Sniper One: The Blistering True Story Of A British Battle Group Under Siege

Sniper One The Blistering True Story Of A British Battle Group Under Siege Iraq Sgt Dan Mills and the rest of the st Battalion The Princess of Wales s Royal Regiment were supposed to be winning hearts and minds They were soon fighting for their lives Within hours of

  • Title: Sniper One: The Blistering True Story Of A British Battle Group Under Siege
  • Author: Dan Mills
  • ISBN: 9780141029016
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Iraq, 2004 Sgt Dan Mills and the rest of the 1st Battalion, The Princess of Wales s Royal Regiment, were supposed to be winning hearts and minds They were soon fighting for their lives Within hours of the battalion s arrival in Iraq, a grenade bounced off one of their Land Rovers, rolled underneath, and detonated The ambush marked the beginning of a full scale firefIraq, 2004 Sgt Dan Mills and the rest of the 1st Battalion, The Princess of Wales s Royal Regiment, were supposed to be winning hearts and minds They were soon fighting for their lives Within hours of the battalion s arrival in Iraq, a grenade bounced off one of their Land Rovers, rolled underneath, and detonated The ambush marked the beginning of a full scale firefight during which Mills killed a man with a round that removed his assailant s head The mission had already gone from bad to worse Throat burning winds, blast bombs, and militias armed with AKs, RPGs, and a limitless supply of mortar rounds were the icing on the cake for Mills and his men For the next six months isolated, besieged, and under constant fire their battalion refused to give an inch This is the breathtaking true chronicle of their endurance, camaraderie, dark humor, and courage in the face of relentless, lethal assault.

    Sniper One On Scope and Under Siege with a Sniper One is a breathtaking chronicle of endurance, camaraderie, dark humor and courage in the face of relentless, lethal assault. Sniper One Piece Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia One Piece Manga and Anime Vol Chapter and Episode , Yasopp, the sniper of the Red Hair Pirates, is introduced One Piece Manga and Anime Vol Chapter and Episode , Usopp utilizes a varied amounts of ammunition with his slingshot. Sniper One The Blistering True Story of a British Battle Feb , Penguin presents the unabridged, audiobook edition of Sniper One by Dan Mills, read by Josh Dylan If you loved American Sniper you will love this book Sunday Times No bestseller Sniper One Sniper Year One Play on Armor Games Sniper Year One, a free online Shooting game brought to you by Armor Games You are to complete various sniper missions for the organization you work for Read the briefings carefully to know how to accomplish your goals. No one hides like a sniper here s how these elite A sniper is not limited to any one method, Sipes, a veteran sniper with than a decade of service, explained We are extremely free You are limited only by however you limit yourself. Sniper One on One The World of Combat Sniping For the ordinary soldier, modern warfare is an impersonal business over which he has little direct control, wheras for the sniper it is a deadly one to one confrontation The sniper usually operates alone, sometimes having to wait motionless for hours, or even days, before he fires his shot. Sniper Sniper In addition to marksmanship and long range shooting, military snipers are trained in a variety of tactical techniques detection, stalking, and target range estimation methods, camouflage, field craft, infiltration, special reconnaissance and observation, surveillance and target acquisition. Sniper One The Blistering True Story of a British Battle However, Sniper One gives a graphic picture of the conditions that armed forces of every description have to work, live and fight in and without the histrionics If you can only afford one of the books, read Sniper One and you will not feel that you have wasted your time It is first class. The Sniper Game on GameSheep One of the most popular online games available, it can be played for free, here The words associated by the players with this game are sniper, army, shoot, enemy, weapon, fire, attack, mission, shooter games. The Sniper Game Play online at Y The Sniper Walkthrough Stuck See how to complete the game Tags See all player Flash Shooting Sniper Series Free Y Account Y Highscore Y Save Leaderboard Powered by Y Account Show All Y games with high scores Add this game to

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    1 thought on “Sniper One: The Blistering True Story Of A British Battle Group Under Siege”

    1. I confess to taking considerable guilty pleasure from this one. To begin with, I have believed from the start that instead of going on about how the Iraqis were shooting at them, the US and British troops should have got the hell right out of Iraq. They had no business there in the first place. On the other hand, I loves me a good story about the brotherhood of arms, and this book is a dandy example of just that type of story.Let's start with Sgt Dan Mills. (I love the way he uses his rank on th [...]

    2. Unflinching look of a British Sniper and his time in Iraq. The book tells it like it was, warts an all. The good times, the bad times, the feelings that take over one during combat. Book reads like a novel and flows excellently, it was hard to put this one down. Top notch look at modern warfare through a foreign serviceman's eyes.

