Deeper Water

Deeper Water The Tides of Truth novels follow one lawyer s passionate pursuit of truth in matters of life and the law In the murky waters of Savannah s shoreline a young law student is under fire as she tries her

  • Title: Deeper Water
  • Author: Robert Whitlow
  • ISBN: 9781595541321
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Tides of Truth novels follow one lawyer s passionate pursuit of truth in matters of life and the law.In the murky waters of Savannah s shoreline, a young law student is under fire as she tries her first case at a prominent and established law firm A complex mix of betrayal and deception quickly weaves its way through the case and her life, as she uncovers dark and conThe Tides of Truth novels follow one lawyer s passionate pursuit of truth in matters of life and the law.In the murky waters of Savannah s shoreline, a young law student is under fire as she tries her first case at a prominent and established law firm A complex mix of betrayal and deception quickly weaves its way through the case and her life, as she uncovers dark and confusing secrets about the man she s defending and the senior partners of the firm How deep will the conspiracy run Will she have to abandon her true self to fulfill a higher calling And how far will she have to go to discover the truth behind a tragic cold case

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    1 thought on “Deeper Water”

    1. When I first discovered the contemporary Christian legal thrillers by Robert Whitlow, I made the inevitable comparisons between his stories and those of John Grisham. And as the years have gone along, it's been interesting to watch the path both have taken as writers. Neither is cotent to write carbon copies of the same legal thrillers over and over again and instead choose to push themselves and their audiences.Whitlow's last few books have moved out of the legal arena to some extent and focuse [...]

    2. I've read and own several of Robert Whitlow's books and this one had been in my 'to read' basket for several years. Shame on me for not reading it sooner!Deeper Water was absolutely outstanding.Tammy Lynn is a second year law student, with very deeply held convictions about her Christian faith. She gets a job offer from a very prestigious law firm in Savannah to clerk for the summer. She understands that her beliefs will probably be held in scorn, but resolves to remain steadfast in her faith.Sh [...]

    3. I feel a little bad giving this book two stars -- I managed to finish it, and there were parts I genuinely liked, but overall the book has some glaring issues that make it just okay. I know I will not be seeking other books by this author.Going into this, I was expecting a courtroom drama, which I'm not a big fan of, but I downloaded this book for free, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I really was not expecting a Christian courtroom drama. I can handle a few Christian books, but this one is rea [...]

    4. While I typically love Whitlow's books, the main character in this one was hard to get to know and to even like. Her responses in the professional arena to her bosses and mentors were that which would have gotten her fired. She seemed spoiled and immature to me. Because of this, it was less believeable to me than some of the other Witlow books. It was an easy, quick read, but not one of my favorites.

    5. Deeper Water by Robert Whitlow is book one of the Tides of Truth series. This is the first Whitlow book I've read and I came across it as a free kindle download via the Vessel Project.Tammy Lynn Taylor is from a devout Christian family with some rather strict beliefs: females wear dresses and skirts below the knee, no makeup except on rare and special occasions, children must consult their parents for decisions, and the Sabbath is strictly reserved for resting. She was homeschooled until high sc [...]

    6. Is this the worst book Whitlow has ever written or just his most poorly drawn and ridiculously unbelievable protagonist? The book is over half done before the plot even begins to thicken. Most of the first half (and much of the second) is about the boring, endless angst of a ridiculously whiny, self-absorbed, immature brat, who is supposedly a good Christian even though she is all self-righteousness and without grace. She is supposedly in second-year law school and taking her first summer clerks [...]

    7. I have never read anything by Robert Whitlow so I was wondering what I would find. Then I start it and find out the main character is a young woman in law school who was homeschooled by her mother until high school. And she was raised in a very conservative religious environment with a faith that is very real and very practical. Turns out the story is good, too![return][return]The setting is Georgia. First the western part where Tammy Lynn's family lives. Then Savannah where she gets a job as a [...]

    8. I had a difficult time getting into Deeper Water. :) The protagonist, Tami Taylor, was raised in a very conservative (dresses only), Christian, home-schooling family. As a home-schooling mom, I am probably overly sensitive to stereotypes of the home-school community. In this case the family was presented very positively, and Tami’s strict upbringing played an important role in the story. The author, Robert Whitlow, introduces her to another conservative Christian with a completely different ba [...]

    9. Bleh. Quite lame. I think the author intended to show some sort of maturation of the main character, but it really did not manifest. Plus, I just found her (the main character's) religious fundamentalism to be so hypocritical (which is usually true of fundamentalists). For instance, she and her family are against lawsuits, for biblical reasons, but then she goes to law school? And she had double standards concerning her interactions with the two "love interests" (you could barely call them that) [...]

    10. I was really hooked on this book from the opening pages, then it slowed down and I wondered if I really had time to keep at it. But I really like this author and wanted to give the book a chance, and I really wanted to resolve what was happening in the opening scene with Moses. While I think some of the descrptions of family life that made the beginning sluggish could have been shortened, I'm sure the author was trying to help readers understand Tami's background so we'd grasp the strict life sh [...]

