Because...every raindrop is a HOPE

Because every raindrop is a HOPE Caught in the turmoil of an Underrated Love and an Overrated Infatuation Raj a young boy with larger than life dreams from a small town of Kanpur is at the cross road of life where every road ahe

  • Title: Because...every raindrop is a HOPE
  • Author: Sankalp Kohli Mansi Sharma
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Caught in the turmoil of an Underrated Love and an Overrated Infatuation, Raj, a young boy with larger than life dreams, from a small town of Kanpur, is at the cross road of life, where every road ahead leads to nothing but a Dead end Through the grueling course of circumstances, he is subjected to the bitter tests of life, where he fails to justify his one decision of paCaught in the turmoil of an Underrated Love and an Overrated Infatuation, Raj, a young boy with larger than life dreams, from a small town of Kanpur, is at the cross road of life, where every road ahead leads to nothing but a Dead end Through the grueling course of circumstances, he is subjected to the bitter tests of life, where he fails to justify his one decision of parting ways with Mahek But, when Mahek flashes out of his life, leaving him all alone, the guilt of not been forgiven by her, ruins his soul and that frustration leads him into seclusion, devoid of even his best buddies Rohan and Rahul Failed love, broken friendship, a hurt ego and lost soul Raj is doomed to darkness With no ray of hope ahead, just when Raj is about to give up on life, he come across a note, written to him by his favorite professor, Never give up Raj Because Every Raindrop is a Hope which brings Raj face to face with his own self Why Love that makes Life beautiful, turns into Satan Why friendship one fine day loses all its meaning Why on the crowded roads of Mumbai city, Raj finds himself walking all alone Will Raj challenge Life and fight back with the sword of Hope or will he take the easy way out by succumbing to the arduous tests of time About the Authors Mansi Sharma Having a zeal to sail the vessel, till the river runs dry in the chase of her dreams Mansi is a person who takes the challenges and surprises that life and destiny throws at her, with courage Nesting big dreams from her childhood in the Beautiful City of Chandigarh, post her Graduation in Physics Hons from PU, she moved to Pune for her Masters An MBA Graduate from SCIT, Pune, Mansi is presently working in one of the top Indian Telcos With a slice of painter, dash of an avid reader, a writer and an unexplored poet, she is an emotional and sensitive person Sankalp Kohli Born and brought up in Kanpur, Sankalp is an MBA Graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai An entrepreneurial soul with an imprint of a perfectionist, he is a workaholic, who believes in turning every single moment of life into something constructive and fruitful Being an avid reader since the beginning, he eventually began giving his thoughts and ideas, the wings of words in the form of blogs He is a person who holds his parents above all, especially his mother All his dreams and aspirations are driven by his wish to make his parents feel proud Other bestsellers from General Press A Lot Like Love, Love Happens only Once, The Girl I Last Loved.

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    1. Hope is a good thing maybe the best of the things and no good thing ever dies."Most of us might know this quote from Shawshank Redemption. This is the first thing I could think of while writing the review."Because Every Raindrop is a Hope" by Mansi and Sankalp is a story about keeping your hope alive, via the life of a small town boy, Raj.When the protagonist, Raj, got admission in a reputed college in Mumbai, he was determined to excel the field. But, on his way to success, love and infatuation [...]

    2. Story in a nutshell:Scoring good marks- getting admitted into one of the best colleges- finding a secure, well paid job -- This is the life of most of the youngsters in teenage. Raj lands in Mumbai for higher studies. Mumbai has a lot to offer to him apart from education. It offers him friendship, love, infatuation, success, jealousy and many more things. Life offers many good things to him. He is happy leading his life when his past knocks at his door. He gets carried away with his past only to [...]

