Just Above a Whisper

Just Above a Whisper Through a hard turn of events Reese Thackery has become an indentured servant When the owner of her contract dies the bank has rights to her fate Conner Kingsley the son of the bank s owner comes

  • Title: Just Above a Whisper
  • Author: Lori Wick
  • ISBN: 9780736911597
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • Through a hard turn of events, Reese Thackery has become an indentured servant When the owner of her contract dies, the bank has rights to her fate Conner Kingsley, the son of the bank s owner, comes to Tucker Mills to investigate and soon releases Reese from obligation and hires her to keep house for him.Reese is grateful for freedom but unsure of her other feelings forThrough a hard turn of events, Reese Thackery has become an indentured servant When the owner of her contract dies, the bank has rights to her fate Conner Kingsley, the son of the bank s owner, comes to Tucker Mills to investigate and soon releases Reese from obligation and hires her to keep house for him.Reese is grateful for freedom but unsure of her other feelings for Conner Yet, as her emotional hurts heal, and her faith blossoms, Reese allows herself to trust someone for the first time But will Conner do the same When love at first sight is not the case, can shared faith and restoration grow from a whisper of understanding into a proclamation of love

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    1 thought on “Just Above a Whisper”

    1. [review based on audio]I’d like to point out that listening to this book should land me in the indiscriminate reader population. Above a Whisper is comfortably outside of my preferred genre but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this sweet, sweet, pretty, pretty, all-is-beautiful, and everyone-is-lovely read. I was definitely feeling the love on this one. No really! I’m not being snarky, I liked it. :)The premise of Above a Whisper takes place around 1839, a time when indentured servants wh [...]

    2. After the first chapter, it is pretty evident how it is going to end. And the journey to the end is not all that inspiring or interesting. The plot, what there is, takes a back seat to the author’s witness to her belief in God and the way to be saved through Christ Jesus. There is nothing subtle about it, and the heavy-handedness comes off as trite. The characters are shallow, the plot is thin, and the writing is not great.

    3. In 1839 in a small town called Tucker Mills Massachusetts, Reese Thackery is an indentured servant with 2 years left before she is free. When the man holding her papers suddenly dies Reese is uncertain of her future but has faith that God will protect her. What Reese doesnt know is that the man who dies owed a lot of money to the Tucker Mills Bank and the bank manager has decided that to recoop his losses to hold on to Reese's papers and she can work for the bank. When the bank owners, The Kngsl [...]

    4. So far, this is the best Lori Wick book that I've read. There is more depth to the story, and a realistic reason why the girl doesn't like the guy at first. Once they figure out that they like each other, Wick doesn't keep them apart with a lot of silly misunderstandings. The characters from the previous book are given a subplot that I cared about rather than making a cameo appearance "just because".The only thing that marred the book for me was the main female character getting pregnant in the [...]

    5. This book was so slow moving. Felt like it was written for Jr. High School level. I have fully enjoyed Other books by Wick.

    6. I particularly like books that have questions to be answered that keep you reading. This is one of those books. I enjoyed it a lot. It's the best book in the series yet.

    7. 4.5 starsI loved Reece's story. In spite of her adverse circumstances (she and her deceased father were indentured servants) she carried herself with grace to achieve her HEA.

    8. Book Two of the Tucker Mills Trilogya good stand alone book. Great message of God's love and redemption woven into the story without being to "preachy". Leaves you wanting to move to Tucker Hills to be friends with Reese, the main character. It was interesting to learn that "tea" at those times was supper, a light evening meal of leftovers or snacks b/c the main meal was dinner (lunch) a full blown meal.

    9. Love stories make me want to do nothing but read. This is the second entry in the very pleasant Tucker Mills trilogy by Christian romance author Lori Wick, and it's an improvement over the first, but the story drags along at times due to the sheer number of characters Wick tries to balance in the plot. The plot concerns an indentured servant named Reese Thackery (her middle name is a joke between her and her intended), whose "contract" is bought by the bank as part of a debt reassignment when he [...]

    10. Just Above A Whisper Bk 2 ISBN 13: 9780786282005Book 2 recounts the story of Reese Thackery, an indentured servant, who although once compromised is able to continue her life with the help of her faith and her friends. Good romance that shows no matter your circumstances, adversity can be overcome.

    11. done and rides into town.I don’t read inspirational fiction very often and I don’t think I’ve ever made it through one as church centered as this one. I’m sure I would have given up on it if I’d been reading, but the playaway did make my cleaning go faster, so I stuck it out. I can’t say that I really got enjoyment out of it, but it was passable. My biggest problem aside from the absence of a compelling storyline was Reese and the way everyone in town treated her (I think the author [...]

    12. I have to say, this book took me by suprise. Maybe I'm simpling "giving in" to the genre but I did enjoy this one. Though it is the sequel in a trilogy I have not read, I did not find that fact to distracting. The conversations about God/Bible got long, especially because it felt like the author was attempting to explain it all to the reader, when I seriously doubt anyone who is seeking information like that will be reading this book. But, this book wasn't full of the things that usually tick me [...]

