Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business COULD HE HEAL HER BROKEN HEART What was she doing here Hyattown had changed very little in the years Vanessa Sexton had been away In some ways her high school sweetheart Brady Tucker hadn t changed

  • Title: Unfinished Business
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373074334
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • COULD HE HEAL HER BROKEN HEART What was she doing here Hyattown had changed very little in the years Vanessa Sexton had been away In some ways her high school sweetheart, Brady Tucker, hadn t changed much either he was still lean, athletic, ruggedBut the once reckless boy had become a solid, dependable man He d stood her up on the most important night of her life COULD HE HEAL HER BROKEN HEART What was she doing here Hyattown had changed very little in the years Vanessa Sexton had been away In some ways her high school sweetheart, Brady Tucker, hadn t changed much either he was still lean, athletic, ruggedBut the once reckless boy had become a solid, dependable man He d stood her up on the most important night of her life could she ever trust him again So Vanessa had finally come home, Brady thought She could still turn him inside out with one of her sultry looks He couldn t believe she hadn t forgiven him for that night twelve years ago but he d had his reasons for not showing up He d let her leave town then but he wasn t going to let her get away this time .

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    1. I've heard from quite a few people how great Nora Roberts' books are, so when I saw this I figured I would give it a chance, not to mention it sounded interesting. I wasn't disappointed; I really loved this book for its moments of cuteness, seriousness, comedy, and so much more.Right from the beginning it caught my attention; Vanessa's story was a complicated one. From the beginning I was not only curious about her relationship with her parents, but I wanted to settle the questions she had been [...]

    2. UGH. I was feeling like something light, easy, and fun, but this just got so IRRITATING.And by that I mean Brady. Brady got irritating. He's supposed to be the dream guy. Masculine and dominant but also gentle and kind, with an adorable dog, and the 'flaw' of wanting to be too serious and committed too fast. Passionate, handsome, dreams of having children, is a successful doctor. But. He doesn't actually listen to Vanessa at all! There is zero empathy!Vanessa has bomb after bomb dropped on her a [...]

    3. Argh! I love reading Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown because they deliver romance novels that are more mystery and suspense with a hint of romance. But that's the way it is now in their career. Early novels by them were of the cheesy romance variety. When I picked this one up, I did not realize it was a Silhouette, older book, and from page one, you'd know it for sure. It's too saccahrine but it is what it is. I'd avoid this in favor of a newer Roberts romance.

    4. There is so much to admire and enjoy from a story of child-hood sweethearts. Not only is there the inevitable playfulness and immaturity that comes from young memories brought to the present, but there’s also the humor of watching a couple awkwardly adjust to their new playing field as adults.I admit to being a sucker for romances, but honestly, this story could turn typical lovey-dovey haters into appreciators of the art of love. The humanism, relatable characters, and humor make readers turn [...]

    5. Estes livros da Harlequin são sempre muito rápidos de se ler, porque a acção no livro também é rápida. Gostei mas mais um vez senti que faltavam páginas o que já nem me admiro se tivessem cortado partes no livro. ()O livro começa com Vanessa, uma talentosa pianista a regressar à cidade onde nasceu e cresceu antes de aos 20 anos ter saído abruptamente da cidade graças ao impulso do pai em fazer dela um prodígio musical. Agora com 28 anos, Vanessa regressa ao seu lar de infância, on [...]

    6. An oldie but goodie That is what I think of unfinished business. Nora Roberts never falls to make a down home romance sparkle even more. Vanessa a girl who never became her own woman and torn between the life of fame and the pain of the past. But so many unanswered questions that has pushed her to return home to the mother that abandon her. Brady a man who has lived on the edge, but now living for the future has never stop loving his true love. With Vanessa's return old feelings come back to hau [...]

    7. This book follows the normal Nora Roberts mode. Girl meets boy, either old flame or new guy. Problems and then happy ending.This one is about Venessa, a pianist who has travels all over the world and is very famous. She comes home to try and heal old wounds with her mother and other things that she isn't even sure of herself. She meets up with an old flame and things go from there. If you are a fan of Ms Roberts you know that the path of love is never even or easy but fun to follow as she writes [...]