    3. Sniper One: The Blistering True Story of a British Battle Group Under Siege—5 Stars worth of high tension firefights and escapades of the British Army in Iraq. No Blair-bashing, no agonizing over why they are there, no diatribes on PTSD, some bitching about heavy-handed Americans but so what, sober acknowledgement of mistakes, a solid story.I tell you this account of the British Army in Maysan province, Iraq is gleaming! I am just chuffed to bits to read this tale of the 1st Battalion, PWRR an [...]

    4. I'm a massive fan of war memoirs - the kind popularised by Andy McNab and Chris Ryan in recent years - so when I saw the hype surrounding this book, I had to give it a go.It totally lived up to my expectations. Somewhat inevitably, considering the setting, the action comes thick and fast, making this a modern-day version of the Battle of Rorke's Drift in the Zulu War - and it's just as exciting. Bullets fly, shells explode and our sniper heroes do what they need to do to get the job done.Yes, it [...]

    5. Thoroughly enjoyed this first-hand account of the British siege of Al Amarah and what they went through to hold that position. Lots of good sniper lore here, even more interesting stuff about how men cope under those kind of prolonged battle conditions. Not the usual sneak-and-peek and shoot, but a story about men under siege.

    6. Not a book for everyone, especially those that are really into political correctness, or "if only the rest of the world thinks the same way as me". The book is frank, covering a battle/siege that was little reported during Iraq invasion by coalition forces, by the leader of a British sniper team. It does not go into the politics or rights or wrongs of the conflict, it is only about an individuals experience and recollection of his time there.I found the book to be an excellent read, that was hon [...]

    7. Not the type pf book I'd choose for myself but was a loan from my brother in law. I really liked it. It had great pace, was never boring and showed just how hard our armed forces have it in Iraq in a war we never should have got involved with. The taleban or hardliners are truly terrible people but its clear the allied forces will never defeat them until the Iraqi people decide they dont want anything to do with religious fundamentalists. Ok its not "a great work of lirerature" as oe of my book [...]

    8. Oh, what to say, what to say?I'm sure by now you've figured out that I'm in one of my "military book" phases. It'll pass, don't worry, but for now this is kind of my reading focus."Sniper One" was advertised as "One of the best first-hand accounts of combat that I've ever read", "highly charged [] page-turning read", "strong, cohesive and complete."Well, it could be. I wouldn't know. I gave up fairly soon, because I just couldn't, COULD NOT stand the stupidity. Sorry, Sgt. Mills, but you are obv [...]

    9. I think this book is amazing! It was written by sgt. Dan Mills and is about him and his sniping platoon. The story takes place in Iraq over a 6 month period. At the beginning of the story his platoon does a tour around the Cimic house and the city they will be in. During one of the tours they get into an ambush. Then a grenade bounced off their landrover and exploded. Luckily none of his people took serious damage, but kept them pinned down behind the landrover. Throughout the whole story they h [...]

    10. I certainly enjoyed the read.The story centres around a group of British Army snipers deployed into Iraq in 2004. They were kept very active by the local population - being involved in the longest fire fight British troops had been party to for over 50 years. The description of the base itself, where they spent a considerable part of their deployment defending its walls, is very good.Consequently you can visualise what's happening all around them when they're attacked.If you're in any way intere [...]

    11. As real as it gets. I bought this book wanting to learn more about how the military worked and little did I know that it was completely not how I expected it to be. Still a good read: learning what the soldiers had gone through was a big learning experience for me.

    12. Incredible, another great book that gives a proper insight into what these soldiers have to go through every day. I have nothing but respect for these guys.

    13. Couldn't put this down! Read it less than 48hours with work in between which is highly unusual for me! Fast paced and so well written. Best military account i have come across yet!

    14. Extremely good book reflecting the reality of the war in Iraq. Very much a soldier's 'behind the scenes' perspective.

    15. A really good read and insight to what a soldier goes through. And even though they doing a really tough job, they still have a sense of humour when you least expect it.

    16. This book was amazing, I love reading true stories like this where some people have a lot more to deal with in their job than most and they deal with it really well.

    17. I bought this book when I was going through a period of reading lots of the genre. Sniper One: The Blistering True Story of a British Battle Group Under Siege has to be one of the most honest stories I've ever read. Sergeant Dan Mills doesn't hide anything.The first thing that the reader has to accept is that snipers are a breed apart. They are specialists and they take great pride in their skill. To them, the more lethally effective they are, the better the chances of their comrades (and themse [...]

