Second Hand Stops

Second Hand Stops Julia Malone is abandoned on the door of an old English manor but she s not alone for long Five telepathic children soon arrive to form a paranormal family of makeshift misfits Julia packs a humorous

  • Title: Second Hand Stops
  • Author: Katie St. Claire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Julia Malone is abandoned on the door of an old English manor but she s not alone for long Five telepathic children soon arrive to form a paranormal family of makeshift misfits Julia packs a humorous punch with her witty way of viewing an unpredictable world In fact, it becomes her survival mechanism when life goes topsy turvy in the craziest way imaginable When the chJulia Malone is abandoned on the door of an old English manor but she s not alone for long Five telepathic children soon arrive to form a paranormal family of makeshift misfits Julia packs a humorous punch with her witty way of viewing an unpredictable world In fact, it becomes her survival mechanism when life goes topsy turvy in the craziest way imaginable When the children come of age they drink an unknown substance supplied by a wealthy American benefactor from New York City It slows the aging process but side effects become a game changer The mysterious and charming Claude Van Buren arrives at their annual autumn party and unveils himself as the man behind the madness Julia becomes Van Buren Industries vice president of product development and cracks the code by finally stabilizing substance X, also known as the elixir Claude Van Buren promises to revolutionize the world with a new line of skin care touted as the fountain of youth Nic and Julia are sent on a vacation and find themselves in the middle of the jungle discovering scientific anomalies the world would never believe This coming of age series is one girl s journey into the puzzling realm of first loves, ethical dilemmas, and life that is stranger than fiction.

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    1. I'm sorry, this was rather dreadful. I hit a streak of Netgalley books I flat out could not finish, and this might have been the one that irritated me the most. It slowly and rather painfully is revealed that Julia Malone is one of six young people who were dumped when very young and raised together in a strange sort of foster home. All six – including, apparently, three brothers – are eighteen as the book begins, and are coerced to drink some potion for some reason, which changes all six of [...]

    2. This was fabulous! I loved it from the very beginning, definitely pulls you in. I can't wait for the second one in the series!

    3. WOW this story was amazing! Julia, Nic, Sebastian, Dutch, Lincoln and Lyra all get dropped off to be raised by a woman by the name of Lillian at the age of three. Nic, Sebastian and Dutch are all brothers and both Nic and Sebastian love Julia. Julie is in love with Nic but his love for her isn't the same, they are best friends though. Lyra is the youngest and a week after she turned 18, the six telepaths were ready to get their first dose of Elixir. They have no idea what it will do to them or w [...]

    4. This book hooked me from the start. Julia Malone lives in a huge manor with five other teens, a manor that is run by mysterious Mistress Lilliun. She is some sort of a mother figure for them, yet she has a few secrets of her own. She seems nice from the outside but gave me real creeps. They all are telepaths but that is about where their similarities end. Especially after drinking the odd elixir, which is supposed to prolong life.When the teens turn eighteen they have to move to New York and wor [...]

    5. Review to come on http:confessionsofafantasyfreak 20/2Ms. St. Claire has given me a copy for my honest opinion.When I started first with Second Hand Stops I did found the character introduction a bit overwhelming, but I could see why the author decided to do it this way. When the action began I couldn't put the book down. It was an amazing read that I think teens would absolutely love.I couldn't put it down and would sell this as a page turner. Ms. St. Claire really created her orphans strong an [...]

    6. Intriguing, Unique, Complex, Fast Paced, Mesmerizing Page Turner! An Amazing Read! I Loved It!

    7. This story had me at hello. When Julia was dropped in a Mistress Lillian Perriman's manor, her young age didn't show her fear, her sorrow, her troubles. She was quite handful and feisty at age three, for Pete's sake! From that moment on, I knew I am going to like her. The day she was abandoned, she met five other children her age. Nic, Sebastian, Dutch, and there was also Lincoln and Lyra, the only other girl in the group. Six orphans, one mistress, one future. That was also the day she changed [...]

    8. Julia Malone and five paranormal children are left on the doorstep of an old English manor. At age eighteen they must drink an elixir that strengthens both good and bad traits. They end up leaving England and going to New York and become instant millionaires with strings attached that could be downfall of the world. There are no words to described how utterly enchanted I am with the complex characters and the unusual plot of this book. I have definitely discovered a new favorite author. The best [...]

    9. Second Hand Stops is an incredibly mesmerizing novel that captivates readers with complex characters and a unique plot.When Julia was just three-years-old she was dropped off at an English Manor and would never see her family again. Five other children join Julia at the manor and the six of them discover they all posses telepathic abilities. When the children reach the age of eighteen they are given an elixir to prolong their lives and promised wealth to surpass anything they could have ever ima [...]

    10. Great coming of age story! It was hard enough being a "normal" eighteen year-old but having to do it with the special gift that Julia and her housemates have makes it even more difficult.The characters are multi-faceted and well-developed. Julia got on my nerves a time or two with her over dramatization of some things, but I chalk that up to being a normal eighteen year-old (please tell me I wasn't like that at that age!). Nic and Dutch also demonstrate that teenage boys can be more than one dim [...]

    11. Second Hand Stop is a mesmerizing fantasy tale that caught my attention instantly. There is something poetic about how it's written and has an inviting quality in its uniqueness. Clever, crisp and precise. I love the authors clever descriptions…"Ten shades of apathy and sarcasm rolled into a snotty little ball of shocking black hair."What's not to love? So out there in your face but in a unusual way. I adore the ongoing wit and smart dialog. This was an easy book to get absorbed into with it's [...]

