Extinction Edge


  • Title: Extinction Edge
  • Author: Nicholas Sansbury Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A BIOWEAPON DESIGNED TO SAVE THE WORLD A SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY THAT WILL ALTER HUMAN HISTORY AND A NEW THREAT THAT WILL BRING HUMANITY TO THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION.The dust from Dr Kate Lovato s bioweapon has settled Projections put death counts in the billions Her weapon was supposed to be the endgame, but it turned a small percentage of those infected with the HemorrhageA BIOWEAPON DESIGNED TO SAVE THE WORLD A SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY THAT WILL ALTER HUMAN HISTORY AND A NEW THREAT THAT WILL BRING HUMANITY TO THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION.The dust from Dr Kate Lovato s bioweapon has settled Projections put death counts in the billions Her weapon was supposed to be the endgame, but it turned a small percentage of those infected with the Hemorrhage Virus into something even worse Survivors call them Variants Irreversible epigenetic changes have transformed them into predators unlike any the human race has ever seen And they are evolving.With the doomsday clock ticking, the fractured military plans Operation Liberty a desperate mission designed to take back the cities and destroy the Variant threat Master Sergeant Reed Beckham agrees to lead a strike team into New York City, but first he must return to Fort Bragg to search for the only family he has left.At Plum Island, Kate discovers Central Command may have considerably underestimated the Variant population in New York As Operation Liberty draws closer, Kate warns Beckham that Team Ghost won t just face their deadliest adversary yet, they may be heading into a trap

    • ✓ Extinction Edge || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Nicholas Sansbury Smith
      435 Nicholas Sansbury Smith
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    1 thought on “Extinction Edge”

    1. As good as the first book in the series. This is my second time of reading the book - and I think I've found a continuity error. In the prologue - three new characters are introduced: Meg, Rex and Jed. They're holed up in a firestation, and witness a fire-fight on the building opposite. I assume, this is the same trio of Marines from book one; when Beckham, Horn and Riley were vacationing in New York; basically doing some reconnaissance, to see how Kate's bioweapon has fared against the infected [...]

    2. This series is one of those, edge of your seat, page turners, that keep you in suspense from start to finish so if you're looking for some action-packed entertainment then you have come to the right place! There is never a dull moment and the death count is steadily increasing. In book two, the Variants are continuously evolving. They are smarter, faster, stronger and a lot more predatory! Their new abilities make them that much harder for the strike team to kill, especially when the team doesn' [...]

    3. [Note: I received an advanced reader's copy of this book from the author in exchange for review.]Fans of Nicholas Sansbury Smith’s opening gambit in the Extinction Cycle series, Extinction Horizon, will find plenty to enjoy in this bio-tech military thriller. Extinction Edge picks up a short time after the fall-out of Book One’s finale, with the nasty, and now evolving, Variants taking center-stage as the primary threat.Smith’s readers probably know what to expect by now, and, as per his u [...]

    4. I knew it! Makes complete sense! Finished reading this awesome tale and what do you know, Mr. Nicholas is sharing with his readers how he used to work for homeland security. At this point who is truly the predominate species, Humans or Non-Zombies? Hmm Things are not looking so good for the human race as of right now. Mr. Nicholas had the nerve to write a quick sex scene, I won't go into too much detail on it but I will say that it was probably pg 14 and executed well enough that my mind put tog [...]

    5. Still loving this mix of military action and scary ass zombies! I am looking forward to reading #3 in a few weeks.

    6. So, after the events of the first book, Dr Kate Lovato has succeeded in creating a. cure, of sorts. It killed billions of the infected but not all. What is left seem to be evolving rapidly and are harder to kill. Beckham and Team Ghost are tasked with going into New York and taking back the city from the remaining Variants. They are told there should only be a few thousand left but they don't realise the extent of the survivours till it's too late. They also don't know that the surviving Variant [...]

    7. I'm rating this book on quality rather than personal preference. The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for a reviewbut I'm not big on military and this one is all about the military. It picks up shortly after the ending of book 1. As mentioned in that one, Team Ghost wanted to go to Fort Bragg to see if Horn's family, or anyone for that matter, survived. They got their chance. This was military excursion one into the monster infested remains of the USA. Once back, they got [...]

    8. This book is responsible for my tired and slightly cranky mood as I type this review. Nicholas Sansbury Smith has produced a book that I simply could not put down. This second book in the Extinction Cycle series powers on from its predecessor to deliver a first class story that mixes so many genres together seamlessly.Extinction Edge pull together a touch of Post-Apocalypse, Sci-fi, Science, Thriller and Action to deliver a narrative that compels you to read on way past bedtime. Like all good se [...]

    9. Extinction Edge is exactly what I was looking for in a sequel. The characters are continuing to evolve (as are the Variants, which is scary to think about) and there are even a few more characters introduced which gives the book a Walking Dead sort of feel as you go back and forth between the different story lines. The story is gripping, and it is so action packed that you will end up on the edge of your seat with a shortness of breath. Or, like me, you may even forget to take breaths every now [...]

    10. I CANNOT believe how this series has kept me biting my nails, and loving the characters, and worried for the world that they live in. Hop in and enjoy the helo ride! :D

    11. What can I say about this book that I did not say about the first? I love the characters who have pulled me into their world and made me care about them in a big way. The 'zombies', still prefer the term infected but I will let that go because the story is good enough to make me not care as much. The introduction of the new characters was done perfectly and allowed me to get a feel for them when they return further down the line. The imagery pulls me in and I can actually visualize and put mysel [...]