    13. This is truly a romantic story, a once indentured girl, now free, but working for a larger than life bank owner, is not sure what her role in life is, yet. Reese starts out as an identured servant, even changes owners. She is an exceptionally tall girl with red hair who does not think much of herself, except that she knows she is a child of God. Most men are smaller than her so they do not scare her so much, but when Conner Kingsley comes into the picture she's not so sure.Conner Kingsley, the b [...]

    14. Listened to Just Above a Whisper (Tucker Mills Trilogy #2)by Lori Wick. Through a hard turn of events, Reese Thackery has become an indentured servant. When the owner of her contract dies, the bank has rights to her fate. Conner Kingsley, the son of the bank's owner, comes to Tucker Mills to investigate and soon releases Reese from obligation and hires her to keep house for him. Reese is grateful for freedom but unsure of her other feelings for Conner. Yet, as her emotional hurts heal, and her f [...]

    15. I really enjoy Lori Wick's books. She has a talent for taking the reader into the era of which her characters reside. You pick up tid bits of history and facts about life in the pioneer days. After finishing this book, I am still mulling over what happened to the antagonist, Mr Jenness, at the end. As you read this book, it is brought to your attention is is taking place in 1839. So it surprised me when I read that his wife had given away that Mr Jenness was accepted to the 'Massachusetts Mental [...]

    16. This sweet love story of an indentured servant and a wealthy bank owner is brought to life by the incredible Barbara Rosenblat. She transforms Lori Wick's novel into a wonderful listening experience with her expert ability to perform the parts of numerous characters. One cannot help but be enthralled with the story of 23-year-old Reese Thackery and the hardships she learns to overcome in 1839 in Tucker Mills, Massachusetts. The story of faith and love in the midst of trials produces an unforgett [...]

    17. An excellent follow up from the first of the Trilogy. This is a light read, a quick read but so I enjoyed #1 that I wanted to continue the saga. Each is a stand alone read so there's no problem if you skip to it. Me? I have to read things in order.The message that struck me through this book (I hope it was #2 bec I read #3 immediately afterwards)concerned our choices. In book one I was taken with the idea of doing somethingy, if just praying, for a name/face that crossed my mind. But this book m [...]

    18. 1st Read ~January 1, 2005Re-read this book January 21, 2010Re-reading this book again. One of my favorites. Re-read ~December 25, 2013Re-Read~June 10, 2014I love this book. I love how you can see such growth in the lives of both Reese and Conner, both in their everyday lives AND in their spiritual lives. Reese has got to be one of my favorite characters in a Lori Wick book. She is delightful and yet knows she is human and need to rely on God. A much needed comfort read right now. I love these bo [...]

    19. Really much better than the first book in the series. Did not do as much of that bouncing back and forth with just page and a half before a page break/character change.Reese and indentured servant has her life turned upside down. Clinging to her faith, she tries to deal with everything that comes up. What she does not expect is the bank owner to come to check on the bank/her papers. Conner is not like an man she is use to and not just because he can not speak about a whisper. Troy is so funny an [...]

    20. Enjoyed keeping up with characters introduced in the previous book and learning more about new ones. This was a good stand alone book as well.More of the daily living of Christian values is introduced a little more in this book. The awakening of the working of Christ's spirit in people's lives becomes more of the focus.I enjoyed the little bit of intrigue and suspense that was attempted in this story. It kept you waiting for someone to jump out of the shadows.

    21. As a Christian woman who enjoys books with faith intermingled in the story, I still had to skip the numerous sermons delivered in this book. There is a vast difference between "intermingling" and "bashing you over the head with" faith. I enjoyed the story line between Reese and Connor. With the other folks who were questioning religion constantly I felt like they needed to get over it, get a clue, and get religion! End of story

    22. I used to love Lori Wick's books, but I find her newer ones have the same type of characters each time. I love that she explains salvation each time, but it seems that once her characters come to know Christ, they all turn out the same. I also find that she jumps around from story line to story line too much. We see snippets of all these characters, but often none of it really adds to the storyline.

    23. I thought this was a rather sweet book. Reese was a great heroine with a good heart. I loved Conner and his sense of humor once they became friends, I only wish them getting together was little bit more explained, I became a little confused at that part. The christian message was well thought out, and you could tell the writer had put a lot of thought in to it.Overall it was an enjoyable book though a little slow.

    24. I bought this book at Deseret Books and so I thought it was an LDS novel. When I started the book and it talked about a small church group of some undetermined religion I thought "Okay, the missionaries are going to be coming into the picture soon. They never did. This was not an LDS novel but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had several little moral lessons, a little romance, a little drama, etc.

    25. I thought the book was interesting at times, but at other times slow-going. It was easy to understand, and overall the plot was good. I liked how the characters applied passages from the Bible and their faith to their "life" situations. I will take a peek at the last book in the series to see what happens.

    26. This seems to be the 2nd book in a series but so far, it seems to stand alone. It is a bit religious for my taste but I'm taking it all in stride. Now that I'm done, I would say that it was very religious. I did like the story and character development. Way too preachy but I did finish it. It was set in the 1840s, a time period I like and the story moved along.

    27. #2 in Tucker Mills Trilogy. I will have to try to find the first book in the series as I am now reading the 3rd book. Very religious themes. Sweet romance. Set in MA around 1840. This one is about Reese and Conner.

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