Fall In Love Again

Fall In Love Again Everybody knows you don t marry the rebound guy And yet that s exactly what Charlie does But once the husband is out of picture kinda she s ready to leap forward with her life She returns to the neig

  • Title: Fall In Love Again
  • Author: Christina C. Jones
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everybody knows you don t marry the rebound guy And yet, that s exactly what Charlie does But once the husband is out of picture kinda she s ready to leap forward with her life She returns to the neighborhood she left, the business she missed, and into arm s reach of Nixon the reason she needed a rebound guy in the first place.Other than rebuilding her life, CharlEverybody knows you don t marry the rebound guy And yet, that s exactly what Charlie does But once the husband is out of picture kinda she s ready to leap forward with her life She returns to the neighborhood she left, the business she missed, and into arm s reach of Nixon the reason she needed a rebound guy in the first place.Other than rebuilding her life, Charlie has one main goal now that she s back in the place she considers home Stay as far away from Nixon as she can But their long history, his magnetic charm, and a certain sense of unfinished business makes that much, much harder than Charlie thought.Nixon is willing to own up to his part in their break up, but for Charlie, finding a place of forgiveness is going to take much than that She s willing to take a chance on friendship something they ve had since they were kids but falling in love again That s a whole different story.

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      206 Christina C. Jones
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    1 thought on “Fall In Love Again”

    1. AN APB PERSPECTIVE REVIEWOne of my favorite movies of all times is Love Jones… I loved it because it showed us for the first time in era were black movies were gang banging, drug dealing and of the like, Real Black Love from a Real Black couple. It is a staple in my movie collection, it is a must watch at least once a year… I have gotten better it was once a month… Well I say all of that to say FALL IN LOVE AGAIN… is the Love Jones of Books. I have been a Christina Jones fan since Strict [...]

    2. Fall in Love Again is the third installment of the very enjoyable Serendipitous Love series and the strongest of the three books, I think, mostly because of the development of Nixon and Charlie's relationship (although Carter and Viv remain my favorite couple). The conflicts presented were real (there are truly some heartbreaking moments here, without giving away spoilers) and this book gave me the warm and fuzzies. I almost see color when reading this series—warm peach and brown hues. Okay, t [...]

    3. They say that time heals all wounds. Charlie certainly was hoping it would. A few years deep into her marriage and you would think she had forgotten already. Forgive? That would be too much to fathom especially when she ran away from the very person she is still tied to professionally. Nix has been cooking up a storm on his end but brewing in the mix of things. When his business partner finally decides to return home.oken-hearted and all, can they easily fall in love again or will this be a reci [...]

    4. Okay, this Serendipitous Love series?? THE BOMB!!! (Sorry, I don't know any current phrases, LOL!). I need Mrs. Jones to tell me where this neighborhood is, so I can come and sit and observe these beautiful people. I'm glad to say that the author doesn't miss a step in Book 3: excellent storylines, cute couple, and fresh, current dialogue. While, I loved Roman and Carter, I think Nix might be my favorite. I'll just say, that he is a little more.hty, than the other two. Charlie I liked, but she a [...]

    5. Loved it!! Great story about second chance love. Nixon is hilarious. I would definitely recommend this book.

    6. Christina writes those, can't get out of bed all day books. Those, romance so swoon worthy you can't help but be envious of fictional characters books. Those, read, nap, eat, nap, read books. Those, from the very first page you're hooked and can't focus on anything else books. I think you get the picture. Its been a while since I read a CCJ bookI've been on a quest to add another author to my current list of TWO, Black authors who write about Black Love in a way that is authentic, consistent and [...]

    7. APB PERSPECTIVE REVIEWThis title is the 3rd installment of The Serendipitous Love series and it just keep getting better and better. I had anticipated reading Eddie’s story next, but the author did not disappoint with Charlie and Nixon. I have enjoyed seeing these everyday characters interact as friends that are more like family. Nixon and Charlie grew up together, became business partners of a neighborhood restaurant, called Pot Luck, and working closely together led them into a relationship. [...]

    8. If you love something, let it go, and if it comes back then that's how you knowThis is my third read by Mrs Christina Jones, and I can honestly say I am becoming a fan. I just love me a good romance, and it had been awhile since I've really indulged in them. I'd read one here and there, but not as often as I use to. This series has brought back my love of the romance genre. Charlie and Nixon's story is contending with Simone and Roman's story for my favorite. There were times where Charlie was p [...]