    12. This was okay. I have the same problem that I had with the first book: not enough character development (no development at all, actually) and too much "MONSTERS SHOOT THEM BOOOOOOM". Again: this is a book, not a screenplay.I still like the story well enough to keep reading the series.

    13. Extinction Edge rocked so hard. So many scenes where I found myself hyperventilating from all the nonstop action. 5 Stars.

    14. I listened and enjoyed book 1 after my husband's recommendation, and moved on to book 2 and enjoyed this one just as much. One area that caught my attention was the amount of detail that Mr. Smith uses, especially when talking about Fort Bragg (I've lived in that area for several years), so I knew exactly where the characters were when they were on base. I like hearing the details about the Variants and how they continue to evolve as well. Lastly, I'm curious as to how the human race will exting [...]

    15. Are you kidding me? I held my breath several times during this read for so long I stopped breathing!!! Scary, super suspenseful, so much action and horror, the right mix of science and military action. Perfection. I can't wait to read book #3!

    16. I am still enjoying this series. It's a fast-paced, what-can-go-wrong-will, exciting story. It's not an intellectual story so it makes for pleasant passive listening. I already started the next one!

    17. I rarely write reviews, but this is some of the laziest plot creation I've ever read. I'm usually very forgiving of plot holes and am willing to suspend reality for apocalyptic and dystopian novels, but there are so many parts of the book that defy logic. I would like to point out that these are not solely the fault of the author. The editors of the book clearly dropped the ball. Surely, the editing process should have cleaned up some of these problems. Most often, people slam the authors for ba [...]

    18. The Ebola-like plague swept across the world as the victims, blood leaking from every orifice, suddenly turned on uninfected family, aid workers, anyone in range of their rage and hunger. Every major city across the world has been overrun by victims of the Ebola virus / VX99 combination, spreading the disease to more than three fourths of the world's population.If you haven't read Extinction Horizon, the first book in the Extinction Cycle, then stop reading now because there be spoilers ahead. I [...]

    19. One of the most intense books I've ever read4.5 out of 5 starsThis book was intense. I mean it, I couldn't believe how much that Smith crammed into this. It seemed like anytime it was going to let up, the opposite happened. Every time I thought someone was safe, they were thrown back into the fire.The variants and those infected with the Hemorrhage Virus are now evolving incredibly quickly. To the point where the Delta Force soldiers who think they have everything figure out will be thrown for a [...]

    20. “Extinction Edge (The Extinction Cycle Book 2)“ by Nicholas Sansbury Smith is a powerful sequel to his gripping first novel in the series, “Extinction Horizon” (which is a hard act to follow). Dr Kate Lovato has saved the world with her bioweapon but a new threat of Zombie ‘Variants’ takes the place of the virus-infected killers. Evolved and more potent than the originals they are also larger in number than anticipated.A fierce battle between the Variants and the army ensues in New Y [...]

    21. Both the man of science and the man of action live always at the edge of mystery, surrounded by it. - J. Robert OppenheimerI loved EXTINCTION HORIZON - acted like quite the fan girl after I read it. This second book in author Smith's EXTINCTION CYCLE series isn't going to change that. Here I am, fan girl still.The "zombie" creatures have now become Variants and mankind might be smarter than them but these creatures are stronger, can climb like spiders, can run faster, have huge claws, lots of te [...]

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel in the Extinction Cycle trilogy. It was really interesting to see how the monsters have mutated and how they are developing new senses to deal with their surroundings. I also really enjoyed the secondary story taking place in this book with Meg, which is ultimately there to show the reader how the monsters have mutated and to give the reader some insight into what's happening that, unfortunately, the characters in the book don't know until too late. The scene wit [...]

    23. Edge takes the action and drama a step further as we learn more about the variants. The story unfolds in a furious series of setpieces, twists and revelations. This sequel delivers, giving us more of what made Extinction Horizon such a fun surprise. The whole book is split into two big missions. Beckham heads back to Fort Bragg to look for survivors and finds the base overrun with variants. The second section focuses on his return to Manhattan. Once again Smith excels at building tension. We kno [...]

    24. On the edge.Humanity on the edge, enduring a living nightmare as the variants hunt them down.Beckham and his team are strong characters and I very much enjoyed reading this episode of their struggle to survive against the odds.

    25. Decent book but, as in the first, all the events are driven by incompetent authority characters. I find this a bit annoying, it lacks originality and it's hard to believe in a world where nearly everyone is an idiot.

    26. Even better than the firstI am completely engaged with this series. The author not only makes this a believable apocalyptic story, but makes you feel as if you are there, fighting with them. Can't wait to read th next in the series.

    27. Solid, fast paced rompSecond book in the series, picked up nicely where book one left off. Pacing was fast and frantic and it painted a picture for things to come. The author paints vivid pictures that keep the reader's heart racing.

    28. Excellent continuationI enjoyed reading about Beckham, Horn, and Kate. This book was great the Varients were ruthless as the fight over NYC fought on.

    29. 4.5 out of 5.Great continuation of the first book, and the pacing for this one was even better, if that's possible.Highly recommended.

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