    3. Because Every Raindrop Is a HopeBy Sankalp Kohli & Mansi SharmaReview by Ila GargI’ve never been to Mumbai, but novelists Sankalp Kohli & Mansi Sharma made me feel as if I had been there for a long time. The picturesque descriptions in,Because… Every Raindrop Is a Hope, of the Mumbai railway station, monsoon, beaches, etc. makes you feel that you are walking on Mumbai streets with the Protagonist. The story is very touching and belongs to the romantic genre. Protagonist, Raj, with h [...]

    4. 'Life was never thought to be difficult but then who wanted it to be easy.'Because Every Raindrop is a Hope is a story of Raj, a boy who falls in love with a girl Shruti during her school days but due to her personal problems, they both had to say goodbye to each other. A nerd who never fails to impress his parents and once again he did the same. He gets a reputed college in Mumbai and his childhood friends, Rohan and Rahul, another reason for his happiness as they both get the admission in same [...]

    5. Actually i read this book because of title! "Becauseevery raindrop is a HOPE" lots of meaning inside in this line i felt. so i buy this book from amazon kindle edition yesterday night i started it's a perfect page turner author used the simple understandable English words good for beginnerse to story was begin-ed in flashback. Raj,Rohan,Rahul they are childhood friends come to mumbai for studying the reputed engineering college of mumbai.Raj is the center point of the story. he was only characte [...]

    6. Its a 4.5/5 Seeing the blurb where der is a guy n d word Hope i thought it would be cliche romance n suicidal types book but what i didn't know was d word HOPE gave so beautiful meaning to this book and life. The 0.5 difference is for the little drag that happened in the 15th chp as i felt it could be short n sweet. Then about the characters i would like to say is I HATE RAJ i hate raj coz sankalp n mansi wrote so good that i was made to hate the charecter. Rohan rahul preeti n mehak (Debbie. D [...]

    7. BECAUSE…EVERY RAINDROP IS A HOPE BY MANSI SHARMA AND SANKALP KOHLIIf I ask you whether you were infatuated anytime of your life, I am sure you will hesitate to reveal that you did. It is natural we like to hide certain facts of our life. But Raj Malhotra the protagonist of the novel, ‘Because…Every Raindrop Is a Hope’ didn’t even know that he was infatuated but he did. He was infatuated and his life took different turns. But at one point of time when he wanted to escape there came a fl [...]

    8. BOOK REVIEW OF- Because Every Raindrop is a HopeBy Mansi Sharma and Sankalp Kohli• Paperback: 192 pages• Publisher: General Press; 1st edition (28 January 2013)• Language: English• ISBN-10: 9380914431• ISBN-13: 978-9380914435THE PLOT IN BRIEF-Caught in the turmoil of an Underrated Love and an Overrated Infatuation, Raj, a young boy with larger than life dreams, from a small town of Kanpur, is at the cross road of life, where every road ahead leads to nothing but a Dead-end. Through the [...]

    9. Introduction:One should never let one’s ego to vouch the center stage in Friendship and should always let trust to overhaul all misunderstanding in close friends. When am speaking about ‘because every raindrop is a HOPE’ Trust and Ego would be the two words which would lead up to mearstones. Mesmerizing plot that will compel you to believe – ‘There’s always time to forget your past and start a new beginning.’ With a power pact moral –‘People say we die when we stop breathing bu [...]

    10. The catchy title of the book made me pick this one! Very simple writing which is a positive. Being an Indian i could connect with a lot of incidences described in the book. I found the book very predictive, half way though the book and i knew how it might turn out. The book revolves around the life of Raj, who is a college student in Mumbai. The part where Shruthi renters in Raj's life, one can easily say how it might turn out, though there could have been other possibilities to it but when Debb [...]

    11. ‘Because… every raindrop is a HOPE’ is the debut novel of Mansi Sharma and Sankalp Kohli. A drop of rain means a lot to many people, from farmers to animals to people in deserts, a drop of rain always brings hope with it and this story line proves it.This is the best possible name for a story line like this. How a note where this name was written can change the course of events in the protagonist’s life, shows how prominent this name is. Though I feel the cover can be designed in a bette [...]

