The Anniversary: An Erotic Tale

The Anniversary An Erotic Tale An anniversary is celebrated in a very special way

  • Title: The Anniversary: An Erotic Tale
  • Author: Crow Gray Sadie McKane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An anniversary is celebrated in a very special way.

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      158 Crow Gray Sadie McKane
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    1 thought on “The Anniversary: An Erotic Tale”

    1. 2.75 StarsHot little readentertaining enoughI could have done with a slightly more "wrapped up" ending. I know it's a novella, but I've seen it done.

    2. 5 fuckin liberating starswhen two people decide to celebrate their Anniversary by indulging in an undulated passionte hype, there's no further ado towards the final peak in the relationship sealed and shared on a higer level of trust and intimacy"signed, sealed and collared."very fluent read, easy to grasp the author's writing style and even as a short story, the event is well developed, brought to its essence right to the pin point, with believeable, emotional notion between the couplefascinati [...]

    3. Read as part of the Shh Male Authors in Erotica eventA woman and her partner have been together for a year and she wants to make their anniversary memorable. She's noticed he may have a Dominant side, but they've never discussed it. With some reading behind her, a handful of toys, and a lot of curiosity she tempts her partner with a night they will never forget.She felt her heart beating faster in her chest, the situation almost too erotic for her to handle. She had never felt like this before i [...]

    4. 4 Champagne and Candles Stars When it's your one-year anniversary, you'd want it to be special. You'd try to make it memorable, right?Well, what if you have a place special for you and your significant other? You'd use that place for this special event, agreed?OkayNow I want you to consider one more thingWhat if you notice that your significant other has a dominant side? Would you willing to give it a shot? It would surely be memorable, right?And nowYou have an idea what kind of story it is.Crow [...]

    5. Rating: 3.5★I like the concept of this book. It is, for me, about knowing what your sexual desires are and acting on it. People usually are hesitant about discovering their sexuality that they just tend to hide it and never acting on it. Being confident is difficult, but owning it is way harder.It takes more courage than what everyone thinks and I find that with the characters. They are having doubts but they wanted to fulfill what they really desire, consequences be damned.The things that are [...]

    6. FULL REVIEW TO COME★★★Reading as part of #ShhMaleAuthorEvent★★★Chat with these authors Apr 3-7, 2016!Join chat: goo/B5YSlr For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

    7. This is a short story, nice to see written by a man too.Couple developing their relationship where the female with submissive tendencies takes the initiative to show the supposed dominant male that she is interested and wants to take things to the Dom/sub level for their future relationship.This was the part I felt let it down, for any man who is dominant and interested in exploring a Dom/sub scene or role, whether a one off to test the waters so to speak, surely it should be him taking the init [...]

    8. I bought and read this book in one sitting. It is a short erotic ride that is full of intense sensuality which made me lose myself for a moment. The characters were well developed for such a short story and as it is told in the third person you are able to grasp both partners mindset and build of excitement. There were a few minor editing misses but not enough to distract me from the story. Overall, I enjoyed it more than I should have. I will keep an eye out for more from Mr. Gray.

    9. 4 “Champagne!” StarsWow, okay this was one hot albeit short read. To celebrate their anniversary, she decides to take things to the next level and really offer herself to him. While they were never lacking in the bedroom, she felt he was holding back and she wanted it all. And boy did she get it. What ensues is some steamy, sexiness.Mr. Gray does an exceptional job transitioning between both characters without losing touch with the reader. The flow of between both POV’s and the story is se [...]

    10. The Anniversary is a very well written short story that peeks into the first-time experience of a woman who hopes/suspects the man she's been with is a sexual dominant.The author does a great job of setting the scene for a very realistic progression of a special night for the couple. The actions of the characters were very natural and completely believable, which made the story seem very genuine. It could almost come from the journals of someone's own experience at entering into a kink relations [...]

    11. This Is My Reaction To This Book: “If You Accept This, This Is a True Bond Of Trust & Loyalty. And Don't Worry, That Bond Goes Both Ways.”Ooh La La! This Short Book Was Truly Stunning! Highly Recommend This Little Gem. I Adore Reading About; Couples In Love, And Exploring Bdsm Together! I Absolutely LOVED It. But The Ending; Quite Childish. If I Was The Dom, I Would Have Introduced Her To A Spankin. Just Saying! Mr. Gray - I Definitely Will Be Reading More Of Your Stuff! ;)

    12. One Scene and doneThis short story was just that, a short story or better yet a sex scene.It was not bad, but it wasn't the best that I've ever read as a short story. When I think of short stories I like to get everything that I want and need in a short story. Yes this had a backstory, and the characters, and the sex but I feel like something was missing. I don't know what. I guess that is the authors discretion at what is needed to make this story great. overall it was still good.So I give this [...]

    13. Hot MUST READCrow Gray is a master at erotic short stories! The Anniversary was a very hot quick read and I can't wait to read more from Crow!

    14. Genre: EroticaType: Short StoryPOV: Third PersonRating: 4.5 Golden CocksA couple celebrating their one year anniversary decided to make it a memorable and pleasurable experience by dabbling in something new and exciting. She sensed his inner Dominance and was ready to explore her submissive side. Armed with a plethora of toys, their anniversary was bound to be an unforgettable experience.This was more than roleplay, she meant every word she said. She wanted it bad, and she wanted it now.For a bo [...]

    15. This short erotic story was excellent; in just a few pages, this new author was able to set up a wonderful treat for his reader. Everyone has celebrated some sort of anniversary, the woman in this story, (unusual that both characters do not have names)set up a special evening for her boyfriend, in their favorite hotel room. I like that the woman picked up on her submissive nature and she recognized his dominance and she did something about it to make their relationship incredible. Very well writ [...]

    16. Hot quickieVery short, but hot, story describing a couple's first experimentation with D/s. He's a former Dom, but she's only read books and senses he's been holding back. Wanting to give him everything, she buys a few toys, and kneels for him. This is all sex. It's pretty hot, very descriptive, and, outside of a few errors and use of the word "pole" to describe his *ahem* (which I hate), I enjoyed this one.

    17. FIVE STARS?? There are times where FIVE STARS just isn't enough!! You know how you start reading a story and you get so drawn into it that you walk around carrying the book everywhere you go, literally walking into doors? YEPTHIS IS THAT BOOK!!! SEXY AS HELL!!! #MustRead #TopStoryOf2016 AMAZING!! I felt like I was right there in the room!! Must follow this author's page immediately!!

    18. All sex, all the timeThis short story is so sexually based that it doesn't even bother with trivial details like names. The woman plans an unforgettable evening in a hotel room for her partner of a year, complete with daring toys to satisfy his Dominant side. She embraces her submissive side, and the majority of the book focuses on wild, raunchy, somewhat kinky sex. (I hope hotels bleach their sheets.) Overall very well done, I've already added more from this author to my wish lists. Editing cou [...]

    19. 4 and a half it-was-so-h0t-that-now-I-need-my-cold-shower starsIt all started with anniversary and desire to please and explore something new. The sex scene was so hot that I am surprised nothing burnt out. I'm sure this couple will remeber this anniversary forever. A very quick and enjoyable read. Highly recommend to everyone in need of sex naughty quickie. Youll love this one.Read during #ShhMaleAuthorEvent

    20. A few head-hopping errors aside, this was a wonderful short story which tells of a couple's experimentation on their 1st anniversary together. Read this in one sitting and couldn't put it down, but the head-hopping bothered me.

    21. Hot and erotic!This story is short, sweet and to the point. If you're a lover of hot, steamy erotica then this is a definite must have.

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