    8. It was a nice book the end was perfect not the best one but still perfect.And i enjoyed the book very much.

    9. Este livro foi-me oferecido em Março do ano passado e, como estava parado na estante desde essa altura, decidi finalmente pegar nele para que pudesse ser lido durante este mês.Este é um livro recheado de drama, amizade, intriga, conflitos familiares, amor, tensão, desejo, paixão e sentimentos fortes do início ao fim, com um enredo descomplicado mas cativante e com personagens reais, interessantes e profundas.Como já é habitual, a escrita da autora apresenta-se simples e leve e proporcion [...]

    10. 3 STARS A world renowned pianist, Vanessa, returns home after the death of her overbearing father. Vanessa is unsure of her homecoming - after 12 years she is seeing her mother for the first time and is still wondering why she let her go away to Europe. Then there is Brady Tucker her first love and the boy who stood her up on prom. Her mother is dating Brady's father and Brady, the former wildchild, is now a doctor and still charming and attractive. Brady trying to get Vanessa out of his heart n [...]

    11. Von J.D. Robb habe ich ja schon zwei Hörbücher aus der Eve Dallas-Serie gehört - Kriminalfälle mit Charme und Prickeln in der Zukunft - da wollte ich es auch mit den Liebesromanen der Autorin versuchen. Ich denke, es ist wie bei Stephen King - entweder man mag ihn oder nicht. Ein bisschen mögen geht nicht. Ich denke, so in etwa ist das auch bei Nora Roberts. Entweder man mag ihren Stil oder man mag ihn nicht. Nun, ich mag ihn :)Dieser Liebesroman ist eine langsame Romanze, ein leiser Liebes [...]

    12. Apparently I didn't leave a review when I read this before. I didn't love it, so I get why, but in an effort to explain why I didn't love it, I should probably leave a review. Unfortunately, I read this two months ago and have forgotten most of my reasons.Basically self, I vaguely remember I didn't particularly care for Vanessa and thought the chemistry between her and Brady fell flat -- which I've noticed happens a lot with me and Nora Roberts (although weirdly, not with me and J.D. Robb -- go [...]

    13. I have realized there are certain authors who you can not read back to back. These authors tend to have the same flow in every book that was the case of this and the last 3 books I have read by Nora Roberts. The flow: pitiful girl -> dreamy guy -> fight the urge to be together -> some event forces them together -> great sex/lose virginity -> doubt still being together -> guy professes love and is dismissed/does not receive reaction desired -> girl takes it back they live hap [...]

    14. I liked the small town setting and the side-characters were good. The dialogue was enjoyable. The older I get the more I worry about the future of the romance novel industry if they can’t get a little more feminism in their lives. This read a little to aggressive, a little too grabby and it made me bristle a few times. I have read a lot of nonfiction so far this year and needed some romance to clear the deck of my brain. If you’re like me and like to change it up a bit this is a fine book, s [...]

    15. I'm sad to say this short novella lacked the romantic spark that Nora Roberts usually imbues into her stories. The more I read of Unfinished Business, the more it felt like a chore. The characters were very flat and the dialogue was boring. To top that off, I didn't care for Vanessa, or anyone else in the story for that matter. I just wanted someone to show some real emotion instead of constantly talking about it! Okay, okay So Abraham was a nice guy, but why was he called Ham? What's wrong with [...]

    16. This is first of Nora Roberts’s book that I am reading. Unfinished business is actually a sweet love story which is about love-breakup and re-uniting. Vanessa Sexton was 16, when she fell in love with Brady Tucker. She was a talented pianist. Her father knew, with some guidance she could be a successful pianist. He didn’t want her to involve in a relationship which could affect the plans he had for her. He takes her away to New York, which he thought was best for her. She sees neither her mo [...]

    17. I really wanted to like this novel and this is my second attempt to like stories by Nora Roberts, and so far, not having any luck. I love the premise of the book, but the ending just irritated me. Brady and Van still didn't see eye to eye, but Roberts just tried to force them to be together in the end. Brady was being unrealistic about the whole thing, especially with Van's career. If she chose to go on tours, he will get frustrated that she is gone most of the time, and he made it sound he can [...]