    12. Essentially the story of a modern generation youth, this book chronicles the journey of a guy called Raj. A son, a student, a friend, a lover – he plays a lot of roles in his life just like each and every one of us. And like us, he makes a few mistakes and makes a few dumb choices, faces heartbreak and falls down a number of times. Flitting between Shruti and Mahek, Raj’s confusion goes beyond the boundaries of just love. But the thing is whether he will be able to bounce back and get back o [...]

    13. AN INTERESTING AND INSPIRATIONAL STORY THE TURMOIL OF AN UNDERRATED LOVE AND AN OVERRATED INFATUATION. "This is the novel by Mansi Sharma & Sankalp Kohli The story is about the turmoil emotions, emotion of an underrated Love and an overrated Infatuation. This is story of ‘Raj’, a young guy with the dreams larger than life, from a small town of Kanpur, He faces different up and down of life, where his path leads to nowhere but only to a dead-end.Through the exhausting period of life and d [...]

    14. Review- Because Every Raindrop is a Hope is a realistic and relatable life story of Raj. The story talks about his love and infatuation, his college days and fun, his downfall and whether he climbs back or not.  This book was interesting and I was hooked to the story. The book ends with positive notes and teaches us a few important life lessons. Book Title and Cover- The Title is interesting and appropriate with the book. It gives us insight about the content. The Cover is not-attractive and co [...]

    15. Synopsis –Caught in the turmoil of an Underrated Love and an Overrated Infatuation, Raj today is at the cross road of life, where every road ahead leads to nothing but a Dead-end.A thwarted soul with the guilt of not having been forgiven by Mahek, his frustration leads him into seclusion.With no ray of hope, just when Raj is about to give up on life, a note “Never give up Raj…Because…Every Raindrop is a Hope” brings Raj face to face with his own self.Why Love that makes Life beautiful, [...]

    16. “Hope is the seed to dreams that keeps you moving on in life and expectations decide the result”because every Raindrop is a HOPE tells you the story of small town boy, Raj; his journey of finding himself. Raj takes on life with huge dreams and mistaken feelings love and egoistic expectations that leads him astray in the claws of confusion, darkness and broken dreams, Raj finds it hard to move on. The very feelings and shades of life- love, friendship, dreams grows dark before him. But nothin [...]

    17. ****** I received a free copy of the book in exchange for a honest review.******Everyone at one point of time in life gets infatuated by someone. Some bloom into successful love stories, some are worn out by the passage of time and some take the life of the person to an entirely new direction. ‘Because…Every Raindrop Is a Hope’ is the story of a young boy Raj from a small town of Kanpur whose life takes different turns due to his infatuation with a girl.He moves to Mumbai for higher studie [...]

    18. “ Because Every Raindrop is a Hope” a novel by Sankalp Kohli & Mansi Sharma is their debut novel published by General Press in the month of January 2013. The book has been doing well in the market and also been appreciated by celebrity reviewers and bloggers. Finally I got my chance to have a go at this book and this is how it went. The concept of the book is quite smile and clear leaving a smile on your face when you are done with the reading. Though the book falls under the romance gen [...]

    19. Life is no bed of roses, there will be times where you will feel so sick and tired of it but then there will always be that ray of hope in the form of truth, realizations, dreams, wishes, desires that will keep you going!because every Raindrop is a HOPE is the story of Raj, a typical guy from a small town with big dreams and wishes. Caught in the confusion of unnecessary infatuation and the baggage of his impractical dreams his life goes shady. Friendship, love, dreams… which are supposed to b [...]

    20. Read Complete Review of Book on BookReviewsFromHeart @Blogger" Because . Every Rain Drop is a Hope " , is the debut work of Mansi Sharma & Sankalp Kohli , is narrated in first form by Raj who was caught up in the storm of an underrated love and an overrated infatuation . Plot is about three friends Raj, Rohan and Rahul who came to Mumbai for higher studies in one of the prestigious college where Raj met Mahek and with time their chemistry thickened but then Raj's past breached the peace of h [...]

