Sweet He s the love of her life but he doesn t know it She s his one moment of sacrifice in a lifetime of survival He was damaged and wild but resilient She s always been obedient Now she s restless Home

  • Title: Sweet
  • Author: Tammara Webber
  • ISBN: 9780985661892
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • He s the love of her life, but he doesn t know it.She s his one moment of sacrifice in a lifetime of survival.He was damaged and wild, but resilient.She s always been obedient Now she s restless.Home for the summer between college and med school, Pearl Torres Frank knows two things Boyce Wynn is the embodiment of everything she should run from, and everything she wants tHe s the love of her life, but he doesn t know it.She s his one moment of sacrifice in a lifetime of survival.He was damaged and wild, but resilient.She s always been obedient Now she s restless.Home for the summer between college and med school, Pearl Torres Frank knows two things Boyce Wynn is the embodiment of everything she should run from, and everything she wants to run to Rebellious and loud Unconcerned with society s opinion of him Passionate Strong Dangerous.And one trait he hides from everyone but her Sweet.

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    1 thought on “Sweet”

    1. I'm the author of this New Adult novel, a spinoff, stand-alone Contours of the Heart novel. No prequel. No sequel. No need to read anything before or after. :)

    2. 4 stars!Ever since I read Easy and then Breakable a few weeks ago, I’ve been eagerly anticipating Boyce and Pearl’s story. From the moment they were introduced, they were characters that needed a book, not just because they were important side characters and a big part of Lucas Maxfield’s (hero from Easy + Breakable) life, but because behind their tough attitudes there were hidden secrets dying to claw their way to the surface and a story demanding to be told. Overall, I really enjoyed thi [...]

    3. 4 Stars!!“Sweet” is a beautiful, romantic love story about two individuals who despite some obstacles in their life they find their way towards each other. It’s a wonderful story about second chances at life, at love and about self discovery. This novel was my second Tammara Webber’s book and I enjoyed it as much as the first one. “Sweet” tells the story of Pearl and Boyce. They know each other since they were kids, when Boyce who was 7 years old saved Pearl from drowning. From that [...]

    4. The real title of this book should be:FLASHBACKS!The blurb should be:Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of them!They ruined the book for me. I hated it.

    5. Sweet is a second chance romance that begins with a subtle childhood friendship. An unlikely friendship emerges in elementary school between Boyce and Pearl. The friendship continues all through their school years and is kept on the down low from their friends and family. Boyce & Pearl are attracted to each other but neither one of them are sure the other one feels the same way. ”In life, bad things happen, good things happen, and we do what we can to encourage one and prevent the other. [...]

    6. “It’s just me, Boyce. You don’t have to do anything to impress me.”“Because you already think I’m awesome, or because you never will?”“You saved my life. I’ve been impressed with you since I was five years old.”I feel like my heart is glowing like a Christmas tree from the sheer exquisiteness of this beautiful, oh-so romantic and yet very tantalizing story, a story that sneaks up on you unhurriedly, pulling you in deeper and deeper, as you lose yourself in a swirl of emotions [...]

    7. hmmmmmmThis book gets a pat on the back for being unproblematic, but that's about it. There was nothing really new or interesting about this, and the book itself was pretty bland. The MC was mexican, a daughter of an immigrant, which I wasn't expecting, but I can't speak to the authenticity of its representation. However, I CAN speak to the authenticity of the fact that this takes place in Texas. And I call bullshit. Literally no one here unless you live on a farm or somewhere rural speaks with [...]

    8. Another phenomenal audiobook narrated in part by Zachary Webber!I love this story. Pearl and Boyce are super sweet. I enjoyed them as secondary characters in Breakable putting them in leading roles worked wonderfully. Their backstory was not at all what I was expecting & learning all about them was actually really refreshing even the heartbreaking parts.I did have an issue with the production quality of this audio. I found myself constantly adjusting my volume there was a large difference [...]

    9. This is just FABULOUS! There are a ton of nerdy story-construction reasons for loving this book. But readers should know that it is HOTTER than Easy, and hotter than a summer day in Texas. So pour yourself a cold drink when you sit down with this one.The book just has such a fabulous sense of place, too. You'll feel the humid air and smell the saltwater. Boyce is such a great hero. The reader steps into the story years after they've met, and the layers of their relationship are peeled back one a [...]

    10. For most of my life, Boyce Wynn’s smile had been three things to me: safety, warmth and home…I’ve been anxiously awaiting whatever Tammara Webber writes next, so when Sweet popped up in my email, I dropped EVERYTHING and started it, and I’m so glad I did.Sweet is part of the Contours of the Heart series (Easy & Breakable) but is for the most part a stand-alone. You don’t need to read either of the books in the series to read this one, but I have to tell you that if you haven’t, y [...]

    11. 3.5 – 4 Sweet StarsI loved Easy and I admit, I haven’t read a Tammara Webber book since. I was REALLY excited for Sweet. I did the audio version of I’m glad I did. The Southern accents and voice narrators were PERFECT. I would describe Sweet very angsty, Sweet with a touch of romance. It took me two months to listen to this audio book because the story was very descriptive and the angst was a bit much at times. It was hard to follow because there would be flashbacks, but I didn’t realize [...]

    12. SpoilersPretty good for a New Adult book. It was well written despite the clichés, and the characters for the most part were interesting and entertaining, and the romance between Pearl/Boyce was easy to invest into and root for. I had some minor issues with their relationship and there were a number of other things that bugged about me the story, but on the whole it was an enjoyable and distracting read.-Even though I liked Pearl more than Boyce, I much preferred his POV over hers. He was the m [...]