    18. 3.5 stars. Good little story about a world renowned musician, Vanessa Sexton, who returns home after her father's death to the mother she hasn't seen or heard from in 12 years. Not only does she have to deal with understanding why her mother let her go and didn't go after her, she has to deal with her high school love, Brady, who she thought unceremoniously dumped her the night of his senior prom. I'm glad there was time spent on Vanessa's relationship with her mother. I just didn't like her mot [...]

    19. I have read many of Nora Roberts novels and can't remember a single one i hated. .i only know there were many i read over & over again. I've been in the last 2 yrs been reading books from other authors and it was by chance that i picked up Unfinished Business and i was reminded yet again why Nora Roberts is my favourite author. The natural matured writing style is what many new and young (naturally) lacks & i can't help but want to go on and on. I just can't put this book down. I'm so ta [...]

    20. Sweet, cute and fast readis is the perfect book to pick up on a rainy day, or sitting by the pool, orwell, anywhere. The characters are likeable and relateable. While Vanessa seems to have it all on the outside, she's a mess on the inside. Her entire life has been directed by her domineering father who is determined she is going to be the best pianist the world has ever seen. The only time she ever went against him was when she dated bad boy Brady Tucker.Many, many years after being whisked away [...]

    21. That was so freaking mushy!!! I LOVED IT!!!Brady and Van are reunited lovers withhold on for the clichéUnfinished Business. It is everything a sappy romance is supposed to be and more. More because of the growth of the characters, the unexpected turn the story took with Van's mother (should have seen it coming), AND the sweet innocence of first love.I want to read it all over again. Just to feel. Just to be there with Brady and Van as they fall in love.n. Although, we all know they never stoppe [...]

    22. Unfinished Business is an adult book through and through. It's by Nora Roberts, which describes what kind of "action" goes on in it. Yet, ignoring the questionable scenes that take place, it's a wonderful book about finding who you are, after not knowing for the longest time. The leading lady is a international pianist. Upon her parents divorce, her father took her away from her home town so to make her a star. When her father dies, Vanessa returns to her home to face her mother, high school swe [...]

    23. Concert pianist Vanessa Sexton returns to her small home town after being away for 12 years. There, she finds that many things are not what she remembers--colored by her only being 16 when she left. Most surprising is that her boyfriend Brady Tucker is now the town doctor, working with his father. Will they be able to rekindle their relationship?An early Nora Roberts, but still a good, easy read that can be enjoyed in an afternoon.

    24. I really liked this. It was one of Nora's older books and a re-release. Much edgier in the romance area than we have been seeing in some of the more recent books. I understood Vanessa's trepidation and the time she needed to take to discover herself. Brady was one of my favorite kind of heroes. I usually don't like straight romance and require some dangeror a serial killer, or something. That's why I am so surprised that this kept me focused and interested.

    25. Not bad, but not one of her best. The tired old trope of intercepted lettersat's kind of unbelievable when it's dozens of letters we're talking about. And how does a young doctor afford to build a spectacular house on his own land?The heroine had her moments, but sometimes I found her unsympathetic and cold to the extreme. It also grated that with her father dead, she could never stand up to him and gain some closure.

    26. Unfinished Business - PG13Violence: noneLanguage: <60 swearsSex: ridiculously sexy and descriptive kissing; flowery descriptive intimacy that's not easy to skip because it's feeling-based but not explicitThis was my first Nora Roberts book. I thought it was fine, but I don't get all the hype. I'll try again.

    27. I liked Vanessa up until about half-through. She started to get on my nerves. She was 28 years old, and had a successful performing career, which takes a large amount of maturity, but she acted like a spoiled teenager for most of the book. Her experiences should've made her more mature, not less. I enjoyed the book, just not as much as I thought I would before I read it.

    28. Uma história fofa, como é habitual neste tipo. Gostei de saber sobre a relação de Vanessa com a mãe e o que as levou a afastar-se durante tantos anos. (view spoiler)[Aquele pai de Vanessa foi cá uma besta(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

    29. I liked this story; it was sweet and touching and just what I was needing. FLUFF. I just needed light fluff. And it was lovely. :-)

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