    11. I think this is the first book of a series called "Tides of Truth." This is not one of the usual mystery/legal mystery/thriller books at all, but it has its own charm. The protagonist, Tammy Lynn Taylor, is a devout Southern Christian who belongs to a religious sect that requires their children to be homeschooled, and whose parents inform her every personal decision through praryer. She is old enough to be in college, and it was decided that her career path would be in law. The summer before her [...]

    12. Robert Whitlow is a practicing attorney who likes to write novels. This book begins a series called Tides of Truth, set in Georgia and focusing on the character Tami Taylor, the product of a fiercely conservative homeschooling family that lives in the boonies. Tami is a law student who takes a summer clerkship at a law firm in Savannah, aware that her ideas on keeping the sabbath and how a woman should dress may alienate fellow workers.At the law firm, she assists on a case involving a marsh dwe [...]

    13. In reading the works of Whitlow, I always find the common thread that has drawn me to each of his novels thus far. From the very first pages of “Deeper Water ” there is an unusual story inserted that made me question it’s significance to the novel in its entirety . Whitlow paints such a vivid picture of the main character, a young law student, as well as the other characters, that it becomes increasingly difficult to put the book down. The fact that Robert Whitlow is an attorney as well as [...]

    14. I had never read a Whitlow book and was surprised about by this one – it was a great easy enjoyable read. I really liked the main character, Tami, who is starting to venture out into the world and leave the safety of her parents behind (although she was in college already she is now taking her first job/internship). She must now make decisions for herself based on her faith. I liked her “coming of age” transformation and realizing that although she can still ask for her parents advise she [...]

    15. It is in the tradition of a Christian Grisham. I hate to sound like a literature snob, but this is one of the few modern day fiction writers whom I have read lately that writes well. I couldn't put it down and that is saying a lot. A homeschooled female from a very strict church makes her way through law school and into a summer clerkship for a firm in Savannah, GA. She must face difficult choices in her professional and personal life.My only quibble (other than the fact that a family and church [...]

    16. From the very first pages, I found myself strangely fascinated by this novel. Although the plot definitely lags and I wondered if/when it would "thicken", by the time it finally did, I was thanking the author for giving me extra time to acclimate to Tami's religion-based ethnocentricism, her subsequent decision-making style and plethora quandaries that ensue. Watching Tami develop as a human being and a woman was inspiring as she did so in a way that garnered (eventual) respect from her peers, b [...]

    17. Courtroom dramas are one of my favorite genres, ever since I became acquainted with Perry Mason (through TV reruns) many years ago.Tammy Lynn Taylor, the main character in this book, is passionate about the law and is very strongly convicted about her religious faith. I found the conflict between her family and church's teaching, and the "real world" of a Savannah law firm intriguing as she found the right balance that seemed to work for her.The case itself had a "surprise" ending that somehow d [...]

    18. It was hard to like the character, Tammy Lynn, in the beginning of the book. It wasn't until I realized that this was a series, did I understand why the author spent so much time developing the character in the beginning. To me, it was a slow read. I like action adventures and this had very little action. I will probably read the next book in this series. Tami grew on my a little bit at the end of the book. I liked her spunk and determination.

    19. I like this author, mostly because I like non-scary mysteries, so lawyer thrillers fit the bill. To read about a character with uncompromising faith coupled with an uncompromising lifestyle is somewhat uncomfortable. Is it feeling convicted that my own thought life should be more pure? Maybe so. Again, with the author, I don't think that most readers could relate unless they'd been exposed to multiple Christian belief systems and lifestyles.

    20. This book about a homeschool in a law office was really, really good. I can see why my mom has been on my case to read this series for a while. I plan to start book two very soon.

    21. Found a new fav author. Loved it. Can't wait till the next one:-)Tammy comes from a very conservative Christian home. She was homeschooled until she went to the University of Georgia to study law. She receives an offer for a summer internship at a prestigious Savannah lawfirm and after a lot of debate and prayer decides to take it. One of the first decisions Tammy makes is to change her name's spelling to Tami, to make it look more sophisticated. Interestingly, Tammy chooses to lie to her mother [...]

    22. This is my first book by this author, published in 2008 what a great book with interesting characters. Tami, who is entering the world of becoming a Lawyer, is leaving the support of her family where she had been home schooled and relied on her parents for direction. Now out in the world she must relied on her faith as she work in an office which is filled with mostly worldly people in terms of how they approach each case. Her case was to represent Moses a man who lived on a boat which he tied u [...]

    23. A fairly good mystery with an interesting main character whose religious beliefs guide her through out the novel. Robert Whitlow paints an extremely visual story that does not suffer from "too much" wordiness. The thread of religious ideology that runs through the story is not "preachy" but gives the reader insight as to the main characters action. I also appreciated the fact that the main character does not "fall" from her beliefs as she traverses a world very different from the one in which sh [...]

    24. Reading this book really inspired me. I could hardly put it down. Read this book before reading the 2nd and 3rd books in the trilogy. I just finished reading #2 and it built on this book. I predict that you'll love and be inspired reading both these books. I'm on to book #3.

    25. Overall quite an enjoyable read. The ultra-orthodox Christian themes may be very off putting for some but when pushed to the side the story was quite good. If I come across more by this writer I will certainly give them a go.

    26. This is my least favorite so far of Whitlow's books. 3.5 starsI probably won't read more in this particular series.

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