    21. Because Every Raindrop is a Hope is a amazing book in all sencewhen i saw this book in my friend house the title seem to attract me. As i didn't read many book because of a slow reader & also dont have time. I read those book those i found interest so i'll think that this book lets try and borrow to my friend,you don't believe as i started reading i cann't control myself from it. So interesting guys from first to last, the books contained 16 chapter as i remembered. The main chracter RAJ was [...]

    22. The story talks about Raj and the ups and downs in his life. The misconception that most people have, when they think they know love. The story is about the man who is blessed with true love but does he recognize it? Does true love really exist? If so, how do we know when it happens? The story does try to cater to these questions. It is about a protagonist who is not all positive or goody-good man. It is about a man who has real life issues, regrets, heartbreak, friends, rivalry, distrust, and [...]

    23. The story is based on the life of Raj, who has dreams, aspirations and zeal, as and when he gets selected for his higher studies In Mumbai, he wishes to live his dreams and aspire for more.  But then, new life,  new city, new lifestyle starts changing Raj, he starts falling in traps, he also has some infatuation on a girl, assuming it to be Love. He also gets into blame game, All that goes smoothly will have something to ruin at the end, and that’s what exactly happens with Raj. His dreams, [...]

    24. This book is a quick read. The author or rather the author's have presented a pretty descent book. Though we have seen lots of books in this genre, This one is pretty Good. It's basically about the present day Love,Infatuation,Friendship etc. Though I don't want to brief you about the story, I just want to tell what I liked and what i Disliked. I felt that the language was okayish. The story was pacy and was quite interesting. And just when you think that this book is like any other book, the cl [...]

    25. This story revolves around Raj, his life, his friends and his love life. What happens when he gets caught in the turmoil of underrated love and overrated infatuation? Is he able to sort himself out of the mess created in his life? Will he succeed in doing so? The answers to all these questions lie in this book. It’s a good story that teaches a great deal of life, its ups and downs, hardships, failures and how to tackle them without letting your ego spoil everything and your relations. It tells [...]

    26. Felt lack of depthHowever one of the best thing I found & could connect with is on page 45It said'We all, some or the other time say to our friends, 'I am very happy for you', but the truth is 'I am happy for you only until what you have got it is either not what I wanted or I already have'.Even when we go by the highest of standards of true friendship, then in a euphemistic manner we can say - 'We may not feel bad that our friend has got something, but yes, it certainly hurts that we don't [...]

    27. Life's turmoil and the inability of come out of it clean sometimes is the basic theme of the book. The story teaches a lot and leaves an impact on the readers mind too. The narration is plain and simple but it could have been made more exciting. The story waivers off in the middle before getting back on track. Friendship and love constitute the better part of the story and takes you back to your old college days. It's a good story but it ain't different from others which are already out there.

    28. Honestly, before buying the book I thought it will be an inspiring tale but to my disappointment it was a love story with complications. Every writer has his or her own way of writing but sometimes it is not enough to connect with the reader. Though the story tries to explain the difference between Self and Ego, also throws a light on the 2 most misunderstood words : Love & Infatuation still it could not be in my list of favorites novels.!

    29. good work. the story beautifully describes the meaning of word HOPE. the book cover itself has a lot of significance which reader understands as he progresses through the book. the billiant narration helped me visualize lot of scenes, and i could feel that even i was playing a part in the book.A Big Thumbs up. Awaiting further titles from the authors.

    30. awesome love stories the writer experiences, the explanation was also at its best as per beginners and yeah i felt like going to Mumbai while reading the book, also I would like to add he did'nt punish shruthi and debonita as they shud deserve the last epilogue was inspirational but boring also anyways I learned to build in everything I do thank you auhtors :D

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