    13. I hardcore LOVE the books this one is a spin-off of. Easy and Breakable are on my all time favorites list. The only thing I love more than reading these books is listening to them on audio. So when I heard that Boyce Wynn was going to get his story, I was so excited. This author gets New Adult stories. She recognizes the pivotal time this is in someones life and she uses that to make some of the best stories I've ever read. And this one is no different.Boyce is the guy in Breakable that accepted [...]

    14. ★★★ 3.5 stars ★★★Tammara Webber is an absolute gem. There is such beauty and purity to her writing, never adding unnecessary drama or extraordinary situations for shock value. She doesn't follow other writers off the cliff of what's "in the moment." It's refreshing. The title Sweet says it all. Told from dual POVs, Sweet sucked me into an incredibly romantic story between Pearl and Boyce, and the very special connection they formed as children. It was their history that added an elem [...]

    15. I really love this series and I can always count on a HEA. Love love loved Pearl and Boyce. I love their history and how their lives were so tangled up together. It wasn't as angsty I was expecting, but there was a bit of drama. Overall, a great addition to the series. I especially enjoyed seeing Lucas again.

    16. More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand LivesThis is one of the best books I have read in a very very long time. It’s going to be very hard for me to put the amount of love I have for this book into words. I had extremely high expectations for this book, I mean Easy and Breakable are two of my all-time favorite reads in the history of forever, and Sweet not only met those expectations but it surpassed them by a mile.First we have Pearl who I absolutely adored. I related to Pearl in many way [...]

    17. Oh, FFS. The more that I ponder this novel & the more that I read about it on Twitter, the more incensed I become. The ending is absolutely asinine.Final Rating: *2/5 stars*Update: April 29, 2015 (24 hours after finishing Sweet) The more that I mull things over, the more that I realize how much I HATE this novel's ending. I absolutely abhor it. The ending is so bad that it almost negates all of the good things that occurred throughout the course of the novel. I'm not sure how I'm going to ra [...]

    18. 4.5-5 starsSweet was so, so good! It's a refreshingly real, down to earth, and low-on-angst romance, one that had me swooning practically every page. We first met Boyce and Pearl in the "past" chapters of Breakable (companion to Easy, one of my favorite NA books, told from Lucas' perspective), but I have to admit that I skipped those chapters completely (I didn't want to read about Lucas with his high school love interest). So, this is really the first time I've gotten to know them, and wow did [...]

    19. Não gostei tanto quanto gostei de Easy. Achei que tentou tocar em um assunto delicado, mas não teve a completa coragem de ir até o fim para realmente fazer um impacto.Estou aqui sentada tentando arrancar do meu cérebro mais o que falar sobre esse livro, mas nada me vem à cabeça a não ser "um romance new adulto legalzinho".

    20. On one hand I'm ecstatic, but on the other - the blurb sounds like standard NA cliché. However, it's Ms. Webber - one of the first NA authors I actually liked, so I hope it won't disappoint.

    21. The ocean brought them together. The first time, when she was 5 and he was 7, he pulled her from that water and saved her life. The ocean brought them together several times over the years at high school beach parties, two teenagers stealing glimpses across a bonfire. And the ocean brought them back together as adults when Pearl returned to her gulf coast home to pursue her dream, rather than the future that was mapped out for her. This story, the relationship between Boyce and Pearl is like tha [...]

    22. Well, this book was very nice. I enjoyed reading it. Boyce Wynn and Pearl Frank are such a nice example of pure love, which begins from childhood and lasts forever.Boyce saves her life when she is drowning in the ocean, and from then they become best friends. `I was a man who´d loved this girl from the moment she´d come back to life and saw no one but me . Now she was closer than she´d ever been, right when I was on the verge of losing everything I´d spent years building and becoming. It was [...]

    23. 2 Stars Sweet was wellsweet. But it formulaic and the ending was cheesy. The characters were surprisingly good but the plot didn't do any justice to them. I liked Pearl's stepfather and more importantly her relationship with him. Landon/Lucas's book picked up the topic of random violence, this one was based on domestic violence. Although it was well portrayed, showing too many instances of it kind of spoiled it. The progression of romance in the first half of the book was well done. Tammara Webb [...]

    24. Tammara Webber’s SWEET is romantic and sexy and so hot it sizzles. It has a love story that will make readers sigh and smile and swoon. It has characters they will adore, hope for, cheer for, fall for. And it reveals a backstory that will capture their hearts and make them wish for a happy ending for Pearl and Boyce.From the moment he pulled her from an ocean that nearly claimed her and she opened her eyes and looked up at him, Boyce Wynn loved Pearl Torres Frank. And she loved him. But in the [...]

    25. SWEET is a book that I have been looking forward to for a long time. This is mostly because this is Boyce’s book and if you’ve followed Tammara Webber’s Contours of the Heart series then you must already be familiar with Lucas’s enemy turned best friend. There’s this one line in BREAKABLE that I still quote to this day and that’s the “Boyce of reason” one because it makes me laugh a whole lot so when I found out that he was also getting his own book, no one was more stoked than I [...]

    26. In short: I really liked this book. I love Tammara Webber's writing style. It comes across as mature. I enjoyed the story, liked both main characters, I did feel like all their reservations were there one minute and gone the next, I would've liked an easier transition. No big suprises, well written, sweet love story. One of the better NA books of late (though my lack of finding good NA books recenty could just be me)

    27. Хочется пожать руку автору и сказать спасибо за таких героев! Очень понравилась эта часть трилогии. Душевно, красиво, жизненно, эротично, драматично вообщем всего по чуть-чуть!

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