14th Deadly Sin

th Deadly Sin With San Francisco under siege and every cop a suspect the Women s Murder Club must risk their lives to save the city and each other With a beautiful baby daughter and a devoted husband Detective Li

  • Title: 14th Deadly Sin
  • Author: James Patterson Maxine Paetro
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With San Francisco under siege and every cop a suspect, the Women s Murder Club must risk their lives to save the city and each other With a beautiful baby daughter and a devoted husband, Detective Lindsay Boxer can safely say that her life has never been better In fact for a change , things seem to be going well for all the members of the Women s Murder Club as they gWith San Francisco under siege and every cop a suspect, the Women s Murder Club must risk their lives to save the city and each other With a beautiful baby daughter and a devoted husband, Detective Lindsay Boxer can safely say that her life has never been better In fact for a change , things seem to be going well for all the members of the Women s Murder Club as they gather to celebrate San Francisco Medical Examiner Claire Washburn s birthday But the party is cut short when Lindsay is called to a gruesome crime scene, where a woman has been murdered in broad daylight As Lindsay investigates, shocking video footage of another crime surfaces A video so horrific that it shakes the city to its core Their faces obscured by masks, the cold blooded criminals on the tape could be anyone and now all of Lindsay s co workers are suspects As a rash of violence sweeps through San Francisco, and public fear and anger grows, Lindsay and her friends must risk their lives in the name of justice before it s too late With shocking twists and riveting suspense, 14TH DEADLY SIN, proves yet again that when it comes to suspense fiction, in the words of Jeffrey Deaver nobody does it better than James Patterson.

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    1 thought on “14th Deadly Sin”

    1. OkkaayyyyyyyI didn't hate this as much as I have the last few. The dialogue was still shit, there were too many rushed storylines and the prose were probably written by Patterson's grandson or something - but it was better than the last one. I've read a few of these in quick turnaround, and I have to say I'm kind of exhausted by the sheer number of things that happen. Would it be too much to ask for just one case that gets solved and doesn't involve all of these women having huge life changing e [...]

    2. 4.5★sOnce again an attack, reportedly by cops, had occurred – people were being murdered and the police department was in panic mode. Detective Lindsay Boxer and her partner Detective Richie Conklin were front and foremost in the investigation and they had no idea where to start. These people, whether they were rogue cops or civilians masquerading as cops – they left no clues. No prints, nothing on CCTV, not even the shells from shots fired were left behind. Lindsay and her three close fri [...]

    3. This installment centers on a ring of corrupt cops and a serial killer. I enjoyed the plot on the serial killer that kills every May 12th on Claire’s birthday. The corrupt cops plot I just did not get that into but the end of the book did hook me for the next installment. The ending was an on the edge of your seat one. My quick and simple overall: not my favorite of the series but still entertaining. The ending was pretty strong.

    4. 14th Deadly SinI give this book 3 and a half stars and the only reason I added the extra half is because I have always liked this series. This book in the Women's Murder Club series was alright but it wasn't that great. It was fast but it was tied up in a little bow at the end and it just sets us up to begin the next book in the series. I think it could have been much better. It didn't give you a chance to guess what was going on. It doesn't seem like there was much thought put into this. I hope [...]

    5. The writing of this one is pathetically awful. For example, one section is simply, "I texted Conklin. He texted back." Say what? Not what I'm used to from Mr. Patterson.Yuki's new job and the case she took felt wrong on so many levels. I would think even with the "Chinese wall" that there would be a clear conflict of interest if Yuki is suing the police and the city and her husband is a cop. If she loses, she is open to a major malpractice suit. It would be very difficult to prove that she did n [...]

    6. James Patterson books are like going to your favorite chain restaurant. You know what to expect every time you go, no matter if in or out of town! I love the WMC series and the 14th one didn't disappoint. Held my attention from start to finish. If you like this series, you will love 14th Deadly Sin!