    9. So far book 3 is my favorite. In this book we meet Charlie. Charlie has come back into town but her live is in shambles. The one place she ran from she is back to try and get her life on track. Her husband is back in California and is facing some serious issues. All Charlie want to do is get her life back on track. Nixon, Charlie ex-boyfriend, is still running the restaurant they opened together. He has always regretted the mistake he made when dealing with Charlie. He hoped to one day make amen [...]

    10. Wow, this was a great read. Nixon and Charlie were a very special couple. Charlie had vacated her relationship six years ago because of hurt. She married a man who was a friend who hurt her. She returned to her home and met someone from her past who started seeing her because of hurt.However, Nixon had waited six years to get her back. A devoted one woman man had made a mistake but knew if opportunity presented itself he would never let her go.Go with them on this adventure that moves quickly an [...]

    11. I thought this book was fantastic. What's great about this story is the author provides you with a complete story. I wasn't left wondering about anything. And I like that. Also I like how all of the Serendipitous Love books intertwine with each other. Which allows you to know what is going on in the lives of the previous characters. What made the book fantastic to me is how real it was. Just about everyone knows what it is like to be in love still with your first love. Charlie and Nix chemistry [...]

    12. APB Perspective Reviews :It's an honor to see an authors writing bloom as I've seen happen the author of this Serendipitous Love series .I notice how here words continue to lyrically flow of the pages with each book. I love Nixon , his love for Charlie was so pure and sexy , they were irresistible to one another and they came together like two magnets . This book had the right amount of chemistry and I could feel the vibes coming off of the pages . I did feel that the conflict on this story need [...]

    13. Amazing ReadCongratulations Christina on your 10th book & it doesn't disappoint! This is Charlie & Nixon's story. They grew up together & were in a previous relationship that didn't work out. The books covers why they broke & how they find their way back to each other. I love Nixon & his way with words. We also catch up with Roman, Simone, Viv, & Carter. This book makes you want to laugh and cry at times & it keeps you intrigued throughout. Christina has become one of [...]

    14. AWESOM AWESOM AWESOM!!! Ms. Jones is one of my favorite authors and with each book she get's better and better. I enjoyed the first two books in the series but I must say this is my favorite so far. That dang Nixon and his potty mouth with the slick sense of humor had me crushing from the very beginning. I loved the journey they embarked on and the surprise twist you didn't see coming. Ms. Jones is an amazing author who is destine for greatness, keep up the great work and keep them coming!!!

    15. I am in love with the Serendipitous Love series. This was yet another great story and I enjoyed the dynamic of Charlie and Nixon's relationship. This book was just so entertaining and after a while I couldn't put it down. I LOVE EddieI'd love to see a story about him. Perhaps with a certain graphic designer? :)

    16. Working their way backJust when I thought Christina Jones couldn't top her previous books, she knocks this one into outer space! Nixon and Charlie's story was hilarious at times as they tackled some serious issues as they worked their way back to love. No spoilers here but Eddie and Lorenzo need their own storylineI'm just saying. loved this book!!

    17. Charlie and Nixon = fiyahI enjoyed this title best of all the Serendipity series. All of the characters are fuller and more fleshed out. I would have liked to read more about Charlie's mother and father. That issue was a little too neat and tidy. The history of the Charlie and Nix though. That made for such great relatable conflict. Loved it

    18. Just So Sexy!Forget JT thanks Christina Jones for bringing sexy back!!Thank you for giving your readers an adult romance.This is a story about two people falling in love and discovering all that it entails and the things that need to be done to keep it going.This is such an a wonderful story and deserves all your attention and time

    19. A long and steamy history of love I have to agree with a friend of mine and say that Charlie and Nix are my favorite couple in the Serendipitous Love series. I enjoyed the intense connection that they sharedeamy! Nix was my type of guy

    20. Loved it. I read this book first because I didn't know it was a series. This made me go search for this other two. This one is my favorite by far. Loved the wit, sexiness , and vulnerabilities this couple showed. I would recommend the series to a anyone.

    21. Linda ChristianiThis author is new to me but not any more! I thoroughly enjoyed this and will gladly read her other books it's always a gamble when you try something new I'm so glad I did!

    22. Ms. Jones did it againAh man; I fell in love with Nix and Charlie. Catching back up with other characters from the fictional neighborhood I wish was real was a treat, too.

    23. Absolutely enjoyable! A great escape to an awesome neighborhood of funny, caring and supportive family and friends. So much love just enough sizzle.

    24. Christina, I am soo hooked on your books! I love that the characters are relatable as well easy to fall in love with. I don't know who I'm more in love with now, Roman, Carter or Nixon.

    25. This is Christina C Jones 10th book baby and they just keep getting better and better. Nixon and Charlie's story was wonderful. I'm ready to read more about that nut, Eddie.

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