    12. “Second Hand Stops” by Katie St. Claire is the first book in the Black Moons series. This YA book has everything you could possibly want from a book. Diverse and believable characters, wonderful settings, heart-stopping suspense, and thought-provoking intrigue. I couldn’t be happier with Ms. St. Claire’s offering to the YA genre. Most paranormal YA books today are still hanging for dear life to the fading fame of the Twilight series with their overdone storylines and boring, whiny teenag [...]

    13. I received a copy of the ebook in exchange for my honest opinion.This is not in my normal range of what I read, but I liked the description. In high school, I read only mystery books. When I went back to reading, I fell in love with Romance books, but I still love to read whatever I can.This book started out with Julia being dropped off to the manor by a bald headed man. I do not understand why. We learned that each child in the manor has telepathic abilities. I kept thinking who this this benef [...]

    14. A very intriguing storyline, interesting intense characters and somewhat of a mystery. This is a very complex story with a lot of different things going on. The relationship between all the main characters is different and challenging. Throwing all these different children together at a such a young age leaves me to wonder about the underlying reason and who they really are. The mysterious benefactor and the unanswered or half answered questions leave you wondering what is really the main story [...]

    15. SECOND HAND STOPS is the first in a series about a group of teens who are gifted with psychic abilities, they have a generous benefactor whose motives are not as clear as the main character would like. Gifted millions to live off and sent to New York to start their intern ship at a job they are not even sure they can do, they are faced with getting answers from a man who believes he owes them none.The story is fast paced and well written. I found myself engaged with the main character Jules and [...]

    16. Oh dear, I've found another must read series. If you like kids with weird telepathic powers thrown in the deep and mysterious end then this is the book for you, as it was for me. The fact that the main characters don't know what's going on left me hooked to find out what happens next and the intermingled relationships have me curious for more. Personally I'd like to get to know Lyra and Levi a little better but I have a feeling the author is saving that for later. Julia (the main character) is t [...]

    17. Second Hand Stops - Katie St Claire (The Van Buren Series 1) 4.5 starsReviewed for Netgalley. This is the first book in the series.When Julia was three she was abandoned and delivered to an english manor house where she grew up along with 5 other children. They are all very different but all have telepathic abilities. When they all reach 18 they have to drink a vial of elixir with unknown side effects, then they will begin their new wealthy unknown life in New York.I really loved this YA/Teen st [...]

    18. Six abandoned children, each with telepathic abilities, find themselves living in an old English manor and learning how to use their abilities. After the last one reaches the age of 18, they are presented with knowledge of their benefactor, opportunities for immense wealth, and forced to drink an unknown elixir. This coming of age story has everything you could want. Intrigue, suspense, and romance. There were a couple instances where transitions were not as smooth as I wanted, the book is very [...]

    19. I'm not done reading yet, but wanted to start the review. First off, I've never read an Urban Fantasy series before. Ms. St. Claire has a sense of humor that shines through in her writing and it made me laugh out loud when Catherine and Lyra got in a catfight at the office. I think I'm madly in love with Julia, but something irritates me about Nic. I hope she ends of with Sebastian because he's sexy and mysterious. Eeeep! Okay back to reading. Loved this book! Looking for the second and third in [...]

    20. I am not either a teen or young adult and thoroughly enjoyed the story. I'm eager to get to the next installment. The characters were quite well developed and I found the plot intriguing. This was an easy read that flowed easily from England to the bustle of New York. I certainly would recommend this for a teen or young adult. Genre can be misleading. This is quite a well done story for any age group.

    21. Great Paranormal read!!This book was compelling & humorous. Characters were fully developed and blended so well with the story. It was a page turner…I did not want to put it down till I finished. Teenagers with special gifts…I absolutely loved the characters and watching them grow, all in all making this such a compelling read. Awesome YA read.

    22. An intriguing YA paranormal romance, Julia and Nick alternate telling the story as they discover their love and seek the truth behind the potion they drank.Read full review in the 2014 May issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    23. Julie is abandoned on the steps of a old English Manor. Five other children join her to become a pack of paranormal kids. As they come of age they have to drink this drink to help slow the aging process. Follow Julie & the 5 other kids on the journeys

    24. Never expected to like a chick book, but this was a great read. I'd recommend it to pretty much everyone. Actually looking forward to the next book in the series. Witty dialogue and lots of things I didn't see coming. Handing it over to the wife and daughters to read now.

    25. This is the first book I've read by Katie St Claire and I loved it.The main characters are very strong and really interesting. I can't wait to read book two and learn more about everyone.

    26. A great romp through the back streets of England to the throbbing clangor of NYC. This is an action packed adventure of the paranormal and teenage flair. Well worth reading.

    27. I would of given this book 5 stars, but the ending what is with the trend to just leaving books on a cliffhanger?!

    28. I requested this from NetGalley as I was intrigued by the concept. The cover implies a steampunk story in London. However, that is misleading. The story is contemporary. The first part is in rural England and the second in New York City. There is a paranormal element through psychic powers such as telepathy, but no steampunk elements.The initial scene is promising, with the main character being delivered to a house as a child. After that I had some confusion. For one thing, the conversation appa [...]

    29. Wow. I've never read anything like this before. I can see the Van Buren family as a movie, or series, because there is just so much going on. I would recommend this to anyone eighteen and above.First of all, I love, love, love, Julia. She reminds me of the way I think and her sense of humor is awesome. Claude was a mystery to the very end, and even when I got into the second book, I was perplexed about whether he was a good guy or bad guy. It gets even crazier in the second book, just wait.The r [...]

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