    18. Sgt. Dan Mills really wrote an astonishing book when he wrote Sniper One. This book follows Sgt. Dan Mills and his sniper team through the streets of Iraq. The conflict begins in the very beginning of the book when he and his squad get attacked by the OMS. A grenade injures one of his comrades. The authors purpose is to explain what went on in Iraq and how it was not as sugar-coated as CNN explained it. The book is written in first person as you can feel what the author felt as if you were reall [...]

    19. This book tells the story of the Battle of Al Amara. A horrible violent hell hole, more Iranian than Iraqi. During 2004 the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment was sent to occupy the town. While the main force was located up at Camp Abu Naji a small battle group was stationed in the main Ba'ath party building in the city centre. The town was under almost complete control by Muqtada Al'Sadars Mahdi army. The British found themselves very quickly under attack. The poor equipment supplied by the MOD s [...]

    20. This book is more about small unit combat leadership than the moral dilemma of taking someone's head off at 300 meters. I think Mills has captured the tensions (fistfights in the DFAC, idle soldiers with internet access), the challenges (getting rid of a non-performer in the unit by moving him somewhere he'd be happier and less likely to get people killed), and the frustrations of the kind of war we were waging in Iraq (full disclosure--I'm an Iraq veteran, and aware of the running "cooperation" [...]

    21. Don't look out for great literature. But that's not what a soldier's life is about is it? This stuff is all action and from the heart. It very realistically puts the reader in the midst of the action. I don't know if this will come easier for those who know or have known military life - maybe it does and this may possibly bias my opinion? But I could feel events happening and see them in front of me. These guys are/were terrific soldiers. The way they speak, interact, react - that's all the real [...]

    22. I thought before starting that this would be another typical gung-ho war book. Not that I don't enjoy those from time to time, but what I mean is with lowered expectations as to any 'deep thoughts'.Wrong. Although it seemed to go that way at first, soon the story became much more of a human drama as you re-live the summer of 2004 with the British fighters literally stuck all on their own in a southern Iraqi hellhole under virtually constant attack by insurgents in the town.There's an awful lot o [...]

    23. This was a fantastic war memoir. Probably one of the best I've ever read. It was also unique to me because it was the first war story from the second Iraq war from a British point of view I've read. It's not as if they had it any better, but I did enjoy the change of pace with all of the cheeky British slang you wouldn't normally get in a war story. The action and pace of the story is lightning fast, and definitely keeps your attention. And it's an all around war story. The title may give the im [...]

    24. My first introduction to true war stories, I have to say that the beginning was very memorable and delves straight into the action. One can only imagine the feelings that these soldiers must go through in these situations. War is a terrible thing, the world should be able to function without it, but sadly power and money are often the contributing factors to such atrocities and the soldiers on the ground are but pawns in a deadly game of chess. That being said, Mills put together a fine story an [...]

    25. I sit here thinking how I can sum up this historical account, doing it enough justice and I finding myself failing for enough superlatives. I rarely give a book 5 stars because I always think, to do so would say this is perfection, and no matter how much I've enjoyed a novel in the past, I always think that maybe it was lacking in something that may have given it a little more edge, but this was perfection and a joy to read, it kept me on the edge of my chair right the way through. This was perf [...]

    26. In retrospect, the invasion or Iraq is rarely seen as a good thing. You can debate the question all you want, but the fact remains that the soldiers on the ground didn't have much choice in the matter. They served their countries and went where they were told.Sniper One describes the tour of the 1st Battalion, Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment in Iraq in 2004. Sent as peacekeepers, peace is the one thing they didn't get. Eye-opening, exciting and also shocking, it's a fast moving account of lif [...]

    27. Just brilliant - started it this at lunchtime and only a few hours and not much else happening finished it in one go. You just cannot help just having one more page and another and another. The word insight is used far too much and it should only be used for books like this. Each page drew you in more and more until you felt as though you were alongside Mills and his platoon fighting their war. On Armed Services Day there's no other book I would have wanted to read and just increases my already [...]

    28. Amazing read. Typical Monty python style British humor. Because this book focuses on one particular platoon, in one location as the reader you get to know everyone, how they operate, and the challenges they face. Maybe bc they are the British army, and been around the block a few times they don't present themselves as the cocky ass bastards like the Americans do. They are more down to earth, casual and collective about their task at hand. Loved it cover to cover. Still sleep with it under my pil [...]

    29. Couldn't put it down. Amazing account. I actually quite enjoyed the British perspective as a Canadian because I usually read American war stories and it was very interesting to see the war in Iraq through the Brits eyes. Loved the colourful language and the no-punches-pulled detail of the battles. Will be going to look for some of the footage mentioned now. Highly recommended if you like true war stories.

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