    7. First of all, the writing itself was sophomoric. That is my biggest complaint. I expect better grammar and sentence structure from an author like Patterson. The conversations between characters were weak. The plots, also weak.Secondly, there was way too much going on. It's as if Patterson/Paetro had some ideas for this book and couldn't decide on one so they wrote them all. And last, but certainly not least, the ending. What in the world?? When you've written a mediocre book, in which the reader [...]

    8. A decent addition to the Women's Murder Club series. Most of the focus is on storylines for Yuki, who leaves the DA office to help the underprivileged get better representation and takes on the case of a low IQ teenager bullied by SFPD into admitting three drug-related murders, and of course, Lindsay. Lindsay is dragged into a complicated case, where criminals in SFPD gear are ripping off check cashing and drug dealers. At home, her new husband ex-FBI agent Joe Molinari is dismissed from his con [...]

    9. The Woman's Murder Club continues to entertain with 14th Deadly Sin! Three armed men wearing latex maskes, gloves, start by robbing check cashing stores. They call each other One, Two, and Three. They're careful, organized. And they all wear windbreakers and hats labeled NYPD.At first, they haven't hurt anyone but that doesn't last long. It starts when they Kill a man who wouldn't open the safe. The next hit is a little, family owned store called Maya De Perez. Maya Perez, pregnant and having ju [...]

    10. The annual Women's Murder Club (WMC) submission is here and does not disappoint! A number of cheque-cashing establishments have been held up and bodies are piling up, as the crew makes off with large sums of money. The perps are not identifiable, save for SFPD windbreakers, but this does not mean anything definitive. Could this be an inside job or is someone impersonating the police, adding a chill factor to an already problematic investigation? While at their weekly WMC gathering, Lindsay Boxer [...]

    11. 14th Deadly Sin sees the return of SFPD Homicide Detective Lindsay Boxer and her friends that call themselves the Women's Murder Club. A gang dressed in SFPD jackets wearing masks are going around robbing stores, drug dealers and have escalated to murder leaving no forensic evidence behind. Boxer and her partner Conklin are tasked to work with Robbery division to find the culprits. There are no witnesses and very little to work with.While this is going on Lindsay's husband Joe gets fired from hi [...]

    12. The 14th book in the WMC series by James Patterson and probably more so Maxine Paetro. This is a series I really enjoyed when it first started and the plot was 4 strong women who got together to solve cases, but that is not the case any more. The books now contain several stories and plenty of emotional / family happenings that detract from the original concept. I accept that series need to develop but this does not mean that the whole story plot needs to change as well. I am getting fed up of J [...]

    13. 14th Deadly Sin is the fourteenth book in the Women’s Murder Club series by prolific American author, James Patterson. It is co-written with Maxine Paetro. Detective Sergeant Lindsay Boxer and Detective Inspector Rich Conklin are given a disturbing case: robberies from check-cashing shops and Latino mercados where the perpetrators wore SFPD Windbreakers, but were well disguised with rubber face masks and gloves. Some witnesses has been murdered and CCTV footage was poor. When Lindsay and Rich [...]

    14. Spoilers contained within this review.14th Deadly SinJames Patterson & Maxine PaetroWomen’s Murder Club seriesThoughts so far…I am a tad over half-way through the 14th book in the WMC series and as has been the case with the last ten books, I am having a hard time with a few items.Nine months has passed between 12th of Never & 14th Deadly Sin. 9 months. We know this because baby Julie is nine months old. In that time a lot has happened:Baby Julie had a medical crisis but is all fine [...]

    15. James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series is one of my favourite crime series of all-time so when I received an early copy of 14th Deadly Sin, I was ecstatic. It's hard to believe that this is the 14th novel, but the series definitely shows no sign of slowing down and Patterson and Maxine Paetro have definitely written one of the strongest books in the series yet. I do find myself saying this a lot and am perhaps a little biased given how much I love the series, but looking at it as impartial [...]

