Conan the Barbarian wannabe Howards, and the mysterious girl that Iosif has locked in a jar. I hope she will end up being a good villain, but this series is taking way to long to build up to anything remotely interesting. I hope the climax pays off big time because these books just aren’t doing it f [...]

    5. Whenever I see James Harren as the illustrator for BPRD I know it'll be good, just for the fact that he's a brilliant artist, he really makes stories dynamic and vastly more enjoyable.Luckily in conjunction with this, the writing was brilliant this volume which makes me a happy reader as everything came together really well!

    6. This is a weird one. Really a bunch of seemingly-unconnected story lines picking up after the events of Reign of the Black Flame, delving more into the inner lives of characters like Agent Howards and Iosif. The end result is a book that feels weirdly small and personal, while still covering a hell of a lot of ground. The bits dealing with Howards' past are a welcome return, and James Harren's art is, as always, wonderfully frenetic, and he gets to cut loose a few times, including a fantastic tw [...]

    7. La saga del BPRD si trascina da ormai troppi numeri senza davvero aggiungere nulla alla storia e alla sua mitologia di fondo. Persa tutta la poesia scura di Hellboy, abbandonati i protagonisti delle prime squadre del BPRD, affiatati e dilaniati da dubbi e debolezze. Quel che resta sono personaggi senza alcuno spessore che si trascinano stanchi e senza una meta. Nemmeno il tratto dinamico del disegno regala emozioni, alternando scene di fuga/battaglia/uccisione del mostro che sembrano copiaincoll [...]

    8. I'll just make a BPRD related confession:I was explaining to my partner what a homonculus was, which I knew about because of Roger the Homonculus, a BPRD fan favorite.And when I was talking about what happened to him and what he asked Johann for, I almost started crying. That does not happen in this volume. But that is all.

    9. Meh. Els nous personatges, que fan tota la fila de ser un relleu a l'AIDP clàssica, no m'interessen gaire. La història sembla que no avança. Un capítol de farciment.

    10. This is my favorite arc of Hell On earth. James Harren kills it. Every. Time. I love his art. He breathes life into characters that have been around for years. His action sequences are brilliant and fluid, and a joy to read. He builds real tension in these scenes that keeps you on edge. This is why this collection is so good. Plus, he does beautiful spreads. The page where Iosef is talking to Leonid about what a victory is may be one of the best in the series. But the art is only a part of what [...]

    11. Welcome to the end of the world with modern-day proto-caveman/shaman Howard. (view spoiler)[Favorite panel is the B.P.R.D. logo-reveal towards the end of the final chapter. (hide spoiler)]

    12. ✭✭Mignola and Arcudi seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern in this somewhat unsatisfying volume, as they ponder where to take the plot. Flesh and Stone consists of a number of loosely connected storylines; the major one involves B.P.R.D. field agent Ted Howards, who is becoming increasingly central to the series since his initial appearance back in The Abyss of Time. Unfortunately, the guy is so taciturn and flat that he is one of the least interesting characters in the Hellboy pantheon. [...]

    13. Wow caveman fights are awesome!That was a really good arc and wow the quiet moments were also great. World: The art was great, the motion, the colors the monsters, it's everything I love about this series, plus a caveman fight. The world building was great, we get more glimpses of Howards which is great (we had O'Donnell last time not thisweee). The world building in New York and also Russia was also great, many small pieces that further the awesome Mignolaverse!Story: Great! Caveman Howards is [...]

    14. After the epic events of the last volume, this volume is much quieter, for the most part. The main story is a BPRD squad dealing with a town and a couple of creatures in the vicinity. Johann and Enos and Howard and others have some bad luck in their dealings with what ultimately is a pretty low-end story. The issues are a little schizophrenic, with a couple pages thrown in dealing with different characters (Liz is growing plants, the Black flame is scary, etc.), with one of those (the Russian fr [...]

    15. Another good volume of BPRD. Interestingly, it checks in with pretty much everyone in the series' large cast, while following one smaller story about Johann and some other agents (including Howards, the "resurrected caveman") as they fight a monster. There's some cool, freaky art from James Harren, who excels at monster designs as always, and some definite intrigue moving the plot forward incrementally for people like the Black Flame and his minions and Iosif and his imprisoned demon girl. I'm e [...]

    16. I should have liked this one more, but it's been so long since I've read the last volume that I've lost the thread at this point, and I found myself confused as to what was going on, and why I should care about Howards. Maybe someday I'll go back and read all the volumes again, in quick succession, but that's a serious commitment. The artwork was as good as it always is in the series, and the monster designs were great.

    17. Oh man, I love all of the members of the BPRD, especially the ones that are not Hellboy or Abe Sapien (They are pretty great, too, though). My new favorite has to be Howard, the agent who never speaks and seems to be reliving his past life as a warrior caveman. Flesh and Stone is his book, and it gives us a glimpse into what he is going to bring to the war against the evil that is reshaping earth.

    18. Frustratingly, the series is focusing on more characters I have less interest in. The only real appearance of Liz Sherman shows her being harangued for bad gardening. (I do not kid.) The Harren art is a nice mix of cartoony and frightening, but I don't get a strong sense of where anything is headed in this series, and that's been true for two out of the last three volumes.

    19. Nice to have a story centered around Howards and get to know a bit more about the power he has. Overall plot advancements are slow, but this was an interesting MOTW type arc. Plus we learn more about Enos, who up to this point has mostly just been an insufferable asshole. (Doesn't help that he looks like Scott Summers.)

    20. Better than the previous collection, this BPRD caught us up with all the important players in what I assume is a lead up to something huge. We see what's going on with Iosif and the Special Sciences Service, Russia's BPRD, as well as Zinco and the Black Flame in New York. We get more of Howards' backstory too. Everything's being tied together for something massive.

    21. The art was great for this collection, stylized and cartoony, but very dynamic. The stories were good rollicking fun and full of action. I especially liked the prehistoric flashbacks. I'd consider this collection the "Aliens" to other collections' "Alien".

    22. Read in singles. A bit choppy and confusing, as the story not only covers a fair amount of time, it leaps around the subplots without warning. Overall, it's about revelations, and setting up the final push for Hell On Earth.

    23. I continue to love this series. I'm sad Hellboy isn't in them but I like BPRD as a stand alone. The new Black Flame is interesting.

    24. Routine monster hunting mission doesn't feel like more than an installment in the ongoing adventure, and not an inspired one. The stuff with Nichaeyko in Russia was more interesting.

    25. Things are moving again! I liked getting more info on Howards' past life story. Some really creepy art with the fungal deer.

    26. I really liked the story of Howards channeling the prehistoric warrior. That said, I wish I felt like these were ultimately going somewhere.

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