    16. Right off the bat, I'll agree with the legions of reviewers who say they hate cliffhanger endings. I don't like the ploy when it's used in season finales of TV series, and I don't like it even more in books, for two reasons: First, it's likely to be at least a year - sometimes two or three - before the next one is published. At that point, I have trouble remembering who the main characters are, much less what happened at the end of the previous book. Second, unlike books, people normally don't h [...]

    17. Holy crap. The SFPD and Boxer are in way over their heads with dirty cops, people being tortured and killed, and robberies. The clock is running out for everyone and people are scrambling for bits to go on. This one kept me on the edge of me seat until the very last page. With the cliffhanger I'll need to read the next book ASAP.

    18. This is usually one of my favorite series from James Patterson. I did not enjoy this book. I feel this series has lost its way. I can typically finish a Patterson book in a weekend. This one took me two weeks to get through. Didn't hold my interest. Kept putting it down.

    19. Chasing possible dirty cops was, for once, a different and more believable story-line for this 14th book in the Women’s Murder Club. The latter refers to the quartet of women, comprised of Lindsay (police detective), Yuki (criminal trial lawyer), Claire (medical examiner) and Cindy, a crime journalist. They have been friends for so long, as a reader, you root for them. Because that’s the given with this series; the plots are weak, but the characterization is spot on. These women are extremel [...]

    20. Oh Women's Murder Clubwhat happened to you?I've read this series from the very beginning, back when Jill was still the ADA in the club, and it was like a breath of fresh air in the crime/murder mystery department. Quick paced action, brutal murders, and equal looks at the world of law, police, crime scene, and the media all while weighing the drama down with the love and respect of 4 wonderfully powerful women knee deep in a "man's world". Even when Yuki came into the series I was still drawn in [...]

    21. *3 Stars*I really enjoy the Women's Murder Club series. This was another great case with Lindsay and the gang all working on important things. Our usual main characters are back and as good as ever. That ending though. Cliffhanger much? Will be interested to see how things play out in he next one.

    22. A decent installment of the WMC series; however, I wish there were more to it than stringing it along as a cliffhanger.

    23. Another great read in the series. Plenty of action and a decent enough story. Can't wait to read the next book.

    24. good story line. People won't have confidence in the police after reading the book, though. I just hope that they will remember that it's a work of fiction

    25. I read this because it was on the top of some bestseller list; how bad can it be? Don't ask. A chick crime lit genre- people are actually paying good money for this? I was ready to settle down with the concept of 4 smart women with careers in crime, but this book comes off like a senior version of a Lucy Valentine novel, which I read and wished I hadn't. When I finished this book, I thought had failed to send the last chapter. I had to read other reviews to find out this is the way it was suppo [...]

    26. I have just concluded the newest in the 'Women's Murder Club" series, as usualI was not disappointed. In this episode Clair had very little to do with the storyline, her entire roll was to point out to Boxer that she was forced to leave the annual birthday party for Clair because every year there seemed to be another murder which took Lindsey away from the party. Cindy too had a very small part, she was away on a book tour, now that her first book had finally been published. Boxer tells hubby ab [...]

    27. 3.25 stars.I enjoy this series because after this many books I feel as if I know the characters like I know my own friends.These books are easy to read with short chapters and are the perfect type of book for my secondary book that I only read a few pages of each day; if you don't get back to the story for a couple days or even a week, it's easy to just get right back into the groove.I was happy to see Lindsey's husband Joe get a bit more of his own story in this entry, and I don't mind the mult [...]

    28. 2.5 starsI've read this entire series. I love these characters and how the overall story continues to shift and evolve. Sadly, this particular book was lacking. I did like the story, but it seemed all over the place. There's always 2 or 3 cases going on, but for me, this time it felt really discombobulated. I couldn't find the thread that normally keeps my curiosity turning the pages. I really missed the girls being together. The few times they met up, it was only a page or two of a scene and th [...]

    29. The last few Women's Murder Club mysteries were quite disappointing, so I didn't expect much from this one. I was very pleasantly surprised though. Of course, there was lots of action right from the beginning and the plot definitely kept me on the edge on my seat. 